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Barbados Shell Pipeline Jet Fuel Leak – “Almost Pure Kerosene” Fills Domestic Water Well

As It Happens Report From Adrian Loveridge

Today, (Thursday 3rd January 2008), I visited Oistins at the Southern Farmers request and witnessed a bucket being lowered into a well close to the road and where an Urban Development project is taken place.

The well was about 500 feet from the beach and when the bucket was lifted it contained what appeared to be almost pure kerosene.

Also there was Mr Lashley, Mr Boyce, Mr Jones and Senator Lowe of the DLP, The PEP candidate, several members of the media including the Advocate, Nation and CBC.

I did not see any Government representative.

I understand that Shell has admitted liability for the leaking pipes but the the settlement offered is simply not adequate.

I call on Shell to settle and the Government which has allowed this matter to drag on for the entire duration their office.

CBC TV news will probably carry the story tonight.

Adrian Loveridge

UPDATE: See Nation News Article Concern Over Oil In Well

Background Reading

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A Vote For The BLP Is A Vote For Prolonged Servitude

This article was submitted by a regular BFP reader who wishes to remain anonymous…

Do We Want Five More Years of Poverty?

It is extraordinary that the current administration could sail so easily across the sea of anguish and poverty and decay inundation the country with but a prick or two here and there. A full cup runneth over. With the country sliding deeper into the abyss, will Bajans vote for prolonged poverty and degradation?

Twelve years or more of ‘astute’ management and direction by a ‘brilliant’ PM. The result: bankruptcy, indebtedness to sink the Titanic, major profitable public assets sold (more to follow), socio-cultural breakdown, corruption, and an externally directed economy over which the PM merely presides, ie; do as you’re told. The motley BLP autocrats are so inured in their iniquities the see them as natural. They make sophists look like angels. On offer is another term of progressive retrogression. Can any one in his/her right mind vote for another five years of poverty and suffering?

Like peacocks on audition the BLP autocrats fillip painful irrelevancies and corruption in the name of probity, financial management, progress, development, and above all wisdom. The wise men lack the ability to hide their nakedness behind tattered rags. Never before did we have an administration whose integrity and morality was as fragile as a bubble in a windstorm. As Lowdown put it, the BLP doesn’t let customary convention stand in the way. The Reverend dare not importune the Redeemer on their behalf. The sentence would be instant imprisonment for life with hard labour.

Somehow the present administration managed to turn the total national debt of around $26 billion into a measly $6 billion, and bread into stone. And Joe public barely questioned it. I read about the debt problem last year in Blogging Barbados. Subsequent disappearance of the site and leaked information led to some lengthy research. The findings next time. Suffice it to say that the writer of those blogs wasn’t far off the mark.

Just how bankrupt is the country?

The airport runway is to be widened (17 or 19feet on either side) and ‘may’ also be lengthened. The contractor has demanded that full payment be set aside in escrow before a stone gets turned. No company or contractor would refuse credit to a reputable, solvent and efficiently managed country. So there must be a damn good reason, and it had nothing to do with race or colour, only bankruptcy.

Fortunately the job could not be given to VECO. But why widen the runway at this time when the IMF warned of a decline in tourism after the Cricket World Cup?

The new administration—The DLP— will be saddled with all the baggage: a massive national debt, no value-added industry for employment generation

Construction, services and tourism are not value-added industries. The coffers are empty and Security remains the largest employment generator. However willing, they cannot get blood from stone. It would require a couple of generations to effectively lift the country from the bottom of a bottomless pit. Returning the BLP to power means further large scale loss of land, homes, jobs, higher prices and country Of course documents will likely be altered or be unavailable to the new administration, but they exist elsewhere. In time some may have to answer and to pay.

We are not a 3rd world country and so can longer access funds from the major international agencies except for pensions (which will soon come to an end), the cricket world cup and the airport, which relates to “liberalization/privatization,” and the debt problem. And the open capital market has given us a very wide birth. So having created questionable non-income generating projects like flyovers and prisons, we had no choice but to lie in bed very with the dubious and corrupt. Corruption wasn’t born in a vacuum.

Forget the big ticket items like flyovers on a flat landscape, prisons which we do not own and dumps, all with unknown financing. Look at some of the promised projects in the last few weeks with empty coffers. $53m for HNC; $700m for a new hospital…. $50m for stadiums.

Meanwhile a schoolboy can’t get eye glasses because the optician hasn’t been paid for eleven months, and the police can’t get the measly $1m or so owed to them for extra duties. Has anyone asked where the money will come from? Or how will these projects be financed? No manna falling from heaven and we can’t print money.

Having already spent the $126m or so on the Oval, a new10,000 seat stadium is beyond comprehension.

The government promised to tell us who truly owns the Oval. We are still waiting. They can’t even keep a simple promise. Wake up Bajans. A vote for the BLP is a vote for prolonged Servitude. The DLP may not have the answers or the where-with-all to work miracles, but they can’t be worst.


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