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Prime Minister Owen Arthur And William Duguid Say “NO WAY” To Graeme Hall National Park


Weasel Words From Government Officials Who Want To Pocket Money, Not Give Barbados A National Park

Back on November 16, 2006, Barbados Free Press published an article Barbados Government: Total Silence On Graeme Hall National Park Proposal where we covered the strange case of the Barbados Government totally ignoring a citizen group’s proposal for a National Park at Graeme Hall.

At the time, Member of Parliament William Duguid commented on the story…

“I think it is an excellent idea and will give it my full and complete support but like all other proposals this has to go through Town and Country Planning as well as be adequately funded. It was not made clear if this was being done but should the proponents need any assistance, I would be happy to help in any way I can.

I honestly felt they were doing well on their own and needed little reassurance from me.”

One of the readers took Dr. Duguid to task and reminded him that a National Park would have to be Government led…

“William Duguid simply does not understand in reality that progressive social/environmental policy HAS to be Government led. A citizen’s group may encourage policy development initiatives, and can even assist with specific support services, however government MUST execute the process to make it law. It’s not the other way around.”

Doctor Duguid is no fool. He knows that citizens cannot enact laws to declare a National Park – only the government can. So Doctor Duguid used weasel words to make it appear that he was all in favour… and then he and his government continued to ignore the issue.

Over 7,000 voters’ signatures on a petition for Graeme Hall National Park yet Owen Arthur and William Duguid ignore them!

Nature Sanctuary Owner Offered To GIVE Land To Barbados For A National Park

Then in January of 2007, Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary owner Peter Allard offered to GIVE 25 acres of land to the people of Barbados to be used as part of the proposed Graeme Hall National Park. We wrote about it in our article Stunning Development With Graeme Hall National Park.

And the government’s response? NOTHING. NADA.

The Government of Barbados didn’t even bother to reply to Mr. Allard’s offer… just like they never bothered to respond to the citizens who put together the national park proposal in the first place.

Why Doesn’t Owen Arthur Want A National Park At Graeme Hall?

As we explained in our article Graeme Hall National Park – Powerful Entities Want To Possess And Profit From This Public Land, the majority of the lands within the proposed Graeme Hall National Park are already owned by the people of Barbados. The vast majority of us naturally want to preserve those lands for our country’s future and for the immediate enjoyment of all our people.

But this will not happen if very powerful entities who want to profit from these public lands have their way.

You see, the gift of land from Peter Allard and the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary was tied to government declaring a National Park – and that would mean the end of selling off the surrounding public lands to “friends” of the government.

Graeme Hall National Park would mean the end of hundreds of millions of dollars of profits for those “friends of the government” who want to build wall-to-wall housing and businesses on our public green space land…

… So Prime Minister Owen Arthur, William Duguid and the Government of Barbados did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge the over 7000 citizens who petitioned for Graeme Hall National Park, nor the offer of a gift of the majority of the nature sanctuary lands.

The fix is in because the Prime Minister has those lands already promised to his friends.

Don’t let the crooked BLP politicians and their friends take your children’s land – the last green space on the South Coast – to fill their offshore bank accounts.

Ask where your candidate and their party stands on Graeme Hall National Park. And don’t let them weasel word you. See the map? Graeme Hall National Park as proposed in the map. Yes or No?


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