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Barbados Election 2008 – Fresh Start Or More Of The Same?

barbados-bribery-corruption.jpg Political Corruption Causes This…



This Is The Queen Elizabeth Hospital After 14 Years Of BLP Government

“I don’t know how much the government spent on Cricket World Cup, but every time I go past that big white elephant Kensington Oval I think of my son and all the tears and fear over that filthy, falling down slum we call our hospital.

BFP, please print the photos of the QEH toilet next to the hundred million dollar Kensington Oval, and let people decide if our government made the correct choice on how to spend that hundred million dollars…” (Story Link Here)

What Will Bajans Choose Tonight?

Will Barbados choose a fresh start with a DLP Government committed to introducing Integrity Legislation in the first 100 days…

Or will Barbados return Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his gang?

For BFP’s all night coverage link here


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A Reminder On Election Day: Prime Minister Owen Arthur Personally Donates US$150,000 In After Tax Income To…


Election Day Note: We published this article way back during Cricket World Cup (April 18, 2007). We thought it would be appropriate to bring it back today in view of the few commenters who seem to think Owen Arthur is still a poor little boy with no shoes.   

One of the lines in the article struck us… “…think about the wealth it takes to give away US$150,000.” 


PM Gives Cricket Legends Of Barbados US$150,000 In After-Tax Dollars

That is quite a chunk of change.
Don’t you wonder where Prime Minister Arthur got it? Prime Minister or not, he is only a politician with a family (or two) to feed and send to school. Just a man with a huge divorce settlement not so long ago.
Yup. Quite a chunk of change – $150,000 American. After Tax Dollars. That is real hard money, for sure.
Oh well, that still leaves US$600,000 in his personal account from that $750k cheque he received for “campaign donations”, doesn’t it?
Without integrity legislation, conflict of interest rules, freedom of information laws and transparency, being elected will continue to be the road to riches – so many riches that a man with two families and children to send to school can give US$150,000 to charity.
There are those who will say we are too hard on the man. They say “Look at the PM. He can’t do anything right in BFP’s eyes. Owen Arthur gives away that much money out of the goodness of his heart and BFP can’t even commend him.” 
To those folks, we say think about the wealth it takes to give away US$150,000.
If the Prime Minister came by his wealth honestly and NEVER profited from his inside knowledge in government, never took “consulting fees” or “gifts” from persons with an interest in having land use permissions changed, never arranged to have his assets held in a proxy’s name, never had an offshore bank account, never arranged for a family member to have a government job, housing or benefits (oops… Owen blew that one for sure!!)… then we congratulate the Prime Minister on both his charity and his business acumen.
But without laws and transparency, there will always be the question – Where did this politician’s great wealth come from if not from you and me?
We have a right to make those who control our public monies account for an apparent conflict between their annual income and their personal wealth. 
Politicians can continue to storm out of radio shows or become indignant at the mention of their assets – but Bajans have had enough.

Where did you get your great wealth, Mr. Prime Minister? 

From BBC Sport Cricket…

Barbados Greats Give A Little Back

A group of 41 former cricketers from Barbados, including some famous names, is clubbing together to help former team-mates who have fallen on hard times.

The organisation, Cricket Legends of Barbados, will also promote the game on the island, and stars a glittering roll-call of members.Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Everton Weekes, Wes Hall, Charlie Griffith, Gordon Greenidge, Desmond Haynes and Joel Garner will all lend their time.One of the group, former wicket-keeper David Allan, said there was one former star which the group was already targeting for assistance, but declined to name him.

Barbados has produced more stars for West Indies than any other island.Prime Minister Owen Arthur, an ardent cricket fan, has personally donated US$150,000, an amount that has been matched by local hoteliers.

And the government has spent $2.3m on renewing a derelict house to serve as the headquarters for the venture.Allan told the BBC: “The main objective is to raise money to promote cricket, mainly school cricket. We will all chip in.”Sir Gary and Wes Hall and other legends have a lot to offer youngsters in cricket knowledge and attitude.”

… continue reading this article at the BBC (link here)     



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A Mood Of Quiet Determination, Quite Unlike Any Barbados Election Day We’ve Seen Before…

The country will feel more of a sigh of relief than jubilation if David Thompson and the DLP are successful in forming the next Government of Barbados.

If the electorate has learned anything in the past ten years, it is that we citizens cannot afford to relax our vigilance upon those who govern our nation. We have also learned that our system of government is flawed and that once a group of people are elected, they can act with impunity to pillage the public purse. There are no controls, no laws against the theft of our tax dollars. No laws against politicians using their office to grow rich. There is no oversight, no accountability. The public doesn’t even have the right to examine how the government spends our money.

We saw a Minister of Tourism who became a millionaire virtually overnight. We saw a Minister of Public Works who built a house on land his government expropriated from private ownership. And we saw a Prime Minister who became one of the wealthiest men on the island in less than a decade.

We saw our news media strangled and afraid… handing over tens of thousands of dollars for daring to read a citizen’s letter that asked the question we all want answered: “How did our politicians become millionaires on government salaries?”

Be Vigilant Today At The Polls

Watch for the stranger voting with someone else’s name. Look out for boxes going out the back door at your voting place – after the counting is done. Oh yes… the tricks are done during the counting, but the evidence must be disposed of later.

Keep your eyes on the hands of the voting clerks… especially during the slow times.

Keep those cameras handy and watch that back door. Always watch the back door after the count – even several hours later.

The BLP government cared nothing for the rule of law when in office. It is the truth that if they cannot win this election, they will attempt to steal it.

Be Vigilant! 


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