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GoWeb Barbados Congratulation Video For Prime Minister Thompson


Web Videos Are Everywhere Now

Our friends over at GoWeb Barbados have created a nice little congratulatory video for newly-elected Prime Minister David Thompson (damn, “PM David Thompson” – that sounds fine, doesn’t it?)

… which causes us to reflect upon the tremendous increase in web video presentations that we’ve seen in the past two years from our vantage point as bloggers. Both the DLP and BLP used web video extensively in the past campaign. (Hey, we LOVED the David Thompson “hardwood” video. Who will ever forget that? BFP story & hardwood video here)

The next few years will see the rise of more independent web efforts by politically active Bajans. Expect more blogs and videos.

All good for freedom of expression in a Barbados that has been for too long a closed shop limited to the political and media elites.

Never mind all the talk about abuse and such – we Bajans are intelligent enough to sort the good from the bad ourselves. That’s one of the areas where the last government and the Barbados media got it wrong… they censored and self-censored everything including new ideas, perfectly valid questions from voters and especially political opposition.

We pray that the cowardly Barbados media finally remembers their public duty – and the new DLP government PROMISED they would change the libel laws immediately! (In writing, so we hold them to it!)

So zip over to GoWeb Barbados and have a look at their nice little video.

WE HOPE that in the unlikely event the DLP government “forgets” some of its promises, that GoWeb Barbados will feel free to put up a different sort of video!

There is a new feeling of freedom ’bout hey, isn’t there!

(click on the photo or here to see the GoWeb Barbados video)


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Rowers Arrive In Barbados – Shatter Atlantic Record In 33 Days, 7 Hours


Arrived At 8pm Wednesday Evening In Port St. Charles

(Say… doesn’t Owen Arthur have a condo there? Wonder if he staggered down to the dock to greet these folks! Was anyone on hand at all to give them the official greeting? It is a world record, ya know)

A printer, a surgeon and a financial advisor, all hailing from Norfolk, stepped onto dry land for the first time in a month – and in doing so rowed their way into the world record books.

Alongside 11 other men, the trio made up the team at the helm of La Mondiale, which was powered more than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in 33 days, seven hours and a handful of minutes.

As they stepped ashore in Barbados, the team smashed the previous 16-year-old record of 35 days and eight and a half hours by more than two days.

Their efforts were all the more incredible because many of them had never rowed before a few months ago, although others have had long and distinguished professional rowing careers.

… the above is an excerpt taken from the EDP24 website article Norfolk Rowers’ Atlantic Record.


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Good Looking Young Pilot Makes First Solo Flight… Oh, And He Will Be King Someday Too!


HRH Prince William Gets Kicked Out Of The Nest

Good for him!

There are few things that can compare to your first solo – entirely on your own for the first time bouncing around the pattern, smiling like a simpleton with ever-increasing joy at the realisation that there is no one in the cockpit judging your every move. The airplane climbs faster and is lighter on the controls too. Oh Joy!

When you return, there’s usually some friends with a bucket of water and a pair of scissors waiting on the tarmac. I wonder if Prince William had the pleasure of a bucket of water over the head and his shirt-tail cut off? Too bad if he didn’t!


Further reading: AP – Prince William Flies Solo For The First Time


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Civil Servants – NOW Is The Time!

A BFP reader asks us… When will this blog create a topic to allow civil servants to air their views on what went on for the last 14 yrs??

BFP Replies

Hello friend,

One of us here at Barbados Free Press knows exactly what you faced working for an oppressive government for all those years. Common sense went out the window and you had to remain quiet when you saw certain things happening…

You had to feed your family so you kept your mouth shut even when you saw big, crooked things like government materials, labour and other precious public resources unethically being transferred into private hands.

OK my friend,

You asked for the forum and now you have it. Anonymously. Publicly with tens of thousands of your fellow citizens who will read your words this week.

Civil Servants… here you go…

NOW is the time!


Speaking of “consultancies”, how about outside contracts that were given to outside consultants associated with senior civil servants, MPs, BLP big-ups or their families and friends?

Let’s name some names, folks!”


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BFP Election Article Currently #8 Most Popular WordPress Article Worldwide


Almost as an afterthought to the next article The Spin By The DLP And The Barbados Media Starts… , we notice that at this moment on Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 2:52am, the BFP article Would The DLP Have Won Without Their Integrity Legislation Promise? is the #8 most popular WordPress article in the world.

Yup… out of the several hundred million articles found on over 2.1 million WordPress.com blogs, ours is the # 8 most popular in the world.

In the next article you can also read how during our election coverage, Barbados Free Press was rated as the #4 most popular WordPress blog out of 2.1 million… just behind political blogs by CNN and Fox News – and just ahead of Greta Van Susteren’s blog.



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The Spin By The DLP And The Barbados Media Starts…

Why Did The DLP Win?

Why Did the BLP Go Down In Flames?

Everybody is entitled to their opinions, folks… at least now that an oppressive government has been removed from the reins of power.

But how quickly the news media and the DLP have worked to twist the issues and the outcome of the election to suit their respective agendas!

When the results started coming in last night, we saw lots of confusion on the faces of the pundits at the CBC. Last night wasn’t supposed to happen! Somehow the people of Barbados had acted with a unity never thought possible to toss the BLP government out on it’s collective butt.

Some media observers thought that a 15-15 tie was possible… maybe even a 16-14 or 18-12 split with the Owen Arthur government retaining power… but NEVER a two to one advantage by the DLP. 20 to 10 in favour of the DLP? Never!

And it wasn’t a matter of “first past the post” by a couple of votes that produced the changes – 67% of the popular vote went against the government. Most high-profile BLP Cabinet Ministers went down to defeat and of the remainder, only three won decisive victories in their own seats.

As the events of the evening began to sink in, the media pundits were the first to offer explanations…

It was “the high cost of living”. It was “a simple and natural desire for change” said a few pundits and even the outgoing Prime Minister himself took a position of “oh, well – I was just a victim of my success” and blamed the 3-term curse.

Cowards to the last, no reporter asked Owen Arthur about the impact of corruption allegations and integrity issues upon the election.

No definitive reason for the win was vocalized by the pundits… and that alone is fine because it was undoubtedly a combination of many factors that made last night happen.

But What The Television Pundits Didn’t Say – Says It All…

No TV pundit mentioned the “alleged corruption” of the outgoing BLP government. No news commentator mentioned the last-minute promise of integrity legislation by the DLP that many Bajans believe was the catalyst for the massive last-minute voter swing. The word “Hardwood” was whispered once on television and then forgotten.

And no news commentator mentioned the role of the Bajan blogs at all.

Even journalist Peter Wickham, who turned to the blogs to publish articles that the Nation News and other Barbados media wouldn’t dare print during the election didn’t mention the blogs or oppression of the the Bajan news media at all!

Here is what Peter Wickham wrote to the Barbados Free Press on December 31, 2007 when he turned to the blogs as his only hope of communicating with Barbados citizens…

Regrettably I have to confirm that for the first time since my Grandfather Clennell Wickham started writing People and Things in the 1940s, this article has been unilaterally suspended by the Newspaper that agreed to host it. Clearly, my perspective on this occasion is very different to that which I offered during the 1999 and 2003 elections. I am therefore grateful to BU and to BFP for carrying this review of the politics of inclusion which is yet to see the light of day”.

… Journalist Peter Wickham to the Barbados Free Press in BFP’s December 31, 2007 article Journalist Peter Wickham Banned From Nation News – So We’ll Print His Article Here

And After Turning To The Blogs For A Voice… Not One Word By Peter Wickham About The Roll Of New Media In Shaping Bajan Politics!

Yup, these media types just don’t get it. They think that things will return to business as usual now that the bogey-man Owen Arthur and his thugs have been replaced by a new government.

So when the DLP spokesperson Reudon Eversley told the country and the Associated Press that it was the “young voters” and real estate costs and not much else that turned the tide in favour of the DLP – Peter Wickham and the rest of the media joined in on the spin. (AP article link here)

Neither the DLP nor the Barbados news media want to mention the blogs and the voice that every citizen now has.

Neither the DLP nor the Barbados news media want to mention how much of the public’s vote was driven by the growing realization and disgust of the corrupt activities of the past government AND the growing public realization and disgust with the spineless Barbados news media.

Neither the DLP nor Peter Wickham want to mention that during the election they turned to the Bajan blogs because they realized that the new media is now playing a significant role in our society.

The issues of integrity legislation, freedom of information, conflicts of interest and the government’s 100 day promise just dropped off the radar screens of the DLP and the Barbados news media in their post-election analysis.

So we are here to fire a warning shot across the bows of both the new DLP Government and the Barbados media.

A New Generation Won’t Tolerate Corrupt Government Or Cowardly News Media

Welcome to the future. Most of us newly-active Bajan voters are young and idealistic… and we are online.

There are over 2 million WordPress blogs in existence today. While the stats change daily, at this moment CNN News Political Ticker is the #1 most popular WordPress blog in the world.

Fox News Presidential Campaign Blog is the #3 WordPress blog in the world.

And on Wednesday, January 16, 2008, the #4 WordPress blog in the world is Barbados Free Press.

That’s right… a nothing little blog run by a group of amateur writers on a tiny Caribbean island is, right now, the #4 most popular WordPress blog in the world. Almost 30,000 people came to BFP in the last 24 hours to read about the Barbados elections – from home and around the world.

There are hundreds of millions of articles published on those 2.1 million WordPress blogs, and right now the #4 most popular WordPress article in the world is the Barbados Free Press piece Barbados Election Results Flowing – A NEW DLP GOVERNMENT…

Right now as I write this, the #10 most popular WordPress article in the world is the Barbados Underground piece Barbados Election Watch 2008

The old Barbados news media can pretend that nothing changed during this election – but their credibility in the eyes of the public has reached an all time low. DLP spokesperson Reudon Eversley can pretend that he never emailed campaign materials and position papers to the blogs, but he did so because he knew the blogs mattered during the election.

The cowardly Bajan news media and many in the new DLP government can pretend whatever they want, but the world of Bajan politics has changed. The citizens of Barbados will not cease in their demands for integrity legislation and a responsible and courageous news media.

The DLP and the Prime Minister made their promises is writing, and we expect that those promises will be kept.


Click the above and below screen shots for larger versions, or go to www.botd.wordpress.com to search the archives for the most popular WordPress blogs and articles on a given date.

Above: Barbados Free Press listed as the #4 most popular blog out of over 2.1 million WordPress.com blogs. (January 16, 2008)

Next: Barbados Free Press article listed as the #4 most popular article out of the hundreds of millions online on WordPress.com (January 16, 2008)


Next: Barbados Underground article listed as the #10 most popular article out of the hundreds of millions online on WordPress.com (January 16, 2008)



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