The Nation’s Albert Brandford Makes A Backhanded Racial Comment Against Barbados’ New Prime Minister

BLP Government’s Use Of Racial Slurs As A Strategy

Let’s get one thing straight so that Mr. Brandford knows where we at Barbados Free Press stand: we are sensitive to comments about race because some of us and our children are of mixed race.

If Mr. Brandford were to use a racial comment against my son, I would immediately see to it that he apologised. And Brandford would apologise very quickly – I can assure him of that.

For too long we listened to the last government’s use of race and colour to divide our people. We saw how Owen Arthur, Liz Thompson and other members of that government did not hesitate to call out racial slurs against their opponents. If Thompson couldn’t argue on the facts, even on national television she dismissed her opponent as being Caucasian. Former Prime Minister Arthur called blacks who disagreed with him “negrocrats” and oreos“.

It was, and remains, an evil practice – made more evil still when it was adopted as a BLP party strategy against then Leader of the Opposition, David Thompson. Mr. Thompson is of mixed black and white parentage, so he was called a “redman”, “white”, “englishman”, “great white hope” and even that favourite racial slur of Liz Thompson “Caucasian”. (BFP article here)

The BLP operatives who were hired to run the disgusting “Exposed” blog constantly use skin colour and race against non-blacks. Bajans of Indian heritage are called “curry boy” while persons of lighter skin colours are disparaged at every opportunity.

Taking a lesson from a racist whites-only political party in Switzerland, the “Exposed” blog featured an article about kicking non-blacks off the island and used a modified version of the Swiss nazi-like poster to illustrate it. They attacked blogger Ian Bourne for having lighter skin and threatened to murder Ian and his wife.

They also attacked citizen journalist Adrian Loveridge as being “white” and threatened to murder Adrian and his wife. They threatened to rape his wife and burn down their hotel – and bragged that nothing would be done about these threats they were making on the internet because, they said, they worked for Cable and Wireless and had the support of government.

BLP Blog Supports Threats Of Violence And The Use Of Racial Slurs

And knowing all the racial slurs and threats of violence by the “exposed” blog, the reaction of the BLP government was to link to the “exposed” blog from the official BLP blog and to feature their articles! And the BLP blog still remains linked to “exposed” even though the BLP government, the police and Cable and Wireless were formally notified of the murder threats over seven weeks ago.

The Barbados police, Cable & Wireless and the BLP government were all in a position to know the identity of the person(s) threatening murder, arson and rape within 5 minutes of looking at Cable and Wireless customer records – but they have done nothing just as “exposed” bragged.

Albert Brandford & Nation News Use Negative Imagery Of Our Prime Minister’s Parentage

It can be seen that for the past 14 years the BLP endorsed the use of racial slurs as a strategy to maintain power and attack opponents – so I guess it is natural that a BLP lapdog writer at the Nation News like Albert Brandford would continue to use race against our new Prime Minister…

“DAVID THOMPSON has finally achieved his life-long ambition: to be the Prime Minister of Barbados.

Newspaper photographs of his swearing-in ceremony last Wednesday portray a smugness that reflects his inbred sense of entitlement.”

… from Albert Brandford in the Nation News articleThe Money Factor

The Nation News & Albert Brandford Should Apologise To Prime Minister Thompson – And To The People Of Barbados

We have come to expect very little professionalism and quality from The Nation News. God knows that the paper and most of the staff left behind any sense of public duty years ago.

Brandford’s article is nothing more than a biased political hit-piece – and that’s ok. It is not like we haven’t seen one before at The Nation News. That’s life. That’s politics. At least you can clearly see where their bias is.

But this business of negative racial comments and racial slurs from the writers at The Nation News must stop.

Barbados deserves better than this evil and divisive practice by the largest printed daily.

As for all of us at Barbados Free Press – we’ll make do with the online edition of the Nation News until Brandford and the paper apologise to David Thompson. Not one more coin will go from our pockets for a paper edition of The Nation News.


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  1. Anonymous

    Is English your first language?

  2. Tony Hall

    Albert Brandford cannot help himself. He is very hurt. Expect more of this but as I said before he is going to be more hurt because the PM is going to ignore him completely. Has anyone notice that the Advocate hasn’t made mention of the new cabinet nor of the swearing in ceremony? To me the persons working there are a bunch of journalistic whores.

  3. more

    Another excellent article. Keep up the good work BFP.

    Enough is enough. Haven’t they got it yet? Time they stop wasting time on petty nonsense and get on with the task at hand. Our country needs from all of us all the help it can get.

  4. Anonymous

    Albert Brandford has been obsessed with David Thompson, dedicating most of his articles towards distroying him.

    I wonder whether he will continue in this vain.

  5. Bimbro

    Put it this way; I’ve been racially, descriminated against by both white and brown, and treated disgracefully, by black. I’m not going to pretend that racism does n’t exist in Bim but the duty of our public personalities is to try to descourage it, not to foster the evil. So, in that regard, Mr Brandford, is at fault. An apology, should be issued!!!!

  6. Yardbroom

    Bloggers must always remember that with “freedom” comes responsibility, for by exercising that responsibility, one ensures our continued freedom.

    Providing bloggers remember this, the out look is bright for them.

    For many years the elite in Barbados controlled the media, as their name alone was enough to have specific issues, in which they sometimes had a vested interest were published. The ordinary person’s views were often not represented with the consistency and vigour which they warrented.

    If one of the elite group dared step out of line and was too strident, in his representation of the ordinary citizen. He was spoken to and there was silence again. This meant a culture developed where issues of concern, had to be draconian in their impact on ordinary citizens before they were addressed

    The blogs in Barbados, particularly BFP and BU have changed that situation and “some” I repeat “some” of the elite scribes have difficulty in adjusting to this new phenomenon. The elite will have to live with the dynamics of this change, and how they adjust to it,will ultimately determine their future.

  7. Anonymous

    While I agree that the tone of the sentence is not positive, it is too much of a stretch of the imagination to infer that the intention behind the use of the word inbred was a racist one. Inbred means the same as inherent, innate, natural, instinctive.


    BFP Replies,

    You are wrong, Anonymous. With or without Brandford’s background of such statements it was meant as it was said… a slap against his parents who were of different races.

    Oh… very slickly done for shur… but Brandford wanted a reference to Thompson’s “breeding” – his racial heritage – and he wrote one. As a professional writer talking about a mixed race Prime Minister he wrote exactly what he wanted to.

    To say it was an accident or to say that 99% of the people didn’t get it right off is a lie.

  8. born and bred


    Is English yours?

    Every language has subtle innuendos.

    The implication is clearly a racist one and further BFP is totally correct.

    For years now there has been a move to divide and conquer this Nation through the use of race. It has caused a tremendous amount of pain. Much healing is now needed if this country is to succeed.

    Divided we fall; united we stand.

  9. People who should know better are up in arms against blogs. I think it is okay to denounce unsociable misfits and any form of illegal behavior but to curtail people from freely expressing themselves is just another form of slavery. The country had been asleep outside of the Blogosphere, thanks to the blogging few, there has been an awakening for change. Have you noticed how many organizations are asking for immediate audience with the new Prime Minister. They woke up and found themselves in a different world and are screaming like babies for mummy.

    Faces of The Bajan Blogosphere

    Fear of change can cripple the scholarly
    And this is not uncommon with changing technology
    Clocks went digital many years ago
    Every since then the digital world started to grow
    Sending some academics in a tale spin
    Only comfortable with their circle and to stay within
    Fax machine, copier, camcorder and DVD
    The revolutionary ghouls of digital technology
    Have taken over the world and now the Internet
    Enables users to usurp a greatness in the global market
    Blogging emerged from special interest groups
    Administered by authors who can censor the oops
    Journalists, politicians and many other heads
    Author their thoughts to stimulate comment threads
    Now other professionals and hobbyists too
    Blog their expertise and creations to you
    Life through their eyes and experiences they had
    Organized chronologically by the magic of a keypad
    Growth comes when we can freely express
    Our deepest concerns without any redress
    Some may also choose to blog anonymously
    People have their rights to protect their privacy
    However you look at it blogging is a welcome tool
    Entertaining and educating but there’s a golden rule
    Resist immorality, illegality and other social no nos
    Exercise these and be assured where the Blogosphere grows

  10. Anonymous

    To Anonymous above:

    Inbreeding is breeding between close relatives, whether plant or animal. If practiced repeatedly, it often leads to a reduction in genetic diversity. …

    Please dont insult our intelligence by trivializing the statement.

  11. JR

    Since when did the word “Caucasian” become a racial slur??? It is the correct scientific word for people of light skin … lets take a little lesson here (and I’m sure that many of you will be in disbelieve – mouths dropped open, etc.) if you will allow me.

    The Caucasian race, sometimes called the Caucasoid race is defined by the Compact Oxford English Dictionary of Current English as “relating to a broad division of humankind covering peoples from Europe, Western Asia, South Asia and parts of North Africa” or “white-skinned; of European origin” or “relating to the region of the Caucasus in SE Europe”. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    Have a look at this link …

    You will see that caucausians are not necessarily all white-skinned, the race stretches from Europe, Asia (except the Oriental areas) right through to India and even Sri-Lanka, yes, where many are are of a darker skin colour simly due to their living in or closer to the Tropical regions.

    Note the Arabs of North-Africa are part of the race. I know there are some people that would not like that ‘truth’ to come out. But then if earlist mankind came out of Africa then we are all African in origin.

    It seems the “Caucasian” is now suffering the same the way that “Negro” did, just because people used it in derogatory terms and and sometimes incorrectly, like calling a dark-skinned Indian a “Negro”, and thus their true scientific meanings where effectively lost. It does not seem that the other main race “Mongol” has thus suffered as yet, except maybe in is (sometimes) duel use for persons with “Downes Syndrome”.

    Essentailly there are four main human races …

    Caucasian (European, Arab, Indian)
    Negro (African)
    Mongol (Oriental – see note below*)
    Oceanic (New Guinea through Australia)

    *It is now been reasonably accepted that the people of North and South America are Oriental in origin.

    Of course, there are debates still going on especially about the last one listed, but they others have long been accepted. Naturally debate continues – which is healthy.

    But my main point is, can we stop using words in this manner, because is has lead to another word or phrase that really makes me sick and tired – politcally correct.

    Can we get out of this spiral?


    BFP Comments,

    Hello JR,

    Are you living on Barbados now? For the past 10 years?

    Have a look at the video of Liz Thompson using the word Caucasian and you’ll know how the word is used as a racial slur against a white person.

    Another way it is used is against a person of mixed race like Prime Minister Thompson – to imply that he has no black heritage, or that he has rejected his black heritage… all of which is of course untrue.

    “Caucasian” is used against Adrian Loveridge to state that he has no right to live on the island or own land – no matter how long he has been here and how much he contributes to the day to day progress of ordinary folks.

    Oh yes… “Caucasian” is often a racial slur on Barbados – which makes me wonder where you live.

  12. frankology

    Newspaper photographs of his swearing-in ceremony last Wednesday portray a smugness that reflects his inbred sense of entitlement.”
    The word “inbred” is the adjective stating his happiness or his”sense of entitlement.

    The word “inbreeding” is the noun with the meaning “the act of mating closely related individuals”.

    I find it difficult how you can jump to such an assumption based on the word “inbred” in your connotation, with that, no apology should be warranted.


    BFP comments,

    OF COURSE you would see no intent or offense, frankology!

  13. frankology

    Every language has subtle innuendos.

    The implication is clearly a racist one and further BFP is totally correct.
    An innuendo is an innuendo regarding the strength and the rationale in the way it was uttered. But unfortunately, the words are not racist, but expound the happiness of Thompson achieving his long term goal to be Prime Minister.


    BFP says,


    Check the bottom of your shoes cause I think you’ve stepped in something. Smells like a horse barn ’round your comments.

  14. Bimbro

    Some while ago, I stated in a comment to Loveridge that ‘Barbadians have a particularly, idiosyncratic way of speaking’ re: Arthur’s statement about the DLP not ruling again.

    Nobody seemed to take the point then, but perhaps, you see what I meant now!

    Look how much trouble one sentence has caused!!!!

  15. frankology

    Check the bottom of your shoes cause I think you’ve stepped in something. Smells like a horse barn ’round your comments.
    Oh what a tongue in cheek, but unfortunately I am far from any barn and is barefooted.

  16. born and bred

    With all due respect many of you want to be like the proverbial ostrich……..changing the subject, burying yourselves and the subject in what the cow left in the pasture.

    Listen folks……..racism is alive and well in Bim and we all need to acknowledge it and do something about it.

    We ignore it at our peril.

  17. born and bred

    One other thing.

    Let me qualify what I mean by racism:

    Not the traditional interpretation that is given for racism in Barbados……… but racism against other races besides “blacks”.

    That’s the subject of this blog. Let’s keep to the point.

  18. Bajanboy

    That word “inbred” immediately jumped out and slapped me in the face when I read the article. Mr. Brandford is trying to show how clever he is with words by providing an escape route should anyone try to claim that he is being racist. He will claim he meant some other usage for the word.

    I hope the police will now investigate the racist death threats made against Adrian Loverage. Surely, the political will is now there to do so.

  19. JR


    I AM Caucasian, and if you really want to know I am well aware of David Thompson’s caucasian background and most if not all of us ‘caucasians’ know very well why Mr. Brandford said what he said (more so to do with the content of what he was saying, not the use of the word caucasian), and while it might not have the best thing to say or in bad taste, there is truth to it.

    Would you like to know more of the truth or does this scare you.

    As to Adrian Loveridge, we middle class caucasians tend to have mixed feelings about expatriates. My father has been physically abused by expatriate managers in years gone by, so we judge them as they come, but with caution.


    BFP Says

    JR>>>>> Perhaps you should read the article again. Brandford never used the word “Caucasian” in this article. That word was part of an illustration of racist language. Brandford used the word “inbred” as a slick way of criticizing Prime Minister Thompson’s racial heritage.

  20. albert branford forgot when BURTON HINDS BANNED him from the house for life .

  21. Yardbroom

    I said, racism is always beneath the surface in Barbados and I was castigated for making such a statement – but never mind.

    We often have to look at issues within a specific context and the environment in which those issues are raised.

    Black for example is just a simple colour and people of a certain race, are referred to as black – simple is it not.

    If a white owner of a store in Broad Street, Bridgetown, Barbados, in a heated debate said to someone:” how dare a black man come in my store and tell me what to do!

    Would you think there was a racial element to his remarks or not? every thing in context my friends, then the meaning become clear.

  22. JR

    Listen ALL,

    I just realized just now after posting the above how cold I actually went during and after I hit the send button – i.e. how angry I got.

    A lot of people around here don’t have a clue what they are spewing … we middle class ‘whites’ (if you would prefer that word over ‘caucasian’) have been sandwiched in the ‘middle’ at all times, forgotten, ignored and mostly left out of any of the rights movement.

    Why you may ask? Because as white and middle class we had to go with the flow or be ridiculed and excummunicated – ever read the book on T.T. Lewis written by an old friend of mine – classic and very, very true.

    When my father was hit over the knuckles with a spanner by the expatriate general manager, which openned up his knuckles to the bone, and he raised his other hand/fist it was grabbed by his immediate manager, who was another middle class white Bajan (and in retropect was thankfully nearby and saw the whole thing), who tried to calm him and remind him that he had a wife and young child at home to support.

    You see in not hitting back, even when well deserved, we survived not that helped our status much, but had my father been quicker than his nearby friend we would suffered a major set back.

    So when you all start of on the racism talk, remember these things and if you have not yet read T.T. Lewis go and buy, borrow or someway (legally) get a copy and read it. In fact, the truth be told, a sequel could easily be done with all of the things that whites and done to whites over the centuries just here in this island.

    By the way, you may not like this, but many of us middle class whites thank Grantley Adams the true father of the Barbados Workers Union for what he did, so that indirect we slowly got some rights too.

  23. JR

    JR>>>>> Perhaps you should read the article again.

    Actually, I never read the article, I’ve only following you guys on the topic here, so if I got confused it was here. Sorry. But the import of what I said still stands – see my last post, which I see you have moderated again – having fun as usual.

  24. JR

    That was quick! Thanks.

  25. ninemikemike

    This use of the race card is part and parcel of the political “divide and conquer” method of politics in Barbados. Sometimes it signifies nothing much more than a hook to hang your political hat on. Dipper Barrow said he couldn’t wait for the day there was no longer a blade of cane on Barbados. Pure hyperbole. I well remember many years ago when a certain well known medical man was running for office, that he took a leak outside a rumshop to show that he was one o’ we. What it did was make him look an idiot, because everyone knew that he was as sophisticated as they come. So while you are right that the lesser gifted of our politicians regularly make statements that might get them arrested in a metropolitan society, it is often more hot air than venom.

    The Nation however, is a rag, and if everyone understood that from the outset, then they will realise that if you feed crap in one end, you get s–t out the other. Best not to buy it, I don’t.

    The issue of the threats against the Loveridges is a much more serious matter, and I trust that BFP, who have shown themselves in the run-up to the election to carry such influence in the Island, (kudos, guys), will be asking hard questions of the new minister as to which backsides are going to be kicked into action and how soon.

  26. Yardbroom

    I went on Barbados Underground before the general election for the first time, to make a trenchant defence of Adrian Loveridge, because of what was being said on the blogs, what was being said about him and his family was disgusting.

    I do not know the man or his politics, and I am not at all concerned about that.

    I try to be consistant in my views, because they are what I “feel”. My defence would have been the same if it was a black person who was treated that way, and colour or race was being used as the catalyst.

  27. JR

    “The issue of the threats against the Loveridges is a much more serious matter” …

    I will have to research this a bit more and check out some sources, but I find that threats are usually made by cowards (or ones just trying stir up trouble and fear – i.e. bare bo), warnings however are made by those who mean what they say.

    My warning: If I don’t find Loveridge squeeky clean and these threats to be hot air, I will be watching his every move – white man to white man – and will pressure him the same way, regardless of whether the BFP likes it or not.

    By the way, most middle class white Bajans are also not happy when white expatriates come into Barbados and just ‘all of a sudden’ owning things that require large investments. In the past both parties have shown they will allow this, so we shall see if this new government can resist.


    BFP Comments,

    JR, I’m very surprised at you. The threats were made not only against Adrian Loveridge, but against Marjorie Knox, Ian Bourne, Kathy @ Keltruth (forget her last name) and us at BFP. Murder. Rape. Arson.

    Loveridge was fired from the Advocate after the BLP government threatened to shut down government advertising if they didn’t get rid of him.

    YOU, JR, seem to have isolated the threats against a white man as somehow worthy of your sceptissim more than the threats against others.

    I don’t like where you are going with this. Don’t like your tone at all.

    IF you were in my home right now, I would be on the verge of telling you that it is time to go.

    Watch it if you want to stay ’bout here.

  28. Planter

    To say in this day and age that Thompson won the election because of his breeding is one of the most stupid arguments of our time. That statement alone says volumes about Branford if he intended it that way. He would’ve given Estwick if he were prime minister or anyone else the same sort of resentment he shows for Thompson. I got the sense that Brandford’s use of the word “inbred” refers to “fixed in the character or disposition as if inherited; or deep-seated. Instead of what was portrayed about race.

    One must remember that Branford is a diehard BLP and can not accept the fact that there is a new man at the helm of the government in Barbados, and the acronym is “D” not “B”.

  29. ninemikemike

    JR you have a chip on your shoulder the size of Mount Stinkeroo.

    ” White expatriates coming here and all of a sudden owning things that require large investments”?? – what have you been smoking, or are you not aware that in many cases they bring their investment with them?
    I have no knowledge personally of the Loveridges, but I suspect what upsets you is they have been hardworking, and enjoyed the fruits of their success, where perhaps your own situation has not turned out as you might have wished and has engendered a quite unjustified feeling of jealousy on your part.
    Moreover, there have been plenty of cases of people coming here and making good from nothing, often because they have spotted a niche that Bajans have not, or have not been interested in pursuing. This is hardly unique and happens everywhere. Do you think the English feel resentment at Sir Michael Stoute for doing so well at their sport in their country, or would you say it is because he is white? Then Rihanna, if you want to go down that road, not to mention all the Bajan cricketers who have gone overseas to realise their full potential. Let’s face it JR, if your dream is to be a vacation hotelier, there is little point in setting up in the snow belt.
    In closing, my advice to you is to give yourself a good shake, and look for the positive, and remember that no-one can just own something here unless WE sell it to them. What they CREATE is to everyone’s benefit, even yours.

  30. Bimmy

    look i knew Thompson from school and as school boys we used to call him some of the names mentioned above but most of the times he was known Tom son meaning the son of Tom Adams as then he bore a very strong resemblence to Tom. however as a very intelligent and approachable person he was much admired. i doubt beyond the occasional name calling that was more descriptive than racist. we in black bim tend to call anyone of the lighter complexion “redman or whiteman”. none of those words are meant to be racist.

    i am always surprise at the way in black barbados completely ignore or try to ignore white barbadian and then are surprise at their withdrawal/retreat from larger participation in Bim.

    i would like to see the day that a white bimmer run for parliament. i would like to see how that person handles himself and the reaction to him by black voters. that should tell us about ourselves.

    it is my believe that the white bimmers has suffered from neglect from black bimmers and disdain by white expatriates.

    it is high time they re assert themslves. after all they are more barbadian or just as much bajan as the black. in fact in most case more than. they eat the same food and speak the same language.

  31. jimbo

    brandford just spouting off about Thompson because the Bees got trounced. most bajans of the lighter skin are called “redman or whiteman”. these words are often more descriptive that insulting or racist. Thompson is much admired among bajans

    but reading JR comments although i am a black barbadian i am concerned by the retreat/withdrawal of the white bajans from the bajan society.

    i believe they are ignored by black bajans and either treated with disdain or neglect by white expatriates.

    in either case it is not good and they should try to become more relevant.

    it would fascinate me to see what the reaction would be if a white bajan ran for parliament. and why not? they eat the same food and speak the same dialect as black bajans and are sometime more bajan than blacks

  32. reality check


    Times have changed since Peter Morgan was a Minister of Tourism and pounding the St Lawrence Gap and other places for the DLP.

    Why would a hardworking honest hotelier, the likes of Adrian Loveridge, or others , who have gone through a living hell by the BLP, want to expose themselves to the dirty rascist politics of Barbados.

    THe BLP have maginalised these citizens and many of them have been so victimized and terrorized they cannot conceive of running for Barbadian politics.

    Congratulations, the pie or barrel has become smaller and smaller.

    The DLP have a lot of work to reinstate these people as rightful equal and productive citizens of Barbados

  33. Getting it off my chest.... defines “inbred” as follows:

    1. naturally inherent; innate; native: her inbred grace.
    2. resulting from or involved in inbreeding.
    [Origin: 1585–95; ptp. of inbreed]

    —Synonyms 1. inborn, constitutional, instinctive.

    BFP in its usual self has taken the definition they can spin a scandal out of rather than the one that makes sense.

  34. NuffSense

    Maybe we have reached a twisted sense of equality if ‘caucasian’, a word without any negative context in any other part of the world has become a word of shame and embarrassment in Bim.

    Frankly, I have lived all my life in Bim and a ‘caucasian’ is a ‘white’ person to me, without negative thought or intention of any kind.

  35. Jammer's ViewPoint

    Contributing to the ‘racial debate’, I would like to add this. From its inception Barbados in was founded on the concept that one human being is inferior to the other.The Africans who came were treated to most horrific human abuses know to man.
    They were deculturise,brutilise,dehuminise.Out of that experience came racial and skin politics. Those of a darker hue were single out for derision because of their percieved inferior asthetics.Then out of that came the obsurd idea that ‘European’ asthetics were not only as superior but the most desirable. Unfortunately remnants of this legacy still remains with us today.

    In my view, Barbados is place where aparthied has been perfected.The ‘black’ population seems to accept they percieved inferior by they attitudes towards ‘economic freedom’.They seem quite happy and lackadaisical to economically dominated by others outside they race.

    In response to Albert Branford remark, you could make the assumption that the context in which use ‘inberd’ to be racial base on his pass articles on David Thompson .However one cannot say that the context in which it was used was factually racist.That would very haed to proved.

    In my view ,calling David Thompson an ‘Englishman’ is not itself a racially offensive as he was born and bred England so he be classified as such.Neither is ‘redman’ it is popular term for someone of lighter hue.I know many people nickname ‘redman’ ,reds’ ‘reddy’ and they don’t find it racially offensive at all .

    I think the issue of race has been suppress in Barbados for hundred of years and there are those who would seek to tell you that there isn’t an issue of race in Barbados. It is time we have a ‘full’ and ‘mature’ about it.

  36. Radiance

    I was holding my breath during the spectacular build-up to the quote from Albert Brandford’s article. Then, ppfffftttt. Like a deflating balloon, the actual comment quoted as evidence of racism was an anticlimax. I think BFP is reaching a bit in this particular instance. Find another example with which to make your point.

  37. Anonymous

    I got Brandford’s race-based slight right away. Anybody who reads him knows it were no accident. INBRED is a slap in the face to Thompson family father and mother. What do you think it is Radienace? Like saying “have a nice day”?

  38. JR



    What a despicable person you are.

    Banned for life.

  39. John

    What I think is absolutely appalling about Albert Brandford’s Article and which really exposes his slip is not the comment but the position he takes on the Law of the land where the erection of billboards is concerned.

    It is obvious that he is not an impartial journalist.

    Even Harold Hoyte got caught and exposed himself really badly!! Between the two of them they have shown a level of incompetence difficult to imagine.

    Here is what Albert Brandford said about the law:

    “We also saw Thompson himself attempting to justify the illegal placement of billboards on both state and private property.

    “The billboards do not say anything negative,” Thompson complained, when challenged. “All that
    they do in this democracy, which our parents and grandparents have fought so much to build up, is [show] what the plans and policies of the Democratic Labour Party [DLP] are, and the people who are part of the team of the Democratic Labour Party to implement those plans and policies, and I can see nothing wrong with that.”

    Friends and supporters of the DLP leader could not see anything wrong with such blatant law-breaking either. Even my former boss, Harold Hoyte, now Editor Emeritus of THE NATION, though deprecating the practice, said he “understood” the action.

    Flouting rules

    In the WEEKEND NATION (01/11/08), Hoyte wrote: “Once [Barbados Labour Party] BLP leader Owen Arthur drew to the public’s attention that such poster-placement was prohibited by law, we were nevertheless confident that the DLP would have taken them down because the Town and Country [Planning] Department is required to give 28 days’ notice before removing such material, and by that date, of course,
    the election would have been well and truly settled.

    “The Dems run the risk of Bajans concluding that they who seek to become law-makers are themselves law-breakers. Historically the natural defiance of opposition parties predictably means they will not submit to objections by their opponents, no matter how precedented in legal propriety. I, therefore, understand why the DLP remained defiant.”

    I have no objection to “smart-man” politics, but it cannot involve the deliberate flouting of the laws of the country in pursuit of a short-term political advantage. ”

    Now compare it against what Harold Hoyte, published in the Nation back in 2005, the same newspaper which employs Albert Brandford.

    “Worme stressed that it was also against the law to affix signs and posters to the company’s 30 000 poles and noted that much of the signage affixed to the poles was advertising, which was forbidden in such circumstances under the Town and Country Planning Act.

    Worme made the point that it was necessary to draw the attention of the public to the situations from the point of view of the law and as it applied to the safety of the company’s workers. He was gracious in claiming that the action complained of was mainly the result of ignorance on the part of the perpetrators.”

    I agree with Bob Worme about ignorance but go further and say that Albert Brandford and Harold Hoyte are obviously living breathing examples of that ignorance!!

    Didn’t they notice the posters from all parties on the BL&P poles, all of which are private property?

    Weren’t they aware that the owner of the private property wanted persons to desist not only because it was against the law but also because it was a safety hazard for its workers?

    These two guys published the notice in their own paper three years ago.

    Perhaps like many of us, they stopped reading it too!!

  40. John

    I take the use of the phrase “inbred entitlement” to be directed at the fact that David Thompson is a member of a functioning family.

    I find it more an attempt to try to point out to the many Bajans who are not members of a functioning families, that here is a guy, unlike you, who is.

    For me it is an attempt to discriminate based on family more than colour.

    I do take it as an attempted put down.

    When I put it side by side with the bit on the law in the article the intention becomes obvious.

    However, it is a free world and he can write what he likes.

    Obviously the Nation likes it too. That is what freedom does, it allows people to say what they think, ….. and be seen to say it.

  41. Victor Callender

    Think about racial epitaphs for a moment, now think of the Barbados Labor Party and its “Mottley Crew” using racial epitaphs. The Barbados Labor Party is still reminiscent of the Plantocracy in all its dealings. Those who are stalwarts of the BLP represent the by-gone era of the way things use to be done. Most Barbadians need to know that the news media in Barbados possess’s a definite bias against the Democratic labor Party (DLP) the party of the proletariat. The denizen BLP mind set is deferencial on matters relating to the British Monarchy, so I wonder how Arthur or any of his BLP cronies can use verbal acoustics with reference to calling anyone a racial epitaph. Rhetoricians like Albert Branford possess’s a permanent mouth piece for the BLP and would always seek party over country. Behind Mr Branford’s words perhaps is the power of the dollar. Some people cannot find their way out of a “Wet paper bag” without the political savants telling them what to do. I read those with whom I disagree, Albert Branford included. Mr Branford epitomize’s someone who at all cost will protect the BLP status quo come hell or high water. The difference with David Tompson and the DLP is that on their side of the political aisle, they speak truth to power.

  42. Warrior

    We could look at it from another side. Inbred
    (inbreeding) is it not basically appropiated to people like red-necks and ecki-beckies. Bradford might want to give that mental picture of Mr. David Thompson.

  43. Warrior

    I did not get my opportunity to congratulate the Democratic Labour Party on their landslide victory.

  44. Anonymous

    Why is it that some people get banned just like that but others are allowed to spew their racial hatred, preach undemocratic pratices or desires and continue on happily.


    BFP Replies,

    We try to be as liberal as possible in our moderation – but some folks go way beyond the lines and they find themselves banned.

    If you have an issue with a specific post or comment, please bring it to our attention and we’ll have a look.

  45. reality check

    “The Dems run the risk of Bajans concluding that they who seek to become law-makers are themselves law-breakers”

    Hoyte had been taking taxpayers hard earned money for years from an increasingly dictatorial government to control and print inane BLP spin not worthy of all but a few Bajans.

    This government controlled drivel has permitted many many legal abuses to go unreported never mind the countless millions and millions of dollars that have been pi—ed away by tiefing and incompetence without any press stewardship to advise the citizens.

    These so called guardians of our freedom of the press then have the unmitigated gall to suggest the DLP may be breaking some billboard rules that give expression to an alternative political party with some real ideas for change?

    Off with their heads!

  46. Bimbro

    Stop fooling yourselves, folks. Anybody can tell that those terms were used as racial, insults!

    U in Bajan?!!!!

  47. Yardbroom

    May I ask for a pardon for JR, it is true I do not know what he posted in his last submission but I detected something in his posts, which would be
    best for him, if he is given the opportunity to express.

    If he continues to transgress, then a ban would be appropriate.


    BFP Says

    Hello Yardbroom,

    His last 3 comments were so outrageous, filthy and low that I will not repeat them here. They were such that I question if he belongs to “the group” that includes Exposed… because they often use another tactic where they participate in an almost reasonable fashion and that slam some filthy comments in hoping to avoid the moderator’s attention.

    Sorry, YB, but the comments were so vile that JR will not be able to use that name again or the current IP.

  48. Straight talk


    You may be missing the point.

    Whether a race – identifying adjective is offensive is to my mind subsiduary to the point of trivia when viewed against the intent of the racist statement.

    That implied intent is that treatment or respect should be unequally accorded to different races.

    All racial discrimination is ignorant, divisive and dangerous.

    We should know that better than most.

  49. Anonymous

    After watching this I wondered if the BLP missed a trick or two.

  50. frankology

    Hoyte had been taking taxpayers hard earned money for years from an increasingly dictatorial government to control and print inane BLP spin not worthy of all but a few Bajans.
    This statement would never reach the fourth estate since it contains serious legal connotations. You by your language is implying Hoyte received money from Government for “spin” purpose. If I was Hoyte and know who you are, I will make you pay for your mouthings. This is where blogs can get away with demeaning people without any redress. Reality Check I can detect you are using swiping accusations to prove a point, but unfortunately, you are trying to denigrate someone’s character. I have the highest respect for Harold Hoyte’s journalistic ability.

  51. Yardbroom

    BFP regarding JR, thanks for your explanation.

  52. Jinx

    Come now, let’s not go and insult people’s intelligence. Without saying what race I am, personally I find it ridiculous to claim that name-calling translates into actually changing people’s views and acting out against whites or indian Bajans. It is merely a mark of ignorance and should be ignored. But since when did ‘Caucasian’ become a slur?

  53. Anonymous

    Frankology your slip is showing all too clear.

    Isn’t it true that you once worked for one of the same lapdog media houses?

    Were you not part of the same group?

    You said ,and I quote…’If I was Hoyte and know who you are, I will make you pay for your mouthings.’

    Doesn’t this sound familiar…..thank god for the anonymity aspect of the blogs.
    This goes to show how right BFP were.
    For a long while now,I have been monitoring your posts with amusement.You claim to be neutral,you claim to be the voice of the people,but in fact you are very partisan.Your party lost because the people woke up…now live with it or leave.
    We know you can get reduced rates on LIAT.

    I will be monitoring you Vicky boy.

  54. Anonymous


    If you want to people to stop insulting other’s intelligence,maybe you should start by not doing the same.
    A word is just that until one looks at the context in which it was used.

  55. reality check

    “You by your language is implying Hoyte received money from Government for “spin” purpose”

    Come on frankology, speaking of spin, you know that I was referring to Hoyte in his capacity as head of The Nation and not personally.

    Second, you know that there are a host of legal issues in Barbados have never been exposed by good investigative journalism. BFP and BU have had to bring a few of these stories to the fore without a peep from the Advocate and The Nation.

    The Nation’s journalistic integrity has been bought time and time again by its silence and itsfailure to defend basic human rights.

  56. Radiance

    Well, I read Albert Brandford’s article before this blog went up. And I went back to read it to see if I missed something. No, I didn’t. The article definitely sounded as though it was written by a sore loser, but there is nothing in THAT particular article that sets the word “inbred” in a racial context. However, BFP did an excellent job of putting the term in a racial context by the title of the blog, and by the comments that led up to the quote from Brandford’s article. Those of you who read this blog first, and then went to the article in the Nation, already had your perspective colored by what BFP put up.

    That kind of tactic reminds me of a title of a book chapter I read at school. The chapter was entitled “Crooked and Fallacious Thinking”. I think BFP leans in that direction every now and then.


    BFP Comments,

    OK R, never mind anything we say.

    The first article Brandford writes about the new Prime Minister taking office, virtually the first thought that is presented uses the word “inbred”.

    I guess you will just have to disagree with us and a whole lot of folks on this issue.

  57. frankology

    For a long while now,I have been monitoring your posts with amusement.You claim to be neutral,you claim to be the voice of the people,but in fact you are very partisan.Your party lost because the people woke up…now live with it or leave.
    Whose party lost. I am not bona fide member that you are saying my party lost. You are so blind that many people voted in the past for a particular party, but now voting for the other party. We saw certain people ridiculing the DLP and was still on the platform singing the party praises. Your problem is due to you not able to remove partisan support from intellectual reasoning. Who I was and who I am makes all the difference. I am man enough to speak on subjects for and against a party. Do you have that guts to be independent?

    I do not have to hide under an anonymous cloak like you and discarding the last cloak after the election. Anyway, I am a man who never displayed feminine behaviour.

  58. frankology

    Come on frankology, speaking of spin, you know that I was referring to Hoyte in his capacity as head of The Nation and not personally.
    Legally, you are wrong, even though you had no intention of implying that was the case. What is in your mind and what you write can make or break you. Since I respect your posting based on fairness, I now move on to out another fire.
    Peace my brother.

  59. forloveofbim

    Rather than anger, I read Brandford’s article with dismay, and disdain at the reality that it seems that almost every institution in which Barbadians should have the right to place some modicum of public trust has failed us by abandoning the concept of the greater good.

    The media has a special responsibility to inform and enlighten rather than distract and divide its readership and the community it serves. I did note that Harold Hoyte’s rather more reasoned piece was on the facing page (an effort at editorial counterbalance maybe?).

    As a first time contributor who is heartened that Barbadians have found this online outlet for views dissenting from ‘the former (one hopes) status quo’ (notwithstanding the reported death-threats that frankly shock me) and I urge BFP to keep up the good work.


    P.S. I am sorry JR was banned even though I believe that it may have been the responsible thing to do. As a ‘black’ married to a ‘red’ with ‘brown’ off-spring I think too few ‘blacks’, ‘lights’, ‘reds’, ‘snuffies’, ‘browns’ and ‘whites’ interact about their true feelings on race, geo-ethnicity and class (the real issue in Barbados, which I think JR was alluding to before he let his emotions get the better of him) in Barbados.

  60. I know Albert very well, I left Barbados 24 years ago and I remember drunking Brandford being banned from the House Of Assembly by the ignorant speaker Burton Hinds now he is carrying their water. He is a drunk and will always be a drunk . Counsel our new PM ignore Alleyne Arthur white rum.

  61. Peach and Poetry

    Murder feels safe in large numbers
    Murder feels good on a hill
    Murder likes a uniform and big heavy boots
    A patriot’s licence to kill

    Excerpt from “Murder”, a poem by John Garth Raubenheimer, 1975.

  62. Donald Duck, Esq


    Why is it that all of my messages are moderated and ones like the one above are not.

  63. Margaret

    I do feel that people are acting very ignorant or maybe they are ignorant. They need to get over it now, and move on. PM David Thompson is in now, so live with it, we have been in exile for how long (14 yrs), well we are out now and we are actually ignoring those racial slurs. What did Bongo said in his song, you could like it or lump it. Everyone just need to stop crowding the PM and let him get on with the people’s work. A word to Mr. Brandford the journalist, you will eat those same words.

  64. My Dear Margaret,,

    People are to critcise who ever they want.We live in a democracy the last time I remember. Why sink to that simplistic,infantile attitude.Nobody is above criticism.Are suggesting because David Thompson is now prime minister of Barbados ,he is beyond criticism.Any government not matter what its political persausion should be could be critise from day one.Thats the nature of democracy.I think a lot of Bajans needs to grow up polictically.Some of the ignorance exhibited on these pages are truely astounding.I am apalled at the level this ignorance.Some seem revel it,may be they are aware.Who know?

    In my view real debates in not practice in Barbados ,especially in politics. Discussions tend to full of ’emotive language’ which often leads personal insults,slander with conversations which are intellectual improvish.More often than not discussions always descend into ‘garbage can gutter snipping’.It is very sad. I am not sure Bajans are not ready for a full develop democracy.

  65. Margaret,

    the above named ‘Anonymous’ was actually from me ,Forgot to put my name

  66. Bimbro

    Margaret, I agree with Jammer and consider who use that expression, ‘get over it’, as being just too, lazy to think! It’s a cliche and for me, like most easy expressions, inane and brainless. I could n’t care less what Bongo said in his song, whoever he was. PM Thompson will be held to serious, account from day one. There’s too, much to be done!

    Talk sense when u come here or you’ll be slaughtered!

  67. Hard driver

    BFP .. where is my post?

  68. Albert Brandford

    I came late to your reaction to my article. It is unfortunate – but not surprising, given some of the other comments you have made – that you would have chosen the meaning of ‘inbred’ not intended. I was merely referring to his innate sense of entitlement, that is, from birth. Racial slurs would have no place in my discussions on political events, I assure you.


    BFP says,

    Mr. Brandford…

    1/ You are undoubtedly aware of the BLP’s long standing use of derogatory racial terms in reference to Prime Minister Thompson.
    2/ You are undoubtedly aware of the foul rumours and innuendo that the BLP has long used when talking about Prime Minister Thompson’s parentage.
    3/ You are a professional writer who is well skilled in using double entendres to cross lines and get away with it.
    4/ Had you meant “innate sense of entitlement” you could and would have said that. But you used the word “inbred”, with all of the word’s baggage in context with the BLP slur campaign against David Thompson.
    5/ To now say that it is the fault of readers for “choosing” the wrong meaning for the word that you used in disingenuous, and frankly, part of your foul little game and the act of a coward.

    No, Mr. Brandford…

    We don’t believe that a professional journalist such as yourself did not carefully consider the meanings and impact of your chosen words. You were seeking to write a “hit-piece” about the swearing in of the new Prime Minister and you did so in the most foul and racially-charged way possible – after a campaign filled with BLP racial insults to Mr. Thompson.

    You just didn’t think you’d be called on it.

    Mr. Brandford, you owe Prime Minister David Thompson and the citizens of Barbados a PUBLIC APOLOGY in the same print and internet edition of the Nation News that printed your foul statements.

  69. Starrr

    I expect this kind of behaviour from the scum of the earth. If Albert Brandford regards himself as higher than that then he should remove himself from the stinken pits of crassness with Clyde Masscoll, Liz Thompson and Owen Arthur and any other classless person who thinks it best to defeat their opponent by referring to race. I agree with BFP 200% on their stance.
    Imagine some “wanna-Bees” told Austin Husbands about his “white wife”…how low can they go?…Racism as no place in the 21st century

  70. Peltdown Man

    “Caucasian” is too ordinary and non-offensive. Perhaps it should be changed to “Corker”, then it would become the “C” word and everyone would be afraid to use it.

  71. Planter

    I really don’t know why people are still on race regarding the new PM. The man is black. People please move on to more important issues like the economy. How much is a gallon of gas nowadays?

  72. Jerome Hinds

    Albert Branford is one SCOUNDREL that we can ill afford to waste time with !

    He cannot be domesticated !!

  73. Adrian Hinds

    I have never seen this Albert Brandford. Is there picture of him anywhere?

  74. Pingback: In defense of Albert Branford « Notes From The Margin

  75. John

    Are the election posters erected illegally on the BL&P poles coming down?

    Have the billboards been taken down?

    Should we also require our 30 politicians to pull out the staples with their teeth or should we give them a pliers and a screwdriver and get them working?

    They need to set an example on the respect for private property and the law of the land which our people can follow!!!!

    No wonder praedial larceny is such a problem here, no examples to follow and it starts at the top.

    What say you Harold and Brandford?

    Perhaps you could do an article on the illegally erected election posters and interview somebodies from the hierarchies of the parties so we know their position and what they are doing about it.

    The former PM might be a good place to start ….. and don’t forget to include the chief town planner so we know his position too and our esteemed political parties don’t get confused next time.

  76. Bimbro

    If what Mr Brandford says, is true, then he needs to be more circumspect and correct in his use of english and realise that he is n’t talking to an ignorant, bajan audience but an educated one, also familiar with all the nuasances and double-meanings of bajan-english and also, issue an apology to the gentleman for his error!

    As somebody else said, if you did n’t mean it as gave the impression, then “be a man, and apologise”!!!!

    Time for Bajans to grow-up!!!!

  77. Hants


    I wonder if RoyalRumble Sylly G will come on this Blog and defend his former boss.

    I guess they are scapegoating Owen to give Mia a clean slate to rebuild the party.

    After 14 years they turn on Owen like Pirahnas.

  78. Sargeant

    Power is the great unifier

    This post election season is proving to be fascinating to a political junkie like me. It was interesting reading the opinions of BLP insiders Clyde Griffith and Aaron Truss in the Nation as they sought to analyse the reasons for the BLP loss. During the DLP’s sojourn in the opposition trenches any criticism of the leadership was portrayed by the media and the BLP as a party divided. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the media and the public to these opinions.

    Griffith for his part didn’t pull any punches in his critique of the PM’s choice for campaign manager in the last election. I sensed some personal antagonism in his remarks directed at Arthur’s choice the former senior minister Dame Billie Miller as he declared “It ensured for me personally that I would have no formal role in the campaign; and I was happy for that!”

    Griffith also touched on many issues which were fodder for the many contributors to this blog over the past two years. E.g. arrogance; lack of communication; ABC Highway and lack of accountability. I think that the readers of this blog always new that the PM was surrounded by sycophants – people who were apt to tell him never mind the iceberg this Titanic is unsinkable and further insulated him from public opinion. Two other things which stood out were his comments that the PM was insecure- this I would never have thought and the reference to the BLP’s elite. The BLP has always depicted itself to the public itself as a grassroots party i.e. a workers party but apparently some are more equal than others.

    Truss for his part blames the “politics of inclusion” as a contributing factor in the BLP’s defeat, it would appear that many BLP stalwarts felt hard done by with this strategy, as the banquet was being shared with outsiders while they were left peeking into the room and waiting for scraps. One wonders if Truss feels this way what about the rank and file? Will the other “politically included” feel comfortable in a BLP party that is out of power? Will Mia forgive Kerrie Symmonds for his “three tons of blubber” remark? Will Mascoll still find favour with the BLP now that his mentor Arthur is in pre retirement? Especially if his actions re Hardwood seem to contribute to the election defeat?

    Yes, the knives are out and Arthur even though he is no longer Caesar will wonder who will be the next Brutus

    For the DLP, it is still a show of unity that even the Kellman omission from Cabinet can derail.

  79. Hants

    Sargeant…well put.

    I am surprised by these open attacks on Arthur. The BLP protrayed themselves as a party of Unity.

    Now we know different.
    It is stunning that having benefitted from Arthur for 14 years, in only a few days they are attacking him.

    The DLP should focus on Unity, openness and accountability.

    They have an opportunity to be an effective Government as long as they keep their noses clean and spend the Taxpayers money wisely and keep the public properly informed.

    Owen Arthur should leave politics and go and lecture in the International Arena.

  80. Bimbro

    Owen Arthur should leave politics and go and lecture in the International Arena.


    Surely, NOT, before answering some very, pertinent questions HERE and maybe, in CANADA, to0!!!!

    Wey you bin?!!!!

  81. Wishing in Vain

    What would the subject matter be of those lectures?

    How to fool the public and at the same time rape the treasury of millions???

    Or how to make children appear from no where ???

    Exposing the worst of mottley for the Nation to see********

    Or how best to get reporters to ask your Deputy questions handwritten by yourself and given to these reporters??

    How do you get the funds distributed quietly without the public’s awareness from the St Peter Development Fund to you offshore personal bank accounts????

    How best to split the proceeds of his and HALLAM NICHOLLS transactions and to which country to fly off to with new bank accounts???

    This man is a dishonest bastard and he has no role to play in anything that requires honesty in public life as he does not represent this aspect at all.


    BFP Comments

    Wishing in Vain has been cautioned several times against sexual innuendo.

    They are now Banned until WIV apologizes publicly on this blog.

  82. BajanGirl

    “portray a smugness that reflects his inbred sense of entitlement.” – this statement is certainly reflects Brandford’s bias against PM Thompson and is, in my view, totally inaccurate.

    However to see this as a racial slur is really stretching the imagination.

    Yes racism exists in Barbados but I don’t see it in this statement.

  83. jodiperry

    Quote: Newspaper photographs of his swearing-in ceremony last Wednesday portray a smugness that reflects his inbred sense of entitlement

    I agree with Bajan girl and anonymous.

    Inbred is used here as an adjective qualifying the expression ‘sense of entitlement’ which suggests ‘natural, inherent or innate sense of entitlement.
    Taken in context the sentence suggests that the subject believes that he was born/destined to be prime minister.

    If he was all black or white would the ‘bajan innuendo’ then define the word inbred as inherent?

    BFP: Remember your blog is international. As a non bajan I enjoy reading and even posting sometimes. However this one comes across as shallow and narrow minded to me.


    BFP says,

    Hey… you’re entitled to your opinion jodiperry, but many many folks read it the way we did. When this happens in a newspaper article, the writers usually have the manners to make the “I didn’t mean it that way, sorry” apology… but Mr. Brandford says that the entire controversy is the fault of the readers.

    NOW… just so there is no mistake.. in the context of the ongoing BLP slur campaign against Prime Minister Thompson that highlighted his mixed race, we don’t believe that Brandford’s use of the word “inbred” was an accident. He chose a word that had a dual meaning so he could use a racial slur against the PM and get away with it.

    You choose to look just at the word and you choose to believe Brandford.

    Thousands of us do not believe Brandford, and that includes me.

  84. Niska

    I doubt Owen could be racist against white, after all they do finance his campaigns.

  85. anonlegal

    “He chose a word that had a dual meaning so he could use a racial slur against the PM and get away with it.”

    Yes, the word has a dual meaning but none of the definitions that can be attributed to this word has anything to do with Race (incest maybe but not race).

    What I think happened is that persons saw inbred and mistankenly thought of the term “mixed breed” (BFP probably made this mistake as well).

    I dont think it is reasonable to believe that Albert Barnford purposefully used the word knowing that the people who read it would make that mistake. It just seems a little farfetched to me.

  86. New on the Blog

    Has anyone bothered to check a dictionary for the meaning of the word inbred?
    On the cover of my dictionary it states at the bottom the following:
    “The World’s Most Trusted Dictionaries”
    I purchased an Oxford Dictionary Thesaurus & Wordpower Guide right here in Barbados!
    Let’s see what it has to say about the word “inbred”
    1. produced by breeding from closely related individuals. 2. existing from birth; inborn.
    Where is the confusion on the part of the readers? The meaning is very clear as to what it means!
    Shame on you Mr.Brandford!!!
    I am insulted and disgusted that anyone who claims they are educated and have a mind, would actually go so low as to use the term “inbred” against another person, then imply that the readers are too stupid to know the context in how he meant it’s meaning. There is no double meaning of the word Mr. Brandford, so there cannot be any confusion on the part of the readers!
    It states clearly in the Oxford Dictionary what the meaning is. There is no mistake or misunderstanding or double meaning of the word! For a so called educated man to use this term at all to demean another human being when we are supposed to have learned something by now, don’t you think? and have some sense of self respect to ourselves and others, is inappropriate and very destructive behavior. He does not deserve to have the priviledge of writing on this blog at all, but, forgiveness has to come forth from all of us for this self loathing unhappy man. Maybe he can find some spiritual guidence and get over himself!
    We are all human beings and the continued insults and slurs are not helping our country move forward. Our Children are watching and learning from the adults, the so called examples.
    What kind of a place do you think Barbados will be in 10 years if we continue to allow this type of nonsense to play such a prominent roll in our society? The Mr. Branfords of the world will come and go. It is his job, and others just like him, to keep the rest of us on our toes.
    Let’s hope David Thompson and his party will clean up the nasty mess left behind and make this country what many dream it can still be!

  87. TMS

    to new on the blog, 1) and 2) represent alternative meanings or definitions. Inbred does not mean both at the same time. I am not clear you understand this.

    You must look to context to see which particular definition was intended by the writer. Many words have two or meanings. Definition #1 of course is likely to be insulting in any context.

    It is clear from the context defination #2 was intended (at least I think so) – that is, his “sense of entitlement” was “inbred”, meaning, in Brandfords opinion, this sense existed from birth.

    Of course you can find this to be insulting as well and call brandford out it accordingly.

    Usually it not taken literally at birth, but is used to emphasize a particular trait is very strong in someone. A good example in Bajan, parlance, “he born hardears !” or “he born stubborn”

  88. TMS

    “There is no mistake or misunderstanding or double meaning of the word! ”

    The dictionary does indeed confirm there is a double meaning of the word.


    BFP Says,

    Exactly… which is why Brandford used it instead of a more clear word: he wanted to be able to insult with subsequent deniability.

  89. New on the Blog

    To TMS and BFP,
    Thank you for your input to my comments.
    I took another look in the dictionary and found the word “inborn” meaning is; existing from birth. Yes it says the word inborn as 2. when you look at the word inbred. But inbred was the word Brandford used and he knew the context he was using it in. The fact he insulted the readers and tried to turn things on them like they were idiots or something was not too bright of a move on his part.
    I agree, he did want to insult with subsequent deniability. Maybe he thought he’d get away with it, or maybe he knew he would get a stong response. He IS in denial and sick!
    Not a nice person at all, at all, at all.

    To continue,
    I wish people would move on and get off this color thing! Always blaming this color for this and that color for that….Living in the past won’t change anything that happened. We can change things now though if we really want change.We are in 2008 now aren’t we?
    The following question is not meant to insult anyone, it is just a question.
    A question for each of us to ask ourselves.
    What color is blood? Right, it’s red.
    We all bleed the same color, so let’s get off this color and race thing please. Sometimes I think we forget we are all human beings no matter where our ancestors come from.
    We live on one planet and if we don’t start to get along we are finished.
    Each of us has to apply ourselves and work hard for what we want in life and stop blaming each other and the past, for everything and expecting someone to rescue us and pay our way…Like the world owes us or something. The world does not owe anyone anything.
    I’ve only been on here a few months and this is the first time anyone has sent me a comment. I really appreciate it, and thanks for the Bajan Parlance example…cute…
    I love this site and hope it continues for a long long time…

  90. anonymous

    You can be sure Branford meant to insult PM David Thompson. This is obvious by simply taking a look at Branford’s articles over past year. Not only does he demonstrate a sinister tunnel vision focus on Thompson he repeatedly rubbbishes Thompson’s veracity, leadership, philosophy, talent, skills, intellect etc.

  91. (69)

    It is clear to all and sundry that Brandford does not appreciate Mr. Thompson however to label him a racist is rather far fetched.

  92. congoes

    I am truly ashamed to call myself barbadian after reading these racial comments. I always thought we were a society who looked at people and their chrcter and not the color of their skin. As far as I am concerned the the only thing that matters is that we are all suppose to be from one race the human race. Call me stupid but maybe if we paid less attention to the color of people’s skin we’d get more done. What a mess we have all made with our prejudices. Such a pity because we all have such potential.

    BFP says,

    “I always thought we were a society who looked at people and their chrcter and not the color of their skin.”

    That’s a nice thought my friend, and appreciated better than you know by the writers of this blog.

    However, let’s not tell any fibs. Barbados is a country where colour still matters. Where the BLP called David Thompson a ‘redman’, where the former Health Minister Liz Thompson said in a debate about a dumpsite that “how dare a Caucasian male” should threaten to tell the media the truth about her lies.

    And where the former Prime Minister commonly referred to people who disagreed with him as “negrocrats”.

    That is the racist reality of the previous government and worse!

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