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Former Bermuda Attorney General Elliott Mottley And The Rebecca Middleton Murder


On June 20th, 1996, 16-year-old Rebecca Middleton arrived in Bermuda with her friend Jasmine Meens, ready for her “trip of a lifetime.”

On the night of July third, 1996, Becky, who had just celebrated her 17th birthday in Bermuda with Jasmine and her family, was murdered in what has been described as among “the worst, most brutal, most animal sexually-depraved, most violent and inhuman murder of any woman or man anywhere in the world”… (Quote from Bermuda Online).

Passersby found her as she died, lying almost nude in the middle of a dark, isolated road. Despite autopsy results on the very day of her death showing forcible rape, sodomy, battering, torture, cutting and stabbing, responsible agencies, “police, the attorney general’s department, the courts, and the judiciary– have failed in their responsibilities to this innocent child.

Keith Forbes of Online Bermuda terms the situation a “notoriously botched murder case that has brought huge international discredit to the United Kingdom and its Foreign and Commonwealth Office, its place and reputation in the European, United Nations and world communities, Bermuda, its Governor and Deputy Governor, Cabinet and legislators, Chief Justice, Attorney General, Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Police Service and the island’s judicial system.” … from RebeccaMiddleton.org website

What Was Elliott Mottley’s Role In This Disaster Of Justice?

In the days following her murder, police on the island narrowed their search to two men: Kirk Mundy and Justis Smith.

Before the evidence was analyzed, Mundy cut a deal with the attorney general at the time. In exchange for testifying against Smith, he would serve five years for being an accessory.

Smith was charged with the murder. However, DNA results at the time put only Mundy at the scene and prosecutors were left to try a man with no physical evidence. … from the Toronto Star Newspaper (link here)

Former Bermuda Attorney General Elliott Mottley denies having anything to do with the mishandling of the Rebecca Jane Middleton case – but many are not convinced.

When reader Reality Check said “A young Canadian schoolgirl was brutally murdered in 1996 and it appears political interference and incompetence by the then AG, Elliot Mottley, (who denied he gave immunity) led to the accused getting off.” it set of a chain of comments that saw almost a hundred readers head over to the RebeccaMiddleton.org website within a matter of minutes.

It is obvious that the horrific murder of Rebecca and the bungling by Bermuda’s police and justice system still reverberates throughout the Caribbean and Canada.


Photo of “Becky” on her way to Bermuda, wearing the dress and hat her mother made for the trip.

Our heart goes out to Rebecca’s family and friends who are still looking for some sort of justice after 12 long years. It is obvious that they seek to encourage public debate and examination of the case, so out of consideration to them, we made this our feature article for today.

Here is what various BFP readers said on another post about the case. Comments are open folks…

Reality Check

Bermuda is even smaller than Barbados and perhaps more susceptible to abuse and corruption by the power elite.

Why is it that the Mottleys seem to be involved with everything nefarious and underhanded and keep coming up with jobs.

http://www.bermudasun.org/main.asp?SectionID=24&SubSectionID=270&ArticleID=333Elliot Mottley91&TM=9512.018


A young Canadian schoolgirl was brutally murdered in 1996 and it appears political interference and incompetence by the then AG, Elliot Mottley, ( who denied he gave immunity )led to the accused getting off.

Another case of justice denied

Maybe someone from the middleton family can let us know some of the details?

Bermuda is in serious trouble

Jan 23, 8:51 PM

Wishing In Vain

The murder of Miss Middleton was a tragedy, what followed was an amazing fiasco which should leave all reasonable, decent people concerned or stunned. Just how did this comedy of errors lead to such an intolerable ‘result’?
The basis of the miscarriage of justice has always centered on the granting of immunity to a suspect. Now, for the first time we hear the following:

Former AG denies deal in Middleton case
By Karen Smith The Royal Gazette Ltd Bermuda, August 15, 2000
Former Attorney General Elliott Mottley denied there had ever been an immunity deal offered to one of the suspects in the Rebecca Middleton murder. He refuted claims that Kirk Mundy had been offered a lesser charge, that of accessory after the fact, in return for a guilty plea and information. He said: “There never was an immunity deal offered to Mundy. He was charged based on the evidence that the Police provided us with at the time. “They had nothing else but his statement.

“For years people have said there was a deal, but there was no deal. There was no written immunity document because there was no immunity offered.

“I have never spoken out before, but now I think it is time.”

Comment: Stop the press! This is an incredible turn of events but the ‘confession’ appears to have been accepted without so much as a second look. There never was an immunity agreement? This needs to be investigated in depth.

It appears a formal complaint against the officers involved in the enquiry needs to be made at the highest level, investigated by an independent, overseas commission. The former AG’s comments are astounding.

Jan 24, 2:21 AM


Re the Middleton case, immunity was granted to one one suspect, whose lies were plausible. What transpired was that the DNA in Miss Middleton, matched that of the immune person. They tried to convict the other suspect on the basis of a missing knife from a set found at his house. Apparently there were many of that type sold on the island. The evidence was not enough to convict. So the guilty party or parties walked free.

Lets face it, the Middletons and WE Canadians are not amused.

Jan 24, 3:37 AM

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