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Dear Mr. Thompson, We Believe You Will Do It…


Barbados Free Press Staff To Vote Democratic Labour Party

Dear Mr. Thompson,

We’ll keep this letter as short as possible as you have much work to do and little time left to do it.

For the past two years each of us at Barbados Free Press has despaired that we would have no party to vote for in the coming election. We have been critical of both the BLP government and the DLP opposition – and especially critical of the corrupt elected and appointed government officials whose actions are destroying the very foundations of our society and government.

As you know, many of the corrupt and unethical practices stem from that fact that Barbados lacks effective Integrity Legislation and Conflict of Interest Standards to define what is acceptable behaviour and to deter government officials who would misuse their authority and position. We also lack Freedom of Information laws that allow citizens to access the information they need to hold their public officials and government accountable.

For the past two years, we have also been critical of you personally and the DLP because in our opinion your party did not exhibit the leadership in integrity issues that Barbados needed.

Barbados Free Press may have even published some editorial photos that questioned your motivation for wanting to be Prime Minister. (Something about a trough, as we recall.)

We did this because we viewed the DLP’s lack of written standards concerning integrity and conflicts of interest as an indication that you and your colleagues wanted to unethically profit from your position should the DLP form the next government.

Even after the DLP’s recently announced Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information initiative, we still had doubts about the sincerity of the offering and we said so here on our blog.

Mr. Thompson, we are writing to tell you that we no longer have any doubts about your personal intent and your sincerity regarding the DLP’s integrity initiatives. We will be voting DLP.

In short, we heard you speaking the other night about your Integrity Legislation and about what you believe would be possible “when, not if” (as you said) the DLP forms the next government. And we also read your released paper Principles Underlying The Legal Framework For Integrity In Public Life In Barbados and were very impressed, especially by sections 5 and 6.

So, yes Mr. Thompson, we believe that you are sincere and we have decided to support you and the Democratic Labour Party in this election with our votes and our best efforts.

As we at BFP see it, the easy part of the process will be electing David Thompson and the DLP to form the next government of Barbados.

The difficult part will be pushing the integrity legislation through against resistance from those who are so used to abusing the public purse.

But Mr. Thompson, we believe that you can, and will, do it.

All the best to you and the DLP team,

Marcus, Shona, Robert, George, Cliverton & Auntie Moses
Barbados Free Press

PS: This does not mean that we won’t hold your feet and the DLP to the fire, and it doesn’t mean that Barbados Free Press has gone soft on the DLP or its leader. Where we disagree with your or your government’s actions you can expect the same double-barreled blast as before. Even worse if you let us down.

But we’ll probably hold off on the trough photos for a while. 😉

Click on the photo to download a PDF of the 2008 DLP Manifesto


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