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British Parliament Moves To Force British Airways To Carry Surfboards


British Airways is about to receive a reminder that its license to operate in Britain is dependent upon the quality of service that it provides.

Britain’s Parliament will introduce a law forcing BA to carry surfboards and other recreational equipment. The airline recently decided that, after carrying surfboards since the days of BOAC, they were simply too much trouble.

“Wrong-O” said the tourism industry and parliament – far from being an inconvenience, the needs of passengers are the reason that BA exists.

British Airways is supposed to serve the needs of passengers – not the other way around.

This should make Zed Layson and his friends happy. That’s Zed at the top of the story.

Zed (who was looking a tad older than the photos on his website last time I saw him) 🙂 is the the acknowledged “old man” of the south coast where he runs Zed’s Surfing Adventures. We used to have a beer once in a while at Zed’s place long ago before the authorities took away his license (damned neighbours, anyway – we weren’t making THAT much noise, were we?)

We still surf and crab hole at Zed’s once in a while but nothing can equal the heady days of the mid-90’s when nothing else mattered except the wave.

Gotta go now… wife needs some things done around the house. (sigh)

Further Reading…

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Freemasonry and The Royal Barbados Police Force – Should Citizens Be Concerned?


Is He Or Isn’t He? And Does It Matter? 

“This post examines the effect of membership in secret societies (or societies with secrets as the Freemasons prefer to be described) on law enforcement agencies.

The concern is that police who take “blood-curdling oaths” and “indulge in strange rituals” may diminish public confidence in the force. There is concern about oaths of loyalty affecting the ability of an officer to act impartially. Our previous post examines these gruesome oaths.”

… from Part Eleven (!) of Keltruth Blog’s series on the Masons.

The series is food for thought about the unseen connections between the police, the judges and the institutions of Barbados.

Check it out at Keltruth Blog (link here)


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Paddy Briggs’ Interview – Sir Everton Weekes

“I have been in Barbados over the past couple of weeks partly to do some research into a book that I am writing about West Indian cricket. Whilst on the island I was able to interview the last surviving member of the great ‘Three Ws’, Sir Everton Weekes. He told me about the open discrimination he suffered throughout his career both in club cricket and at international level.

When Sir Everton retired from cricket in March 1958 at the age of 33, no black man had ever captained the West Indies – Frank Worrell was to be the first two years later. In club cricket in Barbados five elite clubs were still the jealously guarded preserve of white players. I mention this not as an historical anecdote but to suggest to those who would wish to downplay the offence caused by the inane Tilghman that they should have a word with the dignified Sir Everton.”

… from What Do The Know Of Golf…?

Paddy’s Cricket Writing Is Top Drawer

Paddy used to work for Shell Oil throughout the Middle East, but we think he wasted his time working for them.

He is writing a book on Cricket in the West Indies and we can hardly wait for it to be published as he has been doing in-depth research it for several years, the likes of which has not been seen before. (And if you think that means we’ve met Paddy… yes he did stand me a pint one time. He can talk nothing but cricket for days and still remain the focus of any group. …Robert)

For some excellent perspectives on cricket, you can find any number of articles on the web by Google searching Paddy’s name, or you can stop by his blog…

Paddy’s Sports Writing


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Rowland Whitehead’s Barbados Blog


Christian Guy Blogs Barbados

“All in all, a remarkable occasion with much potential for good, although we are in a nation which still retains much outward religious activity which can inoculate people against catching the real thing!

Let us pray that the vows publicly made today in God’s presence will be honoured and this Government really will seek the guidance of God in these globally troubled times.”

… Rowland Whitehead talks about the Public Swearing In Of The New Barbados Government

We hadn’t seen much of Rowland Whitehead’s writing, but after reading his latest we think we’ll be stopping by more frequently. Auntie Moses says we need to read more blogs like Rowland’s especially after our little falling out with her on the weekend.

“See he left hand on de photo? Be holdin tea or water an nothin like foul rum. You watch out!”

Yes, Auntie…

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Ian Bourne Achieves Holy Grail Of Bajan Bloggers – Posts Story Connecting Britney Spears With Barbados And Rihanna!

We are humbled by the creativity of Ian Bourne!

As bloggers know, the more traffic you can attract, the more Google and other search engines will pay attention to you… and the more traffic you will receive.

In short: the more you get, the more you get!

This has to be handled with discretion though. No matter how much you’d love to just throw up an article about Britney Spears in the middle of her present troubles and attract all kinds of traffic to your blog, you don’t want to alienate your core audience.

So a Bajan blog that wants to draw traffic from a Britney story had better find a way to connect the story with Barbados.

Ian Bourne found that way…

Our greatest respect to Mr. Bourne who has not only legitimately mentioned Britney Spears and Barbados in the same article, but also was able to include Rihanna!

We are in awe of a master blogger.

… and yes, we are riding on Ian’s coat-tails by printing this. 😉

Head on over to Bajan Reporter to see how he did it…

Britney Spears to launch a new single featuring Zedstar


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