Chinese Government Surveillance Video Of Lovers Posted On YouTube


A Reminder That Those The Government Entrusts With Surveillance … Are Only Human!

A surveillance video from the Communist Chinese transportation system has surfaced on YouTube and various blogs. The guards in charge of video surveillance used multiple remotely-controlled cameras to follow two lovers who just couldn’t bear the thought of parting at the turnstiles. The video is all the rage in China right now. (see video here or click the photo)

On one level, the video is a touching and mostly humourous look at young love. (You’ll laugh too… we did!) On another, it is a sinister example of how little privacy we have left when extensive monitoring networks are established as in London and New York.

On a third level, it also goes to prove that the folks (“THEM”) assigned to monitor the citizens (“US”) are only human themselves.

Which is another illustration of why we need rules and laws – even when everyone has the best of intentions. We also need those rules to be enforced and enforced impartially, but more on that next time.

What is it, 95 or 96 days left now until the deadline for integrity legislation in Barbados?


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6 responses to “Chinese Government Surveillance Video Of Lovers Posted On YouTube

  1. passin thru

    the dlp said they were going to declare rules for Cabinet Ministers and have a declaration of assets RIGHT AWAY. Not 100 days.

    Well? Where is the declaration of assets?

  2. John

    See Lowdown this week for what the satellites used in google earth are doing!!

  3. John

    Looks like BS&T is beginning to get interesting. Two conflicting stories, one from the chairman, Sir Allan and the other from a shareholder who also attended the 89th AGM on Friday.

    Heard it on CBC tonight.

  4. IhateuTanya

    Oh please, this is NOTHING, just some guards being pervy with the surveillance camera.


    BFP comments,

    Nothing for you… but what if either one of those people is married to someone else, or perhaps the woman is being stalked by a jealous former husband. The guards used state-installed surveillance equipment and then posted the video on the internet for all to see.

    Aren’t you in the least concerned about that and the proliferation of public surveillance? Would you feel different if it was you?

  5. IhateuTanya

    How is this any different than the millions of video footage of people being caught doing stuff on security camera and then it being leaked onto the net for the viewing pleasure of others?

    “The guards used state-installed surveillance equipment and then posted the video on the internet for all to see.”

    How naive are you to the internet in 2008? This happens ALL the time all over the world, not only in “communist china”. They are thousands of videos that were recorded with cameras installed by the government that are on youtube and other video hosting sites (see blow link for one of my favs)

    PS- If one of them were indeed married, then thank goodness this video exposed them


    Wow , obviously you like “Big Brother” then .