BLP Manifesto Wins Pulitzer Prize For Best Fiction


More to come, folks. We just couldn’t help it!


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13 responses to “BLP Manifesto Wins Pulitzer Prize For Best Fiction

  1. Makaveli

    Had to read down to page 79 to get to Freedom of Information,Bribery, Anti-corruption etc… 79 of 84.

  2. Sargeant

    Wuhloss, after 14 years they promise to “enact Freedom of Information legislation thereby increasing transparency and the ability to hold the Government to account”
    After 14 years they promise a “modernized bribery and corruption act”. (Too many loopholes in the old one?)
    After 14 years they promise to “consult fully with Opposition and public on legislation to regulate funding of political parties”
    After 14 years they promise to “rebalance power between Parliament and the Executive to enable Parliament better to hold the Executive accountable”

    BFP you couldn’t have said it better. Pure Fiction

  3. Bajejun

    I got to the DLP meeting about 7 pm, they were setting up over by the Barbados Hardware instead of the Julie’n complex, (I understand they had some difficulties over by Julie’n). I left just as the emcee began to speak, because I had an emergency at work and had to attend to it. I returned around 10:30 pm and could not park, I came from the CBC area and saw cars double parked from CBC all the way to the roundabout on both sides. I tried to get into the Julie’n car park that was full, I headed to mapp hill, the nearest park was just short of the Shell gas station, I then headed towards two mile hill, you guessed it, cars were parked all the way down to Illaro court. I finally headed towards the highway, but the nearest park was at the roundabout before heading to the belle. Finally I gave up and came home dissapointed. DLP I hope you have the video on your site so I can get the chance to see what I missed.

  4. Hants

    I read this in the Advocate just now.

    “Further supporting Mascolls candidature for the January 15th poll, the Prime Minister added that Mascoll had also taken about ten years off him, with the tremendous help he has brought into the Ministry of Finance.”

    If Mascoll has been such a tremendous help to the PM, what does that say about the BLP stalwarts in the party.

    Before Mascoll, he was getting tired out but along came Clydie and now Owing is Rejuvenated.

    And here I am thinking that it was Julee who rejuvenated Owing.

  5. too much power far too long

    Its amazing that Owen Arthur has absolutely no shame and has the nerve to weave such a completely incredible story of future promises.

    Why haven’t all these promises of basic human rights etc been enacted and honoured over the past 13 years?

    Power for the sake of power rather than the betterment of all Barbadians is the personification of evil.

    He has abused his power beyond comprehension and will do anything to sustain his power and the systemic rot from top to bottom.

    Watch the polling stations very very carefully!

    Report to the blogs immediately

  6. Andrew


    man I’m sorry you missed the meeting…….it was hot! hot! hot!

    Owen was exposed as the fraud everyone thought he was, but was afraid to find out.

    Before a crowd as big or bigger than Oistins, David Thompson read out (and showed by powerpoint) all the infelicities of the Owen Arthur Administration and their friends. Some you wouldn’t believe. Man I swear I got a few more grey hairs after that presentation. The cheques have started to surface and more are to come.

    Owen and asscoll were there cowering in somebody’s car. I don’t know how they could face anyone today. Man I tell you it was ACID!

    I am now convinced that they (BLP) will lose election.

  7. Jerome Hinds


    On behalf of my DLP party colleagues I humbly apologise !

    To Royalrumble…..whose empire has long CRUMBLED…..I told you the the day I put Owen CHEQUE into the public domain it would be pandemoniun !

    But telling you that…….I did not REALISE that 85,000 BARBADIANS would have flocked to Standard carpark to witness Owen’s CHEQUE…..with signature and all !

    It was the biggest crowd assembled anywhere except for…..Bill Clinton’s inaguration in January 1993 !


    You should be thrilled to the punch……that your pet subject _ ABC HIGHWAY project got the attention it deserved in HAGGATT HALL …….following your statement of Dec 4th 2007 in the House of Assembly !

    Yuh…..still NEUTRAL ?????

  8. hardberry


    We need an analysis of the financial impact of the proposals in the BLP 2008 Manifesto. In his October 28 2007 address to his party faithful Owen Arthur asked: “Will we agree to accept this and conspire with the DLP to bankrupt the
    Treasury and return Barbados to the grim and dismal days of the 1990’s
    from which, with great effort, this Government had had to rescue it?”

    I feel that the BLP manifesto proposals without any assistance from other sources will have the effect of bankrupting the economy if implemented. Far from bringing the public debt down from the current level of 89% of GDP to 60% of GDP “as soon as practicable” that Arthur is proposing alternative projections by credible analysts suggest that the public debt could rise to 105% of GDP by 2012 if firm action is not aken to raise government revenue and contain expenditure. At best the economy is unlikely to grow at 2.5% per annum in real terms over the next 5 years, and virtually no improvement in the current account deficit can be expected. Contrary to Arthur’s projection of doubling tourism earnings from “$2 billion to $4 billion a year”, net inflows of travel income is unlikely to exceed $3 billion by 2012.

    In short Owen Arthur’s pie in the sky is likely to turn out to be egg on our faces of a decidedly rotten kind. Arthur seems to be so desperate to secure a fourth term that he is prepared to destroy our economy in that pursuit.

  9. Wishing in Vain

    This was a most clinical approach to dealing with this matter that you have ever guessed for he was surgeon like in his procedure.

    There was never any doubt in my mind as to the relationship between Owing and Nicholls and it was revealed to all to see tonight, he was precise in his prosecution of the case.

    I have never seen a more massive audience ever at any Political meeting in Barbados this was the mother of all meetings it was a massive crowd and well presented throughout by a very skilled team of speakers not one of them lapsed.

    To me it was a pity that Chris brought the curtain down because his speech was of the highest quality and very factual and sharp.

    This must surely be the final straw that will break the crooks back and I have no problem with that, my only request is that they make sure all the guilty ones collect some time in PRISON for their fraud and their corruption.



  10. Lady Anon

    In his October 28 2007 address to his party faithful Owen Arthur asked: “Will we agree to accept this and conspire with the DLP to bankrupt the
    Treasury and return Barbados to the grim and dismal days of the 1990’s
    from which, with great effort, this Government had had to rescue it?”


    Shows how disconnected O$A is…the Treasury already bankrupt.

  11. Roger Rabbitt

    I listened to David Thompson last night as he spoke about setting up a commission of inquiry. Iwas very disappointed to hear that, Mr. Thompson.
    Commissions of inquiry are a waste of decent money which we can ill afford. What you should be talking about is when will the series of court trials begin. Surely, Mr. Thompson, all Barbados know that nothing less than a piece o’ prison will do for dese crooks.
    Oh, while yuh at it, see if there is any room for Robert Le Hunt. This BNB involvement look a bit dicey to me.

  12. Idealist

    BNB certainly seems crucially involved in all these BOLT schemes which our government finds itself unable to finance itself.

    From all I have read, it appears Bizzy would be the crucial witness to any Royal Commission: involved as he is by being a senior Board member of BNB, a losing tenderer for the prison ( but eventually a major contractor to VECO ) and involvement with 3S on the Highway Project.

    His blunt honesty, experience and expert evidence would be invaluable in helping the court to get to the bottom of these sorry affairs.

  13. David & Team we don’t need any comission of inquiry.we don’t need a circus, we need swift action,get the forensic auditor,then the courts,an finally prison.To the BFP can we get those cheques on the blog, taken front &back,that would be nice.


    BFP Says…

    If someone will send us photos of the cheques OF COURSE WE’LL PRINT THEM!