Barbados Police Ignore Death Threats Against Hotel Owner – How Will Other Offshore Investors React?

Barbados Free Press received the following letter from hotel owner Adrian Loveridge. Mr. Loveridge came to Barbados over 20 years ago as a foreign investor – seeing all the potential of our island and our people. In fact, as he says, he fell in love with Barbados and so decided that of all the places he’s been – he would risk everything here.

He and his wife Margaret run Peach and Quiet Hotel on the south coast. Their establishment is always top-rated as one of the best bargains in tourism in the entire Caribbean.

Yet, for the last few years Mr. Loveridge’s experience with the current government has not been smooth. He has been tossed off government tourism advisory boards, fired from the Barbados Advocate newspaper where he wrote a tourism and business column and for the last year or so… he and his wife have experienced a never-ending litany of threats against them.

Threats to murder, threats to rape, threats to burn down the hotel. A burglary in the middle of the night under strange circumstances, a ladder up against the Loveridges’ bedroom at 3am… the message being obvious when connected with the threats.

The Royal Barbados Police Force has been notified of these threats on several occasions – most recently 2 weeks ago.

The police response? Nothing. Nada. Not even a phone call.

Why? Because on Barbados the police do not care about the rule of law.

Foreign investors are welcome on Barbados… as long as they keep their mouth shut about any corruption or mismanagement. We have our own ways here and you’d better know that if you come into conflict with a politician YOU ARE IN CONFLICT WITH THE POLICE AS WELL.

Meanwhile, the police also continue to ignore complaints of threats to murder an old lady who is involved in a lawsuit where the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice are defendants. In that case, death threats have been issued against witnesses and a lawyer from Canada AND THE POLICE IGNORE THESE THREATS AS WELL. (Story at Keltruth Blog link here)

Oh yes, Mr. Foreign Investor…. Come to Barbados! Tropical paradise!

Just watch out you pay the appropriate tributes to the establishment… or you too will wake up at 3am with someone breaking into your kitchen, and find a ladder against your bedroom window.

Welcome to Barbados…

It is now a full seven days since I reported (in writing), marking it for the personal attention of Commissioner of Police, Darwin Dottin, the multiple death threats that myself and wife have received and the perpetrators intention to burn down our hotel.

Knowing that our hotel was currently full with a capacity of 44 guests, I had perhaps mistakenly thought that the Royal Barbados Police Force would have found this of interest.

Sufficient interest, to respond, as clearly if the repeated threats had been carried out, the global media attention it would have attracted, would certainly have impacted negatively on our tourism industry.

I also emailed the Prime Minister personally back on the 29th December 2007, advising of the threats, but again no response has been received from his office.

It leaves me to think that is any citizen safe in this country?

The threats to Dr. Don Marshall, Irene Sandiford-Garner and the recent attacks on the family of a prominent businessman while he was attending a political meeting are equally disturbing.

Adrian Loveridge
9th January 2008


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29 responses to “Barbados Police Ignore Death Threats Against Hotel Owner – How Will Other Offshore Investors React?

  1. It is indeed a very sad state of affairs when the Prime Minister, Owing Arthur and the Commissioner of Police, Darwin Dottin do not find it fit to have the decency to reply to Mr Loveridge’s letters but then again we have recently learnt that Mr Dottin was fast tracked to the post ahead of Mr Corbin and he was installed in that position by mottley to carry out her illegal wishes.

    He is the one overseeing the exercise of phone tapping and the Internet interception of communications, have you gotten the point as yet??

    He is there to carry out the illegal actions of this present admistration.

  2. Royalrumble

    It is amazing the level you ignorant Dems would go to get sympathy.

    We live in a country that produced the likes of Sir Grantley, Barrow, Tom and now Owen, men of intellectual worth and political value. Nobody threatened them but this political insignificant, financial nobody and intellectual novice, Loveridge would want Barbadians to feel that he is under attack.

    Oh please. Give us a break DLP. What is there to gain from hurting him? To attack loveridge is equivalent to attacking one of those homeless characters that you see around Bridgetown.


    BFP Replies,

    I find it most significant that Royalrumble – a BLP insider who has proven his credentials time and time again through producing Cabinet documents in the middle of the night – now seeks to pooh pooh the threats we have all seen against Loveridge, his wife, and their business.

    Couple this along with the threats of violence against a Canadian lawyer and witnesses in the Kingsland case – then add the shots fired at the home of a DLP candidate and feces smeared on her door. Then there are the threats against Dr. Marshall at a BLP meeting, the police arrests of journalists and smashing of their cameras, the withholding of government advertising unless certain journalists were fired…

    Oh yes, Royalrumble – the world is watching the creation of something very sinister on Barbados.

    And you are part of it.

  3. my advice would be for adrian to go to central police station and speak to someone at the Office of Professional Responsibility.

    they deal with police who fail to meet their duty.

    plus too, reporting a matter to the commissioner for a swift action is a waste of time if you are a regular citizen, they must follow protocol, so an incident like that will be handed down the ranks til it reach a S/Sgt, then to a Sgt who may investigate or he will hand it to a PC who will then have to investigate.

    then again some police just lazy.


    BFP Comments,

    See folks? see the way it is done. “You didn’t file your complaint correctly on the proper form.” “Don’t complain to the Commissioner, you should have complained to the desk clerk” … and on and on and on.

    Let me simplify it for those out there who are a little slow…

    1/ Threats of death in writing against a person critical of the government.
    2/ Complaint in writing to the Commissioner of Police.
    3/ No response by the police.

    Conclusion: The police will not act because they are merely an arm of the BLP government. They see their duty as to the ruling political elite rather than to the rule of law.

    We have a thousand examples of this… start with the failure of police to respond for four days to a complaint of wife beating… because it was a community of elites. Police using a pre-signed blank search warrant to collect back rent for the Director of Public Prosecutions and on and on and on…

    Damn the corrupt senior police management anyway. Damn them to Hell.

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  5. Rachel

    I am a first time voter and hearing and seeing what is going on troubles me. I find it very interesting that some Bajans seem to love to hear about white people in Barbados being treated badly and they too treat they own badly.

    It is with a heavy heart that I am typing to you viewers, as a young single mother of 1, it is extremely difficult in these times to survive.

    It seems that if you can pay people enough money you’ll get all the help that you need, however some people in BIM still do not trust the police and will take matters in their own hands and when and only when someone is killed will they come blazing to the rescue…it is indeed distressing.

    I pray and pray that a change will come about in this land but whoever bajans vote for and they get in, I hope to GOD that they would not continue to bitch.

    Foreign Investors will continue to feel fear as long as they stand up and speak out against foolishness and broken promises as it is made for outsiders to believe that Barbados is a land of freedom of speech, dress (as tourist and youth alike dress as they want).

    Continue to prayer Adrian Loveridge and do not stop calling the Police.

  6. Cynty

    The above is very sad, but are we really surprised?
    thats the sad part, that we ARE not surprised, what a country we live in.

    I was told this morning of workers at a certain constructon company being warned that some will be laid off if the DLP get in, as there won’t be enough Government contracts granted to them……

  7. Sargeant

    I’ve often wondered whether the the folks who post slanderous and racist comments on BU and this blog against Loveridge think about the potential consequences of their actions. Thanks to the internet the world is much smaller and potential investors have information at their finger tips. When they attack Loveridge based on his colour and origin they are attacking the same people the gov’t they support wants to attrack. Barbados is not unique and if I am an investor who wants to invest in tourism or any industry there are many other destinations where I will be welcomed with open arms.

    BFP, maybe the police did investigate and backed off when their investigation led to the political elite. I have lost faith in the police since the security search at World Cup and their failure to enter the “gated” compound and investigate the complaint lodged by the woman.


    BFP replies…

    The police never contacted the victims. They did nothing… and there is a reason that the police did nothing – and it is an evil sinister reason.

  8. No wonder our systems are in such dire need of a overhaul, having been left in hands such as yours there was only one direction for it to go and that is downhill.


  9. Hants

    Royalrumble says “this political insignificant, FINANCIAL NOBODY and intellectual novice,”

    You just don’t have the finances of the “Elite operatives” Adrian.

    Anyway 1 more week and they will all be going (out to pasture) with Owing.

    Hope the bossman got you covered RoyalRumble. You have been a good, true and faithful employee of your PM. Your devotion to all things Owing should be rewarded.

  10. i wont say its a blp or dlp issue, wunna remember de ex police who was attacked on jemmonts lane last year at de bus stop?

    well that person happen to be me, fortunately the police handled it swiftly, but up to now, no one has been caught, i know for a fact that the file has been made up, but i feel that the file is catching dust somewhere. and yes i do feel that nothing is being done about the matter.

    police in bim do respond to incidents, well some that is, when they feel like, i was in de game and i know how they operate, i even recall a dispute i had with one who was the driver and me the operator and he refused to go to a report simply because of him being tired going back to the callers home very often.

    Adrian if you do not get any satisfaction, my advise again is to seek legal action against the crown, if police can do it and win i cant see why u cannot either.

  11. Anonymous

    “What is there to gain from hurting him? To attack loveridge is equivalent to attacking one of those homeless characters that you see around Bridgetown.”
    This statement appears to trivialize violence. It is offensive.
    Death threats are often used against journalists who are investigating corruption in an attempt to get them to quit. It would appear that some people have something to hide!

  12. reality check

    correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t the former Chief of Immigration just shot to death on his front porch?

    the silence is deafening!!!

  13. Baje@foreign

    Hello BFP Family,

    This is my first post but I am an avid reader of this blog.

    This situation with Mr Loveridge is a very serious issue with which we are dealing, so I will try to keep my comments focused.

    Unfortunately, I think Kadri is correct. There is a way to do certain things in Barbados and when it comes to reports of treats or other crimes, there is a procedure. I applaud you for writing the Commissioner, but I would advise you to go to your local station and file a formal complaint if you have not done so. That is the unit that will most quickly respond to you…I think.

    You could imagine the volume of correspondence the Commissioner receives on a daily basis and it is a little unfair to think that yours will travel through whatever mail system they have any more quickly than normal. And emailing the Prime Minister is not going to get an investigation started. Dont get me wrong, I am not defending the Commissioner nor the PM. If they are aware of the letters then thhe should have sent it on to detectives by now and you should have had a response. But I just think that you should try your local station and then let us know what type of reponse you get. In this way we can then determine if they are really prejudiced against you or not.


    BFP Comments,

    Yes, and I’m sure the wife who was being beaten and ignore by the police for four days didn’t fill in the correct form number 458b-7.


    Do you think that the Police Commissioner would have done nothing had it been, say, one of the Williams brothers or Haloutes?

  14. Bimbro

    Once upon a time, I used to be very, proud of being Barbadian. Admittedly, most of that time, I lived outside of Bim and was quite, young.

    Now that I know better, what Bim is really like, I feel quite ashamed and let down.

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  16. Hants

    Kadri ,as an ex policeman prehaps you can comment.

    Barbados used to have policemen who were serious about their job and also understood the law.

    The late Charles Lunn, Lionel (Dick Turk) Thompson, Keith whittaker and several others who were competent and courageous.

    Are there no policemen left with that kind of courage?

    Prehaps this is why thePM says he will not ever let the DLP run Barbados again and why he can DICTATE that Mascoll is his Co Leader.

    Its now Arthur & Co

  17. Sundowner

    Interesting to see how others perceive what is going on, below is the link to BBC Caribbean.

  18. Anon

    BFP Comments,

    Yes, and I’m sure the wife who was being beaten and ignore by the police for four days didn’t fill in the correct form number 458b-7.


    You so sure it was a wife being beaten by a husband? I heard otherwise. But funny thing is the police responded real quick to the last fight they were involved in.


  19. jeeperspeepers

    BFP replies…

    The police never contacted the victims. They did nothing… and there is a reason that the police did nothing ……………

    Too busy beating up woman for traffic violations most likely.

  20. Adrian Loveridge

    Yesterday (10th January 2008) I received a faxed letter dated 9th January 2008 from the Office of The Commissioner stating,

    ‘Subject Death Threats – I wish to inform you that the matter is being investigated and you will be informed of the progress in due course’.

    Your faithfully

    Jedder Robinson Supt.
    Head of Special Branch
    for Commission of Police.

    I am grateful for the response and sincerely hope that with the assistance of Cable and Wireless, the Police will be able to identify and prosecute the sender (s) of the various threats.

  21. Bimbro

    Well that’s ‘an informative letter’, if ever I read one!!!! I’m sure you feel much more informed of the situ. now, Adrian, I don’t think!!!! And I hate to think how much the writer must be earning for such resourceful, work!!!!

    Just sit-back and hope to hear, sometime, god knows when, if, what, if any, progress has been made!!!! LOLLLL!! No appraisal of the situ. now, nothing!!!!

    That’s efficency, for u!!!! Apart from anything else, don’t suppose he’s heard of NISE, do u Adrian?!!!!

    P.S. Oh, and how long does it take for a fax to arrive, in Bim? In the UK, it just takes a few seconds!!!!

  22. Anonymous

    What about the other death threats?

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  24. De Orginal

    I guess the police reading the blogs too……I know police officers can vote also and by nature of their job .I hope they remember how important they were not back in 2000. Police Officers believe in integrity, accountability and transparency by nature of their jobs. WELL THAT IS UNLESS THEY ARE OWEN ARTHUR SPECIAL APPOINTEES………..

  25. Fishpot

    Barbadians be warned, there is nothing worse than dirty cops. Nip this in the bud.David Thompson if you become Prime Minister make this a priority. Owen if you remain Prime Minister, oh how stupid of me you already have this under control.

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