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Barbados Car Rental Agency “New Driving Permit Fee Will Be Devastating”

‘The effect on our business will be devastating. Considering that what the Prime Minister has done is effectively removed our ability to sell 1, 2 and 3 day rentals. We simply cannot absorb this increase’.

‘My fear is that we will have such a significant downturn that jobs will be lost and the ripple effect will be felt at all attractions’

…Comments from one of our leading Car Rental Agencies

UPDATED: Scroll Down to “Another Car Rental Owner Speaks”

Visitor Diving Permit from $10 to $100

What effective will this ONE THOUSAND per cent increase have on our Car Rental companies?

Will it also impact negatively on our attractions like St. Nicholas Abbey, Andromeda, Flower Forest and Orchid World and our many restaurants.

And will this result in overall reduced income for Government and further jeopardise the viability of the tourism sector?

With car rental rates already among the highest in the region is this going to further push the cost of a holiday on Barbados above many peoples reach?

Car Rental companies will already have to absorb or pass on increased costs of vehicle licences.
Our registered accommodation providers again will have to absorb or pass on the 50% increase in liquor licences and the 50% increase on alcoholic taxes have still to be evaluated.

We all understand Government’s have to collect taxes but was there a better way of introducing this massive hike on the visitors driving permit?

Perhaps it could have been made a three year licence to encourage people to return again soon!

Did representatives from the car rental industry discuss this increase prior to its imposition?

And, importantly, what is the average duration of rental, as if it’s only two or three days, the increase is even more of a deterrent?

Adrian Loveridge

UPDATED: Another Car Rental Owner Speaks

As an owner of a car rental company here in Barbados, that is almost totally dependent on the tourism industry, I am totally mortified that our wonderful Prime Minister would think that by increasing the visitor permit fees to this ridiculous new rate was a smart move.

All he is doing is SCARING AWAY the same said tourists that we all depend on.

Barbados is by no means a cheap Caribbean Island to visit; we hear this everyday. So what makes this government think that by adding to an already high bill for a HOLIDAY, our visitors would not look elsewhere for beaches and white sand? We fail to remember that there are many other islands in the chain that offer what we have and more for alot less.

I agree that fees must go up but moving from US$5.00 to US$50.00 is ridiculous; especially for a person who plans to come here for a one off trip for a week or less. It is NOT worth it to them. I have already had clients say this today. Many are seriously rethinking their visit because of this.

What about thinking of an option for permits? Why not offer options – 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year permits, so that we can allow our visitors to choose what they can and cannot afford to do!

Believe me, this thought of saying that the permits offered are valid for 1 year is a reason for visitors to buy them in the hopes of returning to this wonderful country of ours is JOKE!!!!

The cost of living is increasing all over the world. Getaways to exotic islands are luxuries not necessities!!!!!! We want to entice people to come here not chase them off before they even get on a plane.

Please also bare in mind that it is not just us, the car rental companies that are affected by this permit increase. Visitors rely on their cars to allow them the ease of exploring the island and visiting all our sites, attractions, bars, nightclubs, restaurants etc…..so we are all in the hot seat!!!!!!!!!!!

I beg more and more people to put some serious thought into this budget and voice your concerns so that the powers that be can make their adjustments before things get completely out of control.


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