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Source: Barbados Journalist Roy Morris At Oistins Police Station – Arrested, Charged In Sex Assault Case

Comments Posted by BFP Reader “Mr Know” – the latest at the top…

#2 15:54 hours GMT

UPDATE. Mr. Roy Morris turned up at the Oistin’s police station with his lawyers to be processed (paper work, finger printing etc.) and charged. Word is once this is done he will be taken or he will go to the Boarded Hall Magistrate’s Court to appear before the Magistrate to answer the charge. Unsure what the charge is at this stage.

#1 10:43 hours GMT

Well, Well. OK he was formally charged yesterday and is expected to appear in court today. The police had referred the case to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. The DPP’s office signed the warrant for his arrest yesterday.
Sorry to disappoint ‘Waiting in Vain’ but although the company had planned to give him a consultancy it was dependent on him going for counselling. Thus the company had offered him a package and he refused and brought in his lawyer ralph Thorne and unionist Bobby Morris (no relation). Imagine someone who has been anti-union for years only joined the union last year after the company merged as one Caribbean; and now the union batting for him. Many people had to leave the Nation because of Morris and no union intervene and look now.
Anyway he refused the package and shortly afterwards a dismissal letter was wriiten but not collected since he was on sick leave.

Imagine this guy has admitted to colleagues that he has been talking to the girl as a friend since she was 14 years old. He was still arrogant and adamant that it was consent. At 47 I would be ashamed to say a 16 year old girl consented to sex, especially if I had a 15 year old daughter.

Let’s see if the Nation which has historically plastered pictures of those charged will even report it. This will surely test their credibility as a reputable organisation.


Read the rest of the comments from “Mr. Know” and others at BFP’s Rumour – Something Happening With The Roy Morris Incident?


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UPDATED: Banks Calender Girl Controversy A Slippery Situation


UPDATED: Cheese On Bread blog Angry At The Women…

“Now, I ain’t no Banks Breweries apologist, ’cause that whole Banks Calendar thing is just soft porn erotica if you ask me. My major beef is with stupid-as-hell women who keep letting down the gender. I get so blue vex when I see women allowing themselves to be placed in compromising situations.

And this latest scene is just the straw that broke the camel’s back. When I see young girls parading around in what looks like their underwear at parties and on the streets I feel like smacking the black off them. Our ancestral women, black white or yellow, didn’t fight for equality of the sexes so that today’s females could make exhibitions of themselves. It’s hard for women to gain the respect of men as it is, so when they go around acting like hos they’re making things hard for all of us.”

… read the entire article at Cheese On Bread blog Chocolate Madness 

We agree with Cheese On Bread’s writer Bajegirl that generations of women who fought for their rights would be appalled at where the “womens’ rights” movement has taken women and society. David from Barbados Underground has a different take on the story…

“So many Barbadians appear to be captivated by the story. How could they fire the girl for doing something that would bring so much publicity to who and what she is __a Banks Calender Girl!”

…. from the Barbados Underground article Banks Brewery Tells Calendar Girl 2007, You Are Fired!

But In The End, The Men Of BFP Are Only Men Ya Know…

And while we wouldn’t bring any of these girls home to meet Auntie Moses, we might be extremely interested in the business aspects of this story…


Our friends over at Barbados Underground have come up with a few photos that they have published in their business section – so discerning Bajan readers can be more fully informed of this important business story.

Apparently David over at Barbados Underground lacks any software that would enable him to crop the photos for modesty as we have done.

Remember… it’s a business story about Banks Brewery, OK? 😉

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Banks Calendar Girl Fired: Our Cliverton Says He Had Nothing To Do With It…

Banks Brewery – Just Sex, No Chocolate Please


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Barbados Environment Ministry Blows It Again – Graeme Hall Sluice Gate Problems Could Have Been Solved Years Ago


Who Has Been Releasing The Sluice Gate At The Worst Possible Times?

We’d like to hear from the folks at the Ministry of the Environment (or Minister Liz Thompson), the Ministry of Public Works and the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary as to what is going on with the release of pond water through the sluice gate during prime beach-going time. This is a recent change from the normal routines and if you didn’t know better you’d think that someone was trying their best to create as much trouble and ill-will as possible.

There was an article in the Nation News today that documents the problem but provides no answers. (link here)

Did The Environment Ministry Refuse Funds To Upgrade The Graeme Hall Sluice Gate?

We also heard a story that the Ministry of the Environment under Minister Liz Thompson was approached by the folks at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary some time ago with an offer of funding to upgrade the sluice gate that regulates the waterflow from the mangrove watershed to the sea. As the story goes, the offer was refused or ignored – once again by a government that would rather see AIDS & cancer patients without a hospice rather than accept assistance from Canadian philanthropist and nature sanctuary benefactor Peter Allard.

So let’s hear from someone at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary or anyone who knows…

a/ Why is the mangrove watershed flow now being released at prime sea bath times?

b/ Did the government refuse or ignore an offer of funds from philanthropist Peter Allard to upgrade the sluice gate at the Graeme Hall mangrove watershed?

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SCANDAL! – Barbados “War On AIDS” – How Owen Arthur And His Government Refused The Donation Of A Free AIDS & Cancer Hospice

Spurned and Abused By Barbados Government – Philanthropist Peter Allard Spending His Charity Dollars Elsewhere


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Rumour – Something Happening With The Roy Morris Incident?

Former Nation News Associate Managing Editor Roy Morris hasn’t been seen in about a month – ever since rumours surfaced of a cover-up surrounding the veteran journalist’s alleged sexual impropriety with a 16 year old female. (See BFP’s Roy Morris Told To Resign From The Nations News ! ? and Roy Morris – Nation News Train Wreck Continues)

The Bajan telegraph is humming again tonight with rumours that something is happening concerning the Roy Morris incident.

Let’s have a little chat and see if anyone can come up with some information. After all, its not like we can open the Nation News and read about what happened!

Comments are open…


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Magnet Man Tour Hits The U.K. (At Least Shona And The Other BFP Wives & Girlfriends Are Safe For The Time Being)


Bajan Son Off On Major 50 Date Tour Of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland

Marcus and I don’t think that Magnet Man is so hot… but the ladies tend to disagree. 😉

For a few reasons, we’re big fans of MM around BFP. Here’s what we wrote back in December and we mean every word of it…

Never mind that girlfriends and wives get a sort of look in their eyes when they see him perform, we guys at BFP are still happy to see a decent chap like Magnet Man doing so well and attracting so much international attention. He just signed another movie contract, this time for a project to be filmed in England. From what we hear, there are two things that characterize Magnet Man: raw talent and a capacity to work 20 hours a day for weeks on end. No doubt the world is going to see much more of his work in music and film.

Magnet Man has a new single Wanna Flex that is really really (and we mean really) big in the clubs in the UK and a new album Many Sides of Me.

You can hear some samples at his website Magnet Man Online

Don’t leave the girls alone while they watch his Wanna Flex video. (YouTube version here)


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