Nicholas Cage and Magnet Man Together – The Girls Are Happy!


Talented & Hardworking Bajan Guy Is Doing OK!

Barbados’ son Magnet Man is doing just fine these days. How can you tell? Well – when was the last time you chatted with Nicholas Cage or Sean Connery or signed any movie contracts? (Thought so… Yup, me too!)

Never mind that girlfriends and wives get a sort of look in their eyes when they see him perform, we guys at BFP are still happy to see a decent chap like Magnet Man doing so well and attracting so much international attention. He just signed another movie contract, this time for a project to be filmed in England. From what we hear, there are two things that characterize Magnet Man: raw talent and a capacity to work 20 hours a day for weeks on end. No doubt the world is going to see much more of his work in music and film.

Here’s a publicity release we received along with the above photo. (Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell Shona that this was sent out to everybody. Shona thinks MM sent the photo specially for her!)

Magnet Man met with Nicholas Cage at the recent “Bahamas International Film Festival where Magnet Man performed twice as well as attending the premiere to the movie ‘From Barbados With Love’. (He wrote the movie sound track as well as acted in the film.) Magnet Man was also a panelist on the ‘Film & Music’ Panel at the 4 day long festival, from the 7th to
10th December, that was also attended by Sir Sean Connery.

Magnet Man flew from the Bahamas to Barbados for one day only before heading out with his full band to Grenada for a concert he headlined there on 22nd December. R n B singer Ronnie Morris flew to Grenada to open for Magnet Man at the Show.

Magnet flew back to Barbados on Christmas Eve, but had to fly straight out again the same day to Europe to fit in performances there up until January 1st when he returns to Barbados ready to perform at the Barbados Music Awards.

Magnet Man, the 2006 Barbados Music Awards winner of The Best Music Video Award is shooting another international music video on the island from the 6th to the 9th January, immediately after the BMAs.

He has been nominated again for Best Music Video at the BMAs 2007, and he also received a nomination for one of the Artiste of the Year Categories. Magnet Man will be releasing a new multi-genre album in 2007 and will also be futhering his acting career as he has landed a part in his first UK film. The film is being shot in central London, and is directed by an award winning Brazilian Director.

Magnet Man’s Website: MagnetManOnline.Com

Click on the photo to visit Magnet Man online…



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3 responses to “Nicholas Cage and Magnet Man Together – The Girls Are Happy!

  1. Does MM ever take those shades of?

  2. BFP

    Hi DA

    We just added a link to MM’s website, and it appears that the answer to your question is “At least once”

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