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Rihanna Fans Divided On Her Father, Curious About Family Relationship


There Is Nothing Wrong With Working For A Living

We might as well have our say about this story because it is just breaking and will soon be everywhere. That’s Rihanna’s dad in the photo above – working as he does selling goods from the back of his car. (Link to Media Take Out here or click the photo)

I don’t know the man other than to see him, but there is dignity in getting up every day and working hard. I suppose that some folks might be curious about his daily work in comparison to Rihanna’s millions, but that’s the family’s business.

… A tipple of Mount Gay’s finest to Bajan Warrior for the tip. 


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Hurricane Dean – Category 5 Monster From Hell Heading For Direct Hit On Jamaica


National Hurricane Center – Home Page

National Hurricane Center – Hurricane Dean Latest Information

Sustained 155MPH Winds Will Exceed Gilbert (135MPH – 1988) and Charlie (100MPH – 1951)

This could be an unprecedented disaster for Jamaica – the 49th most densely-populated country in the world.

The Drudge Report is the place we usually check for the most complete and latest information from all news sources as Matt Drudge will be updating minute by minute. Even the CIA and White House have computers set to Drudge Report 24/7. (That’s true… do a little online research and you’ll see).

Pray For Our Friends In Jamaica

I hope the other nations around the hemisphere who aren’t hurting too badly are getting ready for a massive relief effort – because this could be the worst we’ve ever seen in modern Caribbean history.


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Communist China Jails Blogger Four Years, Suspends His Defense Lawyer – Barbados Deputy Prime Minister Cheers!


Our New Friends Are Vicious Suppressors Of Freedom

Chen Shuqing will be doing four years in Chinese prison hell because he posted an essay on the internet that advocated democracy. When his defense lawyer proved too capable and asked too many questions he was disbarred by the government.

Excerpts from Breitbart.com…

Chinese Cyber-Dissident Jailed For Four Years

A Chinese rights activist has been sentenced to four years in jail for subversion after posting politically sensitive essays on the Internet, his lawyer said Friday.

A court in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang on Thursday convicted Chen Shuqing of inciting subversion, lawyer Li Jianqiang said, emphasising that his client had always maintained his innocence.

Chen, 43, was arrested in September last year and has been detained ever since. Chen wrote many articles critical of the Chinese government on overseas websites, including essays that advocated democracy and constitutional rule, Li said.

Li, who has defended many press freedom cases, has also come under the scrutiny of authorities and was notified in June that his licence has been suspended for at least one year.

He said he suspected he was disbarred for taking on too many politically sensitive cases.

Paris-based press freedom rights group Reporters Without Borders said it was “appalled” by Chen’s punishment.

“Courts taking their orders from the Communist Party continue to crack down on cyber-dissidents,” the organisation said in a statment.

Despite China’s pledge to ease control over the media ahead of the 2008 Olympics, human and media rights groups say its leaders continue to tighten their crackdown on dissent amid increasing social unrest.

Reporters Without Borders said in a report last week that at least 30 journalists, as well the 50 Internet users, were currently detained in China, some of them since the 1980s.

The watchdog ranks China 163rd out of 167 countries on its global press freedom index.

… read the entire article link here

As Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons would say, “Hey… what’s the problem with Judges being former Ministers of the government?”

This is Communist China – newest and best friend of Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

The same Communist China that regularly imprisons Christians for praying without a license. (yup – that’s right!)

Mottley and Arthur sure know how to pick their friends.

Mama Mia Mottley is a supporter of tough measures against free speech while Arthur merely says “To Hell with those chink Christians. Just show me de money!”


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Anti-National Park / Pro-Caribbean Splash Waterpark Reader Continues To Comment Under Multiple Names


When Caribbean Splash waterpark developer Lawrence Loughlin was caught posting comments at Barbados Free Press under many false identities we took it as an indication of just how desperate and lonely the waterpark supporters are. (See BFP’s CAUGHT! – Caribbean Splash Developer Lawrence Loughlin Posting Support For Waterpark Under Many False Identities At Barbados Free Press)

For the last few weeks we’ve seen the same thing again as multiple comments continue to come from one IP. When we ban the IP, the commenter soon switches to a new IP and starts again. Oh well, once again just an indication of how lonely these anti-National Park folks are.

Today this commenter again logged onto our story Barbados Environment Ministry Blows It Again – Graeme Hall Sluice Gate Problems Could Have Been Solved Years Ago as “Anonymous” and said…

“yall r sick supporting a nasty swamp and calling it a sanctuary jeez mr allard should pack his bags and go barbados would be a better place without him and a cleaner place too”

Then, the same commenter logged on as “Laughing Barbadian” and said…

“I will say it again rid the island of Allard he is doing damage to Barbados not good.”

… then a few minutes later, he’s back pretending to be a new commenter agreeing with himself…

“As anonymous said, I agree with him/her fully”

Time To Say Bye Bye To This Abusive Supporter Of Kerins, Loughlin and Caribbean Splash Waterpark

Other readers have been complaining about this person monopolizing the comments, and some have been saying that we should let him continue because it shows both the level and quality of waterpark supporters.

The problem is, we’ve been getting 15 to 20 comments per day from this idiot and he is monopolizing the “recent comments” board – so here is what we’ve decided….

We’re going to go back through the recent comments and in the future – and if multiple identity comments appear to be coming from one IP or one person, we will be erasing them.

We don’t mind folks who disagree with us having their say. We’d publish an article from Kerins or Loughlin tomorrow – totally unedited – because we believe in the right of folks to hold contrary opinions….

But when commenters like Loughlin and Kerins turn abusive and begin to interfere with others who want to be heard at Barbados Free Press… then its time to hit the “Delete” key.

So here we go!


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Two Sons Of Barbados Doing Well – Cricketer Chris Jordan and Jockey Rico Walcott

Rico Walcott Coming Home

After a great season in Alberta, Jockey Rico Walcott is coming home to Barbados. Why is he coming home? He’s been offered a good contract to ride on Bajan turf. Can’t get much better than that.

We understand that a certain little girl is very happy about the news! 😉

Chris Jordan Moves On Up!

CHRIS Jordan has admitted he will never forget his first wicket for Surrey – but the rising star has no intention of resting on his laurels.

The 18-year-old made an impressive debut for the Brown Caps in their Natwest Pro40 Division Two defeat against Middlesex at Lord’s earlier this month, claiming the scalp of England batsman Owais Shah.

And Barbados-born Jordan is showing no signs of being overawed at being promoted to Surrey’s first-team, taking a total of four wickets in the South Londoners’ crucial victory over arch-rivals Kent in the County Championship and following it up with a three-wicket haul in the first innings against Durham.

“Getting my first Surrey wicket against Owais Shah is something I’ll remember for a long time,” said the talented all-rounder. “He’s a player I’ve watched on TV a lot so I know what a good batsman he is.

“It was quite testing to bowl at him but I got the reward in the end. Anyone would love to take Owais Shah as their first wicket…

… continue reading about Chris Jordan’s smashing success at South London Press (link here)


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UPDATED: From Canada To Barbados – New Dinner Cruise Yacht On The Way To Bridgetown


Now There’s Daddy’s New Fishing Boat!

(UPDATE: According to Adrian Loveridge, the boat is going to the Cliff Restaurant)

UNION — It meant the power was switched off for a few hours on a hot day, but no one seemed to mind.

Because how often do you get to see a $3-million, 75-tonne yacht sail right through the heart of the farmbelt — on land?

That was all the buzz here yesterday as the behemoth boat — named Aurora — was transported by road from St. Thomas to Port Stanley, where it will be launched after some finishing touches and set sail to Barbados…

… read the complete article at the London Free Press (link here)

Hey… love that newspaper’s name! Thanks to a special friend for sending us the tip.

UPDATE: Here’s an article with more detail…

Wed Aboard a Barbados Yacht

March 2006 — Soon couples will have a new option for elegant weddings in Barbados: the Aurora. Presently being built in Canada, Aurora is an elegant 136-foot Edwardian Gentlemen’s Yacht with intricate detailing and exquisite appointments. Even better: the yacht is part of Brian Ward’s The Cliff Restaurant, named one of the “Top 50 Restaurants in the World” by Restaurant Magazine’s panel of experts. The two of you and your wedding party will be able to enjoy Chef Paul Owens’ culinary creations while cruising the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea off Barbados’ famous West Coast.

About the Yacht: The Aurora has been deliberately designed to mirror a restaurant on land, with large bathrooms featuring relaxing lounges and spacious accommodations. Aurora also features four spacious “on suite” cabins, five bathrooms, and a full restaurant kitchen, and can accommodate up to 40 guests in a traditional dining setting and up to 80 in alfresco dining.

Ideal for couples seeking a truly unique experience, Aurora is equipped with the full-time staff of a captain, engineer, chef and restaurant staff, ensuring that all arrangements run smoothly. A bar, several shaded and open-air deck spaces, an air-conditioned, traditional club-like lounge, a massage room, a quiet room for older guests or children, as well as a variety of options for water sports, round out the Aurora’s offerings.

The Aurora will begin her journey down the North American East Coast to The Cliff in September 2006. Those wishing to book the Aurora can do so starting December 1.

The Wedding Package:

Starting at $20,000, the Aurora‘s basic wedding package includes:

  • The choice of private dressing rooms for the bride and groom to prepare, or arrival in dramatic fashion by a small boat transfer.
  • A traditional ceremony, led by a fully certified Captain (officiant), which takes place either in a beautiful bay surrounded by trees or on high sea while cruising. Both covered and open-air decks are available, including an open deck on the top level boasting panoramic views.
  • A full dinner reception either at anchor or while sailing the Caribbean waters featuring gourmet cuisine prepared by The Cliff Chefs under Owens’ direction.
  • Following dinner, an all-night party with cake, dancing, and more. Couples have use of the Aurora into the morning hours with no additional charge.

Starting at $38,000, the two-night wedding package is an extension of the basic wedding package, including all of the above, as well as:

  • providing overnight accommodations in a luxury cabin for the newlyweds
  • Following the reception, guests disembark and the bride and groom have exclusive use of the Aurora
  • The next morning, the couple is served a bridal breakfast by the crew and guests are then invited back for a day-long farewell party.

All couples booking a wedding on Aurora also receive exclusive access to Melissa Blackman of “Weddings by Melissa.” In recent years, Melissa has planned the weddings of several stars and she will be on hand throughout the Aurora wedding planning process to alleviate stress and handle all needs.

Melissa and The Cliff/Aurora team will build customized packages to create each couple’s perfect wedding. An a la carte wedding menu (pricing not included in basic package prices) includes flowers, décor, entertainment, etc. Everything is possible with a wedding aboard the Aurora.

“Over the years, I’ve met stressed out brides at wedding receptions held at The Cliff” said Brian Ward. “By designing a full-service wedding program at The Cliff and now aboard Aurora, we’ve made destination weddings in Barbados as fun, exciting, and tailor-made, as they should be.”

For more information or reservations:

call 246 432 1922 and ask about Aurora.


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Barbados Election Violence? Shot Fired At Home of Journalist – DLP Candidate. Human Faeces Smeared On Her Business, But Police Are Talking “Accident, Stray Bullet”


DLP Candidate & Journalist Target Of Apparent Election Violence

The Royal Barbados Police Force are investigating a shot fired at the home of Democratic Labour Party DLP Candidate Irene Sandiford-Garner but appear to have written it off as a “stray bullet”. The shooting incident happened on Sunday, July 29th but was revealed by Sandiford-Garner on the CBC last Friday after a further incident Friday morning when human feces was found smeared on the door, railing and steps of her business.

Sandiford-Garner informed Barbados Free Press readers of the incidents this morning when she wrote the following post…

Following a chat with the police last Friday I told Barbados, via the CBC Evening News that two incidents occurred – one at my home and one at my business. I checked with the police before going public.

It was confirmed last week that it was indeed a bullet fired through my kitchen window three Sunday nights ago and last Friday morning human faeces was deposited on a newspaper on the steps of my business and smeared all over the door and railings. The sponge used to smear it was left there. The law called it criminal damage. Usually when people deposit feaces at homes, churches and businesses (which apparently happens in Barbados with sickening regularity) they do not take the time to smear it.

Following extensive interviews with neighbours, family etc and other investigations the police have not determined a motive re the bullet incident at my home. The faeces incident is too recent for a report yet.

I must add here that the squad from the Northern Division and their chief were extremely professional and prompt – detectives and forensic personnel.

Following the news item on Friday I received a call from District D station to “update me” positing the theory that it could have been a “stray bullet”. I was told that there had been reports of sounds of shots in the distance before and after my incident. I wanted to know why would my house which is located in a residential neighbourhood be the only one to receive a “stray” bullet? Was the faeces stray poop too? The officer had no answer, and I understand she would not.

And why now? I wrote for years – even before the recent Nation column I used to write all kinds of pieces in the Nation as a staffer in the 80’s, some which would cause people to cuss me – and nothing of the sort has ever, ever happened to me or my family.

I cannot tell you why it has happened. I cannot tell anyone what the motive is. But it happened.

I would be lying if I said it did not have an effect; it did. Especially on the older folks – grandmas and grandads -and other family and friends who are concerned.

But I stick by my earlier posting. I am more focused than ever. I cannot afford to be distracted.

… Read Irene Sandiford-Garner’s comments here

DLP Candidate Is Also Journalist Who Has Been Critical Of Barbados Government

Are we seeing a pattern here yet, folks?


– Columnist Adrian Loveridge fired from the Barbados Advocate upon threats from Tourism Minister to remove government advertising from the newspaper.

– Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley calls for censorship of blogs and radio & TV talk-shows – saying that these “marginalize Parliament”

– Government BLP Blog endorses Mottley’s call for censorship of blogs and call-in shows on radio and television.

March, 2007

– Barbados Minister of Tourism dictates to StarCom Network that Adrian Loveridge not allowed on Brass Tacks radio show panel.”

– Radio talk show host and journalist David Ellis is threatened by government lawyers and on the government’s BLP blog after questioning Tourism Minister Noel Lynch about his sudden financial success. (Story links here, here, here and here)

April 2007

– Barbados journalist Robert Best admits the Barbados journalists know about corruption by are not free to investigate and report it.

– BLP Government’s Tourism Authority distributes secret dossier on hotel owner and journalist Adrian Loveridge calling him “racist” (link here)

May 2007

– Three journalists roughed up by police thugs while covering story at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (links here)

June 2007

– Arson, Burglary & Bedroom Spying all on one day at home of journalist Adrian Loveridge who is critical of government. (link here)

– Police thugs assault journalists, rip camera and cell phone from their hands, erase accident scene photos. (link here)

July 2007

– Shot fired at the home of journalist & DLP Candidate Irene Sandiford-Garner. Police investigate and declare accidental “stray shot”

August 2007

– Human faeces smeared on door, railing and step at business of journalist & DLP Candidate Irene Sandiford-Garner.


Dear Prime Minister Mugabe Arthur

Thugs are attacking Barbados journalists and opposition candidates. Democracy and freedom of the press are under attack.

Please rein in your government thugs supporters.


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