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Barbados Government Operatives Step Up Attack Against Barbados Free Press – Now Posting Comments Alleging BFP’s Cliverton Raped Own Brother etc etc etc

You have to admire their tenacity if nothing else… I Guess Desperation Breeds Tenacity

What’s Next? Shona As A Closet Nazi?  🙂

The same Barbados Government operative or operatives who have been attempting to monopolize the “recent comments” section with dozens of foul comments a day are still at it. They have been switching IP addresses and computers as fast as we can ban their IP and delete their rants.

Some of their comments are bound to leak through our filters, so we’d like to apologize in advance and also ask our readers to…

Please Ignore The Idiots

The comments are coming primarily from IPs that are within the Barbados Government network, although some are coming from elsewhere.

Here is the latest disruptive comment that was just blocked by our filter. We’re going to publish it to let our readers know what to expect – and also to illustrate how desperate the Government of Barbados is to shut down free speech.

I guess this fellow doesn’t realise that “Cliverton” is only a pseudo-name adopted by one of our bloggers – or that our readers might ask “If the commenter is Cliverton’s brother, why doesn’t he post Cliverton’s real name?”

Once again, this is a comment posted by a Barbados Government operative with the intent of disrupting Barbados Free Press…

Posted by “Cliverton’s Victim”

IP: (edited out .24)

August 22, 2007 12:30PM GMT

Thank God I finally got the chance to expose this man, this hypocrite, Cliverton for what he did to me so many years ago. For 9 long years, from the age of 7, I lived in fear and suffered in silence.

It started when our mother would go to town and leave us alone at home. He was 12 then. For as long as I could remember he always used hit me whenever our mother was not around, then turn around and tell lies about it, and she would always believe him. But one Saturday he came into the bathroom while I was bathing and forced me up against the wall, using his towel to gag me. That was the day it started… That was the first day my own brother Cliverton raped me.

Years have passed and I have a lot of scars. I have lived in shame and silence, too ashamed of what would happen to me if I spoke out. Until today I have never told anyone except for one person who has shunned me ever since. It hurt me a lot when she did that, but now that I have gained a bit more courage to control my own life now, and thanks to a chance discovery that he is involved with this Barbados Free Press website, I can finally tell the world about this snake called Cliverton.

I only found out about this website recently. I was amazed to see how he has polished his skills of wickedness and deception in such a professional manner, attacking good people in Barbados and presenting himself as some sort of saint while keeping his own stinking secrets hidden. He is worse than what some of you people here have said about Roy Morris.

I don’t know how Cliverton found out that I had visited this website. But he sent some email threatening me to keep off Barbados Free Press and said that he would delete anything I posted here. He warned that if I posted anything about him, he would post a whole set of false messages with my IP address and then noone would believe me.

Well, I don’t care what else he does to me now. I have been able to get past the rape, abuse and beatings he inflicted on me, but when saw some of the things he has written on this lying website, it made me sick to my stomach. He raped me, and now he is raping a whole lot of other people in a different way.

I don’t even know if I can continue to te


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Article Now Posted: Secret EU Barbados Ethanol Reports

Hey… it’s only a day late. 🙂

Scroll down or click here…

Secret European Union Reports Slam Barbados Ethanol Plan

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Barbados Association Of Medical Practitioners Calls For Resignation Of Entire Queen Elizabeth Hospital Board

Hospital Owes Millions To Suppliers – Some Haven’t Been Paid In Four Months

Yup. No surprises here, folks.

Of course, it is really tough to administer a hospital when the government doesn’t consider health care enough of a priority to properly fund our only hospital.

Did everyone enjoy the Cricket World Cup and the new flyovers?


Just don’t get sick…

BAMP Wants QEH Board To Resign

The Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners is calling for the resignation of the entire board of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

BAMP is warning Barbadians that it’s willing to undertake whatever action it deems necessary to effect change at the hospital.

This as it accuses the board of failing in its mandate to improve patient care at the premier health care facility.

In a strongly worded two page letter to the chairman of the QEH’s board, BAMP has called for a response by August 24.

BAMP is accusing the board of the QEH of failing to correct the many ills plaguing that institution.

And it says this has occurred despite the Board’s assurances that it has the right medicine for the facility.

BAMP says it has reviewed at length the various problems facing the QEH and has received little attention, if any by the QEH’s board.

BAMP also charges that despite numerous requests from heads of department at the QEH for basic material and equipment Supplies are unavailable on a day to day basis, adding that the hospital owes its suppliers millions of dollars, with some of them not being paid for over four months.

… continue reading this article at the CBC (link here)

Thanks to Hants and a few other readers who informed us of this story.


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