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Welcome To The Barbados Government’s Newest Friend And Benefactor: Wife Kidnapped By Government, Held Down While 8-Month-Along Daughter Ripped From Womb

China forced abortions article Updated: June 1, 2010

United States court accepts evidence of ongoing forced abortions and forced sterilizations in China. It’s still happening – with Christians often being targeted for “special attention.”

Welcome to human rights in China. You know, China? Barbados’ newest best friend and benefactor!

NAI YUAN JIANG, Petitioner,
ERIC H. HOLDER, JR., Attorney General, Respondent.

No. 08-73186. United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. Argued and Submitted October 8, 2009—Pasadena, California.  Filed May 24, 2010.

Here’s a few links to the current story and then our previously published story…





Welcome To Communist China

Auntie Moses always says “You can’t choose your relatives, but you can choose your friends.”

We Bajans and our government would do well to heed our old Auntie’s admonition.

Does our Prime Minister believe that the high government people from China he deals with are somehow apart from the government agents who kidnapped eight and a half months pregnant Jin Yani from her bed, and held her down in an abortion clinic?

Our new diplomatic buddies are the same people who order government thugs into the night to do their evil. Continue reading


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Codrington Clan In The U.K. Remember “A Wonderful, Welcoming Family”

Dear Barbados Free Press,

My name is Jo and I live in the UK. I would like to thank you for your informative and true daily reports on the tragic incident of the collapse of the Codrington Family apartment.

Donavere Codrington’s Uncle Atlee and his family live here in the UK now, and for many years I lived with them and had a daughter, Calise, to Donavere’s cousin, Richard. Nearly every year we would come and visit Donavere and his family, and stay for a few weeks at his Grandmother Sheila’s house.

If you could post this, I hope all Bajans who read this will come to know that Donavere, his sisters Crystal and Nicole, his mother Margaret, Grandma Sheila and the rest of his family are a wonderful, welcoming family. They have true faith which I really believe will serve everyone involved in this well, and I am honoured to be affiliated with this family, especially for my baby girl to share their surname. Don is (I use present tense in hope) as strong as an ox, and he’ll protect those he loves – if not in body then most definitely in spirit. He always took care of me when I came over and never treated me any different (despite the fact that local residents to Westbury Road called me ‘flamingo’ as I go pink in the sun!).

Idon’t speak of Cassandra as I didn’t know her – although I pray for her, her children and her mother. I pray for Donica and Don’s son from a previous relationship – Donico. I hope Barbados does too.

Many thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully publish this.

With best wishes
Jo Holt


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A Barbados Free Press Reader Makes A Request Of Our Moderator

From Citizen First To The BFP Moderators,

“The post above by Deep Thinker is so offensive and ignorant that it has sent me into profound depression. I humbly and tearfully submit a not-so-far fetched thought… that this is a post from one of your enemies. It is there to provide “proof” of your “malevolence”. I beg you, before anymore readers see this evil, delete it from your blog (as well as my two posts which refer to it).

The BFP can continue to call for analysis and accountability but let us focus on healing for the Codrington family and those other displaced families of Arch Cot.”


BFP Replies…

Hello Citizen First,

You are extremely perceptive. We have been flooded with vile comments from persons working in concert – sending the same post from three different IPs at the same time. These same persons have also established a blog for the exclusive purpose of attacking Barbados Free Press. The vile comments are posted 24 hours a day, so it appears that people are working in shifts in a large and coordinated attack on our blog.

Numerous people working in shifts…

Who might be doing that? Perhaps you can figure it out. 😉

As to any of the comments posted here providing “proof” of our “malevolence”, it is interesting to note that the blog set up to attack us posted some of the offending comments themselves and then highlighted them in an effort to show how horrible BFP is because of comments they posted.

We will now remove the offending comment. As usual we are saving them all – along with the IP numbers. Soon we shall publish the results so that all Barbados can see who is behind the malicious comments. Folks will also see that the blog that was set up to attack us is part of a large coordinated effort to extinguish free speech in Barbados – and to stop calls for accountability of our elected and appointed government officials.


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Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 5 – Two Bodies Recovered, Mother and Son


Bodies Of Mother And Son Recovered

Two of the five bodies were removed from the rubble last night (Wednesday) – one at 10pm and the second shortly thereafter.

Further recovery has stopped for a time because of instability at the site.

After the recoveries, Attorney General Dale Marshall explained that the mother and child probably died instantly during the initial collapse. It has been reported by numerous witnesses that the husband Donavere Codrington 30 was alive for hours after the initial collapse – until a second major collapse sent large boulders into the hole.

The above information was current as of 7:30am this morning, Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our blogging friends at Barbados Underground and Cheese On Bread! have written extensive posts overnight and both are worth reading.

Cheese-on-Bread! has posted a detailed and moving account of her visit to the scene The Sad Story Of Arch Cot, while David at Barbados Underground stayed up into the wee hours of this morning following the developments.

CBC has a day old article that is worth reading for insight into the continuing dangers facing the recovery team – Day Four At Britton’s Cross Road Tragedy

Here is the story from this morning’s Nation News…

Body Find

AFTER THE REMOVAL of tonnes of rubble and 90 hours of digging and searching, a recovery team last night found two of the five bodies of a family who perished in an apartment block collapse last Sunday. Reliable sources told the DAILY NATION that the bodies were those of a female adult and a male child. Those who died were Donavere, 30, and Cassandra Codrington, 27 and their children Shaquanda,7, Shaquille, 3, and Yashiro, 1.

The discoveries were made within an hour-and-half of each other – the first around 10:05 p.m. and the second at 11:30 p.m. Word of a possible discovery spread quickly when around 10 p.m. a forensic team, headed by Cheryl Corbin journeyed to a platform ledge where Barbados Defence Force and fire officers had been labouring all day, by hands to clear the debris.

Soon after, a metal tray was hurriedly taken to the scene and lowered into the cavity and raised for examination by the forensic team. Soon Minister of Home Affairs Dale Marshall sent word that he would be holding his final media briefing for the evening shortly.

He told reporters at 10.55 p.m.: “. . . We have discovered the remains of one individual. Those remains have not as yet been removed from the cavern. Of course there are forensic procedures that have to be followed.”

Forty-five minutes later another body was dicovered close to the first find.

The remains were found about 60 feet below the surface where the Arch Cot, Brittons X Road residence stood up to 4:30 a.m. last Sunday.

“As you would anticipate, after four days underground, it [the body] was in an advanced state of decomposition,” said emergency coordinator Dr Brian Charles, adding that the remains would not be removed until after the forensic work.

The families had met with counsellors and forensic experts at Sherbourne Conference Centre in the evening.

“We spoke to them in detail and answered their questions so they would be well conditioned to deal with the circumstances,” Minister of Social Transformation Trevor Prescod said.

In a telephone interview earlier in the evening, Donavere’s grandmother Sheila Codrington, remained hopeful.

The bodies were however discovered exactly where the sniffer dogs, brought in from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue team had indicated. With the two discoveries, authorities were last night stepping up their efforts to find the three remaining bodies buried under the rubble.

… Read the above story and others at The Nation News. (link here)


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SSA Cleans Up St. George North – 40 Truckloads Removed! (How About Grape Hall Next Guys?)


Ian Bourne of Bajan Reporter sent us a Sanitation Service Authority media release along with a few photos of the guys at work. We’re happy to publicly acknowledge the fine job the SSA does with the resources it has, and we really wish they had double the personnel and equipment. After all, we have a tourist-based economy and every dollar we put into cleaning will return many times.

Don’t agree?

Try shutting down the SSA for a few months and see how many recently-divorced 40-something lady tourists return to stay at the Hilton. Half the young beach lads would be starving within a week!


The SSA guys take on the jobs that no one else wants to do, so hats off to them. Hey – remember the stinker of a beached whale last March? Now you’ve got the idea of why we need to keep the guys happy. (See Forty Feet and 15 Tons Of Dead Stinking Whale On Our Beautiful Barbados Beach – Who Ya Gonna Call?)

But Ian, do you have enough pull to have the guys sent up to Grape Hall for a day? It is about time, and for sure everybody would be grateful if you’d tow a certain wrecked auto that has been sitting on the street for months while the owner tells everybody “I be fixin’ it NEXT week!”

Here’s the SSA media release…

The Sanitation Service Authority successfully removed 115 tonnes of bulky waste from St George North.

Forty truckloads were processed; both ten-wheeler trucks and small open-backed lorries were used to complete the work.

Teams under the direction of Plant Superintendent Derek Brereton covered Bourne’s Village; Locust Hall; Applewhaite’s; St Helen’s; Bel-Air; Roach Village; Jericho and Paradise removed wood, pieces of galvanise, old fridges in addition to ovens as well as other bulky items.

The bulky waste removal is part of the SSA’s ongoing programme for all Barbados for the remainder of the year.


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Starcom Network Helps Out Brittons Hill Homeless – Please Drop Off New Supplies For The Families

Starcom Network will be putting barrels in their River Road offices from tomorrow August 30, 2007 to collect new toiletries, linens, school supplies, non-perishable food items etc for those persons displaced by the Brittons Hill Tragedy.

This is an opportunity for us to focus on those who were fortunate enough to survive, but were left homeless.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Starcom Corporate Headquarters: 430-7300

Information from BFP Reader Lady Anon


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