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Jamaica’s Electrical Grid Powered Down For Hurricane Dean

We Won’t Be Hearing From Our Jamaican Blogger Friends Until The Power Is Back Up

The power grid on Jamaica has been shut down for hurricane Dean, so none of our blogging friends will be posting during the worst of it.

Special wishes for good luck to Jamaica and The World (Love that Country & Western music on your website!) and Jamaican Girl at Jamaican Lifestyle.


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Disagree With Something Barbados Free Press Published? Send Us Your View And We Will Publish It

A Reminder That Folks Who Disagree With Us Are Welcome To Publish Their Views At BFP

As we have stated from the start, we at Barbados Free Press are happy to publish the views of those who disagree with us or believe that we have published inaccurate articles about them or any subject.

We consulted with an attorney before we formed BFP and were told that we have nothing to fear if we only tell the truth and that is what we do. Our attorney also told us about “libel chill” which is where people who don’t like what we say make threats to sue BFP only for the purpose of making us afraid to publish. Right then we made up our minds that no threat will deter us from publishing the truth.

If the government, opposition party, or anyone thinks they have been libeled we want to hear from them and we will publish, in its entirety, everything they want to say and let our readers judge whether we told the truth.

Anyone who wants to can send us something to publish. If it is topical and interesting we will publish it. We know the difference between letters or emails that are signed and contain the person’s address and those that are anonymous and will treat them accordingly. We reserve the right to edit where space limitations or context requires but we promise that a writer’s full message will reach our readers.

Disagree With A BFP Article About You? Say So!

You have seen it… Time after time, we have made statements about the present government, published photos, our observations and what we think.

To date there has not been one time where we have received notice that subjects of our articles consider them to be either slanderous or libelous. We leave it for the readers to figure out what that means, however we think it means we are hitting the mark and finding things out that would otherwise be hidden from Barbadians.

Do you see the government disagreeing with us about our stand on the country’s neglect of the environment? Do you see the government disagreeing with us on the lack of transparency and accountability for elected officials? No, definitely not, because it is all true.

We will continue to publish the Barbados Free Press until we no longer need to. Should “they” shut down our internet supplier, we have backup servers ready to go in three countries and will be back online within a day. (and THAT would make a great piece for the New York Times or on the BBC… “Barbados Government Shuts Down Citizen Website”)

In the past it was said that “freedom of the press only belongs to those who own one.”

Welcome to the new century – where ordinary people can now own a press on the internet.

We can think of no more healthy development for democracy and for Barbados.


Reach BFP by email at barbadosfreepress@yahoo.com 


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VECO Scandal: FBI Looking At How Oil Services Company Won Contracts For Arctic Research Despite Having No Experience In The Field… We Ask How VECO Got The Barbados Jail Contract With No Jail-Building Experience

Barbados Jail Builder Has A Record For Bribing Politicians To Gain Government Contracts

The FBI wants to know why oil services company VECO Corp. won federal contracts worth $170 million to provide the National Science Foundation with polar and arctic research support, despite having no experience in the field, the Anchorage Daily News reports.

VECO captured a lucrative five-year NSF contract in 1999 to provide logistics and support for polar research, although it had no previous experience in that field. During the same time period, Veco’s top executive managed renovations that doubled the size of the longtime Republican senator’s Girdwood home — the scene of a July 30 FBI raid.

VECO became of interest to Barbadians when it was revealed that one of the Alaskan politicians bribed by VECO had expected to gain a position with the new Barbados Jail as part of the bribe for passing legislation of benefit to VECO.

Despite the cost of the Barbados Jail having more than tripled since it was announced, and despite VECO’s corporate culture of corruption and taped FBI evidence showing a corrupt Alaska politician had been offered a position at the new Barbados Jail, Barbados Attorney General Dale Marshall cleared the company of any wrong-doing in Barbados after a 30 minute meeting.

Neither the Attorney General nor anyone else from the Owen Arthur government has explained how it was that VECO was awarded the jail-building contract when that company had no experience in the field – or why the jail is almost 300% over budget.

Barbados Free Press tried to reach the Attorney General for comments, but he was busy on his NEW YACHT.


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Gardin Democracy – Grateful That Hurricane Dean Passed Us By, But How Well Prepared Were We?



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Bloggers Going Wild On “Castro Dead” Rumour


The National Post of Canada, a respected newspaper in that country, is reporting on the rumours sweeping the blogosphere that Cuban dictator and mass murderer Fidel Castro has finally arrived in Hell.

These rumours start up every six months or so, but never like this with observations of police and military mobilization in Cuba.

We’re on the story folks, and we’ll see what we can find… but I bet you it will break on the blogs first somewhere.


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