Banks Brewery – Just Sex, No Chocolate Please


Banks Calendar Girl Fired


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5 responses to “Banks Brewery – Just Sex, No Chocolate Please

  1. Bajanboy

    Yes, that is a rather huge case of double standards.


    haha , i like um

  3. Straight

    Sex must ALWAYS involve chocolate.

    What kind of pervert are you..
    to not include chocolate with your sex?


  4. unrighteous

    Posing in skimpy bikini as a poster girl and submerging yourself topless in a (barrel?) of chocolate while people dip fruit in that chocolate and eat it, are two totally different things.

    I really don’t blame Banks Breweries for severing ties with the girl since that image is not one which the company should or would want to be associated with.

    I don’t agree with it being a case of double standards because as was mentioned in the other related article, one instance is simply a pinup pose while the other is heavily bordering on semi-porn.

    And don’t get me wrong, I am no prude (oh hell no, by no stretch of the imagination!) but business is business and companies do have their image and reputation to protect.

    By the way, I for one am sorry that I wasn’t at the Party Stand for that showdown. I am also a huge chocolate fan!

  5. Pogo

    What would have happened if she had frolicked in vat of Banks Beer?

    If Banks is against T & A publicity they sure got us fooled. We have drooled over their calendars and demonstrations for years.

    From now on drinking Carib as revenge for the double dealing by Banks.