Banks Calendar Girl Fired: Our Cliverton Says He Had Nothing To Do With It…


Why Was Miss Banks 2007 Fired?

Poor Cliverton…

As a not-yet-married young man our Cliverton has a collection of calendar girls pinned up in his studio. The central spot is always reserved for the current Banks Girl, and that’s where Clive has Saskia Griffith pinned up.

None of Cliverton’s pinups are naked or even topless, and that is not just because Auntie Moses might drop by. Cliverton knows that at a certain point, pinup becomes porn. While the exact line between pinup and porn changes with the years and is entirely subjective to the viewer – the fact that there is a line is indisputable.

Auntie Moses might not like Clive’s studio, but she doesn’t say anything because all the girls are wearing at least the minimum clothing of a bathing suit and she too sees them as pinups, not porn.

Auntie Moses and Cliverton both understand that while each generation has new standards and tries to push the barriers a little bit, the central theme of the calendar girl remains… A true calendar girl must be inviting, alluring… but WHOLESOME. Without the wholesome side, the calendar girl isn’t a “calendar girl”.

Banks Brewery understands that concept too.

What happened? Well, the Nation News has the story and it has something to do with a bathtub filled with chocolate


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16 responses to “Banks Calendar Girl Fired: Our Cliverton Says He Had Nothing To Do With It…

  1. Pogo

    Seems two messages here.

    The fat cat owners and their friends have their deputy girls that do a lot more than cavort with chocolate but you don’t see them gettin fired.

    Or maybe our Banks girl now moving on to darker things?

  2. wverdana

    Uhmmm the girl is luscious ….covered by chocolate she must be very succulent!!!
    I would like to taste this ….chocolate bar very much!! Slurrp!! :))

  3. Anonymous

    I think she has more brains than the other girls ….what do they get from walking up and down at promotions?
    This was a well executed plan on her part …….she was paid out too.We all know she aint broke either.
    On the other hand….look at what goes on a Cafe Jungles on Wednesday nights…..maybe her boyfriend was behind all this .
    Cant believe I missed getting my marshmallow dipped in topless Sasky chocolate………damn.

  4. I agree, but I have to watch what I say, the wife was not too pleased at my drool – LOL


    I saw it live and it was quite a tasteful ( haha.. no pun intended ) display . I must say she looked very composed as well , no shyness or discomfort noted at all for someone only wearing chocolate syrup. She’s hoottt in every sense of the word .

    The whole thing just seems so hypocritical to me . Its ok to have most of your very nice butt out on posters in bars and God knows where else but this causes a problem . Anyway maybe it was clearly stated that this kind of thing would not be acceptable in her contract .

    I feel somehow that this publicity might actually bode well for her as far as a modelling career , it shows she has balls ( perish the thought-haha)

    I wish her the best.


    BFP Comments…

    Hi Illuminator

    We didn’t see the, er, performance, but our Gardin cartoonist agrees with you totally and they are working feverishly at this moment to come up with Gardin’s take on the situation!

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  7. Also it’s August the year nearly done, what Banks gonna do – rip out every calendar from every rumshop in the island? If anything those almanacs are worth more now! You better head to banksbeer dot com and download the screensaver while you can, it is still there

  8. crossroads

    tell me more about what goes on at cafe jungles

  9. D'Arts

    Chocolate+sexy model= SEXY PARTY!!1!!

  10. Peltdown Man

    I must say that I love chocolate, especially chocolate tit-bits. If I had been there, I certainly would have wanted to dip my strawberry.

  11. Mr. Know

    Imagine Banks being moralistic. Well people are talking about this but they are not talking about Bizzy’s wife business activities. Aren’t we a loving family in Barbados?

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  13. Wishing in Vain

    Mr. Know Well people are talking about this but they are not talking about Bizzy’s wife business activities.
    What does she do anyway??

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  15. Unapologetic

    As I said elsewhere?

    “I am no supporter of Banks or anyone using this old and cheap ploy of calendar girls to promote product, but haven’t comments been too quick to decide why the girl was fired.
    What makes you so sure that the artistic, chocolate covered nudity was the problem. Scantily clad women dipping their sticks in a female chocolate treat may just send a message that Banks, and some others of us find objectionable. May just be if she was a mermaid in a vat of beer and the guys were dipping, hmmm…”

    We know the liberals out there don’t want anything spoiling their fun, but lines do have to be drawn.

  16. abdi kader

    I die for you