Roy Morris – Nation News Train Wreck Continues


Cultural Factors Cloud Assignment Of Blame

Nobody knows exactly what happened with Roy Morris of The Nation News, but for two days now Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground have been covering the story and rumours of a cover-up surrounding the veteran journalist’s alleged sexual impropriety with a 16 year old female. (See BFP’s Roy Morris Told To Resign From The Nations News ! ?)

Which version do you want?

The 16 year old girl was or wasn’t a Nation News employee. It was consensual, it was rape at Miami Beach. She was a virgin, or very well known. There was a gun, there was no gun. The board at the Nation News asked for Roy’s resignation immediately – or only after they tried and failed to pressure Police Commissioner Dottin to quash the investigation. There is a police warrant out for Roy’s arrest, or the investigation has been stopped. Roy is out of the county, he is on sick leave, he is on the run. The President at The Nation News gave Roy his car so the police couldn’t find him driving his own vehicle – Roy’s blue pajero was abandoned at The Nation for three days. The girl’s family has been paid off by The Nation News and this isn’t the first time… or not.

Police have done forensic tests on Roy Morris’ vehicle and the young lady’s clothing…. or they were ordered by the investigating officer and then canceled through corrupt intervention by Commission Dottin. Yes? No?

Somebody in authority knows the truth about everything, but so far they aren’t talking.

Caution: Bajan Culture At Work

Our friend David over at Barbados Underground posted his latest on the situation today – placing some of the blame squarely on the shoulders of the staff and management at The Nation News for remaining quiet over the years about Roy’s unprofessional conduct in the newsroom and elsewhere. After reading BU’s The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper we heartily agree with David’s assessment of the situation – but we think he has left out some of the other cultural factors at work.

David mentions three Bajan cultural factors that are in play…

1. Nepotism

2. Our Bajan blind eye when prominent men prey on females and especially young females

3. Relaxed sexual values concerning adultery and general fornication

To David’s three cultural factors, we add a fourth that is probably at the very root of our inability to move this society towards a better future…

In Barbados, We Are Not All Equal Before The Law… Some Are More Equal Than Others

IF there is one area in Barbados where race counts for nothing it is that throughout our society the political, cultural and business elites are allowed and expected to disregard the laws that are supposed to apply equally to us all. That this dual standard is acceptable is heavily reinforced by the actions of many of our leaders who violate laws and societal standards at will – or change the laws overnight to suit their narrow purposes.

When an incident happens in Barbados – any incident – we knowingly look to the status of the people involved and can usually predict the outcome. Is the victim a nobody, elderly, poor or especially a woman – and the other person one of the elites? We all say… tough luck sweetheart – you haven’t a chance of seeing justice!


The elites are allowed to buy off the victims.

No charges are laid and things are “settled out of court”.

In the Roy Morris case we heard rumours that management at The Nation News sent journalist Timothy Slinger to camp out on the doorstep of Police Commissioner Dottin to call in a favour for Roy Morris – to have the investigation sidetracked. It was thought that with the rough treatment Slinger received at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital he might be able to call in the favour from a contrite and sympathetic Commissioner of Police – so the rumour goes.

Did it happen? I don’t know, but Bajas are willing to consider the possibility because we all know how things work ’round here.

When Our Leaders Disrespect The Rule Of Law, Ordinary Folks Shun The Courts & The Law

It may seem a stretch to connect the Roy Morris incident with the corrupt actions of Prime Minister Arthur ($750,000 “campaign donation” to his personal bank account), Minister Gline Clarke (Home built on expropriated land), Minister Noel Lynch (Instant millionaire) and the corrupt actions of so many others – but there is a real connection.

There is an attitude among the leaders of our society that they are exempt from the rule of law… or that they ARE the law. Thus, the government changes our Constitution over the weekend with no notice or public discussion. Thus, the government disregards the law and allows GEMS Hotels and a host of other entities to disregard filing financial statements as is law. Old widows have their lands stolen from them by crooked lawyers and the courts and other lawyers look the other way. Children have their parent’s estates stolen from them and the courts re-write the law from the bench to let it happen.

We’re not even going to get into listing the hundred other incidents of lawbreaking by the elites that every Bajan knows.

Decisions in our society are politicised and filtered to protect the elites. We all know the rules about protecting the elites so we all get into the habit. Even our street police officers have learned that the rule of law is a secondary consideration in Barbados. Thus a few months ago our police officers wouldn’t answer calls for help from a beaten woman for four days because “the elites” were involved.

Even “upper crust” murderers get a break.


The Concepts of Rule Of Law & “Justice Must Seen To Be Done” Are Foreign To Barbados

There is a concept that Justice “must be seen to be done”. That means that the Rule of Law is so important that we shouldn’t do anything to make people even consider that something might be amiss.

We ignore that concept in Barbados.

It says everything about our society that the Chief Justice of Barbados, Sir David Simmons, was one day the Attorney General and in the blink of an eye was crowned as Chief Justice – responsible for the Justice system that citizens rely upon to protect them from the excesses of government and government elites.

When Simmons was appointed as Chief Justice it was obviously more important to him and to the Prime Minister that HE occupy the highest court in the land – rather than have the purity of that court preserved by a more appropriate and less political appointment. Neither Simmons nor the Prime Minister cared about Justice “being seen to be done” in Barbados.

Simmons appointment was both a symptom of the problem and also an example of the corrupt leadership that has tainted our country’s values.

While Mr. Morris and all of us are in the end responsible for our own actions, the Roy Morris situation – and what has happened so far – is also a symptom of the worst of Bajan culture and corrupt leadership from the top on down.


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46 responses to “Roy Morris – Nation News Train Wreck Continues

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    Good article BFP. We do have two laws here.

  2. reality check

    right on point BFP!!!

    The sad reality is that although they know right from wrong, they refuse to acknowledge and act on it. The greed and corruption for money and power is far too addictive for their immoral actions.

    The sanctimonius assertions to the contrary are really quite pathetic.

  3. Unapologetic

    This elitism problem is a learned behavior acquired on the plantation. Like I said somewhere else, “nothing has changed.” We got rid of the colonial master and now the pigs are in the great house. And when pigs make laws, watch out!!

  4. Jason

    “When Simmons was appointed as Chief Justice it was obviously more important to him and to the Prime Minister that HE occupy the highest court in the land – rather than have the purity of that court preserved by a more appropriate and less political appointment. Neither Simmons nor the Prime Minister cared about Justice “being seen to be done” in Barbados.”

    Well put BFP (marcus? robert? clive?)

    I will never look at the chief justice in the same way again.

  5. akabozik

    I want to know if the police did tests on Roy’s vehicle or seized the girl’s clothes, underwear or had her taken to the hospital for examination.

    If the girl said that Morris forced himself on her and the police didn’t take the girl for an exam that tells the whole story.

  6. Anonymous

    LOVE the photo and the captions

  7. Yardbroom

    There is a climate that exists in Barbados where the Law is non existant for certain individuals depending on status, this has not and will not lead to a healthy society. I do not know the specific details of the case involving Roy Morris, but what I do know is although there might appear to be no link between the case of the Chinese Workers at the Four Seasons Project on which I wrote earlier today – there is – a disregard for the law when it is expedient by certain sections of our society.

  8. Thistle

    Yardbroom: “There is a climate that exists in Barbados were the Law is non existent for certain individuals depending on status, this has not and will not lead to a healthy society.”

    Yeah, right! We only have to remember the Pele case to be reminded that this is indeed so.

  9. No-name


  10. crossroads

    Roy’s favorite song for this soca season (check nation web site)


    I Ain’t digging

    Ah decide ah getting old

    So ah must change muh life style

    Don’t care wha life dish out to me

    Ah going handle it wid a smile

    No more getting vex and cussing anybody

    You could say wha yuh like

    You won’t hear a whisper from me

    Even if ah go home and find me woman in bed wid a man

    I will leave and come back when I think de fella gone


    I ain’t digging digging digging nothing

    ” ” ” ” ” ”

    ” ” ” ” ” ”

    ” ” ” ” ” ”

    Ah keeping me cool

    That is my new rule

    Nothing at all ain’t worrying me

    I ain’t losing me sanity

    I ain’t digging digging digging nothing

    Repeat 3 times

    Ah don’t know what life has in store

    Or what will happen to me tomorrow

    That is why I ain’t letting no one

    Or nothing put me under pressure

    Simply living life one day at a time

    No haste no worry allowing nothing going blow me

    Even when ah mek love and don’t live up to expectations

    It won’t move me if de gal seek another fella fuh satisfaction

    Anything I can dead and leave

    I know I can live and see

    That is why I living my life

    Happy, cheerful and free

    One time if I find out me woman giving me horn

    Right away I start treating de woman wid scorn

    I know life now so nothing like that don’t matter

    Sharing and sharing alike nowadays is me motto

  11. laughing barbadian

    well written article and very true

  12. teller

    No name ,
    that unsolved murder happened under BLP as well. Which begs the question how is RBPF doing with cold cases? Is Pele mystery on cold case file? Are previous allegations against Roy Morris being reopened? Over to you Commissioner Dottin.

  13. Paradox

    BFP you got it right! It is sad however, but true.

    Is there any one out there who can change things, to make everybody the equal under the law?

  14. Rumplestilskin

    If what you say is true in terms of this particular case, how then can your conclusion be fair i.e. that the ‘law’ is to blame?

    You refer to money being paid out to stop further prosecution. If such actually occurred, that would be uncontrollable by the Law Courts, so why blame the law? It is those in the specific incident who contribute to obstruction of justice who should shoulder the blame.

    It is allegations such as the above that are improperly reasoned and supported that reduce the validity of the blog from an independent opinion publication, with strongly supported arguments, to an opinion publication with an agenda or an axe to grind.

    When making assertions, look at the specific incident and see where the issue ‘breaks-down’.

    In all cases above it is those involved and the Police where it breaks down, whether through deliberate action as you suggest by payouts to victims, or negligence.

  15. Crusty

    On July 27th, 2007 at 4:14 am, Paradox said:

    Is there any one out there who can change things, to make everybody the equal under the law?

    You think we alone on this issue? I googled “search for honest man”, expecting something about Diogenes (412 BC – 323 BC) (

    and I found:

    Like Demosthenes in ancient Greece, we search among the top officials of the US government for an “honest man.” As we search among the list of federal agencies and top appointees, we are hard put to find an agency, organization or commission that has not yielded corruption on the part of top political appointees. Almost every day produces another example of the broad and pervasive reach of venality and self serving abuse of authority among these officials serving at the behest and at the pleasure of President Bush. Scooter Libby has shone us a glimpse of the level of pettiness and corruption in the halls of the White House. From that center, the malaise seems to have spread across the entire federal bureaucracy. …”

  16. Bajan Youth

    I have no fear of men and women in high places, or “their” laws. I am a law abiding citizen, and I trust in the MOST HIGH GOD, HE never sleeps.

  17. Wishing in Vain

    YOu will never hear or see a charge in Pele Parris’s murder when one considers who did the crime one Bryte St.John you know who his father was Bree St.John anyone really would expect him to be charged with murder ?You must be joking around here !!!

  18. Lisalight

    This is so shocking, I always had so much respect for the man as a journalist, being a student of journalism myself. But then again the job and the man are two different things. sigh

    I can’t believe this, how do you justify adultery? Check the word adultery, the
    prefix is “adult” that girl is a mere child, this makes my stomach upset. As for his wife why are you still with this sorry excuse for a husband, get out now, have some self-respect.

    And then people wonder why young people are acting up, it comes from watching or “hero” fail at the standards they expect us to follow, from looking at the double standards, pervertedness and totally disrespect shown by adults in this country.

    Another “respected” individual falls from glory.

  19. Sweet One

    Well said lisalight. Very well said.

    Words do not make a man. His/Her actions does.

  20. Will somebody kindly explain to me why a girl’s FAMILY whould be the one to receive compensation?

    In this day and age surely it the girl herself who is the one to receive compensation? If she is the wronged party.

    A girl who has reached the age of consent is not a chattel through whom her family can reap a reward for damages. That sounds like a tribal practice from a remote Afghan village.

    Or is this some practice of “compensation for loss of virginity” such as exists on some other Caribbean islands?

    Whatever the facts of the matter may be, whether we ever learn them or not, surely we have tuttutted more than enough about an unfortunate but common-or-garden incident.

  21. roberto

    Shouldn’t we all wait till we know whether this story is definitely true before we judge de man?

  22. BajanTouchstone

    —All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others…—

    Another well written article BFP.

    The deafening silence from the island’s leading newspaper says everything that needs to be said about the apathy, hypocrisy and impotence of the media and others in positions of authority in this country.
    If Mr. Morris is suspected of committing a criminal offence, it is the duty and responsibility of the RBPF to investigate the matter and either profer charges against him or allow his name to be cleared. If he was a ‘nobody’ his picture and charges would have been all over the court pages of the same Nation long time!

    Since 1998, the Government has deliberately? been dragging its feet on the passage of Sexual Harassment legislation in this country. Such legislation or even a properly written and clearly communicated policy adopted by the management of the Nation could have been used to address Mr. Morris’ alleged affliction years ago, well before the three or more incidents which culminated in his recent departure took place.

    All I can say to the persons at the Nation/RBPF brass who appear to have done more to shield him than his alleged victim is that would your response have been different had the object of Mr. Morris’ advances been your young daughter or son?

    If this man keep getting away with this unacceptable behaviour and then being shielded all the time, damn right he will not have any remorse, and he will keep doing it over and over and over again. (Or till he mess wid de wrong body 16 year old child and some parent take the law in their own hands, following which you will see the parent picture and charges blast all over de said same Nation Newspaper, then subsequently we will read a glowing eulogy and tribute to Mr. Morris that will inevitably describe him in glowing terms as one of the pioneers of the journalism field in Barbados in the obituaries section whose loss will be greatly missed etc etc).

    No man should be above the law…


  23. Baje

    This is our Barbados,when it comes to a certain class of people in bim that is what you get,
    We where learnt to be a very very passive people, once it does not affect us personally it’s ok,we can live our lifes with no worry.
    I love Barbados but these things just are not right Roy, Dottin and Simmons such be made an example for de whole of Barbados but hey who is going to do it surely not de PM or de GG .
    Barbados we de people is de only persons that can stand up to this corrurption but is there enough of us to do that?.
    As for Roy someday you will have your day in court maybe not on this earth but GOD will be waiting for you. Good Luck

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  25. Verdana

    Good point BFP!

    This is a classic Third World situation, Barbados is third world with no doubts…..sad….

  26. Class Act

    I have realised how the Barbados Free Press does operate………it is very bias I see… keeping up all the negative comments about the man and removing the positive ones………hummmmmm what kind of society are we living in ? No wonder it is the way it is messssssssssed uppppppp…. But you guys know all kinds of Classes makes up a society… this….

  27. Hants

    BFP now that the rumors have been published and discussed, I hope that you had enough credible evidence to justify the posting of this topic.

    Let us hope that Morris is guilty of a criminal act because that would justify the posting of a “situation” that could have been made to disappear.

    A person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
    The court of public opinion does not have that constraint.

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  29. Rumplestilskin

    Hants, well said and my point exactly. Some above even go so far in this as to blame COP Dottin and CJ Simmons.

    Huh? What exactly have they to do with this?

    There are so many factors to come into play IF there was non-consensual sex that there is no way that any conclusion could be reached at this time.

    – the investigating officers (nothing to do with Dottin unless there was challenges of inappropriate Police conduct) would first have to gather facts

    – medical and forensic eveidence would need to be taken and sent to the lab which would take weeks to return

    – the Prosecution (IF THERE WAS ASSESSED TO BE A CASE) would need to draw up the charge

    So, after so few days, how are some now quickly blaming Dottin and Simmons?

    The only conclusion I can reach is that some here are just using this opportunity to attack ‘the establishment’ for the sake of it, because the facts do not bear such an attack out.

    Unfounded accusations such as attacking those in authority without a ‘linkage’ is what reduces credibility of comments and depicts a situation of venom release rather than considered comment.


    The reality is that some have alleged impropriety by a senior manager in a major publisher

    Whether the girl was an employee some know but some challenge. In the absence of Sexual Harrasment Legislation that is a matter for the Company and the two parties, no one else.

    Whether the (if there was) sex was consensual is still to be ascertained, in the absence of medical forensic evidence no one but the two parties can know at this time.

    Some allege that the Police are investigating, if this is so, then let them investigate, these things take time and they will rely on medical forensic evidence to make their investigation complete, if such was not taken then there is little hope of prosecution (if any impropriety occurred) barring a confession (his word vs hers).

    Thus, to blame Dottin, Simmons or anyone else in authority at this time is both premature and quite unbalanced and a mere attempt to discredit those for whatever reason.

    Additionally as I noted above, allegations of payout such as some note is obstruction of justice, which would then be facilitated by the parties themselves, so again, the ‘buck’ stops there, nowhere else.

    Finally, in terms of morality of alleged sexual relations between an older man and young woman (except obviously if it was non-consensual which is another matter), some of you are joking , right?

    There are very few who can rabbit on about morality in this little land, very few.

    Witness for example the behavior at nightclubs, cropover etc. The behaviour at schools, minibus men picking up schoolgirls many below sixteen, that has been going on for ages. Where are the complaints there?

    Or are you going to blame Dottin and Simmons for that too?

    I personally am against relations at work, I am against (obviously) non-consensual sex BUT in commenting on these matters one has to be balanced.

  30. Rumplestilskin

    I am being moderated again.

  31. Just asking Wishing in Vain

    Wishing in vain,

    You mentioned Pele was killed by Bryte St. John.
    What’s the connection? Bryte would have been about 16 at the time.

  32. Straight talk

    Is there an age limit we should know about?

  33. No-name

    Based on the information that came out of the trial…it appears that somebody close to or know by St.John killed Pele.

    Someone complained to me recently that Bryte terrorises people in this country because he still has some degree of protection. Do you remember when he was arrested on a drug charge somewhere in Europe?

    Some people go to jail while other criminals roam our streets freely because of who they are.

  34. Wishing in Vain

    Just asking Wishing in Vain drugs and power combined is a formula for trouble and Bryte was involved in drugs at the time and still is even now but the police treat him with kid gloves because of who he is connected to, mabe with his father not holding office any longer the police will proscecute the guilty person IE bryte St.John.

  35. Anonymous

    No-name, Angela Cole wrote a book called Boys In The Band or something like that in which she gave some details of the Pele murder involving Bryte. Not only was he arrested in Europe, but he was also arrested right here in Barbados on Hastings Main Road, a few years ago. What happened after that? Who knows – maybe Mummy came to the rescue. You think you would see anything about it in the mainstream newspapers? Don’t make me laugh!

  36. No-name

    Is the book available in Barbados?…Maybe we should start a campaign on BFP for the files to be reopened on Pele.
    What role did Bradshaw play? ..I also remember vaguely …the girl who was with Pele saying that someday she would return and tell the truth! Maybe she she got a big fat cheque to keep quiet.

  37. Jerome Hinds

    Roy Morris – Nation News Train Wreck Continues……just last weekend the BWA disconnected his water for non-payment of bills !

    When it rains it pours !

  38. Wishing in Vain

    Jerome Hinds
    Boy so glad to see you back with your biting comments, great to see on again.

  39. Jerome Hinds

    Thanks Wishing in Vain.

    Was busy preparing for the demise of Owen Arthur and his thugs !

    Interesting to know that Owen Arthur was overseas reviewing what are his options to remain in office INDEFINITELY !

    Similar intention to those of Hugo Chavez !

    While at the same time Tony Blair says 10 years is enough !

    While at the same time Patrick Manning announces that he will leave the stage shortly !

    I guess Owen Arthur only like immitating DICTATORS……like Hugo Chavez and Robert Mugabe !

  40. Wishing in Vain

    Hope you have done a good job on that project.
    Anything further on the UK board of tourism and the Petra Roach fiasco ?
    Anything further on Everton Goddard and his adventures at Rural ?
    Anything further on who has been paid for the awarding of the prison project ?
    Anything further on the Ministry of Health any hope of improvement in the near future ?
    Anything further on getting Liz Thompson to repay part of the money her husband collected while ripping off the gov’t for the bath ?
    Anything further in getting the barrier and chain removed at Porters ?
    Anything further in relation to the employment of masses of Chinese in every area of Barbados’s construction and did Owing have an understanding with Pemberton to permit this nonsense for a fee for Owing ?
    Anything further on the increase in the Carnival Cruise line arrival after giving them US $ 20 million ?

  41. Remember when it happens to you or your family, the same money would be there to pay off your silents. what goes around comes around, you think life a joke. The law should be used not abuse, but the truth of the matter is the almighty dollar has spoken so the law will have to listen.

  42. Time to Name Names

    We were defrauded by our attorney, a high seniority Q.C., and the other side’s attorney, a member of parliament at the time and had the proof, but no attorney “lower” on the seniority ladder would take the case because “they will automatically win”. Why haven’t I made the names and details public? Because of the horror stories of people losing even more when they complain about “high ups”. Maybe if you would publish the names and details of the “old widows who have their lands stolen by crooked lawyers” and “the children who have their parent’s estates stolen from them while the courts re-write the law from the bench to let it happen”, honest citizens can start reversing the decades of corruption that has infested us since Independence. Remember: “Those in power always use it for their own benefit.” We need to let P.M. Thompson know we have our Eye on him and his deeds. His posters said “We won’t lie, cheat or steal.” We need to keep him and his chosen team honest. My first question: is he acting like the Lone Ranger / One Man Show like Owen, or is he acting like a cricket coach shaping a well-trained team to help the most helpless among us first and not the big ups first. I was very disappointed to see that the first two delegated tasks to two of his ministers were to investigate the Flyover contract and the Scotland District disposal site. Why are they starting with the million dollar contracts that could wait? Finally, re : “We’re not even going to get into listing the hundred other incidents of lawbreaking by the elites that every Bajan knows.” it’s time to NAME NAMES.

  43. Yardbroom

    It is not enough for a good politician to be right, he must be successful, and that is where I think the Prime Minister Mr. David Thompson will rise to be a statesman of some merit.

    I have not been one of those, who advocated for the delivery of all types of goodies in restricted time frames, as I believe that good intentions often flounder on the jagged rocks of practicality.

    The serious intent and I mean “serious” to see things through to a stategic end, is what will ultimately see proper governance of Barbados.

    This proper governance is best achieved by selecting a leader, and then allowing him to lead with the support that is often necessary for a good leader to succeed.

    Anyone with a little insight can quickly see there is lots wrong with the political landscape in Barbados – political in the broad sense- which works to the disadvantage of the ordinary citizen. This has become entrenched and rampant, that does not mean the efort to change should not start now.

    We – Barbadians – have got into the habit, of allowing factors apart from those under examination to cloud our judgment, as a result we do not act with the fairness that a situation warrants.

    We excuse our actions with the get-out he/she is not one of us, that deemed to be either colour, class, political affiliation, club, lodge or whatever. In the short term this has its advantages, but societal impact of decisions thus taken leads to the fragmentation of society and unjust treatment to those who have no access to others of influence or political authority. In this scenario, the poor are always disadvantaged and therefore find it difficult to rise from the position or class into which they were born, that is a failing of Barbadian society which is best addressed by leadership with insight, concious of the needs of ordinary citizens.

    In this moraless vacuum, where the poor are jettisoned, and often legally deprived of their property and undermined by subterfuge and downright dishonesty, by those who should know better, that they do not, is evidence that education is not only about a BA, MA, Phd, or dare I say it being a Professor, it means more than simply that.

    It is about a change in the “human condition”, and at the root of it all, “honesty” has a part to play.

  44. Rumplestilskin

    Above poster says ”I was very disappointed to see that the first two delegated tasks to two of his ministers were to investigate the Flyover contract and the Scotland District disposal site. Why are they starting with the million dollar contracts that could wait? ”

    No. These two projects cannot wait. The Greenland site has already waited ten years while the previous administration dithered about.

    It needs action within six months, not just a decision, action!

    Secdonly, the flyover situation also needs assessment as decisions need to be taken fast and RIGHT.

    Too much money is riding on this, money which will be loans and interest.

  45. Anonymous


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