Spurned and Abused By Barbados Government – Philanthropist Peter Allard Spending His Charity Dollars Elsewhere

Peter Allard Gives $1.5 Million To Diabetes Centre – But It’s Sure Not In Barbados!

Regular readers of Barbados Free Press are familiar with the ongoing battle over what will become of one of our premier natural tourist venues – Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and the lands surrounding this last bit of green on the south coast.

Sanctuary owner Peter Allard offered to donate the majority of the sanctuary lands to the people of Barbados as part of a National Park, but the government won’t have any part of that. A National Park would mean that the government piggies couldn’t sell off pieces of land to their friends to build condos on.

The Prime Minister didn’t even have the courtesy to reply to Mr. Allard’s offer, so unsurprisingly Allard has put the sanctuary up for sale. (See Nation News article here)

I guess that being from Canada, Mr. Allard didn’t realise that even if a person wants to do something out of the goodness of their heart in Barbados, one always has to pay some squeeze to somebody.

The National Park issue isn’t the first time that the Canadian philanthropist has been kicked around by the Owen Arthur government.

A few years ago when Mr. Allard offered to build a free multi-million dollar AIDS and Cancer Hospice for Barbados, the government stood him up and refused his offer in the most insulting manner. Knowing how things work ’round here, I would speculate that Mr. Allard probably hadn’t retained (or refused to retain) the proper “consultants”. (See BFP’s SCANDAL! – Barbados “War On AIDS” – How Owen Arthur And His Government Refused The Donation Of A Free AIDS & Cancer Hospice)

Barbados’ Loss Is Edmonton’s Gain

Knowing that Peter Allard has probably had his fill of being punched in the face every time he tries to do something good for Barbados, I wasn’t surprised to see a Google News Alert delivered today with a story of how the philanthropist is funding a diabetes centre at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta.

That could have been an AIDS and Cancer Hospice in Barbados.

Damn, I hate the corruption in this country of ours. It’s foul stench ruins everything.

Read it and weep for Barbados…

You don’t make any strides without research money’

Peter Allard donates $1.5M to diabetes studies; Dr. Ronald Gill will head institute

EDMONTON – Like his father, renowned Edmonton surgeon Dr. Charles Allard, philanthropist Peter Allard is always in search of solutions.

He knows, for instance, that the solution to helping people with diabetes lies in research.

Today, the University of Alberta and the Alberta Diabetes Foundation is announcing a $1.5-million donation from Allard to create a chair in honour of his father, who died in 1991.

… continue reading this article at the Edmonton Journal (link here)



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70 responses to “Spurned and Abused By Barbados Government – Philanthropist Peter Allard Spending His Charity Dollars Elsewhere

  1. lifeline

    It is painful and disappointing that Peter Allard is being treated in the way he is in Barbados. It is heartening to know that in spite of this he continues his philanthropy.

    There are many of us who are eternally grateful for his help, kindness and support and the lifelines he has thrown out which will never be forgotten and will always be deeply appreciated.

    May God continue to bless you.

  2. Inkwell

    Information like this should be widely disseminated in Barbados to offer voters an insight into the minds of the people who run the country.

    We ought to be asking Government members why they so ungraciously scorn a helping hand and badger them for an explanation, but Government thinks that it can keep all its dirty laundry out of the public view. If they felt that their shortcomings were widely visible to the voters, they might be more circumspect.

    I for one am doing my bit in recommending BFP to all and sundry to assist in spreading the word.

    I do warn them however to read critically and to be alert to separate the wheat from the chaff and the rumour mongers and character assassins from those who make meaningful contributions.

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    Thankyou Mr. Allard for everything you did for Barbados. Please don’t judge us all for the actions of Owen and his bunch.

  4. Anonymous

    What possible reason could the government have for scorning an offer of a free Aids clinic?

    Doctor Duguid are you here? What happened to cause the government to refuse a free Aids clinic?

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  6. For Owen Arthur to snub and insult Mr Allard in the ways he has done is a disgrace.

    I am ashamed that a prime minister of Barbados can show himself to be so uncouth and ignorant.

    Even if a politician has his private agenda (personal gain) the least he (or she) can do is show some style and be polite. There is no need to behave like a sly vermin.

  7. akabozik

    Dear Mr. Allard

    Thanks for trying to help Barbados. I don’t know what else to say.

  8. Bajan George

    If Allard hasn’t sold out yet, has he been approached by the government to discuss possible solutions?

  9. La De Da

    I am sorry to see Mr. Allard “throw in the towel”–He did a good job in the Graeme Hall Swamp–Understand that some years back, he also wanted to buy the other “natural wetland” in Barbados, which is The Chancery Lane Swamp, but he was beaten out by a local (imported) family of “investors” who I understand want to develop it and probably will get “permission” to do as they please with the wet lands– rumor is rife that the water park people who had a “bit of trouble” at Graeme Hall are about to shift to Chancery Lane—Anyone with info???

  10. Anonymous

    wat a bunch of dorks yall r mr. Allard should be kicked out of barbados a bloody foreigner trying to tell wat to do with our lands …..who cares if the sanctuary is removed for condos or houses ….we cant live in a nasty swamp with a lot of stupid birds we need that land for buildings get real idiots the sanctuary should have been gone long time ,,,,blasted birds and a nasty swamp and yall wanna keep it jeeeeeezz

  11. point proven


    no wonder Allard put up the Sanctuary for sale

    I guess those 6000 plus Barbadians who signed The National Park petition count for nothing

    Welcome to your concrete and asphalt jungle

    Tourism will not gain from your myopic view and our dollar will fall to Guyanese and Jamaican equivalent

  12. Wishing in Vain

    Is this Dugiud, Owing, Nicholls or Lynch speaking ? or just an idiot speaking?

  13. Story.

    Allard was a golden goose.
    Lotsa eggs.
    But we killed him becozz..


    That’s the way we ‘do business’ in Barbados

    End of story.

  14. NYCF-phile?

    wat a bunch of dorks yall r
    mr. Allard should be kicked out of barbados a bloody foreigner trying to tell wat to do with our lands …..
    who cares if the sanctuary is removed for condos or houses ….
    we cant live in a nasty swamp with a lot of stupid birds we need that land for buildings
    get real idiots the sanctuary should have been gone long time ,,,,
    blasted birds and a nasty swamp and yall wanna keep it? jeeeeeezz

    That’s riiiight.
    New York City here we come, baby!
    Concrete, glass and steel.
    Buildings as tall as the sky.
    From coast to coast.
    From sea to shining sea, even.
    Manhattan..God how we seek to emulate you.
    BEST place on Earth, Manhattan.
    Good fresh air on 42nd. street too.
    Let’s plant lotsa concrete and watch it grow.

    And watch the tourists drop our bag,
    even more than they already drop our bag.

    What peculiar sentiment.
    But hope springs eternal, dude,
    in 100 yrs. the above Manhattan-esque scenario will come to pass, doan worry

  15. Anonymous- If your comment above is serious and not sarcastic, it appears you prefer to live in a ghetto slum. If that is your preference you deserve nothing better. Others are not content to wallow in squalor.

  16. Solushunz?

    It amazes me how incredible self-centered humans are.
    seeing things from a humans-only perspective.

    Ever expanding human populations plant corn on elephant’s land,
    and then get seeriously pissed-off when elephant comes, finds corn on HIS ground and eats it!
    What else should elephant do?
    Consider the myopic human situation of human reproductive indiscipline?

    “We need the swamp-lands to build houses”
    – so start reclaiming sea-lands by using the daily mountain of Bajan garbage, why dontcha?

    – or *** stop reproducing, why dontcha?
    – start exporting Bajans:
    Here’s the advert — Going cheap. 100,000 Bajans. Cheap. REAL cheap.
    In fact we may even pay you ten bucks a head TO GET THEM OFF THIS ISLAND.
    Any takers?

    (long pregnant silence)

    ******* words edited out by Auntie Moses BFP

  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous is an N-word. It’s soo obvious.
    They go to NYC, fill dey eye
    and return home to what they perceive as “squalid,backward Barbados”
    and seek to emulate the concrete jungle.

  18. Piggy12

    Concrete and New York’s Central Park: Let’s forget about “quality of life” for a moment, I wonder what Manhattan’s concrete would be worth without Central Park in the equation?

    Somebody mentioned that great nations have great parks. Mr. Arthur, as an economist, must know this and deep in his heart he must know that intrinsic values of surrounding properties and business are leveraged by great parks. He has to know this, he has seen it. Am I missing something?

  19. PR

    Can I hire BFP as my public relations agency TOO !!!

  20. Cookie Monster

    PR you probably can hire BFP as your public relations agency if you build a 20 million dollar gift to the Barbados people.

    Too late for Allard to hire them because he already be gone.

  21. DFX

    I got a stupid question! How many people in here would accept a gift from a person that got them in court? Seems like it could be a conflict of interests to me.
    But it is only a stupid question.

  22. akabozik

    Who has who in Court?

  23. DFX

    Allard was suing the Gov’t and just about everybody in B’dos if memory serves me right ie Kingsland

  24. more

    DFX, There is no such thing as conflict of interest in Barbados.

    What are the number and the date of the court case? I will look it up.

  25. akabozik

    DFX says…

    “Allard was suing the Gov’t and just about everybody in B’dos if memory serves me right ie Kingsland”

    That is BULL***T

    Allard isn’t suing anybody. Rumour says he gave moral support to some little old woman who live in a chicken coop. He isn’t suing anybody.

    What is the number and date of the court case? Allard is not suing anybody that I heard. Such talk!

  26. akabozik

    I also heard that the Kingland case was long after the AIDS clinic refusal. Anybody know for sure?

    DR> DUGUID, you are my Member of Parliament, what be de truth?

    Calling Doctor Duguid! The patient is the truth and the patient be dying. HELP!

  27. anon

    Do you think it right for the government to accept a gift from someone who at the same time is supporting a suit of the government??

  28. akabozik

    Is the old woman suing the Government? Or “good friends of the government” ?

    Even so, to refuse a free AIDS clinic is unbelievable.

    Besides, as I said, the refusal of the AIDS clinic was long before the old lady’s law suit.

    More spin and propaganda from the government.


  29. akabozik

    From waht I read on the website, the old lady had her land stolen by corrupt people. So common here.

  30. DFX


    It was filed in Canada. Do a search on this blog for Kingsland.


    Check out who the Nelson Group is. Do you really think that a bunch of Bajans would launch a suit in Canada? It’s not a rumour my friend! And yes I do know the FACTS. I did see a copy of the suit well before it spoken of on this blog (wasn’t on BFP a while back?) And being a Citizen of B’dos I kinda figure I like to know who is suing me and why. I figure the shame of having your own country dismiss your suit is however too much for some people to deal with.

    I wonder why the Courts in London did not think “Poor Madge” was having her land stolen!? Do you think that the corruption people paid them off? I don’t.

    But you still did not answer the question, WOULD YOU?



  31. DFX

    Rumour says he gave moral support to some little old woman who live in a chicken coop. He isn’t suing anybody.

    FACT IS he sank hundreds of thousands or maybe even over a million BDS$ worth of “moral support” into some little old lady who has never had to work a day in her life and has had everything provided for her. Just think for a minute… If she had won he would already have a vested interest in the real estate cause as a poor old lady she would never be able to pay him back. His backing her was a risk and he lost. Plain and simple.

  32. Yardbroom

    I only know the details of this case from what I have read on this site, having not seen the original documents or copies of the same.

    Of interest to me would be what was written in the judgment by the judges in London, that I have not seen. Cases are lost for a multitude of reasons – some technical – then overturned on appeal.

    As I understand the situation – I stand corrected – there is still a case pending, perhaps after that the situation might be clearer.

  33. akabozik

    WHO is the old lady suing?

    Is she suing the government, or is she suing Owen’s friends and this is his way of unethically trying to influence the judicial system.


    Not me! I didn’t steal from her.

  34. akabozik

    This is interesting

    I searched on “Nelson Group” on BFP and came across a few stories of the lawsuit. Then I went to the Keltruth website that was in the comments…


    Then I looked at the list of people on BFP this Nelson is suing and Nelson is SUING the old lady. Marjorie Knox.

    That means that Marjorie Knox is not suing the government as DFX says.

    This Nelson lawsuit was only started a few months ago.

    The AIDS clinic was 10 years ago.


  35. Jason

    Marjorie Knox is suing Kingsland Estates and some others you can see at the Keltruth website. It looks like the typical situation where big powerful people in Bridgetown are trying to steal her share in land that is a billion dollars value.

    What does this have to do with Owen Arthur?

    Does Owen Arthur have a secret piece of this land? Do his friends? If so then Arthur would hate Allard because Allard isn’t letting him steal some more.

  36. suit

    Well I see the names Arthur, Simmons, Bayley, Greaves, Shorey and Bannister in the suit so this tells me everything I need to know. These are well known individuals.

    I look forward reading a ball by ball and the outcome on the net.

  37. Rumplestilskin

    Pandora above notes ”our dollar will fall to Guyanese and Jamaican equivalent”

    Have you been in the supermarket recently? Have you seen the price of land and buildings? Have you seen the cost of cars?

    Our dollar has already been devalued seriously in ‘real’ terms, it is certainly not far off the Jamaican and Guyanese, only difference is that in those countries the goods are also comparatively cheaper (fruit & veg especially), thus their ‘real’ value will probably soon, if not already, be above ours!

    The ‘real’ value of currency is the purchasing power of the currency, not just being ‘pegged’ to the US Dollar.

    Certainly, in travel abroad our dollars will go further than theirs, but in comparative spending in Barbados while they spend in Guyana and Jamaica our dollars really count for little.

    A box of corn flakes is already $15. Something that would be a couple dollars in the US.

    Our cost of living has soared without the comparative rise in salaries, particularly in the last 12 years.

  38. Anonymous

    i say again who cares about nasty swamp land

  39. DFX


    I never said that Madge is suing the Gov’t!

    Madge sued the individuals and companies listed on Keltruth and lost, lost the local appeal and lost in London. Hence her case died, but not after leaving her and a number of other people who had lent her “moral support”. The Canadian suit was brought by the only person with Canadian connections ie Allard and has been thrown out in Canada. And yes I know what I am talking about as I am very closely related to person involved in the original suit and and the Canadian one.

    All that happened here was Allard saw a way to make millions in profit but instead ended up losing big bucks. Funny how his “moral support” for the poor old lady in the chicken pen suddenly changed him LOL. The lawsuit in Canada was a petty attempt at shaming/forcing the Gov’t into bending over for him. It failed! Time to pull out and save face. Good riddance I think, we don’t need anymore spoilt brats around here. That’s my opinion of what has gone down anyways.

    Don’t do a google on Nelson. Go to the Corporate registry and do your research.

    Later people


  40. akabozik

    DFX please explain it more. Who is Nelson? Is Allard “Nelson”?

    What do you mean that “The lawsuit in Canada was a petty attempt at shaming/forcing the Gov’t into bending over for him. ” ?

    I don’t see his name anywhere on the documents on BFP.

    Explain please!

  41. akabozik

    I googled “Nelson Barbados Group” exact phrase and there are almost 3000 results but I don’t see any Allard connected DFX.

    Say what you want to say more directly. I want to know how the government’s refusal of an AIDS clinic in 1995 is linked to a lawsuit filed in Canada in 2007 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  42. DFX


    Check the registry and who or what the Nelson Group will be revealed. But simply put yes it’s Allard. He is the one that launched the suit in Canada.

    How can you expect to sue the Gov’t of Barbados in Canada? What rule does or has Canada ever had over Barbados? The only reason I can see would be to bring bad/unfavourable exposure to the island,hence bringing shame or if you do what I want then I’ll drop it and no bad exposure hence force.

    I mentioned that I was related to someone mentioned in the suit.. what to know why they were mentioned? They used to work for one of the companies named.. they stood to make no financial gain in this whole stupid affair. Due to this I know the FACTS! The Keltruth website mentioned earlier is posted by Madge’s daughter who I assume was hoping to retire rich off of the sale of Kingsland but has instead put poor Madge in debt up to her neck. And I say poor Madge cause I used to sit next to her some Sunday morning at St. Ambrose Church.

    But I guess this will not die a natural death because of the greed involved. The way I see it is that if Madge lost at the Privy Council and it was unanimous and the Judges even complimented one of QCs working against Madge on his work then it must have been a pretty week case to start with, but that is my opinion.

    I want you to imagine that you and your brothers/sisters have a property and you are offered a price for it and you accept. Due to the blinding speed that the sale land happens here in B’dos many years later you figure out that the property is now worth 10 times what it was when you first signed the agreement to sell the land. Do you think you now have the right to change your mind? What happens to the buyers deposit? Where are his rights? What about your brothers/sisters rights? This whole thing was about greed and sad to say bad advise was given to and accepted by Madge, she pawn in a millioniares chess game.

    Do some research and the TRUTH will be revealed, not the Keltruth, the TRUTH.

    Later people I going to the beach and help Banks Breweries make some money 😉


  43. I have some more related to the Graeme Hall Sanctuary – it’s a statement from Professor Karl Watson on the sport known as wildfowling over at The Bajan Reporter

  44. AIDS

    I want to know why the government did nothing about the AIDS /Cancer hospice which was offered to Barbados.

    I cannot deal with the fact that this opportunity was forfeited because of a personal vendetta against Peter Allard. How much more callous can a government be? If this is the case, then there is much reaping to be done

    There are people who have died in unfortunate circumstances and their families would have been glad for them to have had somewhere to spend their last days with a little more care and dignity.

  45. more

    DFX, Which Nelson are we checking?

    NELSON PHARMACY 261 1947-03-06 Business Name View
    THE NELSON CLUB 571 1952-03-08 Business Name View
    NELSON ARMS RESTAURANT & BAR 10655 1991-04-24 Business Name View
    NELSON’S FREIGHTING SERVICE 18987 1998-11-24 Business Name View
    NELSON’S KITCHEN 28339 2004-03-09 Business Name View
    NELSON ADMINISTRATORS INC. 14744 1997-12-22 Company View
    NELSON AND YEARWOOD & ASSOCIATES INC. 23251 2004-01-16 Company View
    NELSON POINT LIMITED 25879 2005-09-19 Company View
    NELSON GAY LTD. 12360 1996-07-08 Company w
    NELSON FOREIGN SALES CORPORATION 6007 1990-01-08 Company View
    NELSON CAPITAL LTD. 14174 1997-08-08 Company View

  46. akabozik

    If DFX has proof that Allard owns Nelson then he should show the proof. Or he is spewing more BS.

  47. akabozik

    A couple of thousand entries about Nelson on the internet and no Allard connection. Where is the connection DFX?

    And even if so, how does that relate to refusing a free multimillion dollar AIDS and Cancer hospital in 1995?

    Such bull sh*t

  48. DFX


    You can believe what you want. I really don’t care. I’m just stating that Allard is behind Nelson. You won’t, for the last time, find it on the net. Go and check the registry. Unless you broke in and did it already?! As I said earlier, a very close relation of mine was named the first suit, so I’m speaking from a position of authority. Want a little tit bit to check up on? Check out which member of the GH park had eColi, see if his mother’s name is not one of the people called by name on the keltruth website. A hint it begins with a “C”
    I also have done computer work for no less than 6 of the people named in the Canadian Suit. I have done my research and I’m not going to do yours for you.
    At the end of the day I don’t know why OA did not accept the $$. Maybe there were other conditions attached, but and the end of the day it is a sad loss, but since we are dealing with 2 spoilt personalities it does not surprise me in the least. What do I mean by that? One takes away HIS ball when he can’t bat first and the other pulls out his money when he can’t bulldoze others into doing his bidding. No great loss if both packed up and left.

    As for the cussing ie Bull sh*t. Please calm down it is not called for. But if you have anymore left, Mom is planting up the garden and could use a bag or 2

    Still think Banks has some more beers left.


  49. DFX


    Taken from the Keltruth site:-

    “And, related to the same matter, Prime Minister Owen Arthur is being pressed to appoint his nominees to an international arbitration process to resolve the so-called Kingsland affair in which Canadian philanthropist and Barbadian resident Peter Allard is assisting a Barbadian widow who is being told that her family’s shares in Kingsland are nearly worthless.

    Several portions of Kingsland Estates (KEL) land have been expropriated over the years by the Government of Barbados but no compensation has been provided, in violation of both Barbadian law and a number of international agreements, including the Barbados-Canada Foreign Investment Protection Agreement – FIPA (also known as the Canada-Barbados Bilateral Investment Treaty or BIT).”

    Would that not seem to imply that Allard is the person with the most to gain by filing a suit in Canada?

    Just a thought


  50. DFX


    Nelson Barbados Group Ltd

    Good luck though, it took me a long time to find out. A friend or 2 in Canada might also come in useful


  51. more

    DFX, are you saying that Allard is helping the old lady to fight the Nelson Canadian case in which she is a defendant? I see her name on the list on BFP.

    This sounds very confused to me and I cannot find any Nelson Barbados Group Ltd on the Corporate Affairs website list.

  52. DFX

    I’m saying that Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. is Allard. He backed Madge thinking that she would win the original case. But she lost at the Privy Council. Allard has invested over $1.75M US from what the Keltruth site claims. If Madge had won he would have been able to snap up Madge’s share as he had already paid her or paid on her behalf a major amount of money. Having lost the case he decided to launch the Canadian Suit and included Madge in the suit. Such a nice guy! So now “poor” Madge will end up with nothing. Allard is NOT the God sent Saviour some in here seem to think, he is a businessman plain and simple that lost a lot of money.

    But don’t lose any sleep over it. He lost! He gone! LOL


  53. more

    DFX, so Allard has lost the Canadian law suit and decided to sell the Nature Sanctuary and pull out of Barbados forever?

    Leaving us without the AIDS/Cancer hospice he offered the Government?

    I am not too sure who the losers are here. Sounds like Barbados lost something we really needed.

  54. R. Hood


    When you cool down and get the chance, you must take the time to actually read the decisions.

    Since you are so closely involved you should have them to hand but if not, check online.

  55. Jason

    DFX Said…

    “The Canadian suit was brought by the only person with Canadian connections ie Allard and has been thrown out in Canada. And yes I know what I am talking about as I am very closely related to person involved in the original suit and and the Canadian one.”

    DFX are you saying that it is all over? That the Madge lost her case and the Canadian case has been thrown out of court in Canada?

    OK, so which of our politicians now own Kingsland? Who is now a Billionaire?

    You say you are close to the case. Who took the little old lady’s birthright and inheritance? Which high powered people now own everything while she still lives in an old animal building? She does live in an old stable that I know beside the big stone wall at the corner.

    Tell us which big up people now own the fields where she played and grew up.

  56. reality

    The bird sanctuary is losing millions each year !! Why should a private business which suffer’s annual loss’s be put on the backs of all Bajans. Nobody is going to buy a losing business so why should we be suckers. People say he wants to give it to us for FREE. What idiotic education did you get. We get stuck with a losing business, have to give up priceless land, than go into debt to fund a ill concieved National Park plus support very large annual loss’s in the upkeep of this ridiculous idea. What math are you using ? National Park should clearly be in Scotland district as everybody knows.
    Why should we have this burden of what the Bird People want. Those 6000 bird people’s viewpoint is just for the BIRDS, not us.. When healthcare, education and housing should come first.


    BFP Comments…

    Will someone from the GHNS correct this commenter? We understand that after all the years and the millions invested, that this beautiful tourist attraction is now self supporting.

  57. Anonymous

    July 30th, 2007 at 5:08 pm

    ……….. When healthcare, education and housing should come first.

    Wasn’t there something about a multimillion dollar AIDS Hospice mentioned from ….. 1995?

    Remind me when was the Nature Sanctuary opened?

    Seems like you and Mr. Allard think alike where priorities are concerned in healthcare!!

  58. DFX

    R Hood,

    I don’t need to cool down??? What do the decisions matter to me? Nothing! The case is over and I had nothing to gain or lose in it.


    The cases are over. Madge lost at the Privy Council and that was the end of the line for the case.
    What happened to her inheritance and her birthright? I guess she spent it on this case. She was given bad advice and has lost it. Ask Allard if the US$1.75 million was a gift to Madge he is after all Mr. Nice Guy. Or you could ask her daughter that started the Keltruth site. At the end of the day greed has it’s price.

    Do I feel sorry for Madge? Hell YES! But are her children are not stepping up to the plate? I don’t know. I can tell you my mother would never find herself in that position if that ever happened to her. Is this old stable in it’s original condition? Or was it renovated to be a house? Would you put your mother in a barn?

    Am I upset that we did not get the AIDS Hospice? Hell YES!

    Do I think we need a change of Gov’t? We needed it years ago. Hopefully the voting public will figure it out this time. But then again the is Barbados 😦

    If anybody is offended by my opinions re Kingsland issue I’m sorry; but it’s my opinion. If anybody is offended by my opinions of Mr. Allard, tough! I won’t change my opinion; not only for what has been posted here, but for other reasons that will not be posted here (no none of them affected me directly, so I don’t have a personal vendetta)

    Later people,


  59. R. Hood


    R Hood,

    I don’t need to cool down??? What do the decisions matter to me? Nothing! The case is over and I had nothing to gain or lose in it.

    Here is how Greenidge J put it in Barbados.


    Check the paragraph preceding the conclusions and you may get an indication of how the decision could affect you, ….. if you happen to be a shareholder in any company in Barbados!!

    If you aren’t a shareholder in any company in Barbados, disregard this comment!!

  60. DFX

    R Hood,

    “There is no evidence that any of the other shareholders were provided with any information different from that given the applicant.”

    Very interesting indeed.


  61. R. Hood


    “Even if the applicant as in the instant case did not have all financial information about the company, she well knew that the company could not afford to have annual audited accounts. Indeed It had ceased to trade as sugar work plantations. I do not find that the absence of such records was oppressive, unfairly prejudicial, or unfairly disregarded the applicants interests.”

    Illuminating is more the word. When put with the one you quote it sounds as if the directors had not given audited financial statements or indeed any financial information to any of the shareholders.

    All shareholders seem to have been equally ignorant! …….. well except if any of the shareholders were directors.

    … yes, ….. very illuminating indeed!!

    Glad to see you are a shareholder in a Barbadian company/companies and you would take the time to read at least part of the decision.

    Hope you will read the whole decision if your interest has been piqued. It is quite fascinating and not very long, …. in fact, very concise. Seems to have been a simple case.

    If you want I can find the PC decision on the Web too.

    These seem to have been landmark decisions in Barbadian Company law, and anyone should be interested in them ……… if they are a shareholder in a Barbadian Company.

  62. Anonymous

    Bird sanctuary is losing money. Since this financial burden was trying to be unloaded onto our backs we have a right to knowe the amount of heavy loss’s being incurred. Nobody is going to buy the Bird People’s Bird Park because it does not make economic sense as a viable business proposition. Businessmen should take their own loss’s instead of pawning it off on our backs. If he is so generous as you claim than let him continue to be responsible for his poor business judgement. This was a eco tourist attraction that clearly missed its mark. It is not our problem, it is his problem. He can’t even give it away !!


    BFP Replies

    HELLO to Waterpark Guy Matthew Kerins. Good to see you still reading BFP.

    Good luck getting your 2 million dollar “consulting fees” returned!

    Sucks to be you!

  63. DFX

    R Hood,

    Sorry, I’m not a shareholder, but stand to inherit many shares from my mother. I however do own my own company.

    I have read the judgement before and was pleased that even the Lords of the Privy Council complimented the Justice on his judgement.

    Have a great day,


  64. Hants


    Graeme Hall will remain in its current state until changed by Nature. No Waterpark, No Condos, No Resort. Period.

    In the spirit of “CSME”, a waterpark could help the economy of one of the other Islands.

  65. R. Hood

    July 31st, 2007 at 3:13 am
    R Hood,

    Sorry, I’m not a shareholder, but stand to inherit many shares from my mother. I however do own my own company.

    I am glad you read the judgments before, ……. even although they did not matter you and you are not a shareholder in a Barbadian Company.

    ….. how can you not be a shareholder but own your own company?

    Hope the shares you eventually inherit from your mother will have a good value and directors won’t destroy their worth for personal gain ………. and also of course that the directors are keeping your mother informed of their worth through annual audited financial statements.

    …. and I am glad to see you have cooled down … your posts have become far more succinct and balanced.

  66. DFX

    R Hood,

    “how can you not be a shareholder but own your own company?”

    Easy! I’m not “a shareholder”, I’m “the shareholder” lol 😉

    The Companies are quite large ones and every year we get 4 envelopes in the mail, 2 big ones with the financial statements and soon after that 2 smaller ones with the cheques (you can and figure which ones Mom likes better)

    As for cooling down I was never hot! I just get really upset that people are making some people into Demi-gods without knowing all the facts. It is unfortunate that Madge, who has never worked a day in her life and most likely does not/did not understand business, was given bad advice and then taken advantage of by others who understand business only to well and decided to be Mr. Nice Guy and take further advantage of Madge. Truly sad!

    But I guess that is life.

    I’m out of here now. This is a dead issue that I don’t have the power to change not would I if I did have that power. So R Hood if I’m ever in Sherwood Forest I’ll be sure to look you up 😉


  67. I have read the comments of DFX with great interest and I agree with them. He has done his research and done it well and not been sidetracked by a lot of ignorant, ill-informed rhetoric of the type that usually makes this publication a joke rather than a source of information and news.

    In 2001, after the decision of Greenidge J. had been handed down in No 1805 of 1998, which I see is referenced in the comments, and Madge Knox (whom I prefer to refer to as Martyred Madge or MM) had filed her appeal against that decision, counsel for all the defendants (except Ian Deane) obtained an Order for security for costs in the amount of Bds$1 million.

    Ian Deane instead filed an application for a charging order against the assets of MM, including her shares in Kingsland. The application was heard by Greenidge J.

    In opposing the application, Madge said that she had given a lien or mortgage against the Kingsland shares to Peter Allard.

    As by this time MM had lost her appeal and appealed the decision of the Barbados Court of Appeal to the Privy Council, this admission was seized on by all defendants’ cousel and it formed their basis of an application to the Privy Council to have the Bds$1 million for security for costs increased.

    It is very rare for the Privy Council to order that security for costs be fortified. However, because of that mortgage, the Privy Council ordered that the costs be fortified for a further Bds$300,000. So Martyred Madge had to cough up Bds$1.3 million in total.

    The articles of Kingsland Estates Limited specifically prohibit the creation of any liens charges or mortgages of any kind against its shares without these being approved by the directors – and MM did not seek or obtain such approval.

    Nonetheless, on the extremely flimsy pretext that he has acquired an interest in Kingsland Estates Limited, Peter Allard aka Nelson Barbados has claimed standing to file an action in the Ontario courts (which have no jurisdiction) on a matter in Barbados.

    Greenidge J has just come into play again. He has ruled on the charging order application filed by Ian Deane. He has granted the charging order to Ian Deane and has stated in his judgement that Martyred Madge had no right in law to create any mortgage or charge or lien against her shares in Kingsland Estates Limited and that her doing so is clearly fraudulent and an attempt to try to negate the effect of the charging order.

    Predictably, Martyred Madge has given notice of appeal – and we all know what happened the last time she appealed a decision of Greenidge J. Their Lordships of the Privy Council agreed with the admirably concise decision of Greenidge J and with the Court of Appeal and advised Her Majesty that Martyred Madge’s appeal should be denied with costs.

    So, the the whole Nelson v Barbados issue is doomed. First, the Ontario courts have no juridiction. Second, Nelson Barbados has no standing to bring the action in the first place.

    And what of keltruth, or as I prefer to refer to it “quelle-truth”? After over full year of blessed silence, it has finally updated – to post a .PDF of the Amended Statement of Claim in the Nelson v Barbados case. However, it makes no mention of the recent decision (handed down on Monday, I believe) of Greenidge J. But there again you cannot expect them to report on that.

    Because you see keltruth.com is indeed run by Martyred Madge’s daughter, Jane Goddard.

    By the way, it was mentioned that Allard/Nelson had also sued Martyred Madge. But do you know that MM’s son, John Knox, has sworn two affidavits in support of Nelson Barbados in the action in the Ontario Courts.

    Go figure!!!!

    DFX, you are so right. MM has never worked a day in her life. And despite the fact that she professes to detest homosexuals and says that they are doomed in the sight of God and that with so many around, Judgment Day is close (I am not making this up, I know the silly bitch too) she has allowed her “cause” to be espoused and supported by one of the biggest bullers in Barbados – Peter Andrew Allard – and she KNOWS he is a buller. But Martyred Madge has always been prepared – all her life – to sacrfice her principals for money or whatever else she wanted. So please do not feel that she is the victim of anyone, other than her own greed and that of her children.

  68. great post(why i keep getting an error when i try to subscribe to your feed)?thanks

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