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Barbados Police Seeking Help To Replace Important Evidence They Intentionally Destroyed – Superintendent “Poop-For-Brains” Broomes Was “In Way Over His Head” At Bus Accident Scene


With Information From A Police Source…

As we informed readers on July 31st, Senior Superintendent Leonard Broomes assaulted Nation News journalist Rawle Culbard at last Sunday’s bus accident at Joe’s River by ripping the camera from Culbard’s neck and erasing all the photos that had been taken of the scene.

Now it appears that the Police Superintendent “Poop-for-Brains” Broomes might have been a wee bit hasty in destroying what would have been extremely useful evidence in reconstructing the accident scene.

You see, the Nation News journalist had taken photos that no one else took – not even the police – and in all the efforts to remove the living and the dead no one else took photos of the bus and the scene exactly as it was at that time.

Between the time that Culbard started taking photos and the police destroyed his work, victims both dead and living were removed from the bus and various interior and exterior bus components were removed from their after-crash positions as rescuers worked to save lives.

Only Culbard’s photos had those original details, and the police destroyed them. According to our police source, Senior Police Superintendent Broomes could care less about the assault on two journalists, but he is embarrassed about destroying evidence that is now proven to have been valuable. Our source also says that it was obvious that Broomes was “in way over his head” at the scene.

Yes, I know it was a horrible and chaotic scene. Many folks – even a couple of BFP insiders – think that I’m being too hard on Broomes. Maybe I am, or maybe I would be more willing to cut him some slack if not for the earlier police assaults on journalists who were covering another accident story at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Mostly though, I simply long for a professional police force that sees respect for the rule of law as their highest duty and enforces it uniformly across our entire population.

I don’t know why our police always seem to end up looking like violent buffoons, but with increasing regularity that is the very image that is projected by the amateurs of the Royal Barbados Police Force.

Police Seeking Public’s Help

THE Royal Barbados Police Force is conducting a major investigation into the circumstances surrounding the mass casualty accident which occurred on Sunday, at Joe’s River, St Joseph.

The force is appealing to the public who:

* Observed BT 4 prior to ,the accident.
* Witnessed the accident;
* Were present immediately after the accident; to contact the police at 430-7275 or 430-7284.

… from The Nation News (link here)

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