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Wednesday Town Hall Meeting Over Illegal Dumping – Cuthbert Moore Primary School


Town Hall Meeting at Cuthbert Moore Primary School on Wed. 08/08/2007

The St George North District Emergency Organisation of CERO: the Central Emergency Relief Organisation with the Sanitation Service Authority and the Ministry of Health is holding a Town Hall meeting at the Cuthbert Moore Primary School at 7:00 pm on Wednesday 8th August 2007.

This meeting is for residents only from the following areas – Bourne’s Village, Applewhaite’s, St Helen’s, Bel-Air, Roach Village, Jericho & Paradise; persons from the community will be brought up to date on combating illegal dumping in St George North and collecting bulky waste items, the best ways for controlling litter and the benefits of recycling.

Talks at Cuthbert Moore will be given by – the Sanitation Service Authority, the Environmental Protection Department, the Solid Waste Project Unit and the Vector Control Unit.

A question and answer session will be run after the presentations – all residents from St George North (Bourne’s Village, Applewhaite’s, St Helen’s, Bel-Air, Roach Village, Jericho & Paradise) are asked to make a special effort to attend Cuthbert Moore at seven o’clock, Wednesday night on 8th August 2007. Together, we can all keep Barbados clean!


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A Hope And A Prayer For Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons

Sometimes the Nation newspaper sends out a message that we love to hear. We want to commend the Nation and its editors for their foresight and care for the future of our country. Henry Fraser’s recent piece in the Nation says it best. Mr. Fraser recalls the keynote address by the Reverend, Honourable Joseph Atherley at the UNESCO Heritage Conference in Barbados a year ago.

There are many economic gains to be had from the restoration of heritage sites across Barbados.

The Honourable Reverend Atherley has hit the nail on the head! Minister – please bring the power of your office to bear, and help stop the desecration and demolition of our country. We must not lose our creative creole culture for a messy mix of Disneyland and Waterpark!

This country and our children deserve better.

Chief Justice Returns From Environmental Law Conference

So now we look forward to the report on the conference which our illustrious Chief Justice, David Simmons, attended last week in the Caymans. We reported here that he was attending the Ritz-Carlton in the Cayman Islands for the eighth annual Caribbean Heads of Judiciary Conference. The theme of the conference was “The Role of the Judiciary in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development”.

The issues and ideas raised at that event are of great importance here in Barbados. With our churches and libraries in disrepair or worse, with waterparks and condo developments threatening the natural heritage and beauty which the Good Lord bestowed on us we look to leaders like David Simmons to show us the way.

The position of Chief Justice is the pulpit from which the message must go forth.

The Honourable Reverend Atherley has shown us the way but he is beholden to his political masters and the upcoming election. As Chief Justice, Barbados Citizen David Simmons is – should be – free of all that political interference.

Chief Justice Simmons has the power, position, and respect to make things happen. He is independent. He is not running for office. He has been appointed for life. He can tell the country like it is. He can be firm with politicians of all stripes that they all should heed the message that Barbados cannot go on as it has in the past.

The Chief Justice can freely say that Barbados needs new laws and it needs to allocate money to enforce them. A budgetary allocation must be made to deputize enforcement officers, lay charges if necessary, and bring the people who would wreck our environment before the courts where the Chief Justice and his judges will apply the law.

Chief Justice Simmons, we hope and pray that you will be bold and fearless. Barbados needs you now before it is too late.


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