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Saturday or Sunday Sabbath?

This Week, Auntie Moses Dragged The Entire BFP Staff Off To Church On Saturday

I’m a Sunday Sabbath person. So is Robert. Cliverton is a (fallen) Saturday Sabbeth while Shona was raised by Auntie Moses since she was three years old and that tells you everything you need to know about her.

George? We’re not quite sure but we think he used to attend church at Our Lady Of The Single Malt – and every day is the Sabbeth for that religion!

It has been a terrible week for tragedy in Barbados so as the matriarch of the family Auntie Moses decided that everybody – and that means everybody – would go to church this week without fail. When she gets like this it is no use to even try to argue or sneak away.

Robert and I just say “Yes, Auntie”, go to prayers and then with luck we can be cracking some cold Banks by 10pm or so.

More than a few times, I’ve tried to argue the Sunday vs. Saturday Sabbath thing with Auntie Moses – but to no avail. I suspect that God is happy to see me whether on Saturday or Sunday but Auntie has very set thoughts about the issue. She doesn’t even like to see anyone post on BFP from Friday evening to Saturday sundown, but as I tell her – that’s her problem.

BFP has been a little shy of postings for the past two days because we’ve been spending some time together as a family – and we’re been helping out some other folks who were more personally touched by the this week’s events.

I still think that God doesn’t really care whether I come to see him on Saturday or Sunday, but again, Auntie Moses says that HE has been quite clear on the point.

What do you think, folks? Should we be going to church on Saturday or Sunday?


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Barbados Crop-Over Tragedies – Global Voices Looks At Bloggers’ Accounts

Janine Mendes-Franco at Global Voices has compiled a dozen or so links to bloggers who wrote about the terrible Barbados bus crash that took six lives and the second crash a few days later that claimed four.

Global Voices: Barbados Crop Over Marred By Crashes

If you haven’t looked at Global Voices, you should drop by and see what they are doing. Founded by Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center, Global Voices is one of the largest and most respected blog aggregation sites.

At Global Voices, you can see what news and happenings are important to citizens around the world – as opposed to what the mainstream media tells us is important.

About Global Voices


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