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Barbados Prime Minister Holds His Tongue About Slavery, Torture, Imprisonment, Forced Abortions Of Chinese Christians

UPDATED: August 1, 2010 – Emancipation Day

Unlike Minister of Culture Steve Blackett who suggested that we mark Emancipation Day with drinking, dancing and wuking up, I refuse to “celebrate” Emancipation Day.

Instead of a celebration, I consider our family history and our country’s journey. I honour those who first made the day happen in 1834 and I honour those who continue the battle today to free the millions of slaves still in bondage.

With that in mind, we’re republishing an article written shortly after Emancipation Day in 2007.

The article is all true, my friends. You can choose to ignore China’s slave camps or to consider them on this Emancipation Day. Either way it won’t change the truth that China still maintains the world’s largest network of slave camps. And just like the slaves of Barbados, the slaves of China are an integral part of its economy.

Please think of your brothers and sisters in China on this Emancipation Day. FREE THE SLAVES Continue reading


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Let’s See The Certificates For The Chinese Workers At The Four Seasons Project!

Barbados Workers Rejected For Lack Of Trade Papers While Chinese Were Hired Without Even A Work Visa!

From the Nation News…

The BWU and Cinnamon 88 – the developers of the (Four Seasons) resort – are locked in a verbal battle with General Secretary Sir Roy Trotman who was upset after more than 60 workers were told they needed certificates in order to work on the plush upscale hotel.

Sir Roy said on Monday between 60 and 75 workers, some of whom were reapplying for work after they had been rejected or had heard nothing about their application, turned up on the construction site.

“It is true that certificates will one day be issued to skilled construction and other workers. But those will be issued based on demonstrated capacity on the actual job. It is untrue and everyone knows it – to say that locals and Caribbean citizens have not been applying for jobs at Black Rock.

“Let us stop playing games with the livelihood of Barbadian and other West Indians as it relates to the Four Seasons Hotel matter. It clearly suits some people to pretend that there is no local or regional labour. We have to ask who, whom will they choose instead, and why?” queried the union boss in a statement.

… read the full article at The Nation News (link here)

Barbados Government Should Be Honest About Those Chinese Side-Deals

For the past three years Barbados Government officials from the Prime Minister on down have been spending an increasing amount of time traveling to and from Communist China. If it isn’t a conference, then its a State Visit or a “courtesy call”. Meanwhile, Chinese companies and imported workers are beginning to pop up everywhere in Barbados. Even the night before our last “Independence” celebration, imported Chinese workers were pouring concrete where the Prime Minister was to speak.

High symbolism in that act, you know.

Our government has obviously made some agreements with the Chinese, but Bajans are still in the dark as to what has been promised and agreed to by whom.

Nothin be free, my friends.

What is happening at the Four Seasons with imported Chinese workers and the denial of jobs to qualified Bajans is merely part of the agreements that the bankrupt Barbados Government reached with the Chinese… because the treasury is empty and the Prime Minister and his gang must now rely upon foreign “charity” to keep us afloat.

But there is no “charity” from foreign countries – there is tit for tat and everything has a price.

The Four Seasons Project is just part of that price.


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