UPDATED: Banks Calender Girl Controversy A Slippery Situation


UPDATED: Cheese On Bread blog Angry At The Women…

“Now, I ain’t no Banks Breweries apologist, ’cause that whole Banks Calendar thing is just soft porn erotica if you ask me. My major beef is with stupid-as-hell women who keep letting down the gender. I get so blue vex when I see women allowing themselves to be placed in compromising situations.

And this latest scene is just the straw that broke the camel’s back. When I see young girls parading around in what looks like their underwear at parties and on the streets I feel like smacking the black off them. Our ancestral women, black white or yellow, didn’t fight for equality of the sexes so that today’s females could make exhibitions of themselves. It’s hard for women to gain the respect of men as it is, so when they go around acting like hos they’re making things hard for all of us.”

… read the entire article at Cheese On Bread blog Chocolate Madness 

We agree with Cheese On Bread’s writer Bajegirl that generations of women who fought for their rights would be appalled at where the “womens’ rights” movement has taken women and society. David from Barbados Underground has a different take on the story…

“So many Barbadians appear to be captivated by the story. How could they fire the girl for doing something that would bring so much publicity to who and what she is __a Banks Calender Girl!”

…. from the Barbados Underground article Banks Brewery Tells Calendar Girl 2007, You Are Fired!

But In The End, The Men Of BFP Are Only Men Ya Know…

And while we wouldn’t bring any of these girls home to meet Auntie Moses, we might be extremely interested in the business aspects of this story…


Our friends over at Barbados Underground have come up with a few photos that they have published in their business section – so discerning Bajan readers can be more fully informed of this important business story.

Apparently David over at Barbados Underground lacks any software that would enable him to crop the photos for modesty as we have done.

Remember… it’s a business story about Banks Brewery, OK? 😉

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32 responses to “UPDATED: Banks Calender Girl Controversy A Slippery Situation

  1. Hants

    This young lady could have worn a Bikini (with a top) and probably not have been fired.

    However Banks advertising does border on pornography in order to sell beer but they did not cross the line……..Yet.

  2. Anonymous


    A few years back one of the girls was wearing only a towel and all her back and the crack of her ass was exposed. I not crying her down I just wondering when it becomes porn?

  3. lisalight

    Don’t ya just loveeeeee chocolate.

    From one chocoholic to another you go girl, I would love to party like that, a little sweet exhibition never hurt no one, to besides all the doctors agree that chocolate is good for you, lol

    What’s up with Banks? When half her butt was out on the calender it was all well and good, and there was nothing covering her butt, and that was art but now her boobies are covered and I stress the term “covered” in chocolate it is seen as porn?

    Or is it a case of “brown” envy, maybe banks is jealous of the rich colour of the chocolate. ha ha ha.

    Bajans it’s 2007 embrace your sexuality. She is the smartest Banks calender girl of the lot, she got a hefty payout$$$$ and she does not have to do one ‘lick’ of work for it for the rest of the year.

    I’m going to have to try that chocolate thing with my boyfriend,lol

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    Does either Neal & Massy or ANSA McAL have a company that makes chocolate?

    Just asking!

  5. Anonymous

    Porn is when pink bits start to show.
    anything less is Bajan prudishness coming to the fore.

    We’re very old fashioned you know..
    We’re also terribly judgemental, conscious of our National Image, and hypocritical,too.

    Screw who you like, just don’t air it about.

  6. Hants

    Let’s be clear. Banks uses sex to sell beer.

    However, Barbadian society is not ready for chocolate covered breasts so the young lady made a “tactical mistake by not wearing a bikini top.”

    I hope she has success in the future as a model or video girl.

    Banks is still my favorite beer.

  7. Starrr

    I just find this entire issue hilarious. As a young female I really have to say I think that Saskia went overboard with the whole topless act and that is entirely from a personal perspective. Banks’ role in the drama is what I find hilarious. You’re telling me that when you look for a calendar girl and you ask how far she would be willing to go in terms of exposure and display that exposure islandwide in various bars that you are not promoting the same thing as Powerx4? I want to agree with lisalight on the point that when her buttocks was the subject of many inquiring and sexual desires it was no problem. Why should it be, it is selling your beer. All I’m saying is that yearly you “use” women to promote your beverage via their sexy bodies and until I see a calendar girl in something more that a bikini, makeup, weave and jewellery, then you are guilty of being hypocritical. Probably if she was bathing in banks it may not have led to her being fired! Just check your stance.

  8. dahfuhlickyuh

    Guys lets get the facts correct…she is the banks calender girl for 2007, this is true BUT at this event she was doing her private work…for Chetwyn…this event is not sponsored by Banks!!!!
    which is why she ended up being fired.

  9. Anonymous

    Banks is a px4 sponsor tho……next reason

  10. Jay

    I know the girl in question quite well. Her reputation precedes her. When we were in college she was sleeping with one of her lecturers. When administration caught wind of it, she dropped out and came back a year later.

    She’s quite the rang-a-tang if you ask me. Maybe she’ll make more money down Bay St.

  11. Straight talk

    She may certainly make more money than you prostituting yourself shamelessly on Roebuck Street.

    If you can’t say anything nice, STFU.

  12. Justasking

    August 14th, 2007 at 9:36 pm
    I know the girl in question quite well. Her reputation precedes her. When we were in college she was sleeping with one of her lecturers. When administration caught wind of it, she dropped out and came back a year later.

    She’s quite the rang-a-tang if you ask me. Maybe she’ll make more money down Bay St.
    Jay, I would have thought the lecturer would have been fired rather than the young lady having to drop out. Well, that is what would have happened in one of the so called “first world countries” that we are supposed ot be emulating. Guess we have not arrived yet.

  13. Hants

    Jay . The lecturer is quite the rang-a-tang if you are not lying.

    Once again we hear about an adult bajan male who does not understand that he is in a position of authority and should leave his subordinates alone.

    BFP what do you think of a Lecturer who “does” his students?

  14. Warrior

    Aside from being overboard, how hygienic could it be to eat chocolate that someone is sitting in.

    I would ask several questions before I dip anything that I am going to put in my stomache in something that someone is sitting in. What if she had Broccoli or cauliflower before she came there, where did she sit before she sat in that chocolate and a whole host of others questions.

    Contrary to popular belief, men do not have stomaches like goats.


  15. Straight talk

    Quite a dilemma here, BFP.

    Defend Lady Saskia’s honour or promote Jay, the BLP mouthpiece.

    Scandal or integrity, which is it to be?

    Your call.

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  17. Hants

    Straight talk there is no dilemma.I will help out BFP.

    Straight up, older men in positions of authority should not exploit their subordinates.

    Jay is a Carp.

    We do not need to know more about this young lady. She exhibited poor judgement from a Business point of view and will have to deal with the consequences.

  18. Citizen First

    Looking at the pictures causes me to realise that it has been awhile since I last attended any fetes! What’s with the chocolate covered girl…isn’t it rather unhygenic? Anyway I suspect that this is a taste (pun intended) of things to come in public entertainment.

    Crop Over it’s more than a carnival, it’s an orgy!

  19. Jay

    listen to me, when we were at BCC in 2005, she was sleeping with one of her lecturers who’s first name is Ryan, the administration said that the two couldn’t be there and be together so she dropped out so they could stay together.

    true love story if you ask me.

  20. Rumplestilskin

    Oh, so this ‘Ryan’ was just copying Bellhouse at Queen’s College then?

    How about the ‘older’ minbus men that prey on young girls, no holds barred?

    And we think ‘allegedly’ that Roy Morris has a problem, get real, its a societal problem.

    How about older women that prey on girls??????


  21. Rumplestilskin

    Whatever happened to that Bellhouse incident a couple years back?

  22. D'Arts

    Who cares about being hygenic when its SEXY TIME!!1!!….

  23. Bajan Touchstone

    If some of the women of this country would stop being willing participants in their own downpression and objectification, then we could be in a better place as a nation. In the same vein, Banks hired her to be a walking and photographed sex object, a pr tool for the sale of beer, and they got exactly what they paid for!

    That said, if she signed a contract to promote Banks exclusively for the 2007 calendar year, and she is photographed at the PX4 event topless and covered in chocolate, then Banks within their rights to fire her.

    I remember the article saying that she had been cautioned before, is anyone aware of what other actions she had previously been cautioned about by Banks?

    I will die wid my dignity


  24. Big Mouth

    She lacking morals and sense…. And she does have a “bad” reputation. I would never want any of that chocolate…. Goodness knows if she bathed properly and how much dead skin cells flaked off….

  25. Stip clubs are the normal program here help by the head of the head of the local FBI

    Why complain about this when the former head of the local FBI a woman named Sue Chainer use to sleep with a guy named Jean and gave him a merecedes sports car for services rendered and set him up in the strip club business that now imports women from all over the world to provide services for clients in the central police station area poco something.
    Why worry about such minor stuff when the real painful stuff goes un noticed by the authorties like the police is it because of her connections that these things are allowed to ride sadly it seems this way power for glory.

  26. Anonymous

    wuanah realll scandalous on this blog!

  27. DONQ

    interesting splay on ideas… fact remain that if she did something ontoward that Banks held as unholy to protray their image, then they have a right to fire her. Did they set her parameters and make them very clear? Carte blanche is a wicked thing if not nipped in the bud (pardon the pun). I agree as above.. half ya ass out in one instance for every mechanic workshop, rum shop and supermarket for public display is tasteful and good PR marketing, but being dipped in chocolate, for whoever chooses to consume its pooped or peed-in content… is naughty.
    This is Barbados all over tho… DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!!!!!! who sets the paradigms of proper – and then who denounces them… usually the same choir.
    If however chickie in question intends to have some kind of solid reputation in the business world other than that of slag.. then she should pick up her own slack…but on a personal moral note, not for that of a corporate image! Girl..get some pride and respect in yourself.

  28. Wishing in Vain

    wuanah realll scandalous on this blog!
    No more real and true than you would ever guess.

  29. Big Mouth

    I would not equate exposing half of one’s a$$ with exposing breasts. When you go to the beach, you would more likely see black women wearing thongs than going topless…..

  30. Wishing in Vain

    Stip clubs are the normal program here help by the head of the head of the local FBI
    This I have to agree with you on, I do not know the woman but I hace seen him out with am older white woman from time to time.

  31. Starrr

    am “dafuhlickyuh”…your point is irrelevant with all due respect. Saskia has been involved in many promotions prior to “Eye Candy”. Once it is okayed by the brand manager then the girls are allowed to do other promotions. I would know seeing as my very good friend was a calendar girl. Although they are promoting the brand for the year they still carry on other promotion as long as there is no conflict i.e Heinekin/Guiness/Red Stripe. Seeing as this promotion was okayed by the brand man. then the real issue IS her topless act. Whether or not we agree with it morally, a brand which is know for the sexual innuendos presented in their marketing is hypocritical to fire Ms. Griffith. Plus she made it clear that she was never informed that doing extra promotions would be a problem.
    Jay…there is no need to scandal the girl’s name on this blog. Making this personal has nothing to do with the issue at hand. WE ALL HAVE DEEP DARK SECRETS. This is all to do with hypocrisy!

  32. de gap

    “Of Chocolate, sex, a fluent moral rectitude, and chick hate”

    Ms Griffith has nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for. She’s an adult performing at a pX4 event for adults. Where is the moral indignation for the hardback men who splurge nuff Sir Grantley’s on this kind of entertainment? Where is the moral indignation for the diseased male prostitutes or “rent-a-dreds” who sleep with old white tourists and the governments who have encouraged this scourge in the name of the tourist product? Where is the moral indignation for the thousands of revelers who simulate doggy style sex every crop over? Gone are the days of a sweet wuk up. The aforementioned are the sluts not Ms Griffith.