Roy Morris Told To Resign From The Nation News ! ?

“The Board of the Nation met yesterday and asked the Associate managing Editor to resign following a report by a 16 year old (female)…”

So begins one of the four emails we have received from four different IP numbers in the last few hours.

The emails go on to talk about a police investigation and cover-up. Instructions to police officers from higher ups to ignore the complaint of the young lady.

What is the truth?

Folks… all we have is four emails – apparently from four different sources judging by the language and details.

Is it a set-up to discredit the Barbados Free Press? Is it the truth? Is it a partial truth?

Whatever the story, you can bet that we won’t read what really happened in tomorrow’s Nation News!

Mr. Morris… what’s the story?


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80 responses to “Roy Morris Told To Resign From The Nation News ! ?

  1. akabozik

    I heard the same. I won’t go into the details that you probably heard. Rumour but there is a lot of smoke around it.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Lets hear more !!!
    Just when he was freeing up the nation news with some of his writings he is given his marching orders??

  3. Sweet One

    After all the smoke clears will we be told the truth? Supposedly the story is true, will Free Press run same and let us know?

    There are many young persons who look up to Mr Morris and especially his writing style and his aim to always bring both sides to a story. Let us have the truth.

    PS: Understand he is currently overseas – why did he run away?

  4. Wishing in Vain

    We will await your further news on this news item and the so to the news of the scam taking place at the board of tourism in the London office with regard to Petra Roach and her partner conning the taxpayers, this to deserves yours and our attention.

  5. reality check

    Mr Morris to my mind is one of the better and more honest journalists in Barbados.

    Surely he has earned and deserves some respect before we lynch him in a court of public opinion?

    It is healthy to be skeptical of any of these charges with so much control of the local press by so few who may have another agenda.

    Lets start with who is on the Board and was he fired?

  6. Mr. Know it

    It is amazing that people think they know people from just their writings or seeing them on TV. Go and talk privately to the workers at the Nation and they will tell you about the payout the company had to make in 1998 or 1999 after a similar situation. Let them talk to Harold Hoyte who knows about this first situation and who quelled the whole situation; Harold is so disgusted about this present situation that he doesn’t know what to say. Let them talk to a number of female interms who have passed through that place who had to endure his behaviour. Let them ask why he was originally denied a gun permit and who sanctioned it after he appealed the original ruling.
    You people don’t know the man – who has always been self righteous but in private it’s another story. In fact let them talk to his wife, if she is prepared to talk and not cover up for him, and she would give a litany. What is so shameful his behaviour takes place right under her eyes since she also works at the Nation – no respect for her. On many occasions Harold had to console her after one of his episodes led to her breaking down (she used to be Harold’s secretary). Don’t just judge him by his writing walk in his shoes and you all would be disgusted.

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  8. Wishing in Vain

    Mr. Know it so what is the charge here?

  9. Mr. Know it

    Do you have daughters? Just do the maths.

  10. Wishing in Vain

    Disgusting indeed.

  11. crossroads

    oh dear, oh dear………….my thoughts runneth

  12. unrighteous

    All you self-righteous people are something else. The girl is at the age of consent. Who is to say she did not willingly consent to the act? I am not saying that Mr. Morris is not to blame but don’t put all the blame on him, the girl is also at fault. And yes, he cheated on his wife, but infedility is no crime, at least not by law. Ask the thousands of us who cheat on our partners daily. As for asking him to resign, come on please. Is his work lacking in anyway? What people do in their private life is their business, and should not affect their work life. Please let the man alone!

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  14. One surmises that sexual harrassment of a junior staff member by a senior staff member may be involved here. i.e. taking advantage of rank.

    If that is the case, whether the intern (shades of Monica Lowinsky?) is over the age of consent or not, does not matter. Sexual harrassment is a big risk to take in any workplace these days.

    Even the good guys have to pay the penalty.

  15. God Bless David (Not Thompson or Commissiong!)

    Roy Morris? Who the devil would have expected better? All he ever wrote about were minibuses and ZR vans…gimme a break…good riddance to bad rubbish.

  16. Mr. Know it

    Thank you naive. Some people , such as unrighteos, just don’t get it. Yes the girl is at the age of consent. I for sure would not kill someone for cheating on their wife. But here is a guy who approaches any young intern and embarrasses his wife who works in the same building. Harrass them also. But you talk about selfrighteous, this is a guy who has reprimanded reporters for cursing. This is a guy who scoffs at adults who drink. Just read his column from July 3 which condemned consenting teenagers. Yes it might be bothersome, but the teenagers are consenting. In his cases …. I don’t know if there is that … hmmmph. Just read the July 3 article. He castigated these young men who have sex with girls under 18. This intern was 16. Imagine he has a daughter who is 14. And you call me selfrighteous. Guess who is selfrighteous. As I said before just check his antecedents. Didn’t you get it that the company had paid out $15,000 before. Do you think the Nation would pay out money if there wasn’t strength to an accusation. Please speak to the Nation staff if you know any. So don’t talk about selfrighteous.



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  19. reality check

    continual sexual harassment in the office place particularly by a senior editor with younger office staff is an abuse of power. If its true and not a trumped charge, then dismissal is in order.

    Unfortuneately, this type of behaviour is all too typical of what is accepted in Barbados.

  20. Mr Balance

    This is unfortunate, in a number of ways. For one, Mr. Morris was a superb administrator, and made a significant contribution to journalism during his 28 year stint at the Nation.
    Secondly, it is quite obvious the man does have a problem, and needs psychological counselling.

    Now, the real issue, is one of morality and consciousness. The young woman involved is of a consensual age, so therefore a crime has not been committed, once we are in receipt of the true facts surrounding the incident.

    What is unfortunate, is that Mr. Morris clearly used his managerial status as a weapon, to entice the girl in his direction, and that’s where morality becomes an issue.
    Having sex, or even cheating is not a crime. It is commonplace in the world we live in, but the question must be asked about what kind of conscience Mr. Morris has, when he can entice a teenage girl, and take her from his place of employment, a place where his wife also works.

    Now that’s just dumb, but shows he does have a problem which can only be healed through counselling. Even if the girl has fallen for him, he cold have arranged a meeting, and not drive her away from his place of employment.

    And let’s not forget that the company had to intervene in a similar case before.

    Mr. Morris does have plenty to offer to journalism, but clearly needs help.

    The main question is, does the company forgive him after two horrible and embarrassing moments, fire him because he’s become a liability to their corporate image, or punish him severely (again) and let him remain in their system but away from the public eye.

    The company’s board does have a right to protect the shareholders from embarrasing things like this, but the catch 22 is they could lose one of the best in the business in the process. From all reports, Mr. Morris was easily the company’s best administrator, even better than his boss Roxanne Gibbs, and is respected and loved by most members of the company’s editorial department, which he manages.

    So, new CEO Vivian-Ann Gittens has her first massive test. Let’s see how she handles this one, having been known to be a superb manager as well.

    The next few weeks will be interesting!!!!


    Listen to me you all negative people….. we are going to kill Roy for what!!!! she give the damm man consent ease off of him. What about all the darn politicans who use, abuse and screw all ages of females and males from 15 to the elderly for social favours, employment, house repairs, money, food and I can go on and on…. 16 is the darn age of consent in Barbados leave the man alone and his job. The Guyaneses come here and do as they please so what!!! The PM say leave them so leave Roy!!!!

  22. Bajan Yankee

    I an miles away from Bim, but very realiable sources have assured me that the young lady in question was not an intern at the Nation and was in not at all connected to the company.

  23. Listen up!!!!

    Who know the darn truth…. Were you there at the scene….. how do we all know this is true…. we bajans like to take information and travel with it, with out any truth, if we dont stop it we will soon see what will happen to us all….when we think we have some one down to nothing the good Lord have that person up to a good something….study it ….

  24. Rumplestilskin

    I think people should refrain from running wild with a story which could destroy someone’s reputation, whether founded or unfounded.

    Without knowing the facts, people comment on others, wholeheartedly and as if they know the people personally, the incident in detail and exactly what, if anything, went wrong.

    If an incident did occur, it is for the people themselves, himself, his wife, the girl in question to resolve. If it involved work status, the employer also has the need to intervene. If by any chance, the girl was underage, then her parents and the Police also would be involved.

    But to speculate wildly can only work to destroy the reputations of all unjustly.

    We here who comment on matters of national responsibility do so with vested interest as a right, with the facts clearly to be seen and with parties (Government and Opposition) who have morally or legislatively ‘contracted’ t0 be so involved.

    This is different.

    I have seen and still see people, not just Bajan, who run away with someone’s personality or character without having the faintest clue of who they really are.



  25. cat eyes

    I have mixed feelings on this whole issue. I feel sorry for his wife and family, yet I do feel he deserves what he gets. What the defenders and protectors of Roy must realise is that the lack of sympathy from some is evoked because Roy has had his fair share of a “piece” of many people in this society. He has been callous in his condemnation and not more than a little self-righteous in defending the hurtful features he has been instrumental in constructing where certains sectors of society and certain persons are concerned. He has reminded many that they need to be able to accept criticism etc. Well it is his turn now, and it is not pleasant. That’s life. I believe that he, and some of those gloating and relishing in his nasty comeuppance should remember that “…there but for the grace of God go I.”

  26. cat eyes

    It is also obvious that he needs help, and he should be the first to recognise this and seek it. But sometimes those of us who are quick to condemn, pontificate, moralise and judge, as he was, just don’t take time to wipe the stuff out our own eyes.

  27. Red Lake Lassie

    Mr. Morris must know about this article by now. If those emails were totally false I expect he would have said something by now or the Nation would have said something by now.

    Every day that Morris or the newspaper don’t say something looks bad for Morris.

    Too bad for all and I mean that. I liked his writing.

  28. No-name

    I agree with you….nobody on this blog has produced any evidence and yet people have found Roy guilty. Wait until you know the facts..
    What happens if this turns out to be just a sick joke….

  29. It would be nice to first get the full story before running with the rumors and innuendo’s

  30. Yardbroom

    Your comments are not only pertinent, but display an incisiveness to this matter which is welcomed.

  31. paul sealy

    Wuhloss Ronnie let a likkle poom poom cause him his career ..oh well..

  32. Concerned Female

    As a female who has followed and enjoyed Roy’s writing but has also known of his exploits I am saddened for him but disgusted at those who have no sympathy for the young lady involved. It is really a man’s world. Those people who talk about a lack of evidence have not addressed his past which has been covered up by the bosses at the Nation.
    However, a day has past now and I think Barbados Free Press would have done its investigations and it needs to write a proper story.
    People want facts.and investigation.
    BFP story should talk about when the incident is alleged to have occurred – last wednesday night.
    The venue – Miami Beach.
    His three days in hiding since last Thursday only to resurface on Sunday. Why did he borrowed the president’s car and left his jeep in the nation yard so as to proceed to his hiding place. What did he have to hide when the police were looking for him only to interview him?
    Why was the president involved to the point where she knew where he was hiding and only took the wife to see him. Why didn’t she take the police to the safe house to question him, particularly since the Nation believes in fair play.
    BFP needs to tell us how much money was paid to the family of the girl. Was it more than the other matter?
    BP needs to interview the mother, step father and father of the girl. Up to saturday both men were fuming and wanted Roy’s head.
    BFP needs to interview Barbados’ greatest crime sleuth and ask him why was he dispatched with a mission to senior police officers and who gave him the order.
    BFP needs to talk to officers at Oistins and ask if during the incident as reported by the girl a (the license) gun was involved.
    BFP need to ask the officers why did they tell Slinger to ask Roy for his gun.
    BFP should live up to its name and give us the facts.
    People should have sympathy also for those females who have suffered in the past and stop behaving as though this man has been so badly wronged that those who raise queries are crucifying him. This is not an isolated incident and yes he definitely needs help. I will pray earnestly for him since I liked his writing style and enjoyed his articles.

  33. crossroads

    Innocent until proven guilty

  34. passin thru

    Innocent til proven guilty it should be. Until we hear rumours of police not doing their job.

    Red Lake Lassie is right to say this story has been read by now by the Nation peoples and Morris.

    I call The Nation yesterday and ask if Roy still working there. The girl say “I don’t know” an put me on hold forever.

    Try it yourselfs.

  35. Whatever

    This one will cost $50,000

  36. Sweet One

    Concerned Female was very conscientious in her writing and raised some very telling issues. While we all love Roy’s writing style, right is right and wrong is wrong. I believe that by now BFP should have a detailed story. They can do it true Roy Morris style – if it is correct stick by it and if it is not – say sorry. No one wants any of the involved to be guilty – and one must consider the young lady and what she must be going through – although a “victim”, unfortunately she must now prove that she is such.

    The correct thing I believe is to pray for them all. The world we live in today is becoming more and more sick.

  37. Farmer



  38. unrighteous

    Well, well, with the information some of you have written, maybe each one of you can write the full story as some of you seem to have all of the facts (or at least think you do).

    I am just bothered by the fact that he was asked to resign without being proven guilty by a court of law. Does that mean that if I, as an employee, am accused (albeit wrongfully) in a personal matter, that management can simply ask me to pack up my things and go! Where is the justice in that? Anyone can say anything at anytime, and we just seek to believe it and condemn the person without any facts. I thought the Nation was mandated to seek the facts first as a reputable media company. This is totally unjust!

    And don’t even talk about morals, because if he was accused of having sex with a 30-year-old would it have caused such a stir? Of course not! All that would have happened in that instance is people would say “Wait you hear about Roy and so-and-so?” No-one would have ever considered taking it this far.

    All I hope is that this is no sick ploy from the girl or her parents to swindle money out of Roy because of the position he holds at the Nation. Because if it is revealed that it is, there could be some suing going on.

    Heaven forbid if someone had indeed raped my child, no amount of money would appease me. I would drag that alleged rapist to court, publicity or not, and see that full justice is served. Doesn’t that in itself say something to you? What the hell can a measley $50,000 do? Can’t even last as long as a sno-cone.

    Hopefully, one day the truth will be revealed. In the mean time, I sympathise with Roy and his family, all of whom cannot be going through an easy time right now.

    And as for Mr. Know it, you seem to know so much (as your name indicates) and have so much sympathy for his wife, but don’t you realise that his wife has stuck by him through thick or thin, over the years, through all his indiscretions? You are there feeling for her but guess what, she doesnt want or need your pity. She is a strong woman who is in there for the long haul, for better or for worse.

  39. Shylock

    Unrighteous you don’t seem to get it. No company parts with a senior member of management – who has been a part of its decision making process -without its own internal investigation. Remember Patrick Gollop?
    It does not have to go to the law courts. Sometimes it is better that it does not go to the law courts. Mr. Morris could attest to this since as a senior manager I’m sure he would have presided over situations where accusations were made against staff and after internal investigations he had to make a decision to let the person go.
    Don’t forget that the president has supported him through all this, so it would not be an easy or lighthearted decision to part company with him as a senior manager. Also remember that Harold Hoyte is a member of the board. It is undeerstood that he is not going home empty handed he will be paid severance for his years.

    Indeed you don’t get it. If a 30 year old female had made a report to the police it would have been the same thing. The issue here is not one of having sex with a female. If you read between the lines a female does not go to the police station and say that I had sex with John Brown or John Brown had sex with me. You and the readers know in what circumstances they go to the police station.
    I agree with you about how far 50,000 can go but you know to some people that’s a lot of money.
    With regards the wife I’m sure you have met women who have reluctantly stuck with their men for better or worse so as to save face but at some time they say enpough is enough.

  40. passin thru

    Nothing in The Nation’s website yet. They MUST know this article is here and nothing. No response to the allagations.

  41. I had to smile when I first heard this story and just simply asked myself, “Again?” When will Roy Morris stop? Oh please, it’s not the first time an incident such as this has occurred!!! It amazes me that people in Barbados look up to the Roy Morris(es) of this world and don’t have a clue what it it they’re admiring.
    Furthermore, with regard to his journalistic skills, I give him kudos for his investigative abilities. However, as a writer, he is merely ordinary.
    I’ll just send out a prayer to the victim, her family, The Nation family, and God knows Morris needs it! As for his wife, how many of you know she’s also a manager at The Nation? She’s totally cognisant of many of his similar deeds, but choses to be upset with the victims, instead of her hubby. I’ll simply surmise, let’s all pray for all of the above.

  42. unapologetic

    Why do parents accept money from persons who either admit to/or do not deny sexual misconduct towards their children? How do they spend it and sleep? That is disgusting.

    Unrighteous: the respectable Law Courts are neither omnipresent nor infallible, you should find someone more worthy to put your faith in.

  43. Anonymous

    A good man with good skills…should overcome your weakness dude.

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  45. Radiance

    Gossip rag.

  46. Littleboy

    No man who assaults a woman sexually can be called GOOD. And if Roy is guilty he falls into that “NO- GOOD” bracket!!! However, I think we need some facts regarding the accusations.

    Roy spent many a day searching for transparency in government, and recently two of his exposes were on alleged strong-arm tactics of the police and immoral behaviour of school children.

    The police should NOW show the transparency that Roy requested and clear his name or arrest him.

  47. Destroyed female

    Well people like unrighteous should read the Barbdos Underground story on the matter which verifies what the informed bloggers here were saying all along.
    I am shocked that BU and by extension BFP thinks that it has to protect Roy Morris, who has fearlessly pursued people in public.
    Well the lowdown is that he is definitely parting with the company. This was announced to staff on Tuesday by the President. But to think that he will be rewarded with a consultancy. Since he is still telling colleagues or now former colleagues that he has done nothing wrong it means that there is no remorse.
    The Barbados Underground blames his colleagues who observed his behaviour without doing anything. Don’t blame his colleagues. After the incident with the former reported who now lives overseas he was supposed to get counseliing – but as one of the top managers, who would have reprimanded him for not going. What should have been the penalty for not attending counselling?
    I think he should have at least beeen arrested and then do like many others, try to negotiate a the same $50,000 settlement. So he is not arrested. There is no record and he is left to do it again. There is no justice in these countries where power, such as what Mr. Morris has amassed, serves to protech them from prosecution.
    Remember his fearless journalism was responsible for the rightful firing of arrogant George Payne and not so arrogant Rommel Marshall. The funny thing is that he was just as arrogant as Payne and no one could tell him anything.
    Yes littleboy, he recently did an expose of immoral behaviour amonst school children, at least they were consenting school children whose maturing bodies led them to search and experiment. The same could not be said of him.
    He needs to be exposed for the hypocrite he was, like Jimmy Swaggart et al.
    Given the nature of the girl’s report the police should atleast revoke his gun licence.

  48. The Blackpearl

    “It only takes a spark to get a fire going” . Man Bajans just love gossip, we are so quick to condemn someone, but when you think of it, how many sins have we ourselves committed, whether it be against a child, a friend, a co-worker, a family member. How many lies have we told to get out of a situation? HUMANS are we, only GOD is perfect, worry about your own mistakes. We will gripe about Roy til the cows come home bit how many of our families sell drugs, are alcoholics, chid and women abusers ………… sin is sin no matter what form it comes in…… go figure. “Happiness is a state of MINE”

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  50. buiz

    Given the rumors and stories that i’m sure all us might have heard, it begs the question, “which one is true?”, also it is my opinion that mr morris is a well respected man in society and at some time some of them do silly things, but it would not be fair to deny mr morris that right which he is entitled, that every man is innocent until proven guilty.

  51. Anonymous

    “every man is innocent until proven guilty.” says buiz.

    I agree, except that on this rock for some special people we don’t have a trial. We don’t arrest, charge or investigate them special people.

    Three days of silence from the authorities and from the Nation and from Roy Morris.

    Looks like a “no investigation, charges, or trial necessary” type of resolution.

  52. Littleboy

    “For the cause that needs assistance, against the wrongs that need resistance, for the futuer in the distance…”.
    maybe the Nation can take something from this Advocate slogan.
    Nation News of Wednesday 25th July lists Roy R Morris as Managing Editor. No such listing is carried on 26th and 27th. I am therefore left to assume that Morris is no longer in that position.
    The Nation, as a national institution of repute, owes it to its readers to give some information with regards to the filling or redundancy of said position.
    If I do not see some info by Sunday 29th, I will assume that they are enjoined in some form of attempt to conceal information from the public, and put them in the same category as the Advocate. I will also stop buying their papers.
    Anyone care to join me?
    I repeat; the police have a job to do. If Morris has a charge to answer, CHARGE HIM!!!
    Too many influential people get away with law-breaking while the “plebs” are subjugated.
    If the story of “Mr Sacred” offering to pay out $50,000.00 is true, then he too should be charged for attemptung to obstruct the course of justice…but it would take a miracle…
    Our only hope is RETRIBUTION!!!

  53. debajancutie

    If there is an issue at hand to be dealt with, then we should examine the picture from all sides. In this case the picture have three (3) sides. His side, her side and the truth. Before we point fingers cast blame and condemn, we should ask questions that would give us answers. The use of the word NO.. was it screamed, mentioned or even emphasised. If so at what stage was the “NO” mentioned. Was there a meeting of the minds to agree on a common location which would have led to a consensual act? Some how I believe so. Many questions can be derived from the few that I have asked.

    From my observations, I realised that young people entering the world of work seem to think that they can duplicate their behaviour from their previous institution and that behaviour is not what I would want my children to adopt. (Tertiary, secondary etc. ) They flaunt their ‘assets’ in the face of the employer, employee and customers. They seem to possess a mastery of skills relating to a strange obsession ie climbing up the ladder through fair means or fowl. They dress provocatively – breasts exposed buttons unbuttoned. Tell them about it and it is not a problem to them. Yes I too have said a word or to to such individuals about their dress their attitudes displayed. Trust me I have been laughed at pointed out as being old timish etc. Now this leads to moral and upbringing.

    If the ‘victim’ chose to have consensual sex with the ‘accused’ then at the end of the day, it was their choice. However, at the end of the act for the ‘victim’ to cry fowl and unfair would mean that they would have been caught stepping out and needed an excuse to justify being caught.

    Now do not get me wrong. I am not saying the ‘accused’ is right for stepping out also. However, I am of the opinion that it is totally unfair to cry rape at the end of the day for being caught. Many have been accused wrongfully and have been sent to jail by such victims. There are cases where some spent the time and others have not. However at the end of the day we should all remember the word RETRIBUTION AND THE SAYING WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Today is his day. He is the topic of the week or even month. However our day will come and then we will be the next ‘hot’ topic on this site.

  54. Red Lake Lassie

    debajancutie, the girl is sixteen year old. Morris is three times that. You need something more?

  55. akabozik

    Debajancutie has to be a guy. Look how he blames the young female victim. 16 years old for God’s sake!

    Morris had authority over her in the workplace. There is no real “consent” in these situations.

    Morris was commiting adultery too.

  56. Yardbroom


    I am sorry but you erred in Law, consenual sex can only take place with the consent of the woman. If the woman says no then “no” it is. After that, rape springs to mind, other factors could be taken into consideration, when mitigation is being put, but that is the situation.

    The above statement is not said in reference to Mr. Morris’ case, I do not know the facts and therefore defer to those who do.

  57. unrighteous

    Red Lake Lassie, what is your point? Yes, the girl is 16 and Mr. Morris may be three times that. However, 16 is the age of consent by law. Once she consents to having sex (something which is well within her right, given her age) and Mr. Morris agrees to it, then it is a matter of two consenting adults having sex.

    I also noted that some people have mentioned (was it you?) that Mr. Morris has a daughter who is 14. So what? It is not Mr. Morris’ daughter whom he had sex with, so that point is moot.

    I agree with debajancutie and I am a female. It is true that some young females are provocative in their dress and actions and as a result, the average male sometimes lacks the necessary control to deal with such behaviour from these females with the required restraint.

    I am in no way saying however, that this should give a man the power to harrass a female if she acts or dress in a provocative manner, but if there is consent on both parties’ parts then harrassment, and by extension rape, cannot be a factor.

    And yes akabozik, we all know that Mr. Morris was committing adultery but that in itself is not a reason for management to ask him to resign. If it were, I believe that most, if not all the married Nation staff would have to pack their bags and go!

  58. unrighteous

    I just wanted to add though, that if the girl did indeed utter the words, “no”, whether it was whispered, screamed or spoken in a natural tone, NO MEANS NO and Mr. Morris would have definitely be going against the law if he did indeed continue the sex act after hearing this word.

    However, we were not there and as is the custom with us Bajans, the speculation continues….

  59. West Side Davie

    akabozik is correct about the employer/employee relationship destroying consent. How can there be true consent if the much older man has authority at work over the woman’s job?

    There have been many cases of “you want to keep your job, then you have to put out”. It is never said like that, but it means that.

    That is why there are rules against management dating employees in most professional corporations. There have been many lawsuits saying as much too.

    Add the disparity in age with the youth of the employee and in the USA this would be worth a 5 million dollar settlement. A 16 year old girl can’t say “no” to a 45 year old male boss so ethical employers don’t ask.

    BArbados is sooooooo 1930’s in many ways.

  60. Yardbroom

    All the non-consensual sexual offences involve a high level of culpability on the part of the offender, since that person will have acted either deliberately without the victim’s consent or without giving due care to whether the victim was able to or did, in fact consent.

    I hope no one here goes to court after non-consensual sex, and uses the defence that the woman wore a short skirt, or she wore a low cut dress, or you know what men are like, as a defence.

    It would be a matter of how long do you intend to spend in prison.

  61. This Island

    I cannot say anything about these accusations since I know nothing of it but one thing I know about is general attitudes in Barbados.

    Disrespect for females:
    I was in a situation at 16 in BIM where my boss used to open faced talk about my body and what he would like to do to me in front of people at work. When I could not longer take the embarrassment I left and I did not look back not even to collect my last paycheck.

    Payout because it is sometimes the ONLY way:
    Barbados being as small and corrupt as it is people who want to help their family or friends sometimes create evidence or hide evidence (suprised? I doubt) and because you don’t want to end up in Harrison Point (reputation of this institution does not need to be mentioned I am sure) you pay out some money to make people go away since you know when you look for police assistance that is they family/friend and when u go court the magistrate the same. U ent got a choice sometimes…

    I hope the allegations are false for the sake of this man and this girl but who know in BIM if this is seen as acceptable or if it happened or not and you just gotta pay cuz people meking up bare lies.

  62. Anonymous

    I getting real tired of all this boss/employee thing. The young woman in question was not working at the Nation and I say that with great authority, so Morris had no management hold over the woman.

    Just give the man a chance, cause it seemed like the Nation didn’t, but the public can.

    Unrighteous, I agree with you, if I go and have sex with a consenting 17 yrs old, would my employer ask me to resign. Not like if I’m having sex on the property. Or would my adultery, be a crime?

  63. caryatid

    This is not the first time that he has been accused of rape, adultery or messing around with underaged girls, even employees. do some research and you’ll see. the truth always comes to light.

  64. samizdat

    Did anyone see that play they put on up at UWI recently, called Oleanna? All about a charge of sexual harrassment by a young woman against an older guy. Very good play, and very relevant to this case.

    Wonder if Roy Morris saw it?

  65. Rumplestilskin

    Now, I am neither attacking nor defending aspects of a case the facts of which I do not know.

    Having said that, what is the opinion here on the ‘older man’ schoolgirl issue, re minibus men and schoolgirls, re those girls we have all seen or heard of one time or another waiting not far from the school in non-school gear for someone?

    Is the issue broached here a wider societal issue or an isolated reference?

    What about the ‘club scene’, where obviously underage girls (and boys) are allowed alcohol, sometimes substantial amounts, thereby paving the way for them letting down their guard?

    Where do we really want the society to go? Where exactly are we going to draw boundaries, acceptable limits? How much of this is left to parents to ‘police’ and how much to society at large? Do we have the necessary social controls and services to actually be able to police such behaviours?

    I am told that schoolchildren verbally abuse teachers normally, do you really think that these same children will even listen to those who have their welfare at heart. Do you think these children will be able to even distinguish predators from genuine ‘mentors’?

    I suspect that the wider issue is very difficult to address.

  66. Rumplestilskin

    Additionally, how about the behaviour by some at this CropOver time, as shown in the past. That picture form a couple years ago where the older man was holding a young boy, no more than twelve, behind a woman ‘wining’.

    Or when two and more people in the crowd are ‘wining’ together?

    We ‘teach’ children that this is our culture, that intercourse, even if only in parody, is something loose, that women ‘and men’ are to be ‘tek’?

    One may say, ‘aw c’mon dis is CropOver, is only sport, get widdit.’.

    But I say no, some young minds may distinguish in terms of relations and behaviours, particularly when guided by parents. However, these behaviours are also taught by example.

    Cheapening perception of sexual relations by such depictions is inappropriate and simply wrong.

    I am not saying that a couple cannot ‘swing it’ a bit and yes, grind together. Done.

    But, to have three and four together and then also adults encouraging children in this depiction is out of order and slants the whole perception of what this ‘thing’ should be. Do you think children think, ‘dis only sport’? Or does he think ‘I grin’ up behind that woman’? Where is the respect in that?

    Ah well, that is my rant for the day.

    I am not saying that we all do not like to see pretty, scantily clad lasses ‘doing their thing’, let’s be real.

    BUT, there is appropriate and inappropriate.

  67. abbruzzi

    It’s a shame. We are living in a very hypocritical Bajan society.

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  69. Just wondering

    Unrighteous, are you part of Roy’s pulic relations team cause you have some really weak arguments and you seem to be missing those subtle little hints persons are giving without commiting themselves. Wonder what would happened if you were raped at gun point (no reference to Roy’s case) and then your family offered an insulting $30,000 and then uphgrading to $50,000. Maybe you should have a night out with Mr. Roy when he has his gun and see the type of guy he actually is. Oh, and please wear something enticing.

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  71. the scorpion

    i believe nothing i hear but wait for prove, but if his you lady was with him probaly she wanted to and if he took it by force he should not. i6 being a conseting age still does no give the right to take what you want, if this is what really happened, she could be his age it still would have been wrong.

  72. Martsie

    Roy Boy you seemed too Coy to play with your Toy and know Harrison Point is no Joy!!
    Let the Court decide. I must let you folks know that every effort is being made to settle this matter out of court. You must also remember that ladies with money don’t tell.
    The court will hear… I/We do not wish to proceed with this matter.
    See you folks when it is all done.

  73. Stop Accusin

    (Just wondering) u are any other person on this site knows the real story all of this is rumours and more rumours everyday something like the case Roy Morris is facing happens. Everyday an older man has sex with girls 16 or under but no one questions.Only because Mr Morris happens to be a leading man in our nation we try to bring him down.If this was a man without high respect in the country would all these rumours be flowing around the place the man is high at a certain school in Barbados he has a wife a daughter who is 15 and relatives who is at the age of 16. I honestly feel this situation is only happening to embarass Mr Morris & his family and also destroy his rep. The damn girl is the age of consent get over it people let the man live his life

  74. Wishing in Vain

    The damn girl is the age of consent, no,no, no, there can be no consent when a gun is placed next to your head and told sex or be shot, this man is a sick power abuser.

  75. Georgie Girl

    Is this why Roy Morris always seems to be “on top” of the stories involving sexual immorality among the youth? If he were not a reporter, I believe he would still make it his business to be “in touch” with what the hot young girls in Barbados are up to when they are really supposed to be in school, at home, or at work…..

  76. Stop Accusin

    “Wishing In Vain” where u there when the incident occured how the Hell you know that Mr. morris put a gun to that girl’s head!!!!! It seems as if You did this crime because you seem to know what exactly happen if so, u should think about changing your occupation…! NOONE knows exactly what happened… only the girl and Roy knows. Some one is telling lies!Tryng putting yourself in the shoes of Mr Morris… and tell me how would it feel that you where a well knowed person in society and you where innocent and this girl and her family was try
    to bring you to lower your rep, make you look like a total idiot infront of this Country & World because they wanted money. Now Tell me how would you feel???… honestly!!! Now you have a right to make a point but don’t b quick to point fingers… because all you where hearing where rumours… you need to wait on facts not just things that are flying freely. So I think you should do like me and many Barbadians and wait until November when the hearing in court starts then your point. (STOP ACCUSING Mr Roy Morris)

  77. smooches

    what ever became of this case with Roy and the 16yr old. Is this another one that will just be forgotten about ?

    I hear he is still working for the Nation from the comforts of his living room.

  78. whatever

    what’s new ? it happens all the time

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  80. Corcerned246

    I find it amazing that child molester Roy Morris who has managed to avoid prosecution on his most recent statutory rape charge despite having a known history of “interfering” with young girls is able to pull together resources to hire a cadre of journalists and roll out plans to launch a new newspaper.

    I for for one will not be supporting this new venture. If the head of the paper has no integrity or sense of good morals, then I will not trust the messages being delivered by the soon to be launched Barbados Today.

    I would like to the Office of public prosecution to tell the Bajan public what happened to this case and when if ever it is likely to be called. I am sure if this was some poor person they would already be under heavy manners at Dodds.

    I think we should protect our young women from sleazy scoundrels like Roy Morris. I am glad that The Nation Newspaper decided to remove him from their management team. I just wish the relevant authorities would have the same guts to follow the law of land.