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Banks Brewery – Just Sex, No Chocolate Please


Banks Calendar Girl Fired


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Banks Calendar Girl Fired: Our Cliverton Says He Had Nothing To Do With It…


Why Was Miss Banks 2007 Fired?

Poor Cliverton…

As a not-yet-married young man our Cliverton has a collection of calendar girls pinned up in his studio. The central spot is always reserved for the current Banks Girl, and that’s where Clive has Saskia Griffith pinned up.

None of Cliverton’s pinups are naked or even topless, and that is not just because Auntie Moses might drop by. Cliverton knows that at a certain point, pinup becomes porn. While the exact line between pinup and porn changes with the years and is entirely subjective to the viewer – the fact that there is a line is indisputable.

Auntie Moses might not like Clive’s studio, but she doesn’t say anything because all the girls are wearing at least the minimum clothing of a bathing suit and she too sees them as pinups, not porn.

Auntie Moses and Cliverton both understand that while each generation has new standards and tries to push the barriers a little bit, the central theme of the calendar girl remains… A true calendar girl must be inviting, alluring… but WHOLESOME. Without the wholesome side, the calendar girl isn’t a “calendar girl”.

Banks Brewery understands that concept too.

What happened? Well, the Nation News has the story and it has something to do with a bathtub filled with chocolate


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Barbados Oil Spin Continues… We’re All Rich, Don’t You Know?

There MUST Be An Election Around Here Somewhere!

Minister of Energy Liz Thompson was at it again yesterday – telling Barbadians that we are going to make so much money from offshore oil that we will have to create an “Petroleum Heritage Stabilisation Fund” to ensure that the current generation doesn’t spend it all now and leave nothing for the future.

A shame that her government never implemented a “Land Heritage Stabilisation Fund” with the same intent of protecting our lands from the politicians who have become millionaires in the past decade.

IF there is oil off our shores, and IF it can be found and produced economically it will be years – perhaps a decade – before significant revenues start to flow.

There is nothing wrong with preparing for the future, but the current level of government celebration is nothing more than pre-election feel-good hype.

The Nation News – US$50,000 to Explore Bajan Waters


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GEMS Hotels Keep Sucking More And More Tax Dollars

You may have thought that the bleeding was all over by now. That Time Out At The Gap and the other cheap and dirty hotels run by that government sinkhole, Hotels and Resorts, were at least self-supporting if not making a profit?

Silly people.

And besides all that tax money that all of us have poured into these dogs, your money is still being used to subsidize them.

No accounting. No explanations. We’d be further ahead to burn the entire chain and at least stop the bleeding!

David and Adrian Loveridge have the latest figures over at Barbados Underground.


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