Shona: Every Bajan woman should watch this video

The next time Owen S. Arthur gets going, we should call Julia Gillard

“Let’s go through the opposition leader’s repulsive double standards when it comes to misogyny and sexism…”

In a parliamentary debate, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard called opposition leader Tony Abbott a misogynist and a hypocrite. Abbott had requested that the government remove Peter Slipper as speaker following the release of offensive text messages he sent referring to female genitalia. In response Prime Minister Gillard lets fly at Mr. Abbott – who looks like he wishes he had kept his mouth shut.

I had to watch this video twice.

Also look at the proportion of women elected representatives in the Australian Parliament!



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3 responses to “Shona: Every Bajan woman should watch this video

  1. 254

    Wow! I have NEVER heard such an effective public dissection of a politician…totally awesome public speaking.

  2. Anonymous

    Quite right Anonymous…I’ve been reading your pieces with interest…you have such a distinctive style of writing, the perfect backdrop for your learning, wisdom, humor, current analysis and ability to deal with the core of every matter…keep up the good work!


    Have to agree with you Shona Julia Gillard was in blistering form. A woman on top of her form as they say.
    Only a couple of days previously was in conversation with a Bajan friend and his wife who happens to be a Sheila from Down Under.
    We were of course discussing the Welsh/Aussie PM appalling treatment at the hands of the knuckle dragging dunderheads who populate the House of Assembly in Australia.
    Then she comes and makes one of the most devastating speeches heard in Oz, a riposte that will certainly be seem as a historic. It of course have gone global and one can hear the cheers from the well heeled women in Europe and North America to those carrying firewood and water to their families in the slums of Kenya.
    Would that Bajan women (an example being Mia Mottley’s) after her treatment by the misogynistic and homophobic cabal of BLP men, would find the voice and balls to emulate Julia and speak for Bajan women. But maybe that is asking too much from a reactionary millionaire who is really a vulgar Bajan political huckster like all the others.