Saudi Arabia threatens news media over Ethical Oil Commercial

Saudi Arabia threatens “Don’t talk about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia”

Until the day arrives when our cars and factories are all powered by the sun, wind or clean nuclear fusion, we’re going to be buying oil. Lots of oil.

Should we buy oil from fascist despots who want to impose Sharia law on the west and wipe out women’s rights, religious freedom and freedom of speech? Or should we buy our oil from more ethical sources?

Saudi Arabia threatened to sue The Oprah Network in the USA and television stations in Canada if they ran the above commercial. As one Canadian journalist said to the Saudi fascists Take your secret Saudi threats and shove ’em, you misogynist creeps!

“Canada is a country that is a champion of freedom of speech. That is a constitutional right,”

“And we don’t take kindly to foreign governments threatening directly or indirectly Canadian broadcasters or media for giving voice to freedom of speech. We think that’s inappropriate and certainly inconsistent with Canada’s belief in freedom of speech.”

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney tells the Saudi fascists to kiss their camels in the Globe story: Ethical oil’ ad sparks war of words between Ottawa, Saudis


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6 responses to “Saudi Arabia threatens news media over Ethical Oil Commercial

  1. Puzzled Observer

    I can’t understand why the political left remains silent on women’s rights under Islam. The left gets bent out of shape and holds “Slut Walks” when a US police officer said women should dress more modestly, but when the Saudis whip and beat women for not wearing a bag on their heads the left remains silent. WHY IS THAT?

  2. Peltdownman

    I’m not sure how “ethical” Canada’s tar sands oil is. The destructon of hundreds of square miles of pristine forest and massive levels of pollution are just part of it. Not the best way to highlight the Saudis’ mistreatment of women, methinks.

  3. canadian

    As a Canadian living in Barbados, i feel compelled to respond to this article. Not withstanding the accusation of the Saudi Government mistreatment of women which is correct, there is more to this that meets the eye.
    This ad was the brain child of Ezra Levant , a conservative, who had one time argued that Quebec should be allowed to separate as it would pave the way for the death of bilingualism and ultimately multiculturalism in Canada. This guy is from Alberta where the oil sands are and still under developed and that is the crux of this ad. Developing tar sands is expensive and nasty. In fact the EU is considering banning oil imports from Canada because of the environmental damage.
    So as any true lobbyist would do, they lobby hard . They are truly not too concerned with ethical issues which is unfortunate for those who would dare to hope as it is not only now women have been treated like animals in Saudia Arabia. (btw Canada currently imports oil from the Saudis without as much as a whimper). But there is a plan; our PM Stephen Harper kicked off this lobbying with his “Islamicism” about 2 months ago, setting the stage for this. This is about money and nothing more. These “ethical issues” are only the means to get there.
    Remember Canada mines asbestos and exports 95% to third world countries where there is little or no regulation. This stuff has been proven dangerous and some of it may have found its way in cement plants . (maybe Arawak ?). Where is the ethics in this ?

  4. Sweet home CHICAGO!

    There is a lot of debate about the environment and the oil sands. Much of it is the NIMBY thing where people don’t want any drilling, oil refineries or industrialization in their back yard. Not In My Back Yard. Many environmentalists have a gut reaction NO!!!! about any energy production. No drilling on land or in the sea. No coal plants. No building of dams. No nuke power.

    Canada and the USA must have energy and right now wind and solar won’t provide our needs and they won’t for a long time. We need oil and the tar sands have as much oil as the entire Middle East or close to it depending on who you believe. Whatever, it’s a lot of oil.

    Can it be had without adverse environmental impact? Is the impact less adverse than the Middle East or Nigeria? Good questions.

    There is no question about Saudi Oil though. It empowers people who hate women, who view them as property. It empowers a value system that teaches that other religions should be subjugated and pay money to exist. It teaches that Muslims who leave Islam should be killed.

    No question where I want to buy my oil from. You think the Saudis care about the environment more than Canadians and Americans? Well: do you think the Saudis and the Nigerians and the Iranians take better care of their environment than the USA or Canada?

    Who are you going to buy your oil from?

  5. Anonymous

    What about hydrogen?

  6. Fuck the USA. Canada doesn’t need ’em! Bunch of ignorant war mongering savages. Canada shouldn’t give a drop of this oil to the US.