Disposable Dads reminded to keep paying whether working or not


“The kind of wife and mother for your child that you should be seeking will not be found rubbing crotches together on the road at Cropover…

Unfortunately that eliminates 90% of young Bajan women.”

by The Man with no Future

Hear me, oh young men!

For the life of me I don’t know why any man would want to father a child these days, let alone get married.

Look at the hundreds of poor dumb “fathers in name only” the Barbados government is making redundant in the mass-firings. Government kicking them in the ass on the way out: reminding them to Keep Paying. Nevermind they have no job, no money and no prospect of finding new work on this dying island. The message is “Keep paying the woman you made pregnant, fool.”

You want slavery for all of your prime working years?

Father a child.

father sons blackYou want to put your future, the next 20 years in the hands of a woman who could turn on you at any time, kick you out of the home you paid for, take 75% of your earnings with no end in sight?

Just because she feels like it and the rules are set up to enslave men?

Father a child.

You want to cry and beg every week to see your son and have access used as a weapon against you? You want your son constantly told that you are no good? You want to have your son lied to and told you didn’t pick him up because you don’t love him?

Father a child. 

Hear me, oh young men!

You think you are in love? That’s not love, that’s hormones – and what comes that easily can fly away with the wind just as easily.

The kind of love young men should be seeking doesn’t happen with Bajan women anymore.

The kind of love you should be seeking is the love that is deep, abiding love. Based on a decision to commit, to build something together. Based on Loyalty to go through tough times together. Love like that is not a feeling – it is a decision. It is an act of will.

“The kind of wife and mother for your child that you should be seeking will not be found rubbing crotches together on the road at Cropover…

Unfortunately that eliminates 90% of young Bajan women.”

Lasting love will not be found with a woman who lifts her skirt 30 minutes after you meet. You have urges? Use a rubber. Don’t trust some woman to trap you.

Women and society do not respect fathers anymore, or men. We’re nothing but wallets. We have no rights in law. None.

Look at the disdain for men and fathers in the law, the entertainment media, and voiced by women in general. There is no increased status or respect to be gained by marrying or fathering children. The only thing a young man gains is a sword of Damocles hanging over his head – to be dropped by the woman at any emotional whim.

Keep that in mind the next time you start feeling foolish and want to father a child or get married.

The Man with no Future


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14 responses to “Disposable Dads reminded to keep paying whether working or not

  1. 32 years old

    So true my friend. I wish I read this when I was 22

  2. SuccessfulBimBeauty

    Quite right – those of us (ladies) who are not interested in rubbing our crotches on every Tom, “Dick” (excuse the pun) and Harry do not want a man with kids. How is a man (I use the term loosely) going to be my “help meet” when he has to put a child and their mother before me and our relationship! And if he has kids and doesn’t take responsibility for them – the “man” is of even WORSE caliber than the dutty whiners who appear behind you at a party intimate and unannounced, what kind of father will he be to my kids if he can’t control himself and take care of his business!

  3. SuccessfulBimBeauty

    I mean – Our future kids before you try to say I have kids and want someone elses father for them. No thanks!

  4. The Man with no Future

    SuccessfulBimBeauty is right that women should not make babies with unreliable men, or men who have other children. Any marriage or business venture is a gamble, and not to be entered into lightly.

    But the rules of marriage and baby making are set up so the man always loses everything. The woman gets the children, control and 75% of the man’s wages if she “is no longer happy”. Women initiate the vast majority of divorces and it is they who retain the marital residence, not the man. That is the way it is set up. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, that is the law and common practice.

    Why should any thinking young man enter into an agreement like that? For what?

    Women wonder why there are no ‘good’ men around who want to get married, support a wife, home and children. No need to wonder at all. Only fools would enter into a one sided arrangement like that.

  5. West Side Davie

    As long as the milk is free, why should any man buy the cow?

  6. Robert Ross

    Nice one.

  7. There is so much ill will among gender relationships on our island, we can only correct it when we all have the will be make strong commitments to our partners and each other. I see relationships work out better in some other cultures, even when one gets divorced, there is another marriage soon after. What is being said here about the dads is so sad. When I say to young people who are just getting started in a relationship, and with a child in hand, ‘why don’t you get married and commit to a life together?” The answer is mostly, ‘why?’. And this is coming from the woman and the man. This has been our culture for a long time, it is more prevalent now and there is no shame to it as it was in past days. Having a baby out of wedlock is not a shameful thing, okay! But the long term repercussions are vast, based on what is moral and what will work out best for all concerned.

  8. Party Animal

    West Side Davie,
    I like your comment, it would seem that these Girls/Women only want a child to prove they had a man.
    They should first think of the consequence’s, and don’t blame it all on the man.

  9. Little slut at CropOver

    I need feminism because I like to blame men for my unjustifiable slutty actions!

  10. fred

    Its already too late folks. Irresponsibility has been endemic on the island for a long time. Just look at how people behave.

  11. WSD

    Why black men cannot compete against the government when it comes to attracting women:

  12. Anonymous

    A real man would have put his name on this article.

  13. BFP

    Reblogged this on Barbados Free Press and commented:

    The Man with no Future is leaving Barbados

    We just heard from our old friend The Man with No Future that he is leaving Barbados forever, and that he will try to find a future and a new life elsewhere. (Sworn to secrecy so don’t ask!)

    We repeat the article TMWNF wrote early in 2014…

  14. Victor

    Oh Boohoo! Guys, keep your dick in your pants or learn to wear a condom until you have the sense and maturity to find a woman with whom YOU choose to raise a family! You are not some random, innocent ingenuous will o’ the wisp who by a mad accident of fate got a woman pregnant! Or must we conclude that all young men are incapable of judgement and all women are evil manipulators? How come stable marriages are rising in the rest of the modern world?