Gang Rape VICTIM Punished By Saudi Court – 200 Lashes, 6 Months Jail For Being In A Car With “Unrelated Male”

The same Saudi Arabian society that funds Islamic schools in Barbados and around the world has sentenced a 19 year old woman to 200 lashes and 6 months in jail for being in an auto with a male who was not related to her.

As she was in the auto, she was accosted and raped by six armed attackers – who have been sentenced to jail terms.

Of course, by Muslim Wahabi standards, one cannot entirely blame the males for the rape. They were tempted by a woman who was in a car without a male relative present. Uncovered meat is the term used by one Imam.

And as we have been told by a Bajan Muslim religous leader, Salafi Manhaj, unsupervised women will fornicate with whomever they please.

Some folks have different standards than most Bajans, you see.

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13 responses to “Gang Rape VICTIM Punished By Saudi Court – 200 Lashes, 6 Months Jail For Being In A Car With “Unrelated Male”

  1. reality check

    no problem here

    welcome to our country! we have no standards. All you need is money to grease a few palms.

    If you are the Chinese government you don’t even need proper work permits provided you have people who will work for a few dollars a day.

  2. Truth

    That’s blessed Islam for you.
    200 lashes for being raped, and you better not bring your Bible through Sadia Arabia’s airport.

    It amazes me that women seem to appreciate being 2nd class citizens under Islam.

    If you disagree with these people they want to kill you. “O, BLESSED ISLAM’ Peace be upon you.

  3. ITS MEEE!!

    You continue to print stories about our beloved Barbados, an independent country, it corruption, the injustices. Do you really think that this is the only country in the World that this happens?

    Get a real life. There is always some part of the World that we get a raw deal because of colour, race or religion or better still because someone does not like how we look.

    Our weakness is that we are Men and we read or interpret what we read how we want. I would suggest that we do not confuse Religion with Man or Men’s interpretations.

    No religious leader has a right to be little anyone religion and by the few comments I see it would appear that you are of the same cloth. Jewish, Christianity and Islam have the same beginnings and a true Jew, Christian and Muslim believe in ONE GOD, THE CREATOR OF MAN AND ALL THAT IS IN THE WORLDS.

    So if I were you I would not cast any stones because some were there is always some religious leader getting it wrong. Do you know why? It is simple we are just men

  4. reality check

    Dear its mee!

    I am quite prepared to turn the other cheek
    provided its yours not mine.

    Taking no position because we all have feet of clay and are all under one God gives permission to those who would abuse human life and dignity on so many levels.

  5. ITS MEEE!!

    It is very simple and as I understand it
    Moses said – an eye for an eye
    Jesus said – turn the other cheek
    Mohammed said – lets take back our world from those who stop us from practicing our religion – believing in God the One, God the Only and God the Absolute.
    A different messages from a different time.
    We need to adapt each when necessary so that there is freedom of religion.
    As far as being suppressed by the politics of any country we must keep on the good fight.
    Men will come and men will go.
    I do agree that all women should be respected and in Islam it is said that “ Paradise lies at the feet of your mother”, therefore you should respect your mother or if we extend this women. It was unfortunate that the young lady was raped (for some day she will be someone mother) and as far as I am concern these men who do not understand the Laws of God hand down injustices to this young lady. There is nothing in any of the Holy Books which allow any man to rape a woman even if in these warp minds of these men it gave them some religious right. As Jews, Christians and Muslims we all believe in the Day of Judgment and from that day these men who handed down the verdict and those who raped this young and precious lady will have to answer to God.
    Please do not judge Jewish, Christian or Moslem religions by the actions of men. Be open minded and carryout your own research by reading the Torah, The Bible and The Holy Koran.


    BFP Says…

    Such lovely statements from someone who has never read the Koran… or is deliberately distorting what that book says.

    So… Are Christians and Jews “Pigs” and “Apes”?

    Should persons who leave the Muslim religion be killed? Yes or No?

  6. Citizen First

    All this tiresome sophistry! It is a repugnant and vile society that will punish the victim of rape with 200 lashes and 6 months in jail for sitting in a car with a non-relative! The Saudi nation is a parasitic one living off the technology and efforts of others, contributing little of any real value to the world today.

  7. AfricanRoots

    Dey was a comforence d ather day in Babados bout AIDS, and u know wha? Saudi Arabia had one a d least in d whole world. Das because dey does keep their women like how we does preserve DIAMONDS.

  8. OMG

    African Roots
    Dey was a comforence d ather day in Babados bout AIDS, and u know wha? Saudi Arabia had one a d least in d whole world. Das because dey does keep their women like how we does preserve DIAMONDS….

    Such a silly statement African Roots. Their figures are one of the least in the whole world because the women over there cant go anywhere to be tested.

    How can a government or agency tally figures which are not known or reported.

  9. ITS MEE!!

    Dear BFP
    This might be a game for you but it isn’t for me.
    And therefore I would like you to quote the relevant place or places in the Holy Quran where these references are made. I am currently carryout some research and will get back to you very shortly. From my memory (you might consider this to be short) I can not remember these being quoted, however I have heard them in a totally different context.
    As far as punishment of Muslims who convert to other religions it is not me or Men that they have to fear, but it is God. As far as I understand it “A TRUE JEW AND A TRUE CHRISTIAN, IS A MUSLIM AND WILL BE THOSE WHO ENTER HEAVEN.”
    What are your feelings of persons who leave your Religion?

  10. the saudi government funds islamic schools in barbados? actually before i ask that question i should be asking there are islamic schools in barbados? really!


    BFP Says…

    Hi Jdid,

    The answers are Yes, and Yes.

  11. africanroots

    Well it was not just the Saudis with the least but ALL the MUSLIM countries, even the ones that don’t have laws of the veil.
    This comforence was held in non other than OUR Barbados, a western country.

  12. Citizen First

    For africanroots – this from the International Herald Tribune (8 August 2006) –

    “For years Saudi Arabia kept its growing AIDS problem hidden. Statistics on the disease were sealed in envelopes and guarded like national secrets. In mosques, imams spoke of AIDS as the “wrath of God” brought upon people who commit “sexual deviancy.”

    Now the government is changing its policy on AIDS. In June, the Ministry of Health announced that more than 10,000 people in Saudi Arabia were infected with the virus, HIV, or had AIDS, including nearly 600 children. The numbers appear to show a sharp increase in infection over 2004, when 7,800 cases were reported, and 2003, when 6,700 cases were reported.

    Officials say that better reporting is the reason for the growing numbers. But many doctors say even the latest figures are off, with the real numbers likely to be far higher in this country of 27 million people. One physician who has treated many patients who have been hiding their condition or were unaware of it estimated that the real number could be as high as 80,000.”

    Anybody or group (even a country) that believes that the many challenges, threats and demands of human life can be resolved through superstition, denial or wishful thinking instead of rational analysis and action ultimately represent the greatest threat of all.

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