Justice in Barbados: Woman beater walks free, victim pressured to not testify

Barbados Court again affirms right of men to abuse women

by Mary Tulong

Ryan Hinds "Women are nothing."

Nothing better illustrates the plight of women in Barbados and the sad male-friendly and elites-friendly condition of our justice system than the recent case of former Barbados cricket captain Ryan Hinds.

Hinds was charged with SEVEN charges against Charlene Osbourne, but he walked free on December 5th after the victim was pressured to not testify. Without her testimony, that was the end of of the charges.

This happens all the time in Barbados courts when the all-male system looks after its own.

Women are beaten and it usually takes more than one beating for the police to lay charges, or the case has to be a bad one. Arrest and charges are the exception.

The police are reluctant to lay charges for two reasons…

  1. Men have the right to beat their wives, girl friends and new female acquaintances on this island without interference from the authorities so long as they don’t go too far.
  2. Police know that 90% of the time that they do lay charges the female victim refuses to testify in the end and all their work is for naught. As a result, police don’t lay assault charges until several offenses or a bad beating happens.

The fraud of the justice system was again laid bare in the Ryan Hinds case.

Why did the court let Ryan Hinds go? Why did the court not force Osbourne to testify? Because that is the way things are done in Barbados. Women are nothing. Male elites can do whatever they want.

What was accomplished in the Ryan Hinds case? Many old lessons were reinforced!

Men again learned that no matter how badly you beat women, they can always be pressured to drop the charges. Police learned that it is useless to treat an assault on a woman seriously. The judge learned that assault charges are a waste of time when a West Indies cricketer is involved.

Abusive animals learned that once the police are involved they can pretend to modify their behaviour, take “anger management counseling” and walk free.

Many jurisdictions in the USA and the United Kingdom stopped this charade ten and twenty years ago by refusing to drop charges. Sometimes the women are charged for failing to testify. The result is that men and women know that assault is serious business. They know that it better not happen and if the police become involved charges are laid when warranted and they cannot be dropped.

That results in respect for women.

What happened with Ryan Hinds was a lesson that women are nothing in Barbados.

Nation News: Hinds at peace


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25 responses to “Justice in Barbados: Woman beater walks free, victim pressured to not testify

  1. Arbil Scalia

    So he and Roy Morris can form a club? Rape in Barbados, Today! Williams Industries & Simpson Motors post bail, film at 11?

  2. Women of Barbados are to remember the divine feminine energies and ancestral shoulders of women of integrity, strength, self-determination, loyalty and unconditional blessed prowess from which they/we come as women of African ascent, heritage, culture and tradition. 2012 is around the corner and if the legal system of Barbados (as is the case in most Caribbean states/nations) willfully and institutionally refuses to protect and eliminate violence against women, then women have the human and inalienable right to protect ourselves. This is said without any apology whatsoever as women are human beings and this is the sacred, anointed and blessed time of the ascension, healing and restoration of the DIVINE FEMININE globally. So, it is recommended that just as Barbados has a history of being in the forefront of revolutionary consciousness, spiritual rejuvenation and cultural upliftment- get on board with respecting and protecting the honor, safety and lives of WOMEN- ASAP! Hotep

  3. dem hey

    ya see.. dem muslims brainwashing we people with dem anti woman preachings.. bfp was so right; only a matter of time

  4. What does women getting ill-treat have to do with Islam? Spousal or Domestic Abuse was rampant in Bim way before any Asiatics of any religious persuasion was here – utter crap! From both black & white too, no one guilty more than other… Choopse!

  5. BTW – we assume guilt on males too often as well? Andi Thornhill was wrongfully accused years ago because a female wanted quick money as an Out Of Court settlement, she got caught in her own lies. I see Oxley formerly of Volleyball has been accused by a 17 year old? By such age, that is of Legal Consent, while I do not know him personally, one has to consider all accusations with a pinch of Na-3 Cl-2 both sides, okay? I only provide females I know (as in Family or Colleagues) a lift and for a short duration or distance – my wife is person who advised me so too!

  6. what will they think of next

    Men are ALWAYS guilty as charged, right BFP?

  7. St George's Dragon

    @ what will they think of next
    He appears to admit he did it. He didn’t protest his innocence. Instead, from the Nation article link above:
    “I’m really glad this is over. I’ve already paid the price for my behaviour. When I look back at it, my behavior was unacceptable,” a contrite Hinds told the WEEKEND NATION in an exclusive interview.

  8. 202

    Smarten up Bajans you are only using half your brains (the organ between your ears). Women, as all human beings, thrive and grow on love and warmth. Man was given this gift of a different species that is woman. They give the male great devotion, the next generation of mankind and they are the best partners, man can ever wish for I admire and love all women for what they are but they only blossom under the conditions of love and warmth. There’s is a part of the brain that no male has developed – so use their half to grow and get the most out of life. Darryl

  9. North star

    maybe if Ryan Hinds would stop chasing behind women and hustling them on facebook, then maybe he wouldn’t have such a horrible reputation

  10. Angela Ifill

    I did not bother to read your commentary or the comments on this topic as everyone here knows full well people kiss and make up.

  11. dem hey


    tongue in cheek

  12. 244

    BPF where are you went men are taken to the cleaners???? If the woman don’t want to press charges so be it….It has nothing to do with men in justice system because some of those same men in the justice system are destroying men when it comes to maintenace….

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  14. Anonymous124

    so de man is a pokeyshark den? lol
    tek care 1smart doan dead at 2smart door.
    One night he gyne mix up wid de wrong bitch, doan say nein
    he is a bigup and as such can do whatever he like

    de man is a cricket HERO den, and that affords him a certain level of unaccountability in this backward society of ours

  15. Some ah dese women ’bout hey need some good lashes in de tail, fah real…! Like de bunch dey at Min of Culture and the Museum and Hysterics Society dat does collect big money fah keeping seats warm …!! Bof collectives want shuttin’ tah shite down …!

  16. ac

    i wunda how much she was paid off.

    @ BAF

    i got some licks to put in you a……..s

  17. Newbie

    The mentality of some Bajans never cease to amaze me. I despised the fact that my father thought that by instilling fear in my mother was the best way to control her. Women are the mothers of any nation and as such should be treated with the utmost respect. If you cannot get along with a woman don’t beat her, move away from her, that was my father’s advice to me but he behaved the opposite. As grandmother used to say there are plenty more fish in the sea (just got to use the right bait, RESPECT). Would anyone like to know that his mother or sister was beaten by a man or anyone for that matter simply because her opinion differed. We will never rid ourselves of the mentality we have towards each other until we start to respect each others opinions and attitudes as individuals. There are plenty of males that deserve a good beating but how many men are willing to take on that task. Women get beaten by men because they are physically less strong than the male involved. In my view that makes most women beaters nothing but bullies and cowards, not big men, and any man that assumes that by beating a woman he gains any respect was sorely misled by his parents and peers. RESPECT ALL WOMEN REGARDLESS OF THEIR MENTALITY!!
    I do not know if Ryan is guilty and yes we can all lose control of our tempers but there is still no excuse for partner beating. Any one that believes in beating their partner is fooling themselves about the way they feel about their partner. At the point of decision to hit your partner, you are actually reacting out of hate or dislike for that person.

  18. Until a cure is found or until a prison is built large enough to house most of the male population of Barbados, it behoves the adult female population to bring about change themselves. Change the manner in which you select your men. Ladies, you can’t go around picking up schmucks and not expect
    them to be any thing but a jackass later. You can wait until some abuse law is put on the books however, common sense is what it takes. So stop strutting around shaking your ass, shake your head instead maybe, something from that “free education” will pop out and be put to good use.

  19. Sayed

    Force someone to testify? Wow, we’re really off our bonkers, you lost any credibility you MAY have had, with that little gem. It’s called an out of court settlement, you need to get over yourself. It involves the victim being paid compensation by the culprit. Would you rather he be convicted of assault, and given a CRD for being a first time offender, or would you rather him pay you 2000 to drop the case?

  20. BFP

    Sayed, there cannot be an “out of court settlement” on criminal charges without the court giving the okay. You say that “blood money” can be paid by the rich to avoid criminal convictions, while the poor must face charges.

    You haven’t a clue, you know.

  21. Adam

    Let me get this right , a man is accused of beating a women. The women refused to testify against man. So your conclusion is, the system is corrupt and men should be locked up whether they are proven guilty or not…..LOL

  22. BFP

    Hi Adam,

    Do you believe that perpetrators should be able to buy their way out of criminal acts by paying the victims to not testify?

    A simple yes or no will do!

  23. unknown

    Ppl make mistake an ryan would not hit that woman just so she had to do him something for he to act that way so get off the woman case an if he hustle the women them on facebook soooooo what u vex cuz he aint hustling u . An it aint matter to u hw much he pay then wanna bajan just to malicious go an mind u own business. Chaaaaaaa then

  24. It really amazes me how everything for some women is sexism when they are infact the sexist ones…Are you saying had the justice system been run by females he would be in jail? The justice system not only locally but international favours women and its a shame women never cry sexism when the shoe is on the other foot and its the male being marginalized or the female benefiting from the law..But you will not mention the countless cases where this happens because that will ruin your argument.The justice system worldwide is corrupt but that has nothing to do with male or female…and unless you are aware of the specifics of this case(which i am not) It is unfair to jump to such conclusions

  25. North star

    to UNKNOWN, i beg to differ cause he did indeed try to hustle me on facebook and he seems to think he’s god’s gift to women with that creepy looking face. He has a serious attitude problem and he was quite disturbed when i had to ask who he was