Saudi Court orders woman lashed: for driving

Muslim men expect no further trouble from this woman.

Saudi Muslim males experts at keeping women in their place

It’s not enough that Saudi men cut off their daughters’ genitals so they cannot enjoy sex. It’s not enough that women are forced to wear bags over their heads to prevent rape. It’s not enough that women have to have permission from a male family member to venture outside the home.

In Saudi Arabia, rape victims are punished and a woman’s word in court is only worth half of a man’s word. It’s not enough that daughters are by law given less than sons at the time of an estate settlement. It’s not enough that women are denied health care for lack of female medical staff. Let a woman die rather than have a male doctor touch her, that’s the Saudi way.

Those Saudi women must be kept in their place, and one of the ways that Saudi Muslim men do that is to prohibit women from driving. Can’t have women going anywhere they like, when they like, you know. That’s way too radical!

The Saudi laws are all based upon the Koran – and who are we mere infidels to be telling the Saudis how they should treat their women?

Besides… we need the oil so we don’t want to insult them by suggesting that they are doing anything wrong.

And when it comes to what young Barbadian Muslim women are taught in the Al-Falah Islamic School, well, who are we to complain about that either?

Saudi woman to be lashed for driving car

A Saudi woman has been sentenced to to 10 lashes for challenging a ban on women driving.

Amnesty International reported the sentence just two days after Saudi King Abdullah granted women the right to vote and run in municipal elections.

“Flogging is a cruel punishment in all circumstances but it beggars belief that the authorities in Saudi Arabia have imposed lashes on a woman apparently for merely driving a car”, Philip Luther, an Amnesty regional deputy director, said in an emailed statement.

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6 responses to “Saudi Court orders woman lashed: for driving

  1. Primitive

    Primitive behaviour, from a primitive society(if you can call it that)
    holding fast to a past filled with primitive beliefs and absurd behaviours!

  2. The picture is made to appear if this was what happened to the woman, it is not – that is from a rape story on another anti-Musselman site, BTW: wasn’t Barbados ready to bring back the Cat O’Nine tails for lesser crimes? What is Free Press’ view on the instrument also known as “A HAIL OF SCORPIONS” for its almost barbed wire appearance?

  3. 120

    This is what you get when you have a society that buys into an irrational belief system. The Koran is a book filled with barbaric stories and ancient, out-dated laws (as is the Bible for that mater), it is incredible to me that an entire region of the world is run based on these medieval principles in the 21st Century.

  4. M7

    The King commuted her sentence due to world outrage. The King will die and his son will take over he is a real hardliner Jihadi. The Saudi women will not vote in 4 years. They will continue to be slaves that is all they are.

  5. mickrussom

    Why the liberals in the current Police State USSA love Islam so much is beyond explanation.