New Blog Alleges: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock – Ordered Police Thuggery Over His Tenant’s Unpaid Rent – Night Raid, Woman Strip Searched Over Unpaid Rent!

Chief Justice, Attorney General & Prime Minister Involved In Cover-Up

Barbados Police Raid On Sleeping Family Deliberately Scheduled For Maximum Terror Impact On Mother & Child

Woman Strip Searched And Body Cavity Searched By Royal Barbados Police Force Thugs – OVER UNPAID RENT!

When the Nazi Gestapo or the Communist Stasi came for their victims, it was never in the day. It would be in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. When the children were in their beds. When the women and men had little or no clothing on.

Even if they knew where you lived, where you worked or if they saw you at dinner time – they would come in the middle of the night.

They knew how to terrorize. They were experts and it showed.

In Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, the tradition carries on with thugs arriving in the wee hours to yell and smash in doors while the children scream.

Welcome To Zimbabwe West – Police & Government Thugs In Our Own Barbados

If you are a woman with a 6 year old son, in financial difficulty because your husband has left both of you without support – you had better not fall behind on your rent if your landlord is a rich and powerful Barbados government official.

It won’t be enough to move out from the rented premises. It won’t be enough to give him all your jewelery. The government official will have the police acting like hired collection agents – trying to extort more money, threatening, blocking your driveway, visiting your son’s school.

The police will also have a little “chat” with your new lover – causing him to run for the hills and take back the auto he loaned you.

Powerful government officials act as they want in Barbados because they know they can.

Woman Dragged From Home In The Middle Of The Night – Stripped Naked – Vaginal Search By Police Thugs

Trumped Up Search Warrant To Provide A Veneer Of Legality – Like Everything The Government Does

According to the Justice B Mine blog, a few days before last Christmas, Ronja Juman (sometimes spelled Ronya – appears both ways in court docs) and her 6 year old child were sleeping at her mother’s home because she had no place else to go – when carloads of Barbados police officers came for her in the middle of the night. She was dragged from her terrorized child to the police station. Stripped naked. Body-searched in the most intimate of places. “Interviewed” but no charges laid that night. Released in the dark. Frightened to death.

All over unpaid rent to her landlord, the government official.

If she had sold her body on the streets or stolen or done something to get the money for the government official, the criminal charges wouldn’t have been laid. She could have paid the police who came as collection agents for government official Charles Leacock.

But she couldn’t come up with the money so criminal charges of THEFT were laid later. Later, of course, to allow her to beg, borrow or steal the money that she owes her landlord, the government official.

Oh YES… Ronja Juman and all Barbadians had bloody well better get the message that you should pay your debts to government officials. Or else.

Meet The Director Of Public Prosecutions For The Country Of Barbados

Charles Leacock, Director of Public Prosecutions for Barbados, is arguably one of the most powerful men in the country. On his say-so, charges are dropped or laid. On his say-so criminal incidents can be settled out of court between parties – OR on his say-so, prosecutions are ferociously pursued and the same accused will have to face charges that could result in years spent in prison.

Charles Leacock is a man with authority over lives. He is a man who very much has authority over police officers and their cases and investigations.

He is a man to be feared: especially by a destitute, abandoned mother and a 6 year old child sleeping in their beds a few days before Christmas.

New Blog Details Abuse Of Power By Director Of Public Prosecutions, Police, Chief Justice

Ronja Juman is the woman who was taken from her son in the middle of the night by Royal Barbados Police Force thugs upon orders from Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock. She is currently facing a criminal charge of theft – completing the travesty of so-called justice in Barbados.

Someone has placed her story on a WordPress blog called Justice B Mine, along with copies of available court documents. She wasn’t given a copy of the search warrant that was used to terrorize her family, so that does not appear at the blog.

Court Records Modified By Judge To Better Portray Public Prosecutor Leacock!

Trial Went On Without Accused’s Lawyer Present

Director Of Public Prosecutions Acted Officially During The Trial Where He Was A Witness!

Chief Justice David Simmons Interfered With Ongoing Court Case!

Upon reading Ronja Juman’s story, I am so outraged that this is what has become of my country – even though we have known for some years that this is where we were heading. My fellow citizens, we have finally arrived at the doorstep of that dark place that is a nation without justice, without rules, without freedoms.

There is now no hyperbole is saying “Welcome to Zimbabwe West”

Copied from the WordPress blog Justice B Mine…

For readability, certain headings have been created by Barbados Free Press. For the same reason, BFP divided several of the larger paragraphs. Readers are urged to visit Justice B Mine blog to read the original and the see the court documents displayed there.

Barbados Free Press editors have also highlighted some sections in red – where the Chief Justice, Attorney General and Prime Minister became involved – and also other sections that we believe are of great interest…

Barbados DPP Uses Barbados Police Force To Carry Out Corrupt Agendas on Woman!!!!!

September 22nd, 2007 at 8:40 pm (Barbados) (Tagged: Barbados, barbados politics, free press)

Below you will find a copy of the official statement of a victim targeted by the DPP and transcripts of testimony given by Director of Public Prosecutions.

Copies of this statement and the blank warrants and statement of the sales persons who sold the young lady her jewellery under legal circumstances on behalf of Columbian Emeralds were delivered to the Chief Justice, Attorney General and Deputy prime minister’s office and to date no one has done anything to help her. I am a close friend of hers and find it distateful that we live in a island where we allow politicians to brazenly target and victimise women for the simple reason that they have no one to stand up for them. I am calling on all the protest and lets bring Leacock’s reign to a end.

Have you ever heard of rent being a criminal matter? Its supposed to be a civil matter. You may further contact me on should you require to see additional prood such as blank warrant etc.


On 17th August, 2005 I rented a apartment at #5 Betcliff, Maxwell Park Dr. Christ Church from Betcliff Property Holdings Inc. I have had an ongoing battle in the Supreme Courts for sometime now with my husband Charles Juman who has continuously defaulted in paying maintenance ordered by the court for myself and my son. As a result of this combined with loosing my job as Administrative Assistant to the CEO of H. Jason Jones, I found myself in dire straights after having a history of always paying my rent consistently for many months and found my rent in arrears. Mr. Charles Leacock and his wife Elisabeth Leacock who were the sole owners and directors of the company and to whom I paid rent were contacted by me for a meeting. I at this time showed Mr. Leacock my complete court file regarding these matters to explain the reason to my default on the rent. He at this time contributed advice to me in a legal way to assist me, which I followed.

However, this did not result in any positive changes as my husband still refused to honor the orders of the court and no judges seemed to felt incarceration a suitable response despite my attorney and my own personal pleadings to the court. Mr. Leacock at this time started sending me letters saying I would be evicted by Marshalls and such to which I out of sheer desperation sought an audience with the chief justice Sir David Simmons.

During this meeting, he (ed: Chief Justice Sir David Simmons) informed me he was disturbed and concerned at the way my court matters were handled. The fact that despite my husband started a new family with someone else which comprised of the woman’s 2 previous children and a new baby with my husband and he was not only furnishing and financially supporting them all but to an extent where he was able to purchase a $100.000.00 vehicle for the same woman’s comfort mean whilst he had made absolutely no payments whatsoever to my minor child Nicholas Juman as ordered by the court which was the direct reason I was facing my housing predicaments with the Leacocks.

Subsequently to this meeting Mr. Leacock called me in a much more civil and understanding tone and at that time said he was only concerned as he did not get any feed back from me since he had provided me with advice was the reason he threatened to have Marshalls of the court physically evict me to my lawyer at that time Mr. Marvin Patterson and myself. I explained to him not only had I followed his advise but that I also went to the Chief Justice with a hope a effect some sort of change in the depressing cycle I was in.

I at this time offered Mr. Leacock 1 diamond and sapphire bracelet and 1 diamond and sapphire ring both purchased previously from Columbian Emeralds and valued collectively over BDS$6,000.00. Mr. Charles Leacock accepted these pieces from me as collateral until I received the monies owed to me through my maintenance orders. I was told that I would still have to move however because the pieces I gave him served to only secure the amounts owed to date and that he did not want to incur any further and that should my maintenance orders take too long to come to a completion for me to have access to funds he would go ahead and keep the jewelry to dispose of at his desire to which I agreed and moved subsequently.

After two or three months of moving I got a court date again regarding my matters and was hopeful of some positive solutions to alleviate my dire situation. Unfortunately as the court’s records will indicate a series of sick certificates were served on the court on my husband’s behalf and court was rescheduled. Upon leaving the judges chambers, I was sitting in the company of my attorney Mrs. Alicia Hill and my husband’s then attorney Theron Mendes when an unknown man approached and asked to have a word with me. My attorney asked me if I knew him and I told her no but still went to hear what he wanted.

He identified himself as a police station sergeant and said that Mr. Leacock has been hounding him to come after me regarding some outstanding rents I owe him. I at this time informed the officer about the jewelry and agreement me and Mr. Leacock had come to as well as told him what was the disappointing result of the sick certificates being served. He himself at this time informed me that he knows its not a police matter and that he did not want me to get frightened because its all a civil matter and he understands my plight. He requested however that I call Mr. Leacock in his presence so that he would know that the station sergeant did speak to me. I called Mr. Leacock on my cell phone in front of the officer and he yelled and threatened me saying he is the Director of Public Prosecutions and if I do not find the money I owe him the same day he can and will have me arrested and no one can stop him. I Reminded Mr. Leacock of our previous agreement and the jewels he was holding for me, told him what happened in court the day also, and explained to him I would not be able to find it. He shouted well then you will be locked up and hung up on me.

The station sergeant wished me good luck with my court case and left. I went back to my attorney and told her that the man was in fact an officer sent by Mr. Leacock to find out about the monies owed to him. Approximately 2 weeks or so later I heard a knock on my door and when I opened it I was surprised to see the same officer again. He asked me how I was doing and I told him pretty much the same because since that day another sick certificate was served on the court. To my surprise about 2 weeks later again the same officer pulled up at the gate and blocked me in the garage from leaving he at this time told me he wanted me to come down to his office for a meeting regarding the money owed by me to Mr. Leacock. After he left, I telephoned my attorney and informed her of his request and she told me it was a civil matter and the police had no right to be carrying out the functions of messenger for the Director. I requested that she find out from the officer what the nature of the meeting would be about and she said she would try to and that the decision to go or not to go would be mine to make ultimately. I decided not to go as I know nothing had changed in my situation and after Mr. Leacock threatening me on the phone when we last spoke I felt afraid.

Shortly after this, I met a Dr. Christopher Atherley whom befriended me and garnered my trust as someone mature and spiritual who was in my corner and supporting me in what I was experiencing with my court matters. He offered me advice and comfort when I felt despair etc. During this time, he also explained to me how he had desires of his own to earn some additional income outside of his current position as The Director of Music for The Royal Barbados Police Force Band. We had plans that would mutually benefit us both. Dr. Atherley took out a vehicle for me to be able to move around better and I was to assist him in purchasing good overseas, which we were going to sell and split the profits. I went to New York and I purchased and shipped the goods to him in his name through the church as I understood he would not have to pay any duty on it that way.

Whilst in New York he was the one driving my vehicle to do school runs with my son Nicholas Juman and he told me a police officer named Sgt. Paul Vaughan approached him and asked him for me at my son’s school. The same officer apparently claimed I was a very dishonest person who the police were looking for. Subsequently to him leaving the school he told me he was called by a police officer named Mr. Cumberbatch and was again told he was in danger of me putting him into trouble and that I was this horrible character of deceit whom would rob him and get him into trouble.

When Dr. Atherley told me these things I offended and offered him to take him to my attorney upon my return so that he can see my court file him self and hear from my attorney the truth of the matter. He at this time told me he did not require this because he believed in me and what we were trying to accomplish and that I was not to worry because he was in my corner 100%. I finished the trip as planned and returned home to Barbados on Wednesday 13th December and was received at the airport by Dr. Atherley as planned. Everything seemed to be in order and again I asked him if he was sure, he did not want me to take him to my lawyer so that he can get proof that the baseless character assassination being carried out by members of the Barbados Police Force at the request of Charles Leacock. He again told me he did not need that and had no faith in any of what they were saying about me.

I reside in Walkers Terrace, St. George and on Tuesday 19th December in the early hours of the morning I heard extremely loud banging banging on my door and several raised voices shouting. I asked who it was and was told it was police and to open the door now. I at this time was in bed as my mother Carol D’Aguiar was the one to initially wake me to the noise so I said ok and hurried to get dressed in decent clothing. During this time they pried open a window and started kicking the door and saying open it now because I kicking it open. I rushed and opened to door still in the process of getting clothes on. I was told they had a warrant to search for documents regarding Charles Leacock. I asked to see a copy of the warrant and was ignored. The lead officer who was shouting and kicking at the door identified himself as John Vaughan and asked me if I knew him. They all towered inside my bedroom mean whilst my 6 yrs. old son was sleeping and he jumped out of his sleep crying obviously frightened by how they were carrying on.

The police did not attempt to search for anything.

John Vaughan simply came to me in my bedroom along with a female officer Mathews and another officer at the bedroom door and said you have to come with us to the station. I asked what for Sand they insisted I had to go with them. I at this point conceded but insisted they give me a copy of the warrant that they had John Vaughan made all types of excuses to not give me one and I was adamant about it. He finally gave me a pink copy that was titled warrant but had no writing on it because it was just light impressions. Douglas N. Burgess Justice of the Peace signed this warrant. I asked why it had no visible writing and requested one of the copies Vaughan was holding in his hands that had writing and was denied and told that is for his records to get up and go now. I followed the police instructions and left the house.

Once I got into my yard I saw they had jumped the 6 foot metal fence and hedges destroying some in the process. I also noticed that it was 3 Suzuki Grand Vitaras filled with officers that came to enforce this search warrant which no search was ever attempted to be conducted.

Once at District A station I was taken to a female bathroom whereby I was forced to undergo a naked body cavity search by Officer Mathews and told it was procedure.

At this time I said was I being charged and why did I need to be strip-searched and was given no explanation aside again its procedure. I underwent this most invasive and embarrassing subjection. Upon completion, I was led to the Fraud Squad and placed to sit in a chair alongside a desk. John Vaughan at this sat at the same desk. I again asked him why I was brought here and for what crime.

He informed me this is a interview and that he has a report made by Mr. Charles Leacock and he wants my side of the story. He them informed me of my rights to call an attorney, which I took and called my attorney.

My attorney was shocked because Mr. Leacock had always been in contact with her and was always aware of where my court case was and that to have the police come into a civil matter appeared inappropriate. She spoke to John Vaughn who I heard him say to her this is just an interview.

Subsequently to that, my attorney told me she was unable to come down and would seek to have another attorney come down and that I could decide if I wanted to answer any question but that I was not to give any statements until the attorney arrived. I relayed this to John Vaughan and he commenced in asking me questions about how I came to owe Charles Leacock and why I have not paid him. I explained what happened and told him about the jewels Mr. Leacock had for me along with about the station sergeant whom had first approached me at court. He said he did not know it entailed all of this and now that he is hearing my side, he sympathizes with me.

The Search Warrant Was Nothing But A Big Excuse For Police Terror In The Middle Of The Night

I at this time asked what documents were they supposedly looking for in my home despite they made no efforts once they gained entry to actually search for anything. He said a copy of the contract to which I said was in the file my attorney had.

At this time I glanced down at his hands and noticed a copy of the very said contract signed by myself and Elisabeth Leacock and witnessed by Charles Leacock there. I asked why would you search for a copy at my home when you already have a copy and he gave no reply the interview went on and on for some hours. He then told me the interview was over and asked me if I would make a statement despite me already telling him from the beginning that I would not be making any statements until my attorney came. I again told him this and he said ok sit tight he has to report up to higher in the chain and he will let me know what happens next.

Sometime passed and John Vaughan and Dr. Atherley entered the room I was being held in. Dr. Atherley at this time came to me rubbed my head and said it’s ok don’t be scared everything will be ok and you will be ok. John Vaughan whom during his interview had asked me what was my relationship to Dr. Atherley and I told him it was not relevant nor a concern to the matter he said he was dealing with. At this time Dr. Atherley told me that it was the very same John Vaughan who was at my son’s school and approached him initially. I at this time told Dr. Atherley that I was not going to let Mr. Leacock continue to do this to me because I broke no laws and committed no crime against him. I also told him I was going to report this matter and take it to as high authority as I needed to and would not rest until I received justice. He told me because of his position and having had his fair share of how some members in the police force are he would not want to be directly involved I told him no problem I respect your wishes I am however going to be still pursuing it and he said ok.

John Vaughan led Dr. Atherley out and told me he was just waiting on some phone calls to hear if he can let me go or not to bear with him.

I was kept waiting again for sometime more than a hour. After a whilst John Vaughn came back and said he was letting me go and led me to a office with officers whom asked me if I was mistreated by the police and I said this entire even has been a atrocity by the police but I was not physically treated badly and they said I could go. I at this time called my home and spoke to my mother who was the one left with my son and told her they let me go. She informed me that Dr. Atherley just left my home with my vehicle because he said to her that he had come to collect the keys to take it to me so I can drive home. I stood and waited for some time and he did not show up. I tried calling him several times and he would not answer his mobile. I was concerned for him amidst all of this as it has rained and the roads can be dangerous. Eventually I decided to walk around to where his office was thinking perhaps he was here and was not aware that I was released yet. When I got there I found him in his office.

He at this time told me he was not releasing my jeep because it is in his name and he was told by Deputy Crime Chief that I would disappear with the vehicle and he would be in problems and that if he knew what was good for him not to give it back. I was again floored. At this time I reminded him that we had agreements and that I had kept up my end and went and bought the goods and shipped them for him. I appealed to him to be fair and not do this to me now amidst all that had transpired. I again reminded him of my offer to take him to my lawyer and he said he did not want that and that the people who were telling him these things are qualified to judge people. I then proposed that we get a legal document from a attorney stating I am the one whom the vehicle is for and whom will undertake to pay all payments and release him from liability and again he said no that he wanted it. I asked him at this time to at least give me a drop home, which he did. During the drive, he was still attempting to tell me he cared for me and wanted me to still help him get his goods sold when it arrived because he knew nothing about selling goods. By this time the shock of everything that had happened, combined with the anger and frustration I was feeling was unbelievable.

I told him he could not seriously think after what he just did taking away my vehicle and telling me these people, who have no tangible proof aside from gossip, innuendos and unfounded allegations are the reason and why he is opposed to seeing tangible definitive proof to disprove it, that I would have any sort of further communications with him.


I called the Attorney General and briefly explained this matter to him who advised me to place it all in writing and send a letter to the Chief Justice as he is the one who appoints the Director of Public prosecutions.

I wrote such a letter explaining the sequence of events that transpired and also informed him that I planned to explore my options legally against both Director of Public Prosecutions office and The Police Commissioner’s office that are in direct control of the Police Force which was used to abuse, embarrass, harass and traumatize my minor child and myself as well as the destruction of personal property in the process of them carrying out these acts. A attached copy of my contract with Betcliff Property Holdings INC. signed by Mrs. Elisabeth Leacock and witnessed by Charles Leacock, I also have the said warrant that was served upon me, along with a copy of a personal check for rent that I wrote and paid directly in the name of Charles Leacock should they be required to substantiate my claims.

Subsequent to this all I was served a few days afterwards by the same Sgt. Paul Vaughan and the officer who had initially harassed me on behalf of Mr. Leacock both at the court and at my home with 2 informant summons charges to appear before the Oistins Magistrates court under the theft act of Barbados.

I appeared and was placed on $6000 bail with bail conditions of handing in all my travel documents and reporting to the Glebe Police station every Monday at 9 am. There were a few adjournments due to court renovations and other reasons.

Director Of Prosecutions Leacock Was Shown Letter In His Official Capacity At A Trial Where He Was A Witness!

Trial Went Ahead With No Lawyer To Represent The Accused Woman!

On the last court date Mr. Charles Leacock was at court prepared to give his evidence a letter from you my attorney was served upon the court to the Magistrate who read it and proceeded to pass it around to both the Prosecution as well as Mr. Leacock as she said he was the DPP and should read it. She refused the adjournment requested and said she was going to take Mr. Leacock’s evidence and the following is a transcription of what took place in court .

I was only at this court date told I could have my matter tried summarily or indictable with a judge and jury and I said indictable with a judge and jury as I was advised to do so by Mr. Abrahams just before he walked out of court in protest as he felt it as being handled inappropriately. The magistrate then told me I should rethink it as a judge and jury could mean a longer jail sentence and I again insisted it was what I wanted and she proceeded with Mr. Leacock’s evidence
After swearing under oath his name and address was Charles Clifton Leacock of #75 Coral Dr. Atlantic Shores, Ch. Ch.

He then said “I am a director of a company which is incorporated under the laws of Barbados by the name of Betcliff Property Holdings Inc. and that is duly incorporated under the laws of Barbados. My wife Betty June Leacock is the other director of the company. The business is to primarily manage a block of apartments at 20-21 Maxwell, Ch Ch They are 6 apartments in the block. The company’s registered office is at #75 Coral Dr. Atlantic Shores, Ch. Ch.

The apartments are usually rented out on long term basis of 1-3yrs. Rent varies depending on level of furnishings namely fully, semi and un furnished.
On the 17th August, 2005 the accused entered into a lease agreement of apt#5. Rent was agreed at Bds.$1,800.00 mthly for a furnished ( was then corrected by me and said) thank you semi furnished apartment.

The rent was paid on time for the first few months but by around March, 2006 it went into default”

Prosecution then asked to explain in relation the arrangement between Betcliff and defendant.

Mr. Leacock then said “Accused was to pay all utilities except water. This was rent Bds$1,800.00, multi choice, gas and electricity. Only utility paid by Betcliff was water. As well as she was responsible for a phone”.

Prosecution then asked if it was a verbal or written agreement.

Mr Leacock said “It was a signed lease as all tenants are and she did on 17th August, 2005

Most utilities are in company’s name or Charles Leacock’s name for continuity after tenants leave. Specifically with multi choice the last tenants turned it off and she said she had transportation problems and I had it done in my name. At the end of the day it was the basic package and it was enhanced to the highest and left unpaid.”

“About March, 2006 the first default occurred and whereby we contacted her as we had a good relationship with her and all tenants. She indicated they were some problems and we waited as we had a good relationship. The situation never really improved so by end of April we gave notice and she left end of June. I made notes at the time in my capacity as a director of the company and ask permission to refer to them.’’

Trial Was A Big Meeting Of The Insiders Club

The magistrate at this time asked him smiling “please slow down a bit as I can barely keep up to write” and he laughed and said “I am doing the same thing I accuse witnesses of doing all the time and apologized and said he would slow down.” The magistrate thanked him and he continued on as follows:
“ On 30th June,2006 after default of Bds.$4,460.00 after her security deposit was applied to. Now prior to her leaving I personally visited her and discussed status of the utilities and she unreservedly stated the utilities were paid. On departure bills came in with charges for the period which she was there. They were telephone Bds.$2,296.00, Bds.$273.54 came in for light and power and a multi choice bill came in for Bds.$871.93

Another telephone bill also came in later for charges whilst she was in the house for $100. I must say Light & Power had turned off her electricity for delinquency. I called them and had it restored sometime approx in January. I also spoke of rent in June when I visited her and she explained she did not have the money and left with me some jewelry it was a ring and bracelet as security and are to be returned to her upon settlement. I went to Cave Shepherd with the jewelry and don’t want to say in details what was said to me unless your worship really wants to know cause its hearsay but the title of them are being questioned and that is why I don’t even want these pieces and don’t even want them in my home so I have them in a safety deposit box.”

The prosecution then said “Tell her worship in result of default of monies for rent, electricity, telephone and multi choice what actions you took in response.”

Mr. Leacock then said “we made several attempts to contact her and had no number or forwarding address. Because of the good relationship we had with her we then waited. She left in June and the report was not made until 11th October, 2006. Prior to this Sgt. Clarke met the accused up in court. Sgt Jefferson Clarke and she called me and spoke to me most likely after I reported the matter.”

Again the magistrate asked him smiling to please slow down so she could write and he replied “After experiencing this first hand I will personally raise it so that you get transcriptions services here because we have that and that is what we are accustomed to we are not accustomed to having to write for ourselves” The magistrate said “please do I would appreciate that” and they both laughed and chatted a bit more and then Mr. Leacock continued on as follows:

“ I must say when I spoke to the accused she was unable to satisfy when if at all she would pay debts and matters were handed over to the police.

Documents given to police were Lease Contract (which was identified by his him based on his initials which he placed on them and marked as Exhibit A), Cable & Wireless phone bill (which was identified by his him based on his initials which he placed on them and marked as Exhibit B) Light & Power Bill (which was identified by his him based on his initials which he placed on them and marked as People’s Exhibit C), Rental Account Statement (which was identified by his him based on his initials which he placed on them and marked as Exhibit D) and multi choice bill (which was identified by his him based on his initials which he placed on them and marked as Exhibit E)”

I was shown them and requested copies for my attorney and was declined and told if my attorney was here next time he could see them then because the court does not give copies of exhibits by the magistrate.

Mr. Leacock then continued giving his evidence by saying “This is the rental agreement signed by me as a witness so I recognize it. My wife deals with the tenants. This telephone bill came after her departure and was accumulated by her and shows age debt analysis. I initiated rental statement during my employment I mean my duties as a director for the company.

The prosecution then asked “at the time Betcliff entered into agreement with accused explain what brought it about”

Mr. Leacock then replied “ in August, 2005 the accuse contacted me about a apartment which was advertised in the papers. In fact I was on Sandy Lane’s gold course at the time with my son”

“The magistrate then laughed and said okay I do not think you want to put that on the record okay”

Mr. Leacock laughed and agreed and continued as follows

He said “I picked the accuse up and she came and discussed the apartment with myself and my wife and asked if she could pay 1st months rent and pay deposit afterwards and we agreed. From the statement of accounts she paid half of deposit.”

The prosecution then asked “tell the court if the current state of affairs was foreseen at time of rental?”

Mr. Leacock replied “certainly not, Betcliff stands to loose all Bds.$4,460.00 in rent, Bds.$2,296.00 in telephone bill, Bds. $273 in Light & Power bill and cable bill of Bds. $871.93. The accumulated amount of this money is what has been defrauded to date unless settlement is made. This is in breach of the contract and I can point you in particular to clause 18&19.

The judge then read his evidence back to him excluding the parts where he spoke of Cave Shepherd and Sandy Lane Gold Course and adjourned until 4th May, 2006 and called Mr Leacock to sign his evidence and I was excused and told I could leave. As I sat in court it was my impression that the magistrate was not differentiating the difference between Mr. Leacock’’s official title as DPP and the fact of his involvement in this case was as a complainant and nto in is official capacity. Subsequently I have been involved in a accident which I was forced to serve a medical report on the court for a adjournment and it has been adjourned to the 4th June, 2007.


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    very intresting indeed

  3. Lenny Hutton

    Also very interesting is Obrien Trotman retiring from UDC and being rehired yet again by UDC. How many times he retired or was fired? Trotman either has immense clout in BLP or holding serious secrets or both. His prolonged stay at UDC is scandalous and reeks of corruption.

  4. DPPAbuseStory

    Corruption did you say?
    THIS blp Administration?
    Surely you jest, sir!

  5. Hants

    BFP this is probably the most revolting story you have written so far.
    Chief Justice, Attorney General & Prime Minister Involved In Cover-Up

    IF the DPP in Barbados has this much power and he can implicate the PM and the CJ as indicated above, then Barbados has a bigger problem than cost overuns.

    If this story is true, Barbados is in a sorry state.

    Imagine what people in the UK ,the USA and Canada are going to think when they read this.

    I sincerely hope the story is false.

    I find it difficult to accept this story as presented.
    It is truly revolting and disgusting.

  6. more

    It is called the “reign of terror”.
    There are many powerful people who never want it to end. A monster has been created and is out of control.

    Many people are suffering and some are too afraid to speak out.

    We all are to blame for not standing up for what we know is right.

  7. PiedPiper

    I can tell you , as a Canadian citizen, what I think Hants. I think Barbados ahs gone to hell in a handbasket. As much as this story revolts me, it doesn’t surprise me either. Barbados is becoming as lawless and corrupt as Jamaica……and I know how Bajans love to look down their noses at Jamaicans.

    When government officials can subvert justice and twist the laws to serve their own purpose, how far away is Barbados from a total collapse of it’s judicial system. Does Barbados have a constitution?…….I would think that it being a former British colony, it would have to have a constitution and don’t the judges, attorneys, the AG and that piece of shite Charles Leacock swear to uphold the constitution in order to hold their positions?

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again, until Barbados gets it’s act together and demonstrates that it is a democratic country, I will not recommend it to anyone as a tourist destination.

  8. suprised?

    Simmons and Leacock are singing from the same psalms book.

    Although they are both incredibly self-righteous and arrogant, their techniques of intimidation, threats, and in this case, physical and legal abuse are completely consistent with who and what they are as human beings and who they work with and for.

  9. Anonymous

    “it was 3 Suzuki Grand Vitara’s filled with officers that came to enforce this search warrant, which no search was ever attempted to be conducted.”

    Three gold-coloured Grand Vitara’s?
    They are the ones that get used for the real nasty stuff: I always thought they were the gurD Squad vehicles.

    Kyffin Simpson is who gave them to the Police Force, so you can thank him…….

  10. St. Gabriel's parent


    White Lexus?

  11. Hants

    BFP…. it would be useful if a member of the legal profession in Barbados could offer some input into this case.

    I thought an officer of the court like a DPP would not be allowed to testify on the behalf of a company he owns.

    Logical to me but is it the Law in Barbados.

    The other part of this story that is cause for concern is the issue of avoiding import duties on the Goods this lady and mr.Atherly are alleged to have imported.

    This case has too many criminal activities alleged in it so time to get a legal opinion.

  12. Hants

    PiedPiper…. I too am a Canadian Citizen but I am still hopeful that Barbados has not gone to hell yet.

    BFP is trying to save it.

    Barbados is suffering from the nouveau riche syndrome.

    A lot of people “who en come from nuh way” got money and power and it making them “powfull foolish.”

    Apologies to Jeanette Layne-Clarke for my poor attempt at bajan dialect.

  13. Anonymous

    White Lexus?,
    not sure but I can have that checked out.

    Sounds like that would be about right.

    Him and O$A both having Lexus. – no?
    heh heh heh


    hope you’re using Firefox browser and not some antiquated Internet Explorer BS
    – even IE7 is krappe!

    GET FIREFOX browser (or Opera?)
    and add system extensions like NoScript, etc.

    Good time to have your internet/browser security up real tight.

    Firewall turned on.?
    Get Zone Alarm or similar
    in addition to Windows XP’s own firewall.

    Antivirus working and up dated.? Scanned recently?

    SpyBot and AdAware.> Updated?
    Keep that ‘ship’ of yours clean and tight.

    reboot your modem every few hrs. to get a new difrnt IP address etc.

    Get your internet security smarts turned on,
    or the DPP will cavity-search YOU TOO!..

  14. Anonymous X

    This story seem somehow incomplete. There is something else that we are not being told. What is the relationship between Mr.Juman and the DPP? Why were such drastic measures taken?

    This whole episode is outragious. The DPP was always an arrogant Pig and I cannot understand why he was given that position. I wonder how he relates to his fellow Guyanese? Are they favoured? Are the Jumans Guyanese?

  15. Anonymous

    To the peoples of Barbados Free Press.

    Thank You.

  16. Red Lake Lassie

    Is the Chief Justice supposed to meet with one side of a court case like he did? What are the rules about this. It doesn’t seem right to me.

  17. Jason

    Is it right for the Chief Justice to speak with the Chief prosecutor about a case? That don’t sound right too.

  18. Crazy story

    I was very interested in this story when it first broke, thought “WHat the Hell?” then hear the names of the persons involver Mr and Mrs Charles Juman are alledged to have, over the years, stacked up debt after debt which they conveniently evade by moving house claiming to be other persons when collectors visit. I heard someone state that this same Mrs Juman has trashed houses she has rented and dared landlords to prosecute her as she will expose the unfit state she found the house in… really the trashing that she created and photographed… BFP sensationalism is one thing, reality is something entirely different.. Story is scandal sheet quality with woman of questionable character. don’t believe every suit that is filed or every story told. Charles Leacock may be arrogant but he is not an idiot… Check you sources… better still speak with Leacock for true story.

  19. Hants

    Barbados used to have strong leadership in its Police Force.

    There were men who were tough but fair and young policemen had people to emulate .
    Barbados had detectives who were as good as the “overseas” ones.
    The nicknames “Slater” “Vinsky” “Dick Turk” were given to 3 of the best.

    Seems that things started falling apart after the Pele case.

    I hope it has not deteriorated to where a Government official can use Police officers as a thug squad.

    I think there is more to this story than we are reading. Hopefully we will eventually hear the truth.


    Has Auntie Moses retired, or is she not quite as sharp as she used to be?


    BFP Comments

    Auntie Moses is off today. Is there something of concern?


  21. Anonymous

    DPP Leacock – is a guyanese


    He is also some big up on the Anglican church synod – no christian charity there huh?

    Not sure what to make of that lady story – although it is very,very,very plausible here in Barbados.

    The Judiciary is like a lodge here in Barbados,that’s why I’m concerned about corruption charges being fairly adjudicated against owen and his gang.

  22. Hants

    Crazy story….. if what you are saying is true that provides another take on the story and hopefully we will eventually hear the truth.

    BFP I am sure will try to get more factual information but for now we bloggers will comment on what we read.

  23. Crazy story

    Sadly what you say is correct bloggers will stretch this to the limit add their 2 cents and explode a non story from a compulsive liar into a national issue for political reasons.

    Ask about the place about Charles Juman… and his estranged wife see what you hear, guaranteed nothing positive.

  24. Crazy story

    Point of clarification DPP is not a government official.

  25. Justice B Mine

    I am a close friend of Mrs. Juman and as far as her character goes of being questionable let me enlighten you crazy story.

    She married into the Juman’s muslim family at 17 yrs old as a nieve inexperienced young woman and fell prey the their abusive and dictatorial ways. If anyone forgot this would be the same Juman who murdered his own wife’s son. So dare you try to imagine what terror it must have been for a young woman like her to live amongst them with no family or friends in Barbados allowed. Upon revelations of her husband’s drug abusing problem her family finally forced her to stop tryung to save a unsavable marriage and leave him. She had no say and no voice and there are multiple police reports at holetown police station for Mr. Juman abusing his wife also with many ” accidental falls” she had during her pregnancy at Bayview hospital”
    Then after she left him he was ordered by the Supreme Court by way of consent order to pay her rent and maintain their child in return for court ordering her to not be allowed to leave the jurisdiction with her young child when she first left him. Charles Leacock knew of the battles she had to try and get out of the Juman family and was privy to information from his correspondances with her and her attorneys at the time regarding Mr. Juman so he knew she had no one in her corner and no one to tell her differently. So crazy story before you go assasinating a young mother for leaving a abusive illicit drug using family and trying to make a better life for her and her young child maybe you should also get the facts. They can all be found at the Supreme court’s Registry on file Juman vs Juman. By the way he filed proceedings first to make sure he forced and kept her here.

  26. Justice B Mine

    Now that I have given my views and hopefullybclarification on Mrs. Juman’s character. I will move onto the actual legality of the situation.

    Accordinmg toe the Public workers Guidelines which is readily available at most Government Institutions says ‘public workers such as DPP are not allowed to own businesses or sit on boards of directors for any company outside of the government post unless given authorisation by the PM’ Now excuse me but would Charles Leacock not also happen to be considered such a worker and what i would like to know is if the PM gave him permission to operate in real estate ?

  27. Jason

    Crazy story says “Point of clarification DPP is not a government official.”

    Really CS?

    As if a strickt definition of his title matter. Government pay his salary and he is official enough for me as he is in charge of all prosecutions.

    Why the raid in the night? Why the private parts naked search? For UNPAID RENT?

    Why no court reporter? Why a trial with no lawyer?

    Why was the Director of Public Prosecutions shown a letter as a official capacity at a trial where he was witness?

    This stinks. You try to slay her character when it really don’t matter. So what if she did what in the past. Was she charged or convicted for what you say?

    Even if she was why do the police come in the middle of the night? They could come anytime like before when they were acting as collection agents.

    This was a message to her. So corrupt. So repulsive to have the police used like this to collect a personal debt.

  28. YUM YUM I like it!

    So, ‘Crazy story’, it seems that people who have a bad reputation do not deserve justice?

    Who decides whather a person’s reputation is to the standard which affords them rights?

  29. Justice B Mine

    Also if this story was not legitimate when the Police Commissioner’s office recieved copies of Mrs. Juman’s statementv along with copies of the blank warrant which was served on her he would not have appointed a assistant police commissioner to investigate the conduct of the police and Mr. Leacock in this matter. They took statements from Mrs. Juman and other witnesses to confirm it all and surprise surprise no one has recieved a copy of the report’s findings thus far.

  30. Justice B Mine

    I wonder if Crazy Story may be someone acting on behalf of DPP’s interest after all its not the first time the DPP has used people to carry out his mandates. It would also serve him should no one sympathise and offer her advice or better yet be willing to stand up against him and pursue accountability on her behalf now wouldn’t it? Also I wonder he would have had the case done so quietly with no one allowed in court? Or why her passports was siezed as per bail requirements in the matter for him? Now my last question is if he could do this to one person he could do it to anyone else and who knows how many others he has done it too who like her have nowhere and no one to seek help from? Chew on it and figure it out yourselves everyone.

  31. Crazy story

    Dpp is Judicial official.

    Justice B Mine, I know of Juman and agree Mrs Juman may have been abused BUT none of what I said is false but your attempt to protect her is honorable. I am also aware of Mrs Juman’s compulsion for fabricating issues to cover her a**.

  32. Lady Anon

    Is Ronja Juman and Mrs. Charles Juman one and the same?

  33. Crazy story

    Yum Yum I am not saying they don’t deserve justice I am simply saying becareful as you tread as the tangled web being weaved in an effort to extract herself from debt owed is filled with half truths. Ask How many times has she threatened to sue landlords I personally know of other occasions.

  34. Justice B Mine

    For those who may still have doubts about the abuse and battles Mrs. Juman faced and still faces I refer you to the most recent in the series charges were filed by the police against one Hazel Halloway for accosting Mrs. Juman and her young son and threatening both their lives in a public place with many witnesses who the police verified. Hazel Halloway is currently on bail and is scheduled to reappear at the District A magistrate’s court sometime in October. As for her reason for this her daughter who apparantly is one of Mr. Juman’s drug buddies and girls Ramona halloway’s mother. Hazel halloway admitted in open court her daughter sent her to Mrs. Juman. So she leaves him and she is still being tortured how much control could she have had over her 46yrs old husband when he transacted his business or did anything ???? Its a miracle this young woman is still alive with the Jumans and their flunkies always attempting to harm her and Leacock swiftly following. talk about double dose. I wonder why the efforts spent by Leacock and the magistrate to prosecute for supposed “owed rents” was not also applied to protect a young woman and her young child?

  35. Justice B Mine

    If she had no factual or legal basis to sue landlords as you say why did they not proceed with legal actions of their own? I put this to you we live in a small island which is prone to small island mentality which means its all about who you know and don’t you think it may also be plausable that as a young woman on her own many might have seen her ripe for taking advantage of? How many have complained of landlords wrong doing in Barbados? Has anything been done tpo regulate or protect them?
    However everything you speak of is beyond the point of this matter. Had Charles Leacock had genuine desires to act legally, ethically and morally is the collection of monies owed not a case to be filed within the civil courts? Was it necessary for him to have her taken by police? Harassed? Charged?

  36. Adrian Hinds

    I ain going to pay Crazy Story nuh mine too many things happening bout de place for them all to be lies.

    BFP clarify something for me if you can

    The three paragraphs where taken for the Roja’s account of the incident.
    Whilst in New York he was the one driving my vehicle to do school runs with my son Nicholas Juman and he told me a police officer named Sgt. Paul Vaughan approached him and asked him for me at my son’s school. The same officer apparently claimed I was a very dishonest person who the police were looking for.
    John Vaughan simply came to me in my bedroom along with a female officer Mathews and another officer at the bedroom door and said you have to come with us to the station.
    John Vaughan whom during his interview had asked me what was my relationship to Dr. Atherley and I told him it was not relevant nor a concern to the matter he said he was dealing with. At this time Dr. Atherley told me that it was the very same John Vaughan who was at my son’s school and approached him initially.
    subsequent to this all I was served a few days afterwards by the same Sgt. Paul Vaughan and the officer who had initially harassed me on behalf of Mr. Leacock both at the court and at my home with 2 informant summons charges to appear before the Oistins Magistrates court under the theft act of Barbados.

    Now i get the impression that Paul and John are the same person, that either he lied as to his name when he bust down Ronja’s front door or she being alarms and scared thaught she heard the name “John” Instead of “Paul”

  37. Justice B Mine

    Lady Anon there is also another phase to this all Mr. Charles Juman who has also apparantly been cavorting with many other women including one who masquerades and says she is his wife to the public with him despite he is still not divorced yet from Ronja Juman. It appears they had some ceremony under muslim rights so you really won’t know if all the crimes being heaped at Ronja are hers or this other woman who is one and the same as the one whose mother is on bail for threatening Ronja and her son’s life. This is not the first of their threats in fact one was even witnessed infront of twoo police officers from Holetown about 2 yrs ago and she got off with a warning only.

  38. Adrian Hinds

    Crazy story
    September 24th, 2007 at 11:47 pm
    Dpp is Judicial official.

    Justice B Mine, I know of Juman and agree Mrs Juman may have been abused BUT none of what I said is false but your attempt to protect her is honorable. I am also aware of Mrs Juman’s compulsion for fabricating issues to cover her a**.

    What part of her allegation do you have concrete evidence to demonstrate she is lying? some of it? all of it? the part where she suggest that gave jewellary as surety? the part where she alledge that the police visited her late with warrant template? That she was in some sort of agreement with Dr. Atherley? what parts is she frabicating? Does Ronja Jumanexist as far as you are concerned? 😀

  39. Pat

    This story makes me want to puke. I worked in the Supreme Court in the 60’s under CJ, Sir Randolph Douglas and nothing like this could have occurred under his watch. I feel sorry for you Bajans down there. A fish rots from the head and so it is in Bim. You will find hangers on and brown nosers of Leacock and his ilk, trying to destroy the womans reputation, or even to throw up red herrings to distract from the criminality of the actions he instigated. I am at a total loss for words.

    My father left his four children each a house spot, not too far from the sea, about a four minute walk from Bathsheba beach and two minutes from Round House. I was down there twice this year and cant make up my mind whether to build or to keep my feet planted firmly on Canadian soil.

  40. Justice B Mine

    I say this for anyone who doubts that any of this really happend to Ronja Juman email me at **************** and I will email you actual scanned copies of the statement Leacock gave to the same police he sent to her home complete with his signiture etc. and a copy of the blank warrant signed by Douglas Burgess which was served on her after multiple demands from her at her home when they took her to the station.


    BFP Comments

    We removed the email address because we are concerned about the accuracy of the email address – which causes us to be concerned about this poster calling him/herself “Justice B Mine”

    Justice B Mine… IF you have copies of such documents, then please email them to BFP at and we will publish them.

    If we don’t receive the documents, we will be extremely concerned about the rest of your comments.


  41. Crazy story

    Just remember Mrs Juman has not helped her case with these post of a situation still under the consideration of the courts. Without a chance for the courts to consider the evidence she has opened herself up to action on contempt charges.. That would be a pity but by our actions we will be judged. And yes that goes for all of us.

    I do not condone Police violence against anyone but I also do not condone persons who disguise the truth ( yes I mean lie) in an attempt to discredit others. Note Mr Leacock is capable of defending himself but I am concerned about the others she has hurt and she has hurt others. Can she use her bad marital situation as a excuse for her behaviour, absolutely not. If she is found to be right she will be vindicated and I will eat my words. Not likely

  42. Justice B Mine

    Sadly to say Ronja Juman is too much of a scared little girl to dare post anything. She has not even filed claims or charges against Leacock. So what is she in contempt of aside from being scared and frightened?

  43. Warrior

    This story would knock the wind out of the sails of any goat stomach man.

    Today Ms. Juman, tomorrow it is me or you for posting on this blog. Where will it come to an end.

    What in the name of peace is happening in this nation.

    some of the first questions that came to my mind were asked by Anonymous X. What is Mr. Juman’s connection with Mr. Leacock?

    Also is that the Juman that was locked out of his business in Bay Street?

  44. Adrian Hinds

    Crazy story
    September 25th, 2007 at 12:18 am
    Just remember Mrs Juman has not helped her case with these post of a situation still under the consideration of the courts. Without a chance for the courts to consider the evidence she has opened herself up to action on contempt charges.. That would be a pity but by our actions we will be judged. And yes that goes for all of us.

    I do not condone Police violence against anyone but I also do not condone persons who disguise the truth ( yes I mean lie) in an attempt to discredit others. Note Mr Leacock is capable of defending himself but I am concerned about the others she has hurt and she has hurt others. Can she use her bad marital situation as a excuse for her behavior, absolutely not. If she is found to be right she will be vindicated and I will eat my words. Not likely

    You are just stringing words together, and they are lacking meaning and context. Help me here, as i really want to understand your objections which up to this point appears to be significantly less believable than Ronja’s documented claim.

    Are you suggesting the publication of her case can influence the courts one way or the other?????

    What is contemptible with her revelations? was she ordered not to speak or publicize her case???

    How is Ronja “disguising” the truth? what evidence to the contrary do you have on anything she has recorded on the INTERNET?

    What is also likely is that you do not have any proof to your opinions on this matter.

  45. Anonymous

    Does this give any one reason to pause and think about what life is for those married into a muslim family?

    Does it cause you any concern that this sort of alleged abuse by a husband to his wife can take place in barbados – and no action is taken by the authorities?

    We are in barbados right,and not Saudi Arabia?

  46. Kathy

    Whether the lady is right or wrong, a police raid in the middle of the night for unpaid rent has got to be illegal. Not to mention terrorizing a 6-year-old child.

    If the police would concentrate on doing their real jobs, people would not have to wait so long in the middle of the night when they call them in for real crimes. Civil matters are best left to the daytime.

  47. Jerome Hinds

    Well this is the same Charles Leacock…….that Owen Arthur referred to in Parliament about reporting Clyde Asscoll 2003 General Election bid ( Alleged Voter – Bribing ) in St. Michael North West !

    Today , the same Clyde Asscoll sits with Owen Arthur & Charles Leacock !

    All is well NOW…….as Shakespeare said…..” Much ado about NOTHING ” !

    Barbados……is CRUMBLING !

  48. anonymous

    this is the same mrs juman who took ppls jewellery and stuff and never payed for it.The same one who owes loads of money and never pays or tells them straight no to their faces.Someone should check with the courts and see how many cases ppl had to file against her and also the amount of ppl who she owes money to and is constantly running from

  49. A long story with lots of details.
    However, can you fault the police for the “raid”?
    They have to follow orders or fear losing their job.


    BFP Comments

    Yes, you can fault the police – who have forgotten that their master is the RULE OF LAW and not some high up abusing his power and process to have a police raid done in the middle of the night – to terrify someone who owes him a private debt.

    Yes, we fault the individual police officers very much because they have allowed themselves to be turned into thugs and have brought both the police and the judicial system into a dark place.

  50. Justice B Mine

    OK Now I have emailed the proof what say you nay sayers about the legitimacy of these allegations?? I know this woman as her son used to attend the same school with my child. I also am employed by one of the legal chambers she contacted in the early days of this matter begging for legal help but whether because of the old boy’s networkk or simply most fearing going against these powers that be she did not get help. To this day she is unaware that I work there and was the person who recieved these documents she sent to substantiate her case when begging for help.


    BFP Comments

    Hi JBM

    We received the documents you sent, and thanks very much. They appear to be the same as is posted on the Justice B Mine blog, but in bmp format, so once again thanks.

    We don’t see the blank warrant signed by Douglas Burgess. Am I missing it? This was supposed to be a search warrant or a warrant for her arrest? I don’t see it.


  51. Anonymous

    I made a suggestion to BFP to provide a”howto guide” on starting blogs. With more blogs printing the truth it will be difficult for BLP to target BFP and more horror stories such as this one will become known. I welcome this new blog.


    BFP Replies

    Hi Anon…


    We’ve been very busy and haven’t done it yet. Sorry, but it is an excellent suggestion and we’ll try. Next job though… printed edition #2. Working on it!

  52. Anonymous

    I know this Charles Juman. He is a director of Continental Foods Ltd. His father was the Late Harvey Juman who murdered his wife some years ago.
    A few years ago he was almost sent to jail for selling an Audi motorcar that was not really his.

  53. Anonymous

    I think her troubles will get worse. If she is waiting for Charles Juman to pay his debts so that she can pay her debts then she is wainting in vain. The Charles Juman I know don’t pay his debts.

  54. Justice B Mine

    BFP I emailed you the proof you requested over 25 minutes ago is there a reason you have not posted it as you indicted you would?


    BFP Replies

    Hi JBM

    Yes we received your files and thanks for them. We can’t post them until Clive cleans them which will be in the morning when he gets in. Electronic documents can sometimes have information in them that would show who you are and that is why Clive cleans them. I don’t know how.


  55. Justice B Mine

    Robert I do not have a copy of the blank warrant at present with me and thats just it the warrant does not say if its a search or arrest warrant. I should however be able to obtain a copy of it for you by tomorrow.

  56. Justice B Mine

    To clarify previously stated comments regarding the chief justice and Ms. Juman’s meeting. She sought audience with him as a citizen with judicially based complaints which is perfectly legitimate as he is the head of the judicial system and the DPP’s boss. The sad part is that nothing is known to have been done by him to date to either hamper or assist her plights. So the bit about his intervening is not accurate BFP


    BFP Comments

    Hi JBM

    It seems to us that a legal action had been launched or was contemplated by Leacock, and from Juman’s report it is likely that the Chief Justice spoke to Leacock about his actions. I get nervous every time a Chief Justice and the chief prosecutor talk about a case because of the potential for the CJ to influence the DPP. Is this what we mean an “independent” judiciary when the man in charge of judging the cases is also the man in charge of initiating and prosecuting the cases? Show me some rules and show me the Chief Justice’s records of the meetings and that will be a start.

    But you and I both know that there will be no such rules and no such records.

    “Back room justice” is the proper term for how our system is set up.

  57. BFP

    Hello folks

    There were some technical problems over the night and it is likely that many of you were unable to post comments.

    That should be fixed now.

  58. Justice Be Mine

    BFP what I would like to know is if now that we have all aired our personal opinions on this matter if BFP or anyone who has posted will actually seek out and offer any help to this young woman? Will anyone dare to stand against the “big boys” and fight for justice or will they cower like so many and let it continue to happen to her? I put this to you she is someone’s daughter, someone’s mother who says what is happening to her could not happen to any of our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters?

  59. FUH TRUE?

    BFP, Yes, my post got swallowed up into cyber space! I was simply alerting you to the fact that your old friend who you told to “take a hike” sometime back and who blogs on here again, under several different names, was casting doubt on your assertion that Owen Arthur was paying $15,000 per night for a hotel room in NY, on the DLP blog under “No Name”, saying it was just a rumour with no base, and accusing you of jumping up and down like a gorilla! What say you??


    BFP Replies

    Hello Fuh True

    If the person you speak about is posting under several different names here, then he would have to be posting under different IPs as well.

    As to whether Owen Arthur’s room cost $100, $1000, $10,000 or $15,000 – we believe our source but that is not the real issue.

    The issue is that the expenses of elected and appointed officials at all levels should be public record. Our tax dollars equals our right to know the expenses and to examine the supporting documents.

    But Mr. Arthur and his gang are not big fans of accountability.

  60. Wishing in Vain

    Can this really be Barbados?
    Charles Leacock needs to be removed from his position right away, are we going going to get a whisper from the AG, PM, DPM, OR THE CJ?
    I doubt it David Simmons is in a role that he is not equipped or suited for he is way to political too be fair and sincere in his judgement, made even moreso by ruling on cases that he as lawyer acted in how can you expect an unbiased decision?

  61. Anonymous

    Anyone sent a copy of this story to the Nation or Barbados Advocate or they know about it already and don’t care?


    BFP Comments

    According to our sources, a copy of this story has been printed from the internet and is on a certain desk at The Nation.


    Don’t hold your breath folks. This is one of those stories where the editors will have to phone the Prime Minister’s office to ask what they should do!

  62. Anonymous

    Mr. Leacock is the same man who parks his car in the no parking zone at St. Gabriel’s school and when asked very politely to move it was heard to comment “Do you know who I am? I can have you arrested”.
    He is obviously a very humble and caring individual.

  63. S G P


    White Lexus?

  64. Anonymous

    …..but wait a minute I now catch myself, this is the same Barbados Police(I won’t call them Royal) that the security guard prevented from entering Mellenial heights or whatever it name is, that the mom and pop security skin up at Cricket World Cup, that allowed a mulitiple killer to escape because he was with a little one, this is the same police we talking about?

  65. Felicity

    It is really sad…but what do you expect? Returning to Barbados five years ago has shown me that it was the biggest mistake that I ever made. Running from one corruptioninto another, but if this story is true, you can rest assured that Leacock and all his colleagues will get theirs. God does not sleep and if Mrs. Juman is a woman of God, all she has to do is to continue praying. Pray works, God always answers the prayers of a consistent and faithful heart. You will be in my prayers.

  66. Corruption at its finest

    Let me have my two cents worth on this matter, first let me say how amazed I am to think that someone in Mr Leacocks position would use his office to carry on actions such has been described above.
    They are many more pressing issues that both he and Mr Dottin need to address some of which ordinary people are asking why is it these people are not before the courts already, why is Mr Leacock not getting ready to charge the person that has molested three women at a company that Mr Mascoll is involved in ?
    Why does he not charge them for corruption for building and office for Mascoll’s wife with public funds and property and having a single cent being repaid?
    Why when the story makes it to the Pine it gets scrubbed because the director of the CBC is a director of Mascoll’s hardwood?
    Yes they are others that need to go to courts but not these private matters between what should have been the Leacocks and this lady Juman just guess what it cost us the taxpayers for him to assign all these people to harrass and annoy this lady.
    We will DPP out of the matter for now with regard to Nicholls, Bannister, Owing and company that will be dealt with later down.

  67. WhiteLexus?

    St.G Parent,
    White Lexus? not sure.

    My contact says it’s been several years, but the car that the objectionable individual used to park willy-nilly at St.G’s School
    had green MP plates on it, and so was kinda hard to miss.
    Did your White Lexus have green MP plates.?
    Sounds to me like you well suspect ‘who de body did!’


    And of course why wouldn’t a BigUp like a DPP NOT have a kewl White LEXUS to drive around in, with government gasoline,too.
    After all, O$A got a Lexus so the DPP got one too.
    Dese is bigUP’s dontcha see?


    DPP is Guyanese? Dem could be dread.
    Anyone check out the man photo,above?
    IS he related to O.J.Simpson? He sure look so to me!

    If he got-in OJ DNA,
    look fuh holes,yuh!


    Justice Be Mine would improve her readability and credibility if he/she would slow down while typing, use comma’s, do some editing and re-reading.
    Go back to the top of what you’ve hastily banged out, and read it like a stranger reading it for the first time! Correct your spellings and make thought-trains clear, via comma’s and other punctuation that God gave you.
    Thanks for your attn. to legible thought

  68. New Girl on Block

    I read the whoe thing and I have a few observations – based soley on what was reportedby her.
    1. As an Admin Assistant how wise is it to rent a semi-furnished apartment for $1,800 with a son, who is not supported?
    2. The additional expenses (full package MCTV, overseas phone calls) show an individual who is not as responsible as desireable in an adult.
    3. I will ask all the landlords out there who have faced a defaulting tenant, did you not threaten them with a court case?
    4. The deal she had with Dr. Atherley (an ordained minister ?) seemed downright fraudulent, and she should not have been surprised by his latter actions.

    Think and be wise.

  69. Party's over


    Here we go again! Out comes the religious mumbo-jumbo.

    “all she has to do is to continue praying”

    Mrs Juman, who is no angel herself, has had her life marred by abusive men. It is a bit late for praying!

    Many of these abusive men pray (as well as prey) I’m sure, so what gives her the divine advantage over them?

    Please don’t patronise us all with your religious rubbish. This is just a cop out! We need to deal with these corrupt people in THIS life!

    I am sick to my stomach of this passive bible-bashing attitude! “OOOOOH if it is Gods will then so be it!”.

    No sorry this IS not Gods will and no amount of praying is gonna make it right!! We all need to stand up and demand an end to this vile corruption.


  70. catty

    Both husband and wife were charged one time for larceny of diamonds…..I wonder if them is de same diamond now in de picture…

    Things does ga round in circles…..dum get off then by technical err…but de diamonds dis still at large…..and ya remember na… police like dem get trapped in bed…….soft skin woman

  71. more

    Party’s over said
    “We all need to stand up and demand an end to this vile corruption.


    I full support this part of your comment.

  72. Anonymous

    yes.. these suggestions that prayer and religious turning-the-other-cheek…all that ever accomplished was getting another hard lash on the other cheek, turned so mildly.

    That kinda stuff doan wuk again.
    Dese is hard times.

    religion is for the soft, the spineless, those who are fragile in temperament and in need of “support” – mainly girls, who always ‘need someone to be there for them’ whatever that means (support, psychological support) – which is why they always have to go to the bathroom in teams.

  73. Party's over


    Lets remember that during the early history of our great country that slavery was condoned by the same churches which are so popular today!

    Why the selective memory?

    Was it the churches themselves who pushed for emancipation?

    NO, it was a combination of whites and blacks often working abainst the will of the church!!!

    Religion in this country produces apathy which in turn encourages corruption.

    Time for the priests, pastors, ministers, reverands….to get off their honourable behinds and take action.


  74. Justice B Mine

    My Reply Goes to You New Girl on the Block.

    Ronja attached a copy of the contract she had with the company she was employed by and she was earning $4000.00 plus a travel allowance. She was also privately doing trading on a small scale. Ronja Juman has been force to show the courts she can match with the Jumans, as if she did not it was likely they would have ended up taking her child. So before you open your mouth, stop and think do you think a muslim family will just volunteer to hand of their ‘ male heirs’??? The woman was leaving him and Barbad0s for good and he had injunctions impressed upon her to force her staying. Ronja Juman was neatly tied up and laid on a platter of abuse, suffering and tragedy.

  75. Justice B Mine

    From what I understand is public knowledge the last woman who attempted to leave a Juman ended up DEAD!!!!!

  76. S G P


    No MP plate, so just some other pompous inconsiderate oaf.

    Success does not automatically bring humility!

  77. BFP


    Message received.


    Give us 24 hours exclusive for reasons that will become obvious tomorrow.

    Something big happening and have to wait 24 hours.

  78. Wishing in Vain

    Does this big news story tell us that Danos has admitted his crimes against the taxpayers of this island, Nicholls and Bannister saying sorry for their rape and are now willing to repay the monies they stole in full, Owing steps down in shame (as if shame were possible) Lynch explaining how he became so rich overnight, Duguid explaining why does he not refund clients for work that he did but did badly as the process failed but not a red cent refunded or even a sorry,Mottley explaining to nation her moraless move to legalise prostitution and homosexuality,the explanation of the $ 200 million excess in the prison project, the real reasons to move the squatters.

  79. YUM YUM I like it!


    “Danos has admitted his crimes against the taxpayers of this island”

    This is not positive. Danos is not being accused of any crimes in Barbados. AND as I have said previously, making this man a scapegoat suits the BLP down to the ground – think about!

    “Mottley explaining to nation her moraless move to legalise prostitution and homosexuality”

    This suggestion was the single most enlightened piece of legislation that I have heard the BLP government discuss. But as usual it was shot down in flames by the so called ‘moral majority’. I am saddened that the Bim populace did not have the collective intelligence to see this as it really was presented.

    Legalising prostitution was never the intention. Regulating the worlds oldest profession seems, to me, an eminently sensible proposition. This would divorce it from crimes such as drugs, illegal immigration and help reduce the spread of STDs

    As for legalising homosexuality, well that is just common sense. The law banning homosexuality is just a farce! The more laws that you have on the statute book which are unworkable and out of date, the more people will have disdain for the law.

    I am not a BLP man but I support Mia on these draft proposals 100%

    You are getting desperate!

    Exactly what planet do you live on!

    I suggest you see a doctor and get some pills to calm you down!

    Or get a hobby!

  80. YUM YUM I like it!


    Actually I apologise about the above personal comments.


    I was angered by the content of your comment and reacted hotly.

    I would just like to see some personal opinions from WIV, not just these continual conspiracy theories etc.. THAT is why I say you are like a broken record.

    BFP and BU are doing a great job and they don’t need you continually going on LIKE AN ECHO!

    Again sorry


  81. Baje

    I’e heard about this story since it happen last year, What i didn’t know was the corruption involve in it.
    This also involve the LAW of Barbados.
    Justice would be serve but by the why of the LORD’S hands, all who is involve in this in justice would have to suffer and suffer hard, even de doc cause i believe he was taking this gal for a ride, no wonder he can’t retire. Have to pay for a $100,000.00 jeep.
    Yeah better believe it ,that’s why he love this government cause just when he was about to retire dem blpimps raised de retirement age to 65,

  82. Baje

    Again this shows the corruption this Government has blessed us with.

  83. pestlefull

    This name Sgt Paul Vaughn comes up a lot in places where you should not here a po po in.( a lot of white mail and sam lord actions)

  84. pestlefull

    ask de Linton family about Sgt. paul

  85. Pelican

    I advise BFP and BU bloggers and writers to read up on the “Hegelian Principal” . This principal has been adopted as an economic basis,social and political control. Then read the Juman case again carefully. Read what had not been written. Remember “the truth is more important than the facts”.

  86. JG's

    I read this entire story and it seems that persons are more concern with the lady not how dishonest she is, of course police show never abuse there powers, as well as those in certain positions. But one have to step back and read the store and separate fact from lies and half truths and person telling stories to make people more sympatheic to them

  87. Me

    Annie, we gotta buy a gun cause they might send the po po tonight.

  88. Astonished

    BFP…What is the present situation with Mrs Juman’s case. Is any action being taken against Mr. Leacock and or police over the handling of this matter? I am shocked also that his wife Betty June Leacock would be mixed up in something like this. Her father, Leo Austin was a highly respected PS in the government who did everything by the book. Was a strict discplinarian and no nosense person. She is also related to some other very prominent families in Barbados. It will be interesting to see if the powers at be close ranks to protect their own. It has always been that way and I don’t see anything different happening, regardless of who is in power. They all belong to the same fraternities and old boys’ club. So we can shout from all of the roof tops, nothing will change and all will proceed quietly and Mrs Juman will in the end have to pay the piper regardless of how innocent or guilty she is in this whole affair. As for Mr. Leacock, the most will happen is him being told by someone “bad boy. Now go off and play and don’t let it happen again” That is just the way it is in this place called Barbados

  89. tiffany

    I work in the band and this stuff is just so juicy. if the head sick then the whole body wii be sick. What kind of corruption is in the force? Barbados constuiton needs help.

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  93. Baje4Lyfe

    There are 3 sides to a story my side, ur sider and teh truth. What I do know about Mrs. Juman is that she is a liar and a con artist. One of these articles says her name is spelt two differnet ways Ronya and Ronja. She has two birth certificates and two passports. This girl lives a double life. I can say much more on the situation but this isn’t the place. Yes the DPP maybe wrong but if u kno the things this girl does to make ppl miserable u wud have no pity for her. She is a liar, a fraud and one of the biggest con artist out there.

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  96. I In Town Long

    Update : Looks like Ms. Juman owe the Q.E.H unpaid bills too . Was in last week paper. Who else she owe ?

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  99. michael

    Lawyers need to realize that they have a great moral duty. They need to come to grips with this fact when accepting clients..The fact of the matte is, that lawyers know when clients tell lies ,and yet they sit with and help build cases based on lies,and why??To get a big piece of the expected pie.