Pakistan sentences Christian woman to death for “blasphemy”

Mother of two “insulted Muhammad” by asking what Muhammad had done for women

“Some of the women workers had reportedly been pressuring Bibi to renounce her Christian faith and accept Islam. During one discussion, Bibi responded by speaking of how Jesus had died on the cross for the sins of humanity and asking the Muslim women what Muhammad had done for them.”

Asia Bibi, 37 years old, is sentenced to be executed under the Pakistan Penal Code. The law imposes life in prison for defiling the Qur’an and death for insulting the person who Muslims say is their prophet, Muhammad.

There are only about 2.8 million Christians left in Pakistan. As with all countries where Muslims are in the majority, other religions are slowly but surely stamped out through a combination of the imposition of Islamic law, lack of human rights protection by government and Muslim violence.

According to what I’ve read, that is the way it is everywhere there is a Muslim majority.

If any of our readers are aware of a Muslim majority country where people of other religions are not persecuted, I’m all ears. What do our Muslim readers think about this death sentence? Should people have freedom of speech to criticize Islam or the Muslim prophet called Muhammed?

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18 responses to “Pakistan sentences Christian woman to death for “blasphemy”

  1. rasta man

    Do you really expect comments from your Muslim readers?

  2. BFP

    Hi rasta man,

    We usually get a few Muslims commenting, but less so when the topic is about a violation of Sharia law. For instance, under Sharia the penalty for insulting the Muslim prophet Muhammed is clear – and that penalty is death. I think that any Muslim who argued against that would have to do so anonymously as they would be arguing against the Koran etc.. History has shown that questioning the Koran is a dangerous thing to do because of the high number of Muslims who are willing to use violence to “protect” and “project” their religious/political belief system.


    Is the world any less cruel today, than it was a thousand years ago?

    What is the criterion for being called ‘human’ ?

    Are muslims human?

    Help me, please. Thanks

  4. David G. Brooks

    Well, that shows you the nature of Islam, I’m sorry to say, its still in the dark ages which I admit the Christians went through hundreds of years ago.

    They’re still hanging onto the material aspects of things and not realising that it matters not whether you burn a Bible or Qur’an, or ask silly questions about Jesus or Muhammad, as nothing in heaven nor earth should be able to shake your faith, but there you have it – Islam – a religion with a serious case of an inferiority complex.

    OR is it just a case of the ‘culture’ of the nations it grew out of?

  5. David G. Brooks

    (or both)

  6. Barbados and Sharia

    Imagine what Barbados would be like if Sharia law became the official law:

    ISTANBUL (Compass Direct News) — One year after the first attempt by an Egyptian Muslim convert to Christianity to change his religious identity, another convert this week became the second to make such a controversial legal request.

    After 34 years of practicing Christianity, 56-year-old Maher Ahmad El-Mo’otahssem Bellah El-Gohary filed a case at the State Council Court on Monday (August 4) to replace the word “Muslim” on his identification card with “Christian.”

    El-Gohary is the second person raised as a Muslim to make such an appeal to the Egyptian government after Muhammad Hegazy, who filed his case on Aug. 2, 2007. Hegazy’s case was denied in a Jan. 29 court ruling that declared it was against Islamic law for a Muslim to leave Islam.

    “He can believe whatever he wants in his heart, but on paper he can’t convert,” the judge had told the administrative court, according to a member of Hegazy’s legal team.

    The judge had based his decision on Article II of the Egyptian constitution, which enshrines Islamic law, or sharia, as the source of Egyptian law. The judge said that, according to sharia, Islam is the final and most complete religion and therefore Muslims already practice full freedom of religion and cannot return to an older belief (Christianity or Judaism).

  7. David G. Brooks

    Let’s face it, Christians hold Jesus, not just as a Prophet, but as the incarnate body of God, imbued with soul and (holy) spirit of the God-Head.

    Yet if someone were to insult him, some Christians would be highly annoyed, yes, but there is no law that would condone that person even being imprisoned far less executed – at least for the last few hundred years.

    Who are we, mankind, to think that we need to fight God’s offenders for him – that is THE height of egotism.

    As Christians we will say that he or she will receive their just judgement in due course, and have FAITH in that, and pray for said person.

    Muslims complain, and still keep a major grudge against Christians for the misguided Crusades, but they forget that when in Medina [where is was forced to run in exile], Muhammad united the conflicting tribes [there], and after eight years of fighting with the Meccan tribes, his followers, who by then had grown to 10,000, conquered Mecca.

    I wonder how many of his own followers died under his command and people of his own kin and race in Mecca, the land of his birth, during those 8 years?

    When you consider this and what he ultimately means to Muslims, is there any wonder that the Islamic laws are what they are?

    I know there are many good Muslims, and they do not share in the harsher sides of Islam, but it would even be difficult for them to try and turn the thinking within the core Islamic countries – maybe that’s why they are here in the Western world and not back there.

    I dare say there are many present day Muslims who may not know the ‘real’ reasons why the forefathers immigrated. I dare say that it was not to spread the Word of Islam, if so it was very subtle.


    When the day comes where the duped public recognizes that Man created God in his own image (and not the other way around) – all the wars and comic book philosophies that besiege us – will pass away.

    Then there will be a New Dawn where people get to KNOW they are the masters of their destiny and the success and failure of their lives is in their own hands and not determined by some cockamamie creature who they think grants favors when you bow down and prostrate yourself….

    As for the Muslims and some others who are still living in the days when the earth was the center of the universe… only a space ship coming in from Andromeda is going to wake them up.


  9. Mac

    That is why all countries must keep the church & state seperated. So that laws are made on the grounds of human & civil rights not religious dogma. Freedom of speech is paramount to all countries to ensure a honest & peaceful dialogue about all subjects. To condemn anybody for an opinion is blinkered & shortsighted.

  10. David G. Brooks

    It all has to do with EGO … the ego of the religiously pious, the ego of the dictator – put them together and .. well, you get the picture – the ego of the scientist, etc.

    If all were to get together and work for the common good and not their own agendas, we could easily have heaven on earth.

    @WHISTLING FROG: I don’t share you views but neither do I share the simplistic views (read, take everything in the Bible, etc. literally) of religions, I am convinced that there a lot in common between what scientist have found out about the existence of the Universe, its creation and the subsequent evolution, and what is found in religious text and the mystical connections, that if they put their collective minds together they would unravel a lot more in a decade or less than has been in the last 100+ years.

    You could put your money on that, for sure.

  11. Savages

    These people are savages!

  12. Johnny Postle

    So Muslims believe that they can walk into another man’s country and set up their religious cult; walk around in their ‘dresses’ and have their women hide their beauty whilst treating them like refuse; denounce Jesus as a no body but praising Madhamma like he is God; cut of the hands of children who steal to feed their hungry bellies and all this woman ask is what Madhamma do for women and you want to execute her. You people are relgious nuts and crazy is shite. I do not blame France or Germany or any other country to take a stance against your nonesense.

  13. Jack Bowman

    BFP says: “If any of our readers are aware of a Muslim majority country where people of other religions are not persecuted, I’m all ears.”

    Lebanon. Guinea. Mali. Probably some others … I’d have to check.


    I would ask you… have you ever researched the genesis and veracity of many of the beliefs you hold to? If I may hazzard a guess… no you have not.

    If you investigated some of the beliefs you hold dearly and discovered they were fallacious, baseless, “untrue,” — would you discard them?

    If you are like most people — you would not.

    There is a word for people who propagate falsehoods, but it slips me… can you help me ?

  15. Jack Bowman

    Dear BFP folks,

    Your spam filter defective today? How else to explain whistling frog?

    He’s staying on point? No. Posts read like a generic screed? Yes. Contributing to a discussion? No. Taking points made by other commenters and debating them? No. Asking if Muslims are human? Yes. He sounds witty, persuasive, authoritative or even slightly plausible? No. Sounding like a robo-reply to any thread about Muslims? Yes.

    How’s your spam filter?

  16. BFP

    Hello Jack,

    We allow a certain amount of leeway at BFP, even if we disagree with people. As for asking if Muslims are human, we took that as a rhetorical question with an answer of “Of course” done to make the point.

    Please stop with the bad language. Many months ago we removed our overbloated filter when readers found many of their comments were being held for no good reason. So far it’s worked out, although there can be periods of four or five hours where some offensive comments remain posted until we vet them.

    We do our best but we’ll never be perfect. That’s life!

  17. RRRicky

    Jack Bowman said: “BFP says: “If any of our readers are aware of a Muslim majority country where people of other religions are not persecuted, I’m all ears.”

    Lebanon. Guinea. Mali. Probably some others … I’d have to check.”

    Jack, perhaps a handful of Muslim countries have less persecution of other religions than in the majority of Muslim countries, but that makes the point that in the leading Muslim countries and the vast majority of countries under Muslim rule, it’s very bad for other religions.

    With the exception of Guinea which looks peaceful, the countries you mention still experience persecution of other religions but not as much. That’s sort of like being a nicer nazi unless there is no persecution at all.

    Here is what I found


    Christian communities come under attack from Muslims for the flimsiest of reasons.

    Lebanon Christians Attacked, Church Stoned, By 20,000 Angry Muslims

    The Lebanese Christians, who constitute the only influential Christian community in the Middle East, are fast declining in numbers and power.

    Why are Lebanese Christians leaving their country? Here is one story:

    As a Christian, she claims even trips to her local vegetable vendor resulted in stone-throwing attacks, with people shouting at her that she would end up in hell. When she returned to her home, she says, the windows of her house were plastered with hate messages.


    Christians persecuted. Not allowed to build new churches. Converts to Christianity lose home, cattle, family.

    UN Refugee Agency,IRBC,,MLI,3f7d4dd523,0.html

    There is also violence against “moderate” Muslims who don’t toe the line. Imam Diallo, an opponent of female circumcision, says “I have many enemies and all kinds of problems. Many Imams will not offer me their hand; many will not talk to me. I have even been physically attacked, here in the yard of my own house, near the mosque by fanatics who had received money to attack me. My house was guarded by the police for two weeks in order to protect me. It is all very, very difficult.”

  18. Crabbie

    We here in Barbados are still with our heads buried in the sand, muslims are slowly taking over look around and wake up I tip my hat to France you come and live in my country you hear to my rules we CANNOT go and be a christian in their country cause we will be put to death look at how we have them here walking around cover you cannot tell who is under all that material look out Barbados you know we always the first for everything in the caribbean .