Omar Sharif slaps woman in public, but she deserved it

Auntie Moses is all upset.

“She stood there smiling as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be slapped by a man in public. Maybe it is just so in that place.”

Back in 1973, Egyptian screen icon Omar Sharif was in Barbados filming The Tamarind Seed with Julie Andrews. For Auntie Moses, the memory of meeting Mr. Sharif (Doctor Zhivago!) is second only to Frank Sinatra kissing her on the cheek at the Barbados Yacht Club after she hid him in a walk-in cooler. It’s a true story!

So you can imagine Auntie’s horror at the viral video that shows Omar Sharif slapping a woman in public yesterday at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar.

Apparently the fan didn’t wait in line and that offended Mr. Sharif, so he did what comes naturally to any Middle Eastern misogynist: he told her in Arabic to wait her turn and slapped the woman a big one right across the face.

Then he realized that this was going out over the airwaves, so he quickly recovered and let the shaken woman stand beside him for a photo. She stood there smiling as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be slapped by a man in public. Maybe it is just so in that place.

The question I have is this: Same situation, same woman – but at the Los Angeles or Sundance Film Festivals. Would Sharif have slapped the woman?

Well? Would he?


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9 responses to “Omar Sharif slaps woman in public, but she deserved it

  1. FearPlay

    He would no more have slapped the woman in LA than if he were a highly placed insurance executive buying a Jaguar in LA after his company collapsed and without paying a cent to policyholders but still living the big life without fear of recompense. Does that answer your question? Different cultures, different morals, different standards of accountability.

  2. slap my mother and he would get a fist in the face

    from my mother

  3. Poitically Tired

    I’d have slapped him back.

  4. Oh Dear?

    Can we expect the Qatar legal system to arrest and charge him?

    no —she deserved it!

    In Barbados same thing

  5. Newbie

    There is only one situation that I personally think anybody would deserve a slap. If that person slaps you first, then they deserve a slap, no other rule applies for me.


    Hey FearPlay, I like the way your mind works, if only someone could show that insurance executive how it feels to be treated the way he has treated people who had put their faith in him. He is flaunting his wealth in everyone’s face while standing by and watching policyholders of his organisation suffer everyday wondering what will happen to their investments.


  6. FearPlay

    @ Newbie: “He is flaunting HIS wealth in everyone’s face” — Yes, I believe he mistakenly believes that it is HIS wealth.

  7. 103

    Too many rude people out there.
    Too many people who feel they are entitled to whatever where ever.
    Good for you.
    Omar, you have stones. Not really.
    Listen here. Omar, if this same situation happened in L.A. that woman would have had Gloria Alred all up by now.
    Consider yourself lucky as **nt that incident happened in Qatar.

  8. Bad Bob

    Well, I know a bunch of women who need a slap aside de haid for when they don’t get in line.
    They think they ought to be able to jump to the head of the queue and not get a well deserved slap aside de haid-and a kick in the behinder as they run off.
    Good on for you Omar!
    And! Some of the weeners who jump the queue in BIM and them pretend not to “speeka da englisho!!!” need their asses kicked too.


    I say yell at them and make them shame, not slap them! They would run quick enough!