Maldives continues to destroy its tourism industry – Buddhist, Hindu exhibits smashed at Maldives National Museum

Islamic coup proceeds with the next step: eradication of all non-Muslim history

“They have effectively erased all evidence of our Buddhist past”

Senior official with the now-closed and shuttered Maldives National Museum.

Barbados and The Maldives are half a world apart, but more closely related than you would think. Both economies rely almost exclusively upon tourism and offshore financial institutions – and both countries target the same tourist markets in the UK and Europe.

To tell the truth, the Maldives are probably more beautiful than Barbados if sand, sun and blue water is all you have in mind. But sand, sun and the ocean is all you had better have in mind because just about everything else is prohibited in The Maldives. Some exceptions are made for tourist resorts, but even those exceptions are ending. Last December all resort spas were shut down in response to public demands for more Islamic laws and standards. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the country except for certain limited resorts.

Islam is the only religion allowed in the Maldives. Possession of a Bible, Hindu or Buddhist prayer book is forbidden upon penalty of imprisonment. Women are regularly flogged for pre-marital sex. Only Muslims can be citizens. Islamic Shari’ah law is written into the constitution.

Last week the first democratically elected government in 30 years was toppled by a coup. The new President just appointed a number of Islamic hardliners to Cabinet and the fundamentalists responded in their joy by attacking the Maldives Museum and destroying all Buddhist history exhibits, including priceless 12th century statues.

Destruction of non-Islamic history is standard operating procedure for Muslim fundamentalists. It happened in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In Afghanistan the fundamentalists lopped the heads off all statues in their museum and even destroyed the famous 1500-year old Bamiyan Buddha statues, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So don’t go to The Maldives and expect to see any history outside of Islam – you’ll be greatly disappointed.

What does the Maldives coup mean for Barbados tourism?

While we’re sorry that The Maldives is moving back to the 7th Century brutality and darkness of Islamic rule, it is apparently happening with the support of the exlusively Muslim citizenry. The instability, unfriendly laws and Islamic supremacist attitudes will undoubtedly have negative consequences on the number of UK and European visitors to the islands – and Barbados should be in a good position to pick up some new business. Barbados is a wonderful, welcoming country with lots more to see and do than just sitting on the beach.

Business is business and while our competition is destroying itself, our Barbados Tourism Authority should be actively promoting our product in the same tourist markets as Barbados better than the Maldives in so many ways.

The Maldives coup and rise of Islamic fascism in the islands will cause many tourists to reconsider their Maldives vacations. Many will be going someplace else and our BTA should be working hard to ensure that “someplace else” is Barbados.


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16 responses to “Maldives continues to destroy its tourism industry – Buddhist, Hindu exhibits smashed at Maldives National Museum

  1. RC

    This article is very well written, but no matter how much effort the Minister and the Ministry of Tourism, the B.T.A., the B. H.T.A. and tourism-minded individuals and businesses put in our efforts are destroyed every day. By…persons harrassing our visitors to buy drugs. Buy smelly persons rubbing against them begging for money. Buy sullen shop attendants. By greedy mechants and service providers over charging them. By run-down hotels and guest houses. By Newspapers that high-light Crime, Shootings and portray negativity about our Government on the front page and shove on the back page posiitive Tourism gains!

  2. robert ross

    @ RC

    So newpapers should lie or suppress the truth? Oh and I think I prefer “smelly” persons to ‘squeaky-clean’ persons. The latter are too apt to be Pharisees

    @ BFP

    You are incorrigible

  3. St George's Dragon

    The oppression of history here is restricted to the calls for the removal of Nelson’s statue and the destruction or failure to restore historic buildings such as Farley Hill because they were owned by slave owners.

  4. 137

    Err I was in the Maldives in January and the spa was open, there was no sign of any problems, so it seems that some of the above whilst true are not dampening the tourist trade oh and yes I visit Bim several times a year and have a lot of bajan friends…of different colour skins, as that makes no difference to me, even if some of bfp readers will think of me as white trash

  5. BFP

    “@ BFP

    You are incorrigible”

    Thank you, Mr. Ross!


  6. robert ross

    LOL ur welcum……I actually thought this one was more nuanced and sophisticated…..but thought if I said that ud go over the top next time.

  7. My name is legion

    This blog hates Muslims. There is no jihad. There is no mandate in Islam to concur the world. 9/11 never happened. Just as many Christians and Jews are suicide bombers as Muslims. Christians hijack airliners too and murder everyone. The London underground bombs were set by Hindus and Jews. Wake up!

  8. BFP

    “concur” the world? LOL!

    Either your auto-spell feature got the best of you or whatever you’re smoking is awesome!

    Indeed, there is no mandate in Islam to ‘concur’ the world. Well said, sir!

  9. Hotelnotel

    Deah ha.

    Islam will rule the world. It is written.

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  12. 189

    It is written that Islam is the religion of dogs.

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  14. A.V. Rao

    well, I am searching for a honeymoon spot with a budget of $8000, and my money won’t be going anywhere near Maldives. I’m Hindu, and Islamic supremacists will continue to live poor and horrible lives in horrible countries as a consequence of their own actions towards those of other faiths.

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