Hurricane Gustav Heads For New Orleans – Floodwalls Repaired With Newspaper Stuffed Into Joints

Floodwalls Repaired With Newspapers In Place Of Rubber Joint!

With Hurricane Gustav bearing down upon Louisiana, New Orleans residents must be wondering if the floodwalls will hold this time around. After all, it takes only a few good sized holes to compromise the entire protective wall system.

Only three months ago New Orleans residents were shocked to learn that a contractor hired by the US Army Corps of Engineers had “repaired” the walls by stuffing the joints with newspaper that was concealed under a coating of rubber sealant!

After some bureaucratic nonsense, the Army said they had repaired all the joints to specifications, but New Orleans residents are asking themselves “If this was allowed during the repair work, what else is there that we don’t know about?”

I hope that New Orleans is lucky enough to avoid a major hit by Hurricane Gustav, because by some of the news reports, luck is all the citizens can depend on.

You can read the original investigative story and watch a video at (link here)

The US Army says the problem has been fixed in this story.


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7 responses to “Hurricane Gustav Heads For New Orleans – Floodwalls Repaired With Newspaper Stuffed Into Joints

  1. Hants

    The recurring theme is that mistakes are repeated where hurricanes are concerned.

    We should take this opportunity to focus on where we live. Make your own home as hurricane resistant as possible.
    You do not want to share 4 portable toilets with 150 people for a few days.

    Bajans still have the opportunity to plan for the next hurricane.

  2. Thomas Gresham

    Well said Hants.

    It is hard to get people to prepare for something that has not occurred for 50-odd years (for us) and that where there is an expectation that the government will provide assistance.

    However, Hants, your image should do the trick. I once ran the New York Marathon (possibly the slowest time on record) and before the race had to share 1 portaloo between 350 people, and the memory is enough to get me to start nailing up the shutters.

  3. The scout

    I visited the region about a year ago and see houses in New Orleans still waiting to be repaired after Katrina. I hope this never occurs in Barbados. The residence in this little country would want the government changed overnight if they were so neglected. So much for the mighty america. One day we will get our dose. Bajans prepare yourself, don’t look to any government to do it for you.

  4. Mathilde

    I was wondering about the levees this weekend as I watched Gustav bounce from Storm to cat. 4 to cat. 3
    poor New Orleans đŸ˜¦

  5. Hants

    Always better safe than sorry.

    BFP bloggers should check this site during Hurricane season.

  6. Geo.

    Y do I waste my time?

    A hurricane-related post last night? – GONE -straight in your trash.

    No wonder we don’t take this site seriously any more.

  7. Well Done!

    And… ?