Prince Charles Lends Support To Barbados Wayward Children Hans & Eva Rausings

Cliverton: “So if I get caught smuggling heroin and crack into the US Embassy, does that mean I can expect a call from the future king too?”

Auntie Moses: “You be in enough trouble already to be talk such foolishness.”

From the Mail online…

Prince Charles backs Tetra Pak couple Rausings and declares ‘they deserve a second chance’

Prince Charles has controversially backed a multi-millionaire heiress caught with large amounts of crack and heroin, insisting she deserves a ‘second chance’.

Prosecutors dropped drug charges against Eva Rausing last month after she admitted possession of crack, heroin and cocaine.

Now Prince Charles is insisting Mrs Rausing should not be sacked from the board of one of his charities despite legal rules requiring trustees to be of good character…

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9 responses to “Prince Charles Lends Support To Barbados Wayward Children Hans & Eva Rausings

  1. Littleboy

    Why do you think Barbados is called “Little England”?…Same old …Same old…!!!
    And the name Rausing is proudly used when one tours Arlington House in Speightstown, because the “old druggie” gave Mr Owen Arthur some money to finish the project.
    Pablo Escobar also gave money to a whole village in Columbia!!!
    If you have money the law is twisted in your favour…And then we expect poor NOT to feel disavantaged!!!
    Rt Excellent Errol Barrow was right…”stay out of the law courts if you want justice…”

  2. What do you expect

    “Birds of a feather flock together”

    People of similar socioeconomic backgrouds support one another.
    Really, the incident is no surprise.


  3. Cheesecutter

    how come BU has an update on the Kingsland court case and you havent followed it up yet?
    It appears that the “old lady” has to pay cost.
    Is it an oversight or a lack of balance on your part?
    Your favorite info blog Keltruth doesn’t mention it either. talking about russians and wine and all sorts of other things.
    I wonder why?


    BFP says,

    Firstly although we think that the whole Kingsland Estates situation reveals an incredible amount of corruption in Barbados, and we cover and update upon it occasionally, there are other things happening on Barbados and we just can’t cover everything all the time.

    Secondly, after reading your comment we did some reading at BU and Keltruth and you are wrong. The “old lady” is a defendant in Canada and does not have to pay any costs. It is the Nelson company that must pay the costs, so what is your point and agenda to be making such a false statement?

  4. Cheesecutter

    The “old lady” i was referring to is madge knoxx.


    BFP says,

    The Canadian court did not say that Madge Knoxx has to pay costs.

  5. khadija

    Look what Bim has come to, rich drug addits, and its getting worse. why dont the police chuck them in the sea, covebay st. lucy is the perfect place.

  6. Hants

    Can we now expect our courts to follow the Brits and drop drug charges if the person charged agrees to go to rehab?

    This is a blatant case of the rich buying justice.
    Not only did this woman smuggle drugs but she had some at home as well.

    I thought this was a straight case of a few years in jail but tings like da change in engaland.

    I would love to see a response from someone with legal training.

  7. Juris

    Is there a real difference between Madge Knox and the Nelson Group?

  8. please!

    Does any of this interfere with your welfare?

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