Barbados Free Press Says Welcome To Visitor Number 3,500,000

July 2008 Was Our Best Month Ever!

Visitor number 3,500,000 arrived on Friday August 1, 2008 from Firenze, Italy after Google Searching “Caribbean Commercial Bank” and finding a May 17, 2007 article What Happened To The Money From Hotel and Resorts Ltd’s Assets Sale? How Much Went Into David Shorey’s Pocket?

When someone from Italy searches for the term “Caribbean Commercial Bank” and then arrives at an article about David Shorey published on a nothing little blog, it is quite an illustration of how the internet has changed the way that people gather knowledge. Although it would be difficult to prove, the internet has probably changed the way many people make their decisions about a wide variety of issues.

Each day the internet brings us hundreds of first-time visitors from around the world and most of them, like our friend from Italy, stay and read a few articles. Our software lets us follow our readers’ interests and generally where they arrive from. Sometimes when foreign readers arrive from large institutions such as universities or banks we can see that too.

It just makes me wonder where all this blogging will take us and how Barbados and the world will change in the next five and ten years. Barbados Free Press was two and a half years old in July.

I wonder if BFP will still be around at the five year mark – but if we are, I’ll bet we’ll still be calling for the government to implement ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – because we hear that the DLP piggies in the party are giving David Thompson a rough time over ITAL.

Those DLP piggies don’t want ITAL, and they already stopped Thompson from keeping his promise to adopt his Ministerial Code from day one.

Yup, Prime Minister Thompson could declare tomorrow that the government will not issue contracts to companies owned by government officials or their immediate family members – but he won’t because the DLP members want their time at the piggy trough before the fun ends.

A damned shame that the Prime Minister isn’t really the leader that we hoped he’d be.


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12 responses to “Barbados Free Press Says Welcome To Visitor Number 3,500,000


    Ciao from beautiful Le Marche in central Italia. It is a long way from My Lords Hill of course. I may very well be your 3.5 million plus one visitor. In keeping with the Italian theme and following on from the visitor in Florence may I extend hearty congratulation on reaching the landmark stated above that BFP have achieved in it’s very short but inportant life span.It must be rather pleasing at (Central Command????) to recognise that you are able to reach the International Bajan Family across the globe. The Bajan Diaspora is only a click away as they would say.
    I have been a reader over the past year and do believe that what yourselves and BU have done and are doing is critical in attempting to halt the sleaze, the corruption the moral and ethical decay that has been encouraged and perpetrated by a small elite class of politricksters and greedy hucksters out for the main chance in our society.
    Those of us who care cannot but oppose the ugliness that has been eroding our small island state that the sweat and blood of patriots such as Bussa, Nanny Grig, Israel Lovell, T.T. Lewis, Clennel Wickham, Leroy Harewood and all those other black women and men who slaved and toiled in the brutal sun on the plantations to make the small island state of Barbados what it is today. We dare not fail them. Our role must be not only to keep their feet to the furnaces but their hand also.
    Again hearty congratulation and all power to you folk there on the rock. Arrivederci.

  2. politically incorrect

    I join you Manjak in heartiest congratulations to Barbados Free Press.

    I continue to find this blog THE most unbiased, honest and transparent view of the real Barbados.

    However, Manjak, please allow me to take you up on your one-sided praises of ancestral Barbadians.

    I am a caucasian Bajan. My mother’s ancestors were indentured slaves. Sweated and toiled even more from what I have been told. The “Massas” had to get more out of the indentureds before they were allowed to go free.

    Born and bred like any other. Paid my taxes and my dues.

    The major reason I left Barbados was because of the insidious racist attitudes that are prevalent in Bim in the 21st century.

    My grandmother on my father’s side was gassed in Auschwitz. Do I hate the German race or try to marginalize them? No.

    Every human being has free choice and we cannot blame our ancestors for their wrong choices.

    Once again, Barack Obama has shown himself to be a leader regarding “reparations”.

    The only reparations that are needed are within the human heart.

  3. politically incorrect

    Correction to the above please:

    Every human being has free choice and WE CANNOT be blamed for our ancestors’ wrong choices.

  4. no name

    Congratulations BFP! Keep up the good work.


    The Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT) in 2004 acquired Caribbean Commercial Bank in Barbados. This is now RBTT Bank Barbados.


    The Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT) was one of the larger commercial banks of Trinidad and Tobago. As a subsidiary of RBTT Financial Holdings Limited, RBTT was one of the largest commercial banking corporations in the Caribbean region with a group asset base of over US$6.2 billion dollars. The RBTT group of companies operated several commercial banking businesses in other neighbouring islands, as well as various investment holdings in various parts of the Trinidad and Tobago economy. On March 26, 2008, RBTT Shareholders voted 98.18 percent in favour of selling the bank to RBC, the Royal Bank of Canada, who previously had divested the bank in 1987. On June 16, 2008, RBC completed the acquisition. RBTT Financial Holdings Limited and RBC Holdings (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited, a subsidiary of RBC, will amalgamate and continue as a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of RBC. The head office of the Caribbean operations for RBC will be located at Port of Spain, the capital of Trindad and Tobago, and the site of RBTT’s headquarters.

  5. BFP,

    July was also Keltruth’s best month so far.

    Are the sales of the Nation and the Advocate increasing too?

  6. Juris

    Keltruth, are you comparing SALES to HITS?

  7. Congrats on your success. That shows what objective journalism will get you.

  8. reality check


    you are right

    a sale of a newspaper is the passing of money for a something that is perceived to be of value even if that value is diminishing daily from the failure of local newspapers to do in depth journalism and touch the issues that make us a better and more informed society.

    The blogs, so far, are free.

    While the blogs cannot be used to wrap fish and chips, or be used as a depository for droppings at the bottom of a bird cage, this utility is slowly becoming their highest and best use.

    Hits are only one criteria for the value of a blog.

    The real criteria should be the comments which add to a debate and how long viewers take to read the articles? Perhaps BFP mught have some idea of these statistics?

    In a world where more and more commercial transactions are being done on the net, The local newspapers need to redefine themselves and extract themselves from the economic servitude of the party in power. Failure to do so will render them and their traditional messages irrelevant.

  9. Smallest snake found in Barbados

    Hey folks,

    just read on the Yahoo website that the world’s smallest snake was just recently found in Barbados.
    How come we don’t know?

  10. Cheesecutter

    Dear BFP, is that the 3.5 mil. first time visitor?or is it 3.5 mil hits? There is a difference you know. Cause sometimes i can read the Nation about 4 times in a day. And i come and check BFP about three times a day for updates.
    CONGRATS though……and keep it lively.

    Smallest snake found in Barbados.Although i have heard this statement many years ago.could be recycled news even though it doesnt say so.
    DAVID McFADDEN, Associated Press Writer
    2 hours, 54 minutes ago

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – A U.S. scientist said Sunday he has discovered the globe’s tiniest species of snake in the easternmost Caribbean island of Barbados, with full-grown adults typically stretching less than 4 inches (10 centimeters) long.


    S. Blair Hedges, an evolutionary biologist at Penn State University whose research teams also have discovered the world’s tiniest lizard in the Dominican Republic and the smallest frog in Cuba, said the snake was found slithering beneath a rock near a patch of Barbadian forest.

    Hedges said the tiny-title-holding snake, which is so diminutive it can curl up on a U.S. quarter, is the smallest of the roughly 3,100 known snake species. It will be introduced to the scientific world in the journal “Zootaxa” on Monday.

    “New and interesting species are still being discovered on Caribbean islands, despite the very small amount of natural forests remaining,” said Hedges, who christened the miniature brown snake “Leptotyphlops carlae” after his herpetologist wife, Carla Ann Hass.

    The Barbadian snake apparently eats termites and insect larvae, but nothing is yet known of its ecology and behavior. Genetic tests identified the snake as a new species, according to Hedges. It is not venomous.

    Zoologist Roy McDiarmid, curator of amphibians and reptiles at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, said he has seen a specimen of the diminutive creature. He saw no reason to argue with the assertion that it is the world’s smallest snake.

    McDiarmid said the Barbados creature is a type of thread snake, also called worm snake, which are mostly found in the tropics. “We really know very little about these things,” he said in a Sunday telephone interview from his Virginia home.

    Finding the globe’s tiniest snake demonstrates the remarkable diversity of the ecologically delicate Caribbean. It also illustrates a fundamental ecological principle: Since Darwin’s days, scientists have noticed that islands often are home to both oversized and miniaturized beasts.

    Hedges said the world’s smallest bird species, the bee hummingbird, can be found in Cuba. The globe’s second-smallest snake lives in Martinique. At the other end of the scale, one of the largest swallowtail butterflies lives in Jamaica.

    Scientists say islands often host odd-sized creatures because they’re usually inhabited by a less diverse set of species than continents. So island beasts and insects often grow or shrink to fill ecological roles that otherwise would be filled by entirely different species.

  11. reluctant nonbeliever

    T. T. Lewis was white.

    Thought everybody knew that…

  12. Rohan

    Biggups BFP, you guys deserve it. The day will never come that I agree with all your posts but I can say that you guys are so far ahead of the mainstream media in Barbados it’s not even funny. I can also say that you guys have proven to be pretty open to criticism (not like you would have lasted in this biz if you weren’t)…

    So all in all, congrats. Bout to go back to doing the people’s work.