Citizen Journalist Beaten To Death By Chinese Government Officials – Filmed Waste Disposal Near Homes


Yet Another Victim Of Communist Society

Wei Wenhua was driving home when he saw a crowd attempting to block trucks from dumping waste near homes. Like any good citizen journalist he started taking photos to get the story out.

For this he was beaten to death by some 50 city inspectors who were in charge of dumping the waste.

I haven’t been to China, but our Robert has many times and he reports that it is the most polluted, poisoned country he’s ever been to… and he’s been to just about any country you can name and a few you can’t name.

All those low priced Chinese goods you purchase are low priced for a number of reasons: government & private slave labour camps, sweatshops, rampant pollution and the communist disdain for individual human rights and human life.

I often wonder about folks 200 years ago who purchased cotton and sugar…

Did they care that slaves suffered to provide the products at a certain price?

Every Barbadian should ask their own heart…

“Should we be taking gifts and buying products from a Chinese Communist government that relies upon slavery as a vital part of the economy?”

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29 responses to “Citizen Journalist Beaten To Death By Chinese Government Officials – Filmed Waste Disposal Near Homes

  1. Rebranded

    This is the China that Owen and most other politicians in the \”civilized\” world enjoy doing business with for private profit. Yet Owen accused our new and most welcome Prime Minister David Thompson of accepting money from Taiwan, and vilified other Caribbean states for doing so.
    What I can\’t understand is how a democracy that emerged from slavery and abuse for economic exploitation, how can we unwaveringly do business with ungodly, abusive, human rights indifferent state of China?

  2. Green Monkey

    All those low priced Chinese goods you purchase are low priced for a number of reasons: government & private slave labour camps, sweatshops, rampant pollution and the communist disdain for individual human rights and human life.

    In the context of “the disdain for individual human rights and human life” it is only fair to mention the role in encouraging this trade with China and similar countries played by the “free market, free trade” capitalist corporations in the West.

    In their single minded attempt to maximize profits and drive up stock values (in major part to help justify what would have been seen not too long ago as unconscionable pay levels, end of year bonuses and perks for high level executives), they shut down production lines and manufacturing plants providing good, middle class type salaries to Western workers in order to ship production overseas to sweat shops in cheap labour (mostly non union) countries with little or no worker protection, safety or environmental regulations – like China.

    Just watch the documentary The Corporation ( ) to see what I am talking about. Here is a link to view it as posted on in 23 chapters:


    In the mid-1800s the corporation emerged as a legal “person.” Imbued with a “personality” of pure self-interest, the next 100 years saw the corporation’s rise to dominance. The corporation created unprecedented wealth but at what cost? The remorseless rationale of “externalities” (as Milton Friedman explains, the unintended consequences of a transaction between two parties on a third) is responsible for countless cases of illness, death, poverty, pollution, exploitation and lies.


    To assess the “personality” of the corporate “person,” a checklist is employed, using diagnostic criteria of the World Health Organization and the standard diagnostic tool of psychiatrists and psychologists. The operational principles of the corporation give it a highly anti-social “personality”: it is self-interested, inherently amoral, callous and deceitful; it breaches social and legal standards to get its way; it does not suffer from guilt, yet it can mimic the human qualities of empathy, caring and altruism. Four case studies, drawn from a universe of corporate activity, clearly demonstrate harm to workers, human health, animals and the biosphere. Concluding this point-by-point analysis, a disturbing diagnosis is delivered: the institutional embodiment of laissez-faire capitalism fully meets the diagnostic criteria of a “psychopath.”



    Democracy is a value that the corporation just doesn’t understand. In fact, corporations have often tried to undo democracy if it is an obstacle to their single-minded drive for profit. From a 1934 business-backed plot to install a military dictator in the White House (undone by the integrity of one U.S. Marine Corps General, Smedley Darlington Butler) to present-day law-drafting, corporations have bought military might, political muscle and public opinion.

    And corporations do not hesitate to take advantage of democracy’s absence either. One of the most shocking stories of the twentieth century is Edwin Black’s recounting IBM’s strategic alliance with Nazi Germany-one that began in 1933 in the first weeks that Hitler came to power and continued well into World War II.

  3. reality check

    In a country where people suppress basic rights ( or else ) for those of the State bureaucracy, China has lost the opportunity to direct itself to solving transporation, human rights and environmental issues.

    They, after all, have the ability to enforce world leading solutions to some of the serious problems of the world.

    Instead they have used the police state to support greed, corruption and suppression of basic human rights at every level of society.

    The ironic historical perspective is that they are in effect creating the same kind of condition that created the socialist dictatorship of Mao in 1948.

    They are forgetting that the rights of the individual will eventually win out. In the case of Mao, the rights of the individual were subverted by an even greater dictatorship.

    China is missing the boat

  4. frankology

    Should I say this story is the beginning of Anti-China stories as a propaganda front to the influence Barbados to create ties with Taiwan? I will be looking at these political positioned stories. Is this a WIV story?


    Frankology, you are new ’bout hey so we cut you some slack.

    See the little search box up there in the corner?

    Type in “china” and read what we have been writing about that dictatorship for two years.

    Mao made Hitler and Stalin look like amateurs, and his legacy has carried on ever since.

    They sentence people to death for credit card crimes – the death sentence only being given if they can find a genetic match for organs from a want list.

    But it figures that you would support such a regime rather than a democracy like Taiwan.

  5. Um, did you read the story carefully? It is sourced from CNN, is CNN anti-Taiwan and pro-DLP? Get real as Dr Phil loves to holler…

  6. Anonymous

    Frankology, I am sorry that I encountered you here. How you reach the conclusions you do I will never know. I find we Bajans live in a blissful little place called B’dos where the outside world does not touch us unless we are talking about how it affects us as individuals.

    BFP, there are so many things wrong in the world and I guess because we really cannot solve them all we ignore them. I took Ghandi’s instruction to heart where he said that we should be the change that we want to see in the world. I try my best to live one day at a time trying to make a positive difference in this world.
    You have forgotten that poverty is one of the world’s greatest problems. It creates all sorts of situations. For China to stop producing these cheap products may worsen their situation. You know how many people live in China? Of course you do. For some people to stop using products made in China may prevent some persons from having access to many things in this world because they would not be able to afford them otherwise.

    I am not here to defend nor attack. I believe like Ken Husbands always plays, that the universe is unfolding as it should. So while we may all look at life through different lenses, everything in it is playing a role, some for good and some for bad. That is life my brother!

    The ice caps are melting, global warning is upon us, the list could go on. So many things I have little or no control over as an individual, yet I have peace. What say you?

  7. Hants

    China is still a communist country. In autocratic regimes the press is Government controlled.

    Dissidents are jailed, beaten and or murdered.

    We in the West need cheap chinese goods and Investors see it as a profit centre.

    China is still a communist country.
    Democracy does not exist in China.

    But we need their cheap goods so we will look the other way and hope we can continue to benefit materially from a country we would not want to live in.

  8. Sister Baby

    I don’t think the people that bought that slave produced sugar in the olden days cared about my ancestors toiling day in and day out to harvest cane to make sugar because there were millions of us in the sugar cane fields, but the whole world would have protested had it been one person toiling in the fields. I think humans can relate more to a situation affecting one person than say millions. Slavery is a good example of this and I guess the situation in China. I think the only concern of the Communist leaders in China is to make China a world power. I don’t think they care for their people, and this evident in the above story of dumping of waste near homes. They had a story a while back that said they mix card board in with flour to make bread, which reminded of the Guyanese Chinese man who use to sell curry powder and such, but he would mix the curry powder with flour to stretch it to make more profit, or you ask for a pound of flour at his store, but get only 14 ounces and this would cause the cake mix to be watery, then more flour was needed, so it was back to his shop for more flour, more sales and profit for him. I buy the Chinese made clothes and such, not the food, for that is all I can afford, but I am all for the ending of exploitation of Chinese labours.

  9. Anonymous

    And Pray tell how we will end this exploitation…will we stop wearing Nike,Adidas,etc.Will we stop with DVDs,camcorders, tvs,electronics etc.

  10. Here is another big question facing the Thompson government – the status of democratic Taiwan. Communist China is using “cheque book” diplomacy to gain support.

  11. thoughtful

    interesting, this new post, but i do wonder what part this plays in Barbados. Is this the beginning of the reasons as to why Barbados should enter diplomatic relations with Taiwan? Prime Minister Thompson said he would not be entering diplomatic relations with Taiwan… is he a man of his word or not?….We shall see..BFP,kindly note that all Bajans are not stupid.


    BFP comments….

    like we said… we’ve been anti-china since we started. search “china” on our search window and see. You are making assumptions based on a few weeks of political discussion when we’ve been anti-china for 2 years.

    Do the search and get back to us with an apology, Ok?

  12. reality check

    “interesting, this new post, but i do wonder what part this plays in Barbados”

    Barbados has just got rid of a dictatorship and is facing a new future. Where to go?

    there are no hidden agendas here that I can see but a realistic discussion of what is going on.

    The new DLP government can and will make its own decisions.

    Its good to make or not make those decsions with a good understanding of the world and a good moral base of the cost of every decision.

    Thompson shouldn’t be making decisions on who can buy his vote but that every country should be welcome based on solid above board discussions of mutual respect and interest.

    Buying exclusivity based on economic strength and savaging someone else is akin to Mascoll crossing the floor to the BLP and bashing his former team members just for the almighty dollar.
    Surely Barbados can rise above all these petty international politics of parochial power?

    The Taiwanese after all speak Chinese, think Chinese and are Chinese. They aren’t going anywhere.

  13. Maat

    Hopefully this new government will not permit incidences like the dragging about of photographers outside the QEH to go unpunished. They would surely not attempt to have an undue influence over the press which might stop the media houses from reporting on cases of judicial impropriety, i.e the Juman case.
    Don’t expect to get a straight answer from any government official from China on how they became millionaires on government salaries, you would be lucky to hold onto your job as a reporter and fortunate if your radio station can afford to pay the financial settlement that will be demanded for over stepping the boundary of a free press.
    Was it Barbados or China that was lauded for having the Worlds best abortion programme? and did we have an MP that was taken to court for not paying his staff’s NIS? Nah that must have been China.
    Naturally our government wouldn’t allow foreign companies to set up here, pay the local staff the equivalent of minimum wage and then run out without paying redundancies or National Insurance.
    We do not have police that kick down peoples front doors in the night and ransack their homes looking for non lethal contraband and our company related environmental laws make sure that our workers do not catch terminal illness’ due to their proximity to chemical belching laundries and substandard cleaning solvents that cause buildings to be closed and the staff relocated.
    I read about some country where even the Attorney Generals office was so polluted that the staff refused to work and where some farmers pulled a fluid out of a water well and set the stuff ablaze. This kind of stuff could only happen in countries that are so obsessed with becoming a World power that they couldn’t care less about the health of their workers or the general population.

    We in Barbados have outstanding and untouchable human rights which are afforded to all regardless of race, religion or social status.
    As Ian Bourne said;
    “Get real”


  14. Half Past Dead @ B F P E


    R A S S H O L E


    B F P


    K I S S

    Y U H

    R A S S H O L E ! ! ! !

    Half Past Dead @ B F P E


    BFP Comments

    1/ IP is…

    2/ For several months the Royal Barbados Police Force and Cable & Wireless have not acted to stop the death threats and racial comments – contrary to the law. This is despite formal written complaints being filed with each organisation.

    It is about time that the Commissioner of Police resigned for this and many other reasons.

  15. Remaining Focused

    “Remaining Focused
    January 13, 2008 at 12:17 pm
    Another observation………

    A big implant – Chinese set to take over Barbados…

    Chinese operating a local tour company here Barbados……… and we taxi operators paying nuff money for permits

    Chinese setting up more Chineses Restaurants…. and we people who want to setup a food stall to sell we cou-cou and fish have to go through so much red tape for funding and acquire all types of license to do operate

    Chinese building structures here….. and we Bajan have to show we qualifications nad experience before we can get a lil pick

    Chinese were working a large potion of the land for FREE near the Warrens complex while using we water for FREE grow chinese cabbage, etc. to sell back to the supermarkets and we people for CASH…. and remember we friend in St. Lucy wid de tomatoes…..he had to put up CASH to invest in he product and his product was sold for FREE.

    Chinese buying large potion of Property here quicker than we bajan can do so….. because we depend on Dept call NHC to put we on a waiting list….. remember what its called a “waiting list” ….. its a way to keep us hoping and praying that we would get a cheap spot while the price continues to increase out of financial threshold making it easier for the people with the CASH and financial resources to come BUY BARBADOS. BAJANS if you can pool your resources with you family and start buying too. The INDIANS are doing it why can’t we. WAKE UP BAJANS WAKE UP….NHC IS A FAILURE.

    CHINESE in the retail Sector…. Employing non-nationals…..Selling alot of cheap and low quality products……. of which the CHEMICAL make up have been questioned by large countries…. these products will end up in our landfill….REMEMBER OF LIMITED WATER RESOURCE AND AGRICULTURE LANDS……….yet we BAJANS pay nuff TAXES if we want to bring in a shirt to sell to earn income to FEED we families and seek a better life. Sometimes we are force to go out of the business we dreamt up and invest in to go back working for the WHITE MAN…….”


    Once again i write to remind you……..

  16. Claire Pilgrim


    Surely you are overreacting. Where are the “death threats” in that post?

    If that is what you have been complaining to the police and C&W about then it is no wonder they have been ignoring you, and probably laughing at you too.

    Whoever it is that posted it, they seem to know exactly which buttons to push to offset you, because there is no death threat in that comment.

    Although I have heard about them, this is the first time I have actually seen one of these “death threats” posted on your blog, and I must say that I am not impressed when I consider the claims I read earlier on this and other blogs. It looks like it was written by children playing pranks. Relax and don’t stress yourself out or else if you keep this up you will surely go mad for real! Lighten up.

    Just a suggestion. No offense intended.


    BFP Comments,

    Hello Claire,

    You are new ’bout hey. For many months, very specific threats were delivered by this same group via the internet against writers of this blog and citizen journalists Adrian Loveridge, Ian Bourne and to other persons at Keltruth Blog such as Kathy Davis and her mother Mrs. Knox. Although most of these threats have been removed by the bloggers, they included very detailed threats of death against named persons, threats to rape named women, threats to burn down Adrian Loveridge’s hotel, threats to kill Ian Bourne’s kitten – some even qualified that the violence would not be committed if the blogs would shut down or not make comments against the Owen Arthur BLP government.

    Written complaints were lodged with the Barbados police and Cable and Wireless almost 2 months ago but nothing has been done. In fact, neither the police nor Cable & Wireless have spoken to a single named witness or victim.

    This is despite the fact that Cable and Wireless undoubtedly knows the name and physical address of the culprit(s) as it is only a matter of a five minute job if that.

    Our regular readers are well familiar with all this – and even that during a week of particularly heavy threats there was an arson at Adrian’s hotel, a burglary into his home in the middle of the night while he and his wife were there, and a ladder placed up against his bedroom window at 3am as a warning.

    So while the comment you mention is not as specific as many other comments, it is only one of many hundreds of threats received of which many are incredibly detailed.

    Let me see if I can find an example for you…

    Zoom | IP:

    I would hire he tuh kill dah stenking whyte bitch Adrian Loveridge.

    He could rape Loveridge wife fuh free… or just SHOOT de ugly if dat gives him more pleasure.



    Dec 1, 11:42 PM

  17. Bimbro

    There’s ‘something horrifying’ about the Chinese! Mind u, I hope and feel it’s nothing which ‘a good dose’ of democracy would n’t cure!

    However, they’ve been deprived of that, for a very long time.

    They’re certainly, a worry and we can only pray for god’s guidance of our politicians and diplomats in their dealings with them, for all our sakes, likewise, Russia!

    I think the west’s policy is to involve them slowly, and hope for change by influence. That’s probably, our best hope!

  18. BFP:

    It was not just a kitten, it was both myself and my pets if I continued to say nice comments about this blog, which is rather ironic, as you and I respectfully disagree from time to time as in a true democratic state

  19. thoughtful

    ok…so its not moral to deal with communist state China. but again, what does this have to do with our political state of affairs in Barbados?Does this mean we go the “Taiwan” way?Does the new government intend to abort diplomatic relations with China and establish such with Taiwan?…The future only knows…I HOPE and PRAY that PM David Thompson did not lie on national media about our diplomatic concerns….the people of Barbados is watching. We need to make sure this is not another “Arthur and the Republic” issue where the government does not care what citizens in Barbados think.

  20. reality check


    Barbados is going to have to deal with all these countries and China does not take kindly to the fact that other countries might want to welcome and be open to all other countries especially Taiwan who they wish to control from Beijing.

    China is not subtle in its economic blackmail to those who wish to do business with Taiwan ( something that the BLP no doubt admired )

    I believe the DLP has already stated that they will have an open door policy to all countries so this should not be an issue.

    Those in Barbados already on the Chinese payroll may be cut off but so be it.

  21. thoughtful

    so what you’re saying then is that it is ok to deal with Taiwan? Taiwan, even though it is a democratic state, still is guilty of running sweatshops. Are we going to throw out one evil for another? Where is the sense in that? If we want to make a difference we should stop buying Nike and Addidas, products that are manufactured in sweatshops. Not take out one “sweatshop country” for another. What we need to monitor is their present state of affairs, their seeming change of government. I will say it again, if our PM goes the way of entering diplomatic relations with Taiwan, he would have lied to all of Barbados; and i hope for his intergrity’s sake that he has not..because i was really beginning to admire him.

  22. Straight talk

    As the heir to Errol Barrow, what is so wrong with the Thompson government striving to be “friends of all, satellites of none “?

  23. Claire Pilgrim


    This commenter is appearing under multiple names in an attempt to support whatever position they hold.

    Not allowed.

  24. thoughtful

    interesting, Claire Pilgrim…

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  27. @Rebranded
    why don’t you direct that question to the greatest “democracy” in human history, and the largest importer of Chinese commodities? Rebranded, are you aware of the fact that America is seriously indebted to China? George W.Bush has sold the country down the river to financed his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan;leaving the American taxpayers to foot the bill.

  28. Rebranded, gone are the days in America, where the American products outnumbered the foreign one’s on the store shelves. Man shut ya mout, you lik you meking bear sport ;Chinese goods run tings in Amurica now.

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