Interesting Coincidence – William Duguid And Persons Making Death Threats Used The Same IP Internet Number A Year Apart

We’re Doing Some IP Research…

Hi folks. As you will see when we post the article after this one, the death threats against Adrian Loveridge and others continue – so we are doing some research into the internet source of the death threats and look at the amazing coincidence that we found about IP Number…

The IP number was originally used by Dr. Duguid of the BLP when he first set up the official BLP Blog and asked us and our readers for our opinions. That was back in May of 2006.

Then over a year later in August of 2007, the folks who run BFPE blog who also made death threats against Adrian Loveridge and others used the same IP number as Dr. Duguid.

Now… a few points…

We understand that IP Internet addresses can and do change occasionally…

HOWEVER, we also know that some IP numbers are permanently assigned. Cable and Wireless would be able to look in their records and see about this IP and if it was or is permanently assigned.

Wouldn’t it be quite a coincidence if Dr. Duguid posted from a permanently assigned IP number at say, BLP Headquarters, and then some time later BFPE posted threats from the same IP number at BLP Headquarters?

Cable and Wireless could easily check this out.

Quite the coincidence, don’t you think?

Here are the comments that came from this IP. All dates and times are GMT…

Rains Have Started

The rains have started to fall tonight in Barbados.

Not too heavy where I am at the moment.

A VOB report from the site just said that the rain has started falling at Brittons Hill.

Barbados and the islands of the eastern Caribbean are under notice of a WEAK TROPICAL WAVE.

So much for Wishing in Vain and the other vultures at Barbados Free Press who are shamelessly trying to use the tragic deaths of the Codrington family for political play.

Barbados Free Press Exposed calls on all decent Bajans to reflect upon this tragedy and pray for those whom we have lost.

From Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 2 Under The Rubble – RESCUE NOW BODY RECOVERY – New Collapse At Site, 2007/08/28 at 3:09 AM
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Will you thank Owen Arthur who in his infinite wisdom sought their help?


From Barbados Apartment Collapse – Thank You To The United States Of America, 2007/08/28 at 2:10 AM
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Stinking BFP animals.

From Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 2 Under The Rubble – RESCUE NOW BODY RECOVERY – New Collapse At Site, 2007/08/28 at 12:41 AM
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Well, I’m never setting foot inside Harrison’s Cave again.

And as for that recently constructed building near the corner of Pine Road in Belleville and Collymore Rock, I will NEVER set foot inside that place or park underneath it. It’s a blue building with a HUGE section which is raised up in the air, apparently with room for parking underneath. What scares me every time I look at it is that it is only supported by TWO PILLARS, one at each corner. Could Barbados Underground please check that out? Coming into Belleville from the traffic lights at Collymore Rock, it is on the left at either the first or second avenue. Visually, it does not look structurally sound.

From Barbados Apartment Collapse – Day 2 Under The Rubble – RESCUE NOW BODY RECOVERY – New Collapse At Site, 2007/08/27 at 4:16 PM
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You really are an idiot. And a LIAR too.

Foolish bitch.


From Brittons Hill Barbados – Apartment Building Collapse Into Known Cave – Family Of 5 Trapped – US Miami Dade Rescue Team Goes To Work, 2007/08/27 at 6:11 AM
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Barbados Free Press Exposed

Stupid fools.

The highway looks quite beautiful.

You a*ssholes can f**k off.

From What A Surprise! ABC Highway Cost Triples Or More…, 2007/08/27 at 2:13 AM
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william duguid

Sorry i thought it was when we were in Government but infact we were in opposition at the time

From Barbados Prime Minister Arthur and BLP General Secretary Dr. William Duguid – Standup Comedians Supreme!, 2006/05/07 at 1:20 PM
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william duguid

Absolutely right John after I read the blog I reserched it further. I guess I thought the BLP was in power because it is rare for the opposition to even get a bill to parliament so I thought it was when we were in opposition . You must excuse me but I was just 9 at the time.

From Barbados Prime Minister Arthur and BLP General Secretary Dr. William Duguid – Standup Comedians Supreme!, 2006/05/07 at 1:11 PM
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william duguid

Have a look at this blog I setup and tell me what you think.

From Barbados Prime Minister Arthur and BLP General Secretary Dr. William Duguid – Standup Comedians Supreme!, 2006/05/07 at 1:07 PM
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william duguid

Those DLP Rogues

From Barbados Prime Minister Arthur and BLP General Secretary Dr. William Duguid – Standup Comedians Supreme!, 2006/05/07 at 1:06 PM
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william duguid

Another interesting aspect to your blog site which you have posted is that you believe that you should remain annonymous to be able to speak freely on this site in response to a question posted by Adrian about who owns this site. Do you not think that with the greatest view on integrity the public should know who owns and operates this site in the same way that the public may want integrity legislation for public officials. Would it not show that you at (BFP) are prepared to stand up to the same standards as those you profess should be implemented. We are not asking for the networth of you and all your family. Just a simple truthful name or names.

From Barbados Prime Minister Arthur and BLP General Secretary Dr. William Duguid – Standup Comedians Supreme!, 2006/05/06 at 10:33 AM
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william duguid

In the parliament which preceded the 1976 elections, on the urging of the then Opposition Leader J.M.G.M. Adams, a select committee of the House was agreed to, but because of lack of participation by the then governing Democratic Labour Party (DLP) MPs, the committee was not able to assemble a quorum.

That committee died a natural death with the prorogation of that Parliament.

Check April 27th 2006

From Barbados Prime Minister Arthur and BLP General Secretary Dr. William Duguid – Standup Comedians Supreme!, 2006/05/06 at 9:59 AM


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32 responses to “Interesting Coincidence – William Duguid And Persons Making Death Threats Used The Same IP Internet Number A Year Apart

  1. passin thru

    I don’t believe that Duguid would have anything to do with threats or like that. It is funny that it is the same IP number a year later. Could this be a computer at the BLP HQ with a fixed IP? If it is the police won’t touch the investigation for anything.

  2. I knew all along it was those rats from within the arms of the pass administration. I be leave such because the Barbados Labour Party Blog (the BLP Blog) was linking to Barbados Free Press Expose web blog also. Finely O$A looses the election January 15 costing him to loose control of the Party and who ever are in control now ask the good doctor to remove the link to BFPE.

    P.S. they can rub stripe in your face but not in mine.

  3. BFP we applaud your persistence on this issue. The BU household has long concluded that this is an effort started by people in very high places to sabotage and frustrate the emergence of the bajan blogosphere. Of course leading the charge has been BFP and BU so that means the brunt of the attack will be directed at us.

    Perhaps the biggest query raised in the whole affair is the fact that the Barbados Labour Party blog was bold enough to link to the rogue blog BFPE even when it became obvious that they were the perpetrators of the threats in the bajan blogosphere.

  4. Bimbro

    Hi BFP, re: the fate of my earlier post! Please tell me what to say and I’ll say it, ok?!!!!

  5. I ran a post about the BLP-BFPE link.
    Look at the names on this image from the post:

  6. all roads lead to Rome

    It may not be the good Dr Duigud but you can safely bet members of his party are involved and that he knows fully well who they are.

  7. Anon

    I believe that it is Duigud. I don’t put nothing pass the BLP.

  8. Power and the need to hold on to it can create some nasty situations and trust me the blp are a nasty lot who were only concerned about inflicting their dishonesty on us the citizens.
    ps see todays back page story in the NATION newspaper, fraud was rampant throughout the last gov’t starting with Arthur all the way down to the civil service the monkey see the monkey do.
    Duguid is a dishonest person and nothing would surprise me about his actions or the actions of arthur and mottley, they are all rats living in the same bucket.

  9. Crusty

    C&W high speed ADSL connections in Barbados typically use temporary IP addresses. You should be able to determine your own current modem IP address by looking at the details for the network connection in your operating system’s control panel.

    If your computer is attached to the modem via a router running its own DNS then you will need to know how to access the router’s internal data since the router will assign to your computer a different IP address from that given by the service provider.

    As an experiment, record the current modem IP address and next time you turn off your computer, turn off the modem also. When you later turn on the computer and modem, check the modem IP address at that time to see if it is the same as recorded previously.

    Since the “lease” on your current IP address is temporary and the modem is in fact a computer (probably running GNU/Linux), it is possible that C&W can reassign your IP address at any time. Say at midnight each day if it wanted to do so.

    The only way to determine who is attached to any given temporary IP address at a specific point in time is to check the log files at the service provider and correlate with the login registration. This gives the service provider considerable power to hide identities of current users.


    BFP says,

    Except that the police and the Attorney General have already received the information from Cable and Wireless!

    It seems that they were full speed ahead UNTIL they received the information about who was making the threats. Why do you suppose that is?

  10. (6 for a 9)

    Hi Wishing in Vain what is the matter with the DLP blog and web site?

  11. William Duguid

    First let me first say that at no time have I or would I use threatening remarks about anyone. Secondly I have never used a computer at the BLP to blog.
    I use mainly two computers one at home and the other at parliament which is an open computer available to everyone visiting parliament .

    Please do not associate me with this activity and I would appreciate BFP removal of my name from any association with this illegal activity.

  12. William Duguid

    I must also add that some of these posts are not mine and it is obvious that some people have made posts on this open computer under my name.

  13. Bajanboy

    IP addresses are dynamic, but you can have the same ip address for weeks or months.


    BFP says,

    True Bajanboy… and that is why we are publishing them all – or as many as we have time for.

    Don’t forget that this is only a sampling and that each IP address was used many many times – some steadily over many months.

    The people making the threats were careless sometimes and took a chance – leaving threats from their personal and business computers instead of through a proxy or at a internet cafe.

  14. Anonoymous

    Dr. Duguid..

    ‘which is an open computer available to anyone visiting Parliament’

    What do you mean Doc.?

    278,000 of the population plus another 550,000 visitors and another few thousand off the cruise ships, can just stroll into parliament and use the computer?

    If you have been aware of these threats for several months, WHY HAVN’T YOU DONE SOMETHING ABOUT THEM?

    I bet it would be difference if it was one of the children or your wife?

  15. Benedict

    BFP, please research IP leases, Dynamic vs Static IPs and ISPs.

  16. PiedPiper

    Mr Duguid: I have to assume that what you mean is that those who have legitimate business at Parliament, have access to the computer in question? If so, surely that PC is password protected and only those with security clearance would have those passwords, one that is universal to the system and one that identifies the user?
    Unless each user deletes the history and clears the cache, you Sir, would be able to acertain who used the PC and what sites they logged into.
    Just a thought.

  17. Straight talk

    So William are we to understand that, if of course the threats are not from your home, they are being made from within Parliament?

  18. A question for you to answer as you are currently responding to BFP Dr. William Duguid. Why on gods earth did YOU link to Barbados Free Press Expose (BFPE) if you have nothing to do with the illegal activity coming from BFPE to BFP and BU, you are the person who started the BLP Blog and you are the one who clearly stated in a public discussion that you are the Administrator of the Blog so if NOT YOU Dr. William Duguid who are the person responsible for linking to BFPE web blog before it was remover by WordPress

  19. Crusty

    In a postscript to my comment at May 25, 2008 at 3:53 pm BFP says,

    Except that the police and the Attorney General have already received the information from Cable and Wireless!

    It seems that they were full speed ahead UNTIL they received the information about who was making the threats. Why do you suppose that is?


    Interesting question. I wonder what would happen if some reader with inside access at C&W were to provide a similar service to BFP. Such whistleblowers are sometimes praised and other times crucified.

    Even to identify the specific computer within Parliament used for some comments might make things very uncomfortable for the person to whom it is assigned for normal activities.

  20. heehaw

    Bunch of nincumpoops. Its O$A himself

  21. Dr. Duguid we noticed that you were very deliberate to state the two computers which you would have used over time, or should we say during the time under examination were to be found at your home and the Parliament. We find your willingness to volunteer the information interesting to say the least.

    Let us say for argument sake the IP address of a comment posted in the name of William Duguid on BFP (we hear you say some of the comments were not you) and which matched a comment posted by BFPE, a year is a long time but if a static IP was in place at the parliament it is not unrealistic. Now if this is the scenario it would point to someone who frequents the House of Parliament. Unfortunately the lack of information from the Police causes us to make all kinds of assumptions.

    One thing is sure. Mr. Loveridge made a statement to the police in writing and he deserves an official update from them on the status of the investigation. It is called following procedure and if that fails there is always common courtesy.

  22. Duguid tell me why you chose to link to that vile site BFPE ? Surely your very action as to link with a site of this vile nature set the tone about what you stand for.

    You are a depraved person with no moral standing simply put you are just as corrupt and dishonest as the others in the party you worship.

    There is no doubt in my mind that it was mottley plan to attack these blogs with the only method know to her abuse and cussing it runs true to her style and her manner, as for you Duguid your request to remove your name carries no weight or any merit, you are the problem.

  23. Observing

    After Duguid’s Parliamentary performance in the dying days of the Arthur administration and shortly after, I wouldn’t put anything past him and others who were blinded by and dead set on keeping power. Let’s keep praying for the present bunch in power and hope to God they don’t turn for the worst over time as well.

  24. Wishing in Vain

    Sorry I missed the comments, but nothing surprises me with that group of clowns.

    Let us be real and honest if the computer has been tracked to the one in Parliament, do we really believe that the members of the opposition would set out to destroy its own case or more likely was it not the same action of duguid and his gang to spread vile comments.

    I would suggest that you call Parliament and obtain a video clip showing Duguids seat in Parliament ( this they can do) at the appointed times these threats were made and I am almost 100 percent sure that on each and every time that the message was sent you will find Duguid’s seat to be vacant.

    Not a hard ask and one that will reveal the real culprit in this scam.

  25. 87

    There surely must be at least ONE person within the current employment of Cable and Wireless that can confirm these postings were made from a computer which is (or was) located in Parliament?

    Or course they could do it anonoymously.

  26. Gort

    Some more information that might help: the computer at parliiament is in a room frequented by very few MP’s during that time. All of them were BLPs. Duguid was a regular visitor along with Liz Thompson. Those are the only two who used the computer.

    As to Duguid saying he never used threats against anyone. How laughable. Any man who woul conspire with a Speaker in the House to call members – in their absence – “the good, the bad and the ugly” would not fear threatening anyone.

    I have heard Duguid say some of the things he does to his opponents and some of the rumours he spreads against his opponents on the ground. These guys idolise Tom Adams and every wicked streak he had in his body. Duguid is a nasty piece of work.

  27. BFP

    To Bajan Hat…

    Send us an email please. thx.

  28. Kadri

    BFP also note that as long as the DSL modem or dialup connection has been restarted, the ip address will change, its something most people are not aware of.
    Also I recall a couple months ago after checking ip addresses of logged in members of a client’s chatroom, I noticed all logged in members from Bim was assigned de same ip address, maybe it was a fault from C&W bcos this should not be so, it was that only one time noticing it.
    It is kinda strange for the person to bear the same ip as a known BLP member, (not impossible, but chances are very high) simply because Barbados Ip range is very huge.

    They could not use proxies nor a hide ip program, bcos local ip addresses were registered to C&W, meaning, There is no ip available for hackers to force over their connection within our region, if they used one of those programs, you would have seen maybe China, UK, Russia, France, USA, Venezuela, Chile or some other country, and only USA proxies are solid from ip checkers, all others are transparent, which meaning they surf with another proxy but if you guys check the ip, C&W as owner will still show up.
    All in all, C&W and whoever else involved with the complaint, knows what and who they are hiding, I wont be surprised if one of the freaks are well known either.


    BFP says

    Thanks for your input Kadri. On our side Cliverton is well aware of many tricks that THEY have used to hide their trail… including proxies, etc.

    It is also true that THEY slipped up many times and did not use any proxy. We can see it and we know more than we are saying right now. How do you think we knew that many of the death threats came from government computers including parliament. That is why Dr. Duguid was so upset when we outed just one little piece of information. Obviously we have been setting traps and saying nothing for well over a year.

    Yes, THEY recently started to use proxies and unsecured WiFi nodes, but that doesn’t cover them for the last year. TATRF’d 🙂

  29. Red Lake Lassie

    BFP said “TATRF’d”

    What does it mean?

  30. JC

    This is indeed a very shameful thing. People who you trust could be so wicked.

  31. Pat

    May 29, 2008 at 10:09 am

    “…..Duguid is a nasty piece of work.”


    I have heard that before – from within his own family.

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