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Rihanna and Masonic Symbolism – Stretching The Imagination Or As Real As It Gets?

No one can deny that Masonic symbols, terminology and influences – subtle and not-so-subtle – permeate western culture. Trust us: we’re on the level about this.

Keltruth Blog just finished an excellent eleven part (!) series on Freemasonry in Barbados (part one here), but I never dreamed that the interest in finding “hidden” Masonic symbols would eventually extend to music videos by our Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna.

Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter has published an absolutely astonishing article about Masonic symbols and theology in Rihanna’s song Umbrella. The article is written by Roger Marshall, executive director of the Barbadian Christian Project Probe Ministries. One is tempted to dismiss the entire line of reasoning but a few Google searches for Rihanna and “Masonic” or “occult” turn up some very interesting commentary.

The issue of occult symbolism was played out in letters to the Nation News, first by Roger Marshall (link here) and then by Michael Sealy (link here).

This new article by Roger Marshall at Bajan Reporter is a far more extensive commentary on the Rihanna – Umbrella – Freemasonry – occult connection and is worthy of a read if only because Masonic symbolism in popular culture is not unknown.

What do you think, folks? Stretching the imagination, or a credible look at Masonic influences upon one of the most popular contemporary vocalists?

Have a look for yourself…

Bajan Reporter: Barbadian Christian alleges Umbrella Video & Song from Rihanna is a tract for Illuminat & Satanism – Is Jenkins missing an inmate?


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Stranded Africans Head Home From Barbados – Will There Be Any Accountability?

Details are scarce, but most of the Africans remaining on Barbados since their Ghana International Airways charter failed to return in February are on their way back home.

So far the government has not revealed exactly how many were on the return flight, how many remain hiding on Barbados or how much the whole debacle will cost Barbados taxpayers.

Still silent are Ikael Tafari and the Pan African Commission whose agenda was probably set back twenty years when Bajans came face to face with the reality of closer and direct ties with Africa.

CBC have a little article up in anticipation but we didn’t catch anything yet on the tely or radio. We’ll update the news when we can.

As we’ve said time and time again, Barbados seems to lack whatever it takes to hold people accountable for wrongdoing. We see lots of shouting and fingerpointing by government and opposition for all kinds of misbehaviour, but seldom do we see charges and accountability before the courts.

Our prediction: this will be no different.

Further Reading

CBC: Stranded Africans Return Home

BFP: The Great African Tourist Scam Of 2008 – Ghana International Airlines Knew They Weren’t Returning To Barbados!


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