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Justice In Barbados – Shut Up Or Else! Court Witness Fired From University Of West Indies Professorship. Brother Of Chief Justice Simmons Delivered The Threat

Former Barbados High Commissioner In London Threatened Court Witness With Loss Of University Of West Indies Job – And That Is Exactly What Happened!

A professor at the University of the West Indies was told he would be fired by the University if he continued to be a witness in a court case (unrelated to his job) where the list of defendants reads like a “whos who” of Barbados political elites.

According to court documents found at Keltruth Blog, Barbados Government diplomat Peter Simmons delivered the threat that Professor John Knox would be fired if he continued to be a witness in a court case involving Kingsland Estates – a dispute involving a billion US dollars of prime Barbados lands.

John Knox is now an “ex-professor” with no job at the University of the West Indies.

And for those who might have doubts… a tape recording exists of Peter Simmons delivering this and other threats.

No Outcry From The Lapdog News Media – Or UWI’s Academic Community

The brother of the Chief Justice of Barbados was tape-recorded delivering threats against witnesses in a trial where he and Chief Justice SIR David Simmons are defendants…

… and not one word has been spoken about the threats in the oldstream Barbados news media.

A University of the West Indies professor is fired because he is a witness in a court case and the academic community at UWI says nothing.

What an example for the young people of Barbados. All those high words and lofty ideals mouthed by so-called Barbados journalists and proud academics at the University of the West Indies are now proven to be so much garbage.

photo: Peter Simmons, former Barbados HIgh Commissioner in London

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Peter Wickham: China Has Democracy – No Human Rights Violations, Everything Fine!

New Barbados Flag

The Communist Chinese Should Enjoy Wickham’s Article

That’s quite the article by Peter Wickham in the Nation News after his freebie trip to the People’s Republic of China.

Wickham describes western accounts of Chinese government monitoring of its citizens as “fanciful”.

Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese leader who ordered the massacre of democracy advocates at Tienanmen Square is praised.

Everything is wonderful. They have McDonald’s doan ya know!

All those reports of human rights violations, China’s slave camp system, oppression of religious minorities, the beating deaths of folks wanting democracy and the jailing of people for praying in their own homes?

Lies! All Lies!

Kidnapping of pregnant women off the streets and ripping their unborn children from their womb as a method of population control? Starving girl orphans and crippled children to death?

Its all lies! Lies!

Everything is modern and beautiful. The police and government are just ordinary. Different than ours, but so nice.

Why don’t you go over to The Nation News and have a read of Wickham’s article People & Things – Perceptions Of China.

The Chinese Communists bought Wickham and the article so you might as well give them their money’s worth.


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