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Barbados Chief Justice Threatened Political Action Against National Park If Personal Lawsuit Against Him Was Not Dropped – Secret Meeting Not So Secret Anymore!

“I was invited by Peter Simmons to this house on March 14, 2007 to meet his brother Sir David Simmons. He had with him a copy of a document which I understood to be a lawsuit which named him. Throughout the course of the discussion Sir David expressed his displeasure at being included in the lawsuit and that he wished to be removed from it. He also let me know that the existence of the lawsuit could compromise the efforts of FOGH to see the creation of a National Park.”

… Sworn documented testimony of a secret meeting with Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons, his brother, Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons and environmental consultant Stuart Heaslet.

Evidence Shows Chief Justice Simmons Violated Every Rule In The Judges’ Book… And A Few Others Too!

According to sworn documented testimony, Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons linked the creation of a National Park at Graeme Hall to the dropping of a personal lawsuit against him – a lawsuit that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NATIONAL PARK!

David Simmons, who was once the Attorney General of Barbados and a Senior Minister in the Cabinet of the former BLP Government under Prime Minister Owen Arthur, is probably one of the most powerful, influential and well-connected people on this island. His controversial and inappropriate appointment by Owen Arthur forever tainted the office of the Chief Justice with the stink of politics.

Now we see exactly what it means when a senior politician is appointed as the highest judge in the land: because David Simmons unethically linked the dropping of a personal lawsuit against him to the efforts of citizens to create a National Park.

Shame! Shame!

What foul lack of integrity and bad character would cause a man to try and save his own skin by destroying a national initiative that would have benefited all citizens of Barbados?

I spit on the ground in front of Chief Justice “Sir” David Anthony Cathcart Simmons.

Keltruth Blog has the disgusting story and publishes the court documents HERE.

Damn – this court trial is getting interesting. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the oldstream Barbados news media to cover it!

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