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Pattie Boyd: The Girl Who Was Harrison’s “Something In The Way She Moves” and Clapton’s “Layla” – Writing Book About Barbados

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison Honeymooned in Barbados

“She was a Vogue model, a fresh-faced blonde from Somerset, England, with little-girl bangs that hovered over blue button eyes.

She met, on the set of “A Hard Day’s Night,” George Harrison, who proposed to her just 10 days later.

She was “Layla” – inspiration, muse and eventual wife of guitar god Eric Clapton…”

… from a David L. Coddon article in the Union-Tribune (link here)

Pattie Boyd married Beatle George Harrison and he wrote “Something” for her. After George ran around and they broke up, she wed Eric Clapton, who wrote a couple of mildly successful songs about her called “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight”. Along the way she said no to Rolling Stone MIck Jagger and one or two other famous names. Alas, she wanted children and so did her men, but she was unable to have any. This thread runs through her biography, but now she says she is perfectly happy.

She is writing her third book, this time about Barbados. In a recent interview she said that she would soon be traveling here to do more research, so she might be poking about already.

Boyd’s website has a selection of photos from her 1966 Barbados honeymoon with Harrison and a treasure trove of old photos for rock and roll aficionados.

Here is one of the Barbados photos. Can we identify any friends? Can anyone identify the hotel?

And who could forget BOAC? Here’s George and Pattie leaving Barbados in 1966…

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