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Today Is “Make History Day” In Barbados


This project by the artist Ingrid Persaud aims to record an ordinary day, Tuesday May 6 2008 (TODAY!), in the life of people in Barbados.

If you are in Barbados on May 6 All you do is keep a diary of your day, between 600 -1000 words, and email it to her.

It will function as a time capsule capturing for history what normal people did on that very normal day – what they wore, what they ate, where they went, what transport they used – just the stuff of a normal day. It is not about recording extraordinary events.

The records will ultimately be available online for all to share.

Keep a record of the day and send to: maketodayhistory@gmail.com

You can email it anytime between 6 and 9 May 2008.

Please tell your family, colleagues and friends.

Make today history. Make history today.


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Barbados Prime Minister Promises To Ignore China Human Rights Issues As Long As Communist Dollars Continue

David Thompson Meets With Chinese Official Responsible For Human Rights Violations, Religious Persecution

Our Prime Minister is in China right now. On Monday he met with Wu Bangguo, the number three honcho over there and the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC). As China’s top lawmaker, Bangguo has established a dark reputation with Human Rights Watch and other groups who care about the pathetic state of personhood in China.

It seems that Mr. Bangguo has quite a record – starting with a campaign of eliminating crippled and female orphans through deliberate starvation when he was an official in Shanghai during the 1980’s. Now Mr. Bangguo oversees the persecution of both Christians and Falon Gong members.

According to the Chinese press, our Prime Minister pledged our country’s never-ending support for the Communist Chinese efforts to end democracy in Taiwan. The news article doesn’t exactly put it that way, but that is the truth nonetheless.

Ah well… you know how it is when you’re a beggar nation. You can’t be too concerned about Human Rights violations or democracy.

I wonder if Prime Minister Thompson will ask for a tour of the Chinese slave labour camps while he’s over there? Given Barbados’ historical connection with the slave trade, it seems like a natural request for our Prime Minister.

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