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Peter Wickham Says Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur Presented Forged Documents At BLP Conference

Owen Arthur Used Forged Documents – The Police Should Investigate And Lay Charges But They Will Not

Former Barbados PM Owen Arthur presented two documents on CADRES letterhead to the recent BLP Northern Zonal Conference. The documents are unsigned and purport to be a request or proposal to the current government for consulting work valued at $20,000 per month.

Peter Wickham of CADRES says that the letters are frauds.

Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur do not say they are genuine, but describe them as “alarming” and “serious and dangerous”. You can read the Nation News story Stumped! for the full flavour.

This is an old trick used by both parties at various times in the past: the creation of fictional documents which are talked about in the press BUT ARE NEVER SURRENDERED TO THE POLICE FOR EXPERT EXAMINATION AND PROSECUTION.

It is time to put a stop to this nonsense which undermines the entire political system. There is never any accountability in Barbados and it is about time that the police step up to the plate and investigate criminal activity when it occurs.

Well – this current situation is an easy thing to settle – assuming that Owen Arthur was sober enough at the time he presented the documents to be held accountable for the nature and quality of his act…

1/ Peter Wickham should immediately make a complaint of criminal activity to the Royal Barbados Police Force. The complaint should be made formally in writing, and clearly state that he did not create the documents in question and that they are therefore forgeries – possibly created on stolen letterhead if not forged letterhead.

2/ Mr. Arthur is or was in possession of the forged documents, and he used them outside of Parliament and so has no special privilege or protection. In this case, his protection is no more than that afforded any citizen who possesses and uses a forged document.

3/ An expert examination of the documents would show how they were created, and if, for instance, there might have been unauthorized access to Mr. Wickham’s computer or whether the documents were “cut and paste” jobs and then photocopied.

4/ As part of a police investigation, the documents should be seized from Owen Arthur. If he refuses to surrender them, he should be charged with obstructing a police investigation.

Now folks, we know that none of this will happen. We know that the Barbados police totally refuse to investigate any crime that has the remotest chance of being connected with political activity. Even death threats and arsons are not investigated if there is a chance that the perpetrators are politically connected. (See here and here)

We’re going to be talking more about this refusal in Barbados to hold any of the political elites accountable for there actions. Remember Hardwood Holdings? Veco? 3S and the flyovers? GEMS Hotels?

All of those projects contain fraud and corruption – yet after four months in office the current DLP government is not pursuing any serious investigations into any wrongdoing by the past government.

Why not? That’s easy…

There is a tacit gentlemen’s agreement between the two major political parties that while political posturing and mudslinging is allowed, no serious investigation that results in criminal charges will be undertaken. Both sides benefit from such an agreement and each party is afraid of what the other knows.

The losers with such an agreement are the people of Barbados.

So let’s demand criminal investigations where criminal activities are alleged, and let’s start working on a new political party that will not be afraid to hold people accountable for wrongdoing.


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Sports Caribbean Wants Your Input!

Dear Marcus,

I think that BFP is the best way for me to get my message across.

I will soon be launching SportsCaribbean.net, an internet based Sports-Talk Radio Station.

Over eight months of research has gone into the technical side of things, but we need some feedback on the content aspect.

Visit the site and give us some feedback.




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